A Cozy Made from a Quilt!


Hand made quilts ALWAYS tell a story. I love older quilts and have purchased some from the 1930’s mostly. Those of us who quilt and collect these older quilts, long to know the stories behind the making of the quilts. Was it for someone special? Was it for a wedding gift perhaps? Unless, the quilt has been in a family and passed down from generation to generation, those stories are usually lost forever. We still appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the making of a quilt, whether old or new.

Start with my COZY sewing pattern. Buy it directly from me, as a “hard copy” or in a Pdf/digital format. Very important to note: Cozy is made up from 4 rectangles pieces that YOU create yourself using the measurements I give you. This process will take you 30-45 min. max. to complete. Contact me via my email: hmemmett@gmail.com $15.00 US plus $1.00 shipping anywhere in the world! orrr.. I can also send you the pdf/digital for $10. Pdf is the way to go to save money but some don’t have access to a printer. Hard copy is exactly what the pdf files are, BUT with the hard copy, it is printed up for you and encased in a plastic sleeve and whisked off to you via the post office.

Start with an old quilt that maybe you have and it has been put in a cabinet for perhaps years! Why was it in the cabinet to begin with? If the answers include: it’s really worn, thread bare in spots and there are some stains, and or yes, Grandma made it, but (all of the previous words), PULL IT OUT and let’s give it a NEW USE! You will need a quilt that is at least 50″ x 70″ in size, larger if there are stains and thread bare places. This quilt is called “Grandmother’s Fan (there are other names for it too I’m sure), and DON’T FORGET, this is a one direction quilt! So try to make sure that all the pattern pieces flow in the same direction. You’ll see that the pockets don’t line up on this COZY, but it had to be that way as I ran out of “perfect” pieces. I think it just adds to the quirkiness of the piece.

I use painters tape (bright blue is fine) to locate the stains.

I only mark the front. Stains on the back will not show.

It’s time to move your COZY pattern pieces all around to “miss” the tape markings.

I’m just showing working with the pockets and how the hem folds over. Yowzaa, do I ever need lotion for my hands. I truly, truly was working in the garden before I took these pictures, and I was even wearing gloves. Look in the upper left. Now, the next picture please.

Now THIS is a close up. I wanted to point out that I trim away some of the excess quilt to eliminate some bulk. It works well. I create my pockets the way I do I think to eliminate some of the bulk. But when I really think it through, you could just line the pockets. Leave an opening on one side, trim of a bit off of each corner and carefully turn inside out. Press flat and stitch across the top for a nice finished look. So either way, you pick.

Again, eliminating some bulk where the sleeve edge will be machine hemmed.

Here at the neck edge, I tell you in the pattern instructions to turn under the neck edge twice for a nice finished edge, BUT when using a quilt and some of the Kantha pieces, it’s too hard to turn it twice and is even more bulky. Just turn it under once as the cut edge was serged or zig-zagged first.

See the black slit toward the top (it’s the neckline opening)? That is where the collar piece will be attached. It’s a little bulky to shove it all in the sewing machine, but you can do it. Just take your time.

TaaDaa! I just LOVE this Cozy. I stitched the pockets down in the top front just a little to hold these 2 large pockets in place. Buttons could be added or not, for a decorative finish.

Would you like your own Cozy made out of a quilt? Try Etsy, Ebay, Quilt shows, or yard sales, and of course, your local thrift shops. And don’t forget to ask your relatives (it can’t hurt).

If there is a hole or worn spot some where in your finished COZY, cut up the scraps for a small piece to “patch” what needs it.

I was tending to our Virginia Creeper the other day and almost walloped this sweet bird with my arm. I’m thinking it was the same one that was stuck in the garage for a bit, and was there resting after its’ ordeal. The big door was open as was the side door, but, it took awhile to figure it out for this little one. Our God is so awesome to have created so MANY species of birds for us all to enjoy.

This is one of the many Rhododendrons on our property. I have never seen so many clusters of flowers on one bush. Maybe it was our super cold and wet winter season?

A close up.

And closer still. Beautiful.

One more shot of my COZY sewing pattern. See all of the patterns I have available at my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/market/designs_by_heidi_emmett

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a really great weekend and are able to carve out some BIG chunks of creative time! Hugs and Blessings, Heidi

You Can Never Go Wrong with Marcia Derse Fabrics!


Check out what I created using a group group of Marcia Derse fabrics. It all started with my Terrific Tabard Vest pattern. Check out my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett Before you read more, I need to say that I might have done another post on this (oddly, I can’t find it right now, no, actually that is NOT odd for me, as technology is not always my friend). At any rate, this was in my section titled “Drafts” and I think it is well worth looking at again. It was started in November of 2019? But, as I’ve said before, I feel my designs are timeless. I hope you enjoy reading and learning too.

I’m making the most of this piece of fabric I was given to use but still want a great positioning of the fabric to the pattern pieces.

Sometimes the best way to figure out how best to use a bunch of different fabrics is to take a picture and look at it. Something you thought was perfect like the lime green “grunge” jumps out too much. I ended up eliminating it(first picture with all the fabrics in it). All except the lining are Marcia Derse.
Laying out the tissue pieces ahead to think through what you are doing is very helpful.
Once the basic pieces are cut out I Terial Magic each piece. There is no batting in this version of Terrific Tabard, a vest pattern by https://www.etsy.com/market/designsbyheidiemmett. I need body in the pieces so they are easier to sew together, applique’, and stitch down. I put a piece of muslin onto my ironing board and spray the pieces with Terial Magic and Iron (Dry iron on Cotton setting) until dry. Not stiff enough, spray again and iron again.
I cut out smaller pieces to stitch on top later. Yes, treat those with Terial Magic too. Don’t forget that small piece of muslin underneath for overspray. My bottle looks squished because it has traveled up and back from sea level to 7200ft. It still works just fine. Strange though.

There are only 2 pieces to my Terrific Tabard Vest pattern. A front piece (cut 2), and a back piece (cut one on the fold).  Designs by Heidi Emmett. I sell this pattern in my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns or email me directly (especially if you are International). I’m making this version of Terrific Tabard differently than either of the views on the cover. 1. There is no batting. 2. All the extra raw edge applique’ or whatever I choose to do is done AFTER the vest is together. 3. There is no outside trim attached either. Bear with me here. This is SO EASY! and FAST! 1. Stitch fashion pieces together at the shoulders (with Marcia D. fabrics above) 2. Stitch the lining pieces together at the shoulders (black confetti looking fabric). 3. With right sides together stitch all the way around the vest using a 1/4″ seam allowance and leave an opening at the side back about 5″ for turning. Before turning and at the curves at the bottom, VERY CAREFULLY, trim away on one side of the fabric about 1/8″ (see the picture below) This will help to create a really smooth curve. No extra bulk. And, do NOT clip into the curved portion. No need too and could result in holes (yep, I’ve done that) 4. Turn the vest inside out through the opening. 5. Press and continue with embellishing the vest and adding tabs (topstitch in place). Phew you didn’t even break a sweat! Make it up, make it fun, and get it DONE!

You will need to refer to the pictures above for this section. This where the magic of the Terial Magic on each piece really, really helps you. 1. First, sewing the pieces together all the way around is so much easier. I didn’t even use pins. The T.M. adds a bit of friction and keeps the pieces in place while you stitch. Of course, you must always check your progress and keep seams lined up. 2. Because the edges are crisp it was sooo much easier to grade the seam. 3. After pulling the vest through the opening, pressing the entire vest is so much easier because of the T.M. It just seems to smooth out (no wrinkles or extra fabric) on its’ own. There! 3 fantastic reasons to use Terial Magic. I pressed under the edges of the black and white pieces I’d cut out earlier and placed them where I wanted on the back of the vest. No pins needed. Held each piece in place with my fingers while edge stitching through the top layer and the lining.
On the front I picked some  shapes and did some random stitching (crooked ON PURPOSE). I stitched through both the fashion fabric and the lining.
This one is a bit of a wobbly one, but I think it gives more interest. Marcia Derse Fabrics. Designs by Heidi’s Terrific Tabard Vest Pattern.

Stitching on the outside, when I’m finished I do not backstitch and trim. Instead, I pull the thread either to the fashion side or the lining side. Tug on either the top thread or the bobbin thread and a little loop appears. Be gentle. Pull gently on the loop then both threads will appear on one side. Knot the threads twice (like you are tying your shoelace (just not the bow part).Go to next picture.
Thread those two threads that have been double knotted onto a needle and run the needle in between the top fabric and the lining. This is called “burying the thread.” Clip off the excess thread.
Marcia Derse fabric meets Terrific Tabard vest pattern. Check out my Etsy store for this pattern and others. Live overseas? Contact me directly and I’ll save you $$ on shipping. hmemmett@gmail.com
I used random widths of the black and whites (I only had fat qtrs. so I just made it work)for the left side of the vest. You can see my “random” stitching on the colorful part too.
Closures should be interesting and kinda “wonky” when stitched onto the vest. The buttons have not been chosen yet. But I always leave some room in the loop portion  for whatever size is chosen. The loop can be stitched closed more if needed. I would never make a new one.
Side closures aren’t seen as much so I keep them simple. I like tying knots on the ends and trim excess off as close to the knot as I can get.
Phew you didn’t even break a sweat! Make it up, make it fun, and get it DONE!

I do not show you any buttons because the owner of this vest had not picked any out at the time.

Below are pictures of fun stuff! Enjoy.

Check out this very cool pumpkin. I had to make a trip to the Dentist  while right in the middle of my vest making. I went for my “Coronation.” I even gave a royal wave as I exited the building. O.K., I received my permanent crown for my tooth. I love this pumpkin. Here’s what the receptionist said: Punch holes in the top of a pumpkin (holes should equal how many succulents you have. Gently place root into hole. Pack some dirt around root and hole. Hot glue (just a small amount) moss around to hide the dirt. No watering needed. I want to try this!

The back of my business card.

Hydrangeas, as happy as can be in this mild November weather.
Such an exquisite color.
Dogwood leaves. More exquisite colors.

So true sometimes. Sigh… But I always say, I could have worse habits. Ha, ha.  Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Heidi



This will be quick as I MUST get out and enjoy a “Mighty Fine” Spring Day here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Grass Valley, California.

A friend gave me this top. I love it and I wear it with leggings so, the age old question pops up, “Where are the pockets?” This picture shows some of the myriad pieces of fabric I have that I could use. Ha,ha, I forgot to take a before picture with no fabric.

The next age old question is “Which fabric do I use for the pockets?

How about denim pockets instead? I have this piece of left over denim from a dress I had cut off and used potions in another project.

Starting to “slow stitch” some color when it hit me, this is a fairly light weight denim. But, it really is too heavy for this light and airy top. Below is what I ended up using.

Of course, I could not decide on just ONE pocket fabric. AND, I purposely made the pockets two different sizes and placed one higher than the other. So far so good.

I actually used some polymer buttons I already had and sewed them on going through the pocket and the top. Helps to keep it closed. No buttonholes. I don’t mind making buttonholes at all (used to make them for people when I had my fabric store). I was lazy this time. This button looks great doesn’t it? It sits flat on the pocket (it has a shank on the back). I have a great tip on the button attaching. Read on…

Sadly, this button flops forward. I bet you can see why. Place the shank of a button perpendicular (wow, what a mouthful), to the pocket. Then stitch it on. Simple fix to keep a button’s face looking happy. I just noticed that this up close and personal shot of the woven fabric is beautiful. Lots of gradated colorings in each stripe.

I’m not showing gobs of pictures this week but I did see these and thought we all needed a few laughs. Enjoy!

I prefer a fast walk and some stretching.

I just love these last two pictures of a yarn/thread installation somewhere in England. Sorry, no more information. I can’t describe it, but I enjoy the colors, the depth and the fact that it is all made out of yarn. There are cool shapes involved too(maybe they are made of wood or ?? under the yarn). The white background and all around makes the linear pieces really “Pop.”

Enjoy this “Mighty Fine” Spring Day where you live, but of course, you southern hemisphere people are going into Autumn. So maybe a bit of a cooldown? Please visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett and see all my “Art to Wear” sewing patterns. Right now, “COZY” is in the lead. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hugs and Blessings, Heidi

It’s Really Springtime! It’s time for a Sparky Top!


Sunshine, perfect temperatures! Let’s celebrate with a new Sparky Top or two! What’s a Sparky Top you ask? Read on…

Sparky Top is a fun (choose lots of fabrics or just one or two) to use in your top, and it goes together quickly too. Check it out at my Etsy shop.

Here is our “Sparky” dog who I named the pattern after. BEST rescue dog! Miss you sweet Sparky.

He loved being tucked into bed with his blanket.

Introducing, Lisa D. She hails from So. Cal , has her own BLOG: StitchitAgain , and sent me some pictures using my “Sparky Top” pattern.

Please visit her Blog post regarding creating her own best version of Sparky Top. I was so honored that Sparky Top was chosen as a challenge with her group. It’s a good read in other aspects too.

Kudos Lisa! Beautiful job and love your fabric choices. Many of us say that’s half the fun for this pattern. Go to my Etsy shop to get more details on all my “Art to Wear” patterns. Etsy.com-DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

Lisa also sent me a picture of HER special Sparky dog. Her Sparky is one of the reasons she bought my pattern, ’cause we both have/had rescued Sparky dogs. Awww, what a cutie pie! Those big brown eyes.

Spring in the side yard. Dogwoods abloom.

Two dogwoods at the side of our home that WERE NOT planted by us. Isn’t that crazy?! And our son accidentally (his story and I think I believe him )took the weed whacker to the white one, not once, BUT TWICE! It happened about 20 years ago when the white one was very small. Ha, it made it super strong. We didn’t lose one branch on this tree during the Snowmeggden episode.

The maples are very slow to come out this year (they are 2 big ones we planted 30+ years ago in front of the neighbors Cedar trees). The neighbors Christmas tree farm is in the background.

Remember, to visit my Etsy shop sometime. If you are an international buyer of my patterns, PLEASE contact me directly about any patterns you want to purchase. I can get you much better shipping prices from my end. Email me about it: hmemmett@designsbyheidi

Enjoy your weekend. Make time for some creativity and remember, I LOVE pictures of what you have created using my patterns. I would love to show them off here at my Blog. Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate your support and encouragement for my Art to Wear pattern business. And from all OVER THE WORLD! Recent sales (truly, just this past week) are from the UK, Australia, North Carolina and many more here in the U.S., Hungary (my first sale there!), and Canada. I have new sewing friends all over the world. I love it! Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Some Ideas With One of My “Art to Wear” patterns.


I finally finished making a beautiful handwoven, crocheted edged vest even more beautiful. I first showed it a few posts back. I bought this vest at my favorite T.S. (Thrift Shop). It is beautifully woven and the crocheted edges are perfection. I looked even more closely and thought, “hey this reminds me of my pattern, Mommy & Me & My Lace Vest and Quilt.

Learn more about this pattern. Go to the home page of this BLOG and look for the “Categories” box. Click on this pattern and past posts all about it, will pop up!

So a refresher on this vest. Hand woven, crocheted edges. The side panels looked too small for me.

And TaDa! finally finished to my liking now.

Another refresher, I used SewTites Minis to hold pieces in place before hand stitching them down.

I added to the little bitty side panels , the same Marcia Derse fabric I chose for the cutouts that are here and there.

The now larger side panel WITH A POCKET! I had to have a pocket. Pollen season.

Very versatile pattern Right?! I had so much fun Making this. Yes it IS THE SAME PATTERN.

All seams are held together with safety pins. You never know when someone will need a safety pin and I will feel very smug if I’m wearing this vest and someone DOES need a safety pin. Ha!

And here is another example of just a little change up in the “lace” vest genre. Original lace vest is way in the back of picture.

I liked mixing laces, linens and “flutterbyes” (my Mom said that’s what I called them when I was little).

And the mixing of tea dyed pieces and white pieces, it all works.

See all my Art to Wear patterns at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett You can purchase them directly from Etsy or get in touch with me via my email: hmemmett@gmail.com and purchase them that way too. ESPECIALLY for my INTERNATIONAL buyers. DO NOT INTERNATIONAL BUYERS, purchase ANY of my “hard copy” patterns on Etsy. Contact me at the above email address. Etsy charges waaaay too much in shipping for anything International. PDF/Digital patterns are o.k. as there are no shipping charges for anyone.

You need this pattern in your line up of Art to Wear patterns. I know I say this a lot but it’s true: “This pattern is a blank canvas for all your creativity.” So go out there and get creative my friends. I so appreciate your support and encouragement for my Art to Wear patterns. I’m having such a good time with it all. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Heidi

Make Yourself a COZY!


Thank you, THANK YOU, to all of you who have enjoyed creating a COZY and want to make more!!! And thank you for sending pictures and comments. Here are a few for this week.

Above is a picture of Victor Marchand’s Cozy. He is from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. What a fun and colorful Kantha. Victor said that I could quote him and use his full name. Here is what Victor wrote to me about his Cozy: “Thank you for a great, easy pattern. I was in your zoom class on Tuesday (through Fabric Chicks- Creative Oasis) ,( you too could sign up for a class). I did not want to cut my Kantha cloth, I was going to use it for a tablecloth, but after your class I told myself, I got this fabric for the Cozy. Therefore, I will cut it up and make the Cozy. I did not have the fabric tracing material (by Pellon) to cut the pattern. I simply folded the fabric and did it directly on the fabric (I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old) and have created lots of garments, from my own clothes to pageant gowns, prom gowns, and now quilting and other sewing projects.”

Wow oh WOW, Victor! Now my dear friends, while Victor is the exception to the usual rule on cutting out WITHOUT pattern pieces, it just shows everyone that this is an EASY pattern to work with!

In another email to me along with the following pictures he explained some things he did to change up his Cozy a bit.

“Here I am and my Cozy. Extra pics on how I finished my Cozy. For the pocket I sewed 2 pieces together, keeping the original hem on it and sewed it like this on my Cozy. Also, did the pocket top hem so it is visible. (Pic. # 1) Did the same for the arms (Pic. #3), just centered my pattern and extended the arms to the ends of the Kantha out to either side (remember, Kantha pieces are hand hemmed in a criss-cross fashion on ALL four sides). Did the fold over hem, (like we see on jeans, pants, etc. ) (Pic. # 2). Now I have to save $$$$ and buy more Kantha fabric. “

Picture #1

Picture # 2. This is also a great finish for your Cozy’s side seams to make it reversible. Look up “Flat-felled seams.”

Picture #3. THANK YOU AGAIN Victor for the great pictures and ideas you were so willing to share.

Hello from Vicki E. from Maryland. She told me, ” I bought this Kantha cloth piece to make a “muslin.” WHAATT?! Well, needless to say, she really likes it and it has become “the REAL Cozy she wears. Vicki mentioned that she didn’t like the long collar. I think her shortened version is so perfect for her. It really frames her face. Thanks for the picture Vicki AND for showing all of us that changes that make you happy, can be done!

Here is my “Art to Wear” sewing pattern, COZY! Email me at hmemmett@gmail.com to order your own Cozy pattern. And don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to see more of my sewing patterns.

My latest Cozy that I made for Beth Watts, the owner of Fabric Chicks. This is from the “silk collection” of Kantha pieces that she sells via her shop through her FB “live” sales. Every single Kantha piece is different.

And the back of this Cozy. Notice (upper left) the circles. I added 2 yo-yo’s.

A close up of the circles. The two yoyo’s were added to hide several oil spots. The fact that the oil spots were near the circle that was printed on the silk just made it so easy to pick yoyo’s for the “coverup.”

Remember, the collar can be folded many different ways, and a pin could be added too.

Spring has sprung! Candytuft usually comes out here in Mid-February. Hmm… It’s April 28th. They are looking SOOO GOOD!! too.

Oregon grape (Mahonia aquafolium), a 9 foot+ high hedge, smashed down to not much more than 2 ft. in all that snow, has literally bounced right back. You would NEVER know that it had been so smashed. And the blossoms! Bigger than ever.

I had a cup of coffee while reading a lovely hand made card with a note from my friend Linda. A nice way to spend a Spring morning. Have a creative weekend my friends and thank you for stopping by! Hugs, Heidi

It’s Spring! It’s Time for a Mia Vest!


The weather is FANTASTIC!! This will be a short Blog post so I can go out and ENJOY this 70 degree day.

Here is the original vest pattern. Yes, I have showed it before. The name was waaaaaay too long, remember. It’s still available with this cover in my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

New title and a couple of new vests to look at. Some you have seen recently. Come on now, I can only sew so fast! The ideas flow at super-sonic speed while the actual getting into the studio to sew, feels like a snail’s pace. For all of us, life get’s in the way sometimes. That’s why we have to MAKE time as in put it on the calendar. Hmm…I haven’t been writing that in my calendar at all these past few months (it’s a cool calendar my dear friend Linda gave me). That changes starting TODAY!

Mia, when your feeling the call of “Denim casual.”

And here is the back. Go to the home page of my Blog: DesignsbyHeidi.wordpress.com Look for the “Categories” box. Click on “Mia Vest” and then on “Mommy & Me & My Quilted Vest and Quilt,” (after you read everything on Mia. Past posts all about this vest pattern will pop up. Learn new tips and tricks.

I know this is a little on the “cute” side but it screams, “I’m all about Spring!” so I’m wearing it now!

Looking at this and wearing it too, makes me so happy, HAPPY!

What I really love about this vest styling is the COMFORT FACTOR. Loose fitting and then add leggings (elastic waist), oh yeah, COMFORT at its’ best!

This is a weird angle for this picture. It looks like it really dips at the bottom in the back. No, it doesn’t dip at all. It has to be the way hubby held the phone. Hmm… I wore this vest just yesterday to a great get together. Again, it was such a lovely Spring day. I walked in the main room and WOW, Spring flowers were inside too.

Tulips with Margarites in a French market bucket.

Or, how about using canning jars with twine. Love this.

This scene makes me happy too. Thank you so much for stopping by for a Springtime visit. I want you all to sew up a storm this weekend. Oh dear, a very poor choice of words. No storms anywhere this weekend. Just sewing fun. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

This and That Friday! It’s Fiber Jewelry, Mostly!


Before we dive in here all the fiber jewelry pictures are from my visits to Pinterest. I pin everyday, remember? 15 minutes, THAT’S IT! Never, ever do I consider Pinterest a “time waster.” It was started as an idea sharing tool and it truly is. I have saved each of these on my giant board under, “Fiber Jewelry.” So if you want to read more about the “maker” of these pieces, go to Pinterest and find me, DesignsbyHeidiEmmett and you can look under “Fiber Jewelry” and read all about what’s going on with each particular picture. So, here we go:

Want this. Hmm… must locate a sweater first with long enough sleeves and flared too. Oh what a shame, I HAVE to go shopping (preferably the thrift store). Ha,ha.

Definitely want these. And they don’t have to MATCH!

A place for all ones favorite Ephemera.

Pin, earrings? You choose.

I never thought to spray paint my safety pins. Great idea.

Truly, use some of your favorite things that you have gathered over the years.

O.K., this is tin, not fiber. But why not make a cloth heart and use a hole punch or awl to create the holes for the wire?

I just received this really fun piece a few days ago. I splurged on some “Fiber jewelry” this week. Sadiesez, Whimsical recycled. It is from an Etsy shop titled, “Sadiesez.”

I splurged on some “Fiber jewelry” this week. Sadiesez, Whimsical recycled, an Etsy shop. Beautifully created. Can’t wait to wear it. Check out her shop!

More great fiber jewelry from a great site on Etsy, called, ” Sadiesez” I say it reminds me of steampunk.

O.K., THIS is my piece. I purchased the beaded necklace. And then I placed a scrap of Kantha cloth (from a larger scrap of a Japanese Kantha scarf that a friend gave me). Who said that they don’t want “scraps?” Not me. But WAIT!

Same necklace, but how about a piece of polymer clay ( I made this polymer myself, thank you very much). Hm…is polymer clay fibrous? Of course, I can’t decide which one I want to use, O.K., maybe I’ll make it so I can interchange. Sigh… I’m not going to live long enough to keep this up! But ohhh… the possibilities.

Such a simple idea and yet so chic. I bet we all have some hoop earrings we can “add” silk ribbon or pieces to. Or add the pieces to a necklace piece. Where is my “Trims” bin?

On that silk ribbon vein, this is interesting. I’m not sure though if I could handle all the wrapping and knotting with one hand, that appears to be going on.

O.K., that’s it on the fiber jewelry. I’m going down the denim trail now. Stay with me now, you are almost to the end. I really like these placemats that were made out of denim scraps.

Speaking of denim, I finally brought out my sweatshirt/denim upcycled top from 2 years ago. It’s kind of funny, I wore it last year and nary a comment. And then it got hot so I put it away. Fast forward to this year and…. Wow! the nice comments. I really, really, want to create my own. You will need one sweatshirt and lots of different pieces of denim scraps.

I bought this one, yes, on Etsy. I really liked what she did with the neckline and the addition of the denim flower on the back. This is a perfect top for the cooler, spring days. Oh, wait. I did add my own pocket on the center front to cover a thread bare portion (not a good look right there) and now I want to add a pocket or two in back as well. I can never have enough pockets. I just have to remember to check them all before I wash the item.

Have a great, creative weekend! Find those 15 minutes a day to create. It all adds up! Hugs and blessings to you all, Heidi

COZY is Going CRAZY!


Today, I want to share some finished Cozy’s by my students from a past class as well as those who have purchased the pattern on their own. What’s a COZY you ask? It is a very loose fitting, pullover/jacket. Wear it for an evening out (use a silk Kantha), to a cover-up for a day on the beach (light weight cotton Kantha). Kantha is 2 layers of fabric that are stitched together by hand with row after row of running stitches. I designed this pattern expressly for Kantha cloth.

If you want to sign up for my next COZY class (via Zoom), call Fabric Chicks. Also, go to FB or YouTube, and type in Fabric Chicks-Creative Oasis. You can see my two interviews where I discuss the Cozy class and what it entails.

Here is my latest COZY. The front side looks pieced, but is just printed that way. The back is solid black. All the stitching lines are done in black and white. I love how the stitching gives texture. Kantha cloth has the perfect drape quality for this pattern. Contact me at: hmemmett@gmail.com and I can sell you a PDF/digital pattern $10.00. PDF/Digital is a great way to go for this particular pattern as you will create your own pattern pieces (4 rectangles). PDF/Digital is the perfect way to go for International orders.

Here is the front cover of COZY. The model (that would be me, haha) is 5’6″ tall. Cozy measures 30″ finished length from the neckbone in back to the bottom hem. Also, 30″ in length on the front. This length is perfect for anyone 5″ 4″ – 6ft tall. 25+ people have tried it on and all agreed on it being a super look for 99% of them. Really petite sizes (under 5’4″ tall) might want to make modifications and the suggestions are listed inside the pattern.

Here is a Cozy by Sandra M. She ordered her Cozy pattern via me at: hmemmett@gmail.com for $10.00 What a fun colorful print in this Cozy. Thank you for sending pictures Sandra! I love to see what you all are using to create your own unique Cozy.

A really clear picture of the back of Sandra’s Cozy. She asked if I would be able to tell her where I find my Kantha cloth. ABSOLUTELY! I didn’t put it in the pattern itself because some places have had good ones for awhile and then not so much now. I will be adding some places within the pattern with the caveat that you don’t always get the best quality materials. So those of you who own the Cozy pattern now, read on. With all that, check out these places. Fabric Chicks-Creative Oasis (go to her FB LIVE event, she has some really unique, one of a kind Kantha pieces, all 50 x 70″ or larger). I also use Walmart.com (online only) fast delivery, and Etsy. While Etsy offers gobs and gobs of Kantha, be picky. Look at all the comments. These, as far as I can see, come directly from India and some of the companies are kind of slow with shipping.

Cynthe E. sent me some pictures of her Cozy. Cynthe was in my inaugural (zoom) Cozy class via zoom, via Fabric Chicks. Isn’t this Cozy FABULOUS!! She was able to fussy cut the designs where she wanted them. Take note that she cut her collar at the center front. What a great idea. She says it gives her many options for using some very special pieces that were her mothers. See below.

This is a BELT BUCKLE. Hence the reasoning behind cutting the collar piece at the center front. What a GREAT idea Cynthe.

And here is another belt buckle in mother of pearl. What a great way to keep someone special in your life, close to your heart.

And here is Liz K. In this picture she has just tried on MY original Cozy. Liz is one of the original 24 who tried on my Cozy (I still want those cool sandals you have on, haha). I show this picture because this lovely group of women really helped me zero in that Cozy is indeed a SPECIAL PATTERN. With the group, I took notes on “I like this,” or, “how about taking out…” as each of them tried it on. Read their thoughts inside the pattern.

Well, Liz ordered a Kantha (this one is similar to the one used on the front cover of my Cozy pattern) right away. She recently entered hers into a local Quilt show in her area and WON, the VIEWERS CHOICE award in the “clothing” section. Way to go Liz! Look, she did what Cynthe (above, with the belt buckles) did and cut her collar piece in the center front and tied it partially, in front.

Chantal H. from PA (originally from Paris! Love her beautiful accent) was also in my inaugural, on line class. Chantal was also able to “fussy cut” her Kantha piece (purchased from Fabric Chicks). This Cozy is such a perfect Spring look. I love how she was able to bring the design of the Kantha in such a lovely way that draws your eye all around. Too fun. And the inside of this Kantha has such a fresh spring green color.

Thanks Chantal, Liz, Sandra, & Cynthe for letting everyone see some of the possibilities for their own Cozy.

The Crocus are out. Isn’t this a beautiful color for one of the season’s first flowers. Thank you all for stopping by. Just as the beautiful flowers signal Spring and new life, so does Easter. Happy Easter! to you all. Hugs, Heidi

Mommy & Me Lace Vest Pattern & a “Found” Vest!


Before I show you the vest I found, a word from our weather person, me. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is looking for about 4 more feet of snow to beat the ALL TIME SNOW AMOUNT TOTALS (from the 1951-52 season). The weather people I listen to are all giddy over the possibility it could happen. They need a few inches over 700″ (yep, that’s 58+ FEET!!!). I’ll keep you posted.

7:30 a.m., Wed. March 29th, after a snowfall the night before of 8″ of new snow in only 5 hours!

The clouds and possible sunshine (for mere minutes and then gone for the day).

The day before, walking through 4″ of snow at that point. I figured, this is the LAST (I can hope, NEVER thought I would say that after 3 years of drought) storm, so I might as well take a last “crunchy” (that’s what the snow sounds like when you walk through it) walk and enjoy the beauty.

Husband and I walked up the steps to our front door and he pointed to this sign and said, “GET RID OF THIS! ”

He then took a picture of me and sent it out to relatives with the caption: ” Wanted: Unnamed person for promoting Snowmaggedon! ” Thanks honey. The handmade, cool, metal sign, is now tucked waaaaaay back in a cabinet in the garage.

This picture was taken approximately 1978. I’m seated on the log. This picture and the fact that I made and sold these vests, made me think years and years later that these vests (they sold very well) would be a great pattern idea.

Taa Daa! I turned the idea into “Mommy & Me & My Lace Vest and Quilt” a sewing pattern. Email me at: hmemmett@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing. $15.00 for the pattern. +$1.00 for shipping anywhere in the world! This is a SUPER deal for you International purchasers.

Look what I FOUND at Sammies my favorite Thrift Store! And it looks so like my vest pattern (except those little tiny side panels). This vest is HAND WOVEN wool, with beautifully crocheted wool trim all over.

I pulled out one of my latest “panel type” fabrics from Marcia Derse. I took a picture of the selvage so you could look it up if you wanted to.

I grabbed my trusty bottle (still smashed in because of the elevation changes I put it through) of Terial Magic. “Spritz…spritz”, iron dry and now that Marcia Derse piece is stiff, just like a piece of paper.

Yes, I wanted to change up my vest just a little. Running stitches, boro, or slow stitching, Sashiko (I really need to use only one name from now on! O.K., I pick SLOW STITCHING). I stitch around the outside edges only if I’m in a hurry. If the pieces I stitch down are bigger than 5″ I will add stitches to hold the middle portion down.

Started on another piece. I can’t use pins, because I POKE MYSELF, CONSTANTLY! And then the thread gets stuck around the pin, and then it looks like above. Crooked and I got a tuck in it That’s because I didn’t saturate with Terial Magic enough, just in that general area. I didn’t think it would matter. WRONG!

Enter, SewTites, Minis. My friend Kimi (from 6th grade!) came over (we meet once a month to visit, eat, and work on our hand sewing skills or crocheting skills..) She brought me these “Minis”. She said it was the newest BEST THING!

Thank you, THANK YOU Kimi!!!! They are fantastic. How did I ever do my slow stitching without them?

5 minutes people, 5 MINUTES! to stitch this circle down. Very strong magnets, and they don’t shift around. Whoo Hoo!! I am filled with wonder at the simplicity of this idea and how well it works. Amazon sells them as well as the site itself.

I will show you the finished vest soon. You know I hate not showing the finished product in the same post, but sometimes, it just has to be that way. Hm….hopefully, it will get you to come back. Wink,wink.

I am showing this picture (see the needle sticking up) as a HUGE reminder to all dog and/or cat owners. I had this in a bag filled with fabric, yarn, etc. on the floor (from when Kimi was here). This thread was on top. Riley, our dog, thought it was a ball. Thank the Lord, I was standing right there when quick as a wink, Riley grabbed it with the needle- end going into his LARGE mouth first. Usually he plays “keep-a-way, but I used my “from the gut” fiercest “LEAVE IT!” voice, and he gently let go. Oh My GOSH! Thank you prayers, shot heavenward instantly. The what if’s still hit me when I look at this picture…..

Kimi also raises chickens and brought me, gathered THAT morning, eggs. Here are two, freshly washed eggs,and nestled in a soft towel that matches, no less. Fresh eggs are absolutely the BEST!

Oh my, I see really and truly, BLUE SKY! No sewing for me today until the sun goes down. I’m going to go enjoy the break between storms, yes, another storm coming this next week. Thank you for stopping by. I sew appreciate each and every one of you visiting me on my Blog site. Hugs, Heidi


by Heidi Emmett

I’m doing TWO posts today. These pictures are truly SPECTACULAR! In case you are new to my BLOG, I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills on the western side (California side). We were without power for 6 days and had 4 feet of snow at the 2,800 ft. level. All these pictures except the first one are courtesy of Scott Gaffney. So here is post # 1.

This is the first chairlift next to Tamarack Lodge at Heavenly Valley Ski Resort. Elevation 9,200ft. This lift takes you up to a 10,000ft. peak. I’ve been on this chairlift, IN THE SUMMER. Incredible views from this chair lift. Doesn’t this picture look other worldly? My friend, Helen P. sent it to me from her friend.

I’m not sure when the following pictures were taken but for a point of reference I’m thinking around March 10th. At that point at the Sierra Snow Lab had measured 600″ (that’s 50 FEET!). But this late in the month I have heard there is 640-680″ now (53-56 ft.). CRAZY!!!!!!

There is a truck in there somewhere. North Shore area of Lake Tahoe. 6300ft. elevation.

Parking lot at Lassen National Park (northern California Sierra’s.

Sierra Snow lab. Not many know where it is exactly. Keeps the riff raff away I guess. All that sensitive measuring stuff and ladders, very LONG ladders.

South Shore of Lake Tahoe. I don’t know if I could stay there with all that snow on the roof. I hear that many homes and businesses had cave ins of their roofs.

lake Tahoe area.

A Carl’s Jr. drive thru window at Mammoth (southern end of the Sierra Mtn. range, Yosemite area).

South Shore of Lake Tahoe.

Bear Valley ski resort during the summer and now! WOW oh WOW!!!!! Bear Valley area is below South Shore Lake Tahoe. I think this one is my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by. May your weekend be free from shoveling snow and no storms! Just some good times sewing , a “sewing storm.” That’s good. Yes, let’s do that. Hugs, Heidi

My BOOK! and Happy Spring!


It says on the calendar that it is Spring. And in typical Spring fashion, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change, for the umpteenth time in one day! At least the snow is gone! Just the sad looking piles in the various parking lots around town, remain.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, March 22nd, I did another interview with Beth at Fabric Chicks. This time I spoke about my book “Fashion Quilted Accessories” and the 7 projects that are available to create for yourself. See my interview on Fabric Chicks FB Live page or go to YouTube and type in Fabric Chicks-Fabric Oasis. We are planning a class or two using some of the projects from my book. I’ll keep you posted.

Front cover. You can order this book via my Etsy shop. DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

And the back.

Using the “City Scape” panel from Beth’s shop. This is no longer available but you could “build” your own (no pun intended) by using rectangle shapes and appliqueing them on.

Learn the stitching technique that support the butterflies on to these scarves. There are soooooo MANY large scaled prints that are available today. Great gift ideas.

A fun and easy to make “Sling” bag. All the projects in the book are fun and easy to make.

I love the Circles necklace and earrings project. Very unique and oh, so light weight.

A “Saddle Bag” Tote. Even has a secret pocket for your phone or $$.

The pinwheel tote is perfect for beach going or even some shopping.

The “Scarf Vest” rounds out this really unique book with projects that you will want to make!

Working on the machine quilting portion of the Circle Tote.

Piece together a series of similar fabrics and then cut out wedges to alternate in the tote.

Rex the cat says, “mine, mine, MINE!

Here it is without the cat. Do you see what I mean? This panel would be easy to “recreate” in your own color scheme. using simple rectangular shapes.

A little simple weaving of fabric strips, anchor in place, and voila’ a unique outline for your focus fabric.

Enjoy this spring day from my Workman Page-a-day calendar. This painting is by Rachel Campbell (born 20th century) – Ireland, 2020 -Oil on panel. Private collection.

Have a super creative and fun, weekend, with all your projects that are near and dear to YOU! Hugs and Blessings, Heidi

Where Do I Find The Fabrics I Use in My Patterns?

by Heidi Emmett

When I purchase fabrics, WHEREVER it might be, I am ALL ABOUT THE QUALITY of the fabric.

“Oh, the THRILL of the hunt!” That describes my fabric buying adventures perfectly whether on line or in person. My favorite place for the thrill of that hunt is, bar none, the Thrift Store. I have been “Thrifting” (the upscaled term for going to the Thrift Shop ha,ha) for 32+ years now. I know exactly how long because I was pregnant with our son when I first stepped into the Salvation Army Thrift shop in our town, to look for possible furniture to decorate our spare bedroom. A whole new world awaited me as I stepped through those double glass doors. I’ve loved going ever since that very first visit. Some people are really put off by Thrift stores and that’s o.k., but I’m speaking to an adventurous group (hey, you follow me here at my BLOG so you HAVE to be the adventurous type) so let’s see what it is all about.

I do want to discuss a bit, the inner workings of MOST thrift shops today. Oh my goodness, this month, March, marks my first year of working at Sammie’s friends! Clean, nice looking, items are what all thrift shops want. People who donate drive up to the donation spot of the Thrift Shop. Workers are there to help unload donations. They are sorted immediately. On the first run through, if something is deemed dirty, falling apart, etc. it goes into a dumpster right away. During the initial sorting, everything is put into bags, clothing, linens, etc. and then placed in bins. There are bins for EVERYTHING! Scarves, fabric, baby clothes, etc. Then, volunteers go to a bin and bring a bag of, say, women’s clothing to a large working table. Each item is looked at as it comes out of the bag. If it looks good (free from stains, clean, etc.) it goes on the table, out flat, for future pricing. The stack starts to grow. If a piece is stained, holes in it, etc. then it goes to a “rag” bag. These rags (all fabric types, from t-shirts to drapery panels, to sweaters, etc.) are all put into a big special container. Once a month or so, a company picks up the container and drops off another empty one. The “rags” are then sent to manufacturers here in the U.S. and overseas. Every piece is recycled. This is so cool. Have you ever purchased a “rag rug?”

The “pile” on the table is then priced and put on a rack. The rack fills up and out it goes to the main store area to be placed on the appropriate racks there. I only have one shift, four hours per week. Other volunteers come in more often. The perk at my thrift shop where I work is that I get up to 1/2 off on items I want to purchase. This has become very, VERY, dangerous for me! I always say, “I pay to play!”

Here is a perfect “blank canvas” for purchased fabric from a fabric store or in the case below, jeans from the 1/2 off jeans table.

Yes, two pair of different jeans, one light and one dark, were used. I open out the legs and cut out the vest pieces with no regard to seams (they add texture) . On the home page of my BLOG look for the “Categories” box and click on “Mia” vest/ or Mommy & Me and my quilted vest & quilt. Past posts will pop up. Read all about the denim vest above.

Tell your friends that you collect scraps! They will be thrilled to give you their scraps. No one likes to throw beautiful fabric scraps away. “Give them to Heidi! She collects everything!” Yes I do and I’m proud of it!

Sparky Top is such fun to make when using several different fabrics as suggested. The black fabric in the center is from a fabric store. The side panels in polka dots are from a skirt I found at the T.S. Let’s get a closer look at the center front fabric.

This is from Joann’s fabrics. The first place I go to when I’m in there is the remnant table. Fabulous finds can be found there. Then it’s on to the “fancy” department. That is where I found this very cool cotton piece. A dotted swiss with bias strips of cotton sewn in a circular pattern.

This beautiful printed silk chiffon in the back piece of this Sparky Top came from a Maxi-dress. The dress was beautifully made so I admit it was hard to cut into. But I reminded myself that I no longer wear halter type items. Haha. That helped. Because it was so pretty, I decided to make the back piece longer to look dressier and show off the fabric more.

Another “Blank Canvas” for fun fabrics is Zephyr Jacket. Look at all my “Art to Wear” patterns as my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett. You can purchase there, Or, email me directly about my patterns and I will give you FREE shipping for the month of March, 2023 for the patterns you purchase. Just mention you saw it on this post.

I have talked about the silk pieces on the front of this Zephyr Jacket before, but it bears repeating. The turquoise silk taffeta is from a skirt and the red-violet silk Dupioni came from a pair of pants. Hmm…it could be the other way around (its been awhile).

I love how the thrift shop sweater (my sister-in-law found it for me. We enjoy shopping these stores together) peeks out from under this Zephyr Jacket. The main fabric is a Kaffe Fassett cotton (found at Villa Rosa Fabrics, see below) and the front pieces inside and out are from a pair of silk capris. Lovely textured silk.

Here is a list of the online places that I have purchased fabric from. Click on the red colored link areas to see each site. Fabrics-store.com is linens only. All of these places have beautiful fabrics and have great reputations for good service.

Fabric Mart

Hart’s Fabric online

Emma One Sock Fabrics

Marcy Tilton Fabrics


Villa Rosa Fabrics (this shop is 6.5 minutes from my home, yikes).

While I love to shop on-line (I always hit the sale page first, just in case) for fabric, it can be a real budget buster. Sometimes I put it “into the cart” and mull it over for 24 hours before I hit the “Buy” button.

So get out there this weekend and start your own fabric museum as I have. You are the curator and MUST make acquisitions. Above all, have FUN! Thanks for stopping by this week. Hugs and Blessings to all, Heidi



A Cold, low pressure system came straight down from Canada, and hit ALL of California (snow fell in Los Angeles, AT THE BEACH!). It was an amazing 30+ year event. Here in northern Calif., we get all four seasons (love that), so snow isn’t unusual by any means. But, THIS?!

The snow for us (we live in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, directly west of Lake Tahoe, a 1 hour 20 minute drive. We are at the 2800ft. level), started on Wed. Feb. 22nd at 3:00p.m. It snowed, storm after storm, with a short break (just hours apart to one FULL DAY OF SUNSHINE), and then another round would move in. See my pictures below.

This was Friday, February 24th. Still snowing, and they had given up plowing our state highway by that time. These were very cold storms so the flakes were really tiny. And then with any break, it seemed to pack down a little. This picture was taken around 4:00p.m.

Here we are, same location at about 7:30a.m. (our one sun shining day), on Wed. March 1st. We had 36+ inches at this point. The chairs and firepit are in there somewhere. And check out how the snow landed on the grill work of our gazebo cover. Sooooo cold too. Well, I think 29-34 degrees is cold!

This is outside our front door at the same time as the above picture. Believe or not, our little arbor is there in the center of the picture (I see one post sticking up) with what is left of our beautiful pink Dogwood tree. Every branch but one snapped off. Sooooo sad.

As that day got brighter and 10 degrees warmer, the helicopters were buzzing around looking for the downed trees laying flat the telephone, cable, and electric wires. We, along with most of our county had no power, no internet (that’s why I didn’t get a post out last week), no phones, BUT, sometimes (very spotty), a text would amble through. THAT was weird.

I took the photo of this helicopter because it was doing something I have NEVER seen before. It actually tilted upward (nose up) and got close to a few of the pines that had gobs of snow on them. As I watched, a stiff breeze kicked up (from the rotor blades), and the snow came off, starting from the tippy top and caught other snow on the way down. As the tree swayed,as it was in a strong wind, the tree became enveloped in white, swirling snow for about 30 seconds and then I saw a perfectly green tree. No snow left. Then on it went to the next tree. I just stared in shock. It was amazing to watch. Silly me, I didn’t think to take a video. The pilot did it to 3 trees total and then buzzed away. Just like that!

Our mutt, Riley, is 33% Husky. He LOVED the snow, at first. As it got deeper and deeper, not so much. He does love jumping up and catching loose snowballs.

I couldn’t resist showing you my “in the house gear.” 11 days people with no heater, just the fireplace! Many doors had to be closed off. My sewing space in the attic, 44 degrees! No sewing done up there! We would average 52 degrees every morning in the house. Rarely was it more. Here is literally what I wore EVERY SINGLE DAY! From the bottom up: “Pacas” alpaca socks, covered with my Ugg boots. Wearing my only pair of 4-way stretch polar fleece yoga type pants. My legs were still cold, so I wrapped my 100% wool scarf around. Cashmere under shirt, topped by a 30 year old fleece pullover with hood and kangaroo pockets, topped with a polar fleece shirt I made for my husband 30 years ago (and cut to fit me), all wrapped up in a cashmere scarf and my alpaca mitts. Am I ready for my “runway” walk or what!!! I was WARM and COZY, in my clash of colors and patterns. I’m putting this on Insta-gram under the heading of “Wearing my Joy.”

This morning, 11 days later, Propane arrived.!!!I ran outside to blow kisses to the Propane man! (I really did! and he laughed). Heating units and generators use A LOT of propane. We had to be very, very, judicious in our usage, because we had to wait as they were triaging the needs of many. 120 calls to the propane company in just one day the nice lady told me. I needed a picture of me removing the tape (so we wouldn’t accidentally turn it on). The rain came in last night. and the temperature warmed up because this was the atmospheric river they talked about. That’s why it says 63 in the house instead of the usual 52. We received 2 1/2″ of rain in 24 hours. No more until tomorrow, Saturday, the 11th.And then it’s rain, rain, rain, through next week.

I had to show you this picture too. I am getting ready to teach my first class in a few years, via zoom. I look extra “puffy” because I CHOSE to purchase an Ex. Large down vest (really and truly), because oddly enough the extra room made for a really cozy, warm, feeling. Well, that glass of wine helped too. Hey, this class started at 4:30pacific time, and I was a bit nervous. Worked like a charm to relax me and have a great time showing everyone how to create the pattern pieces for their own COZY’S.( Yes, I was correct on ALL the measurements I gave) I had students from PA, WA, AZ, & NV to name a few. On Saturday, I will show them how to stitch COZY up to create their own unique top/pullover.

The only thing the students saw was the white tracing material on the end of the table. I wanted you, uh oh, now my students see it too, a “behind the scenes” look. Check out the lamp base in the middle of the table to hold my very high tech (NOT) equipment. It was a really fun time. I will trust that tomorrows class will be just as fun.

The class was entirely set up by my friend, Beth Watts, of Fabric Chicks out of Gardnerville, Nevada. You MUST check her and her store out on FB and YouTube under the name “Fabric Chicks” or ” Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis.” She has a really fun “Live” show and sale once a week on FB as well as interviews, other classes, AND she has 2 openings left in her 5 day retreat to Zephyr Point (you know, my FAVORITE place!, in fact, that is where Beth and I met, at least a dozen years ago). The retreat is the first week of April. Please visit Beth at Fabric -chicks.com for more information. AND…..

We’ve scheduled another class on “COZY” for April 11th and 2nd class on April 15th. Contact Beth at Fabric-chicks.com for more information on that as well.

SOOOOO GRATEFUL for electricity, heat, internet(oh is that o.k.to say, I hope?), a warm cozy fire, warm clothes, food, ……you get the idea. Gratitude and Love, may it be a part of all of our lives, every single DAY! Hugs, Heidi

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled BLOG POST…

by Heidi Emmett

Hi everyone! With major winter weather covering the entire state of CA I have to get this post out quickly before the power goes out! I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills, 50 minutes from Donner Pass. At 2,800 feet here in Cedar Ridge (near Grass Valley), the snow is coming down fast and furiously. We might lose power. Enjoy some of my latest pinterest finds. Stay warm and dry and “power ON ” (lots of meanings there,haha) wherever you live!

My friends Karenanne and Linda gave me these coasters! Husband says very apropos for me. Sigh…I have a very PATIENT husband. How does thread end up in his food? sometimes.

“Junk” is not the word I would use here, it is “possibilities”

Yes, this already happened but in case you missed it, go to FB or YouTube and type in either “Fabric Chicks” or “Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis”

Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm, dry, and find some time, yes, yes, just 15 min. to work on your latest, creative project. Blessings and Hugs, Heidi

Seminole Patchwork & Looking Skyward!


I was working my shift a few weeks back at “Sammies Friends,” a local thrift shop, all about saving cats and dogs. Every volunteer has a specialty area in which to work. Mine is, what else, haha, FABRIC!!! Yes there are many, many, people who sew, craft, costumers, upholsterers, etc. Fabric is a BIG DEAL! I had just finished putting out some fresh stacks of fabrics, neatly folded, and individually priced. I was rolling my cart back to the inner sanctum of the thrift shop (aka HUGE area of the warehouse for sorting and pricing) when I wheeled past the “red tag” area (aka vintage, special, etc.) and I spied this skirt. I knew EXACTLY what it was. I didn’t even look at the price and put it in my cart, wheeling to the back with glee and skipping involved. The red tag section means, “that is the price and it will NEVER go on sale.” I paid $50.00 for this skirt and was happy to do so (besides it goes to help the kitties and doggies).

Here is the wickipedia version: Seminole patchwork, referred to by Seminole and Miccosukee women as Taweekaache (design in the Mikasuki language), is a patchwork style made from piecing solid, colorful strips of fabric in horizontal bands. Seminole patchwork garments are often trimmed with a rickrack border. Early examples of this technique are known from photographs in the 1910’s, and its use by Seminole women in garment construction began to flourish in the 1920s. Seminole patchwork has historically been an important source of income for many Seminole women, and today remains a source of cultural pride. The Seminole Nation is mainly in Florida.

I have seen many examples of colorful Seminole patchwork. This is the FIRST I have seen in black, white, and gray. I absolutely love it!! The first thought I had was to use it in my Off The Grid Vest pattern.

I really think it could be stunning depending how the pieces are placed. Off The Grid Vest is one of my “Art to Wear” sewing patterns. Email me at hmemmett@gmail.com or visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett. DON’T WORRY! I’m not cutting up this BEAUTIFUL example of early 20th century piecing. My brain just knows to “go to ideas” for anything I find at a Thrift Shop. AGAIN, DON’T WORRY, no cutting will happen. I’m going to actually wear it. Not sure with what just yet, or how it will even look on me. Egads, I haven’t worn a dirndl skirt in YEARS. Yes, I have a waist line (barely). I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s take a closer look at this piece. First, it is a circumference of 108″ which is 3 yards around. There are 36 rows of rick rack surrounding the inner blocks. That equals stitching (all by machine), of 110yds.+ of the tiniest rick rack they make, “eyeballing” it for each row.

Each of the squares are only 4″ across. There are a minimum of 26 separate seams in each 4″ square. Each square is pieced using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

So much time and energy to create such a unique piece of “Art To Wear.”

One last look at this beautiful piece of Seminole Patchwork.

I’m leaving you with something infinite to ponder. On Jan. 17th, I was told (from the man on the radio, KFBK 1530 AM out of Sacramento, CA) that a comet so RARE, it will NEVER, EVER (as far as they knew), pass Earth again. Think about THAT for a minute! and that it will have a greenish tint (another rarity for a comet)at the head of the comet and some color in the tail. My husband and I, at the right time, 5:30a.m. on Jan. 21st ,were at our appointed spot on the back deck trying to see it with necks craned to the max and slipping now and then on the icy deck (this, my friends, could be a recipe for disaster) looking for Comet 34AC109-5 (or some such number, I forget what it was, (that alone is a stupid title for something so magnificent). The naked eye, sadly, was not enough. I told an acquaintance about this comet, and begged him to look for it. Find him, Tim O’Brien, on FB. Two weeks later, I received this AMAZING PICTURE from him. There it is, close to Venus. I can’t tell you why just yet, but I am calling it the “HOPE” comet. We live in a world full of turmoil at every turn. I gaze at this picture knowing in my heart that there is a God who is IN CHARGE (not mere men and women) and will lead us through it all no matter what!

Stay well my friends, and thank you for stopping by. Hugs, Heidi

Mixed MIA!


A play on the words, “MIXED MEDIA.” I feel the vest you will be seeing in this post is just that, a “mixed media” of fibers and fabric. Like many of my patterns, a blank canvas for YOU to work your magic!

A cover shot of a comfortable, looks good on so many body shapes, and easy to create, vest. But ohhh, the name of this sewing pattern, it’s sooooo long! And the vest itself looks “cute.” Time for a change up!

Introducing the “Mia Vest.” THIS PART IS IMPORTANT, this pattern cover is EXACTLY THE SAME VEST as the cover for “Mommy and Me and My Quilted Vest & Quilt.” The Mia Vest has an updated PICTURE that’s all. Purchase this pattern or the older cover and title directly from me. Email me at hmemmett@gmail.com ORR…. go to my Etsy shop: Etsy.com/DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

This Mia was SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE! This is an excellent pattern on which to showcase some of the fun fabric scraps you have worked with in the past.

Boro, Sashiko, Slow stitching, are just a few of the names for the application of the scrap pieces onto the denim background.

I used denim pieces as my base (Upcycling at its’ finest). The vest front was once upon a time, a skirt. HUGE TIP: If using denim as the base, look for lighter weight denim. If it’s thicker and then layered with more cotton fabrics, when you do the hand stitching to hold everything in place, OUCH!! for your stitching fingers. Phew, that was a long but important sentence.

I ran out of the skirt denim, so I filled in with the lighter. Whoops, not enough for that left shoulder, but I will deal with it later. I love keeping it simple and fun!

Now for the super fun part. I’m auditioning my scraps. Check out the sleeve (or what’s left of it). Wait until you see what I did with it. I have used this shirt, every BIT of it down to little pieces. Oh sure, as you know already, I throw nothing away. There is a special box just for “little” pieces in blue colors.

Auditioning threads too. With this type of creativity, I will only tell you that you must experiment. I ended up using my good ‘ole Aunt Lydia’s “knit crocheen” and a sharp pointed large eyed tapestry/embroidery needle (I am so not picky, found it on one of my myriad pin cushions, poked it in and pretended to stitch and voila’ it worked nicely). The olive green in the middle is an Aurifil WOOL (have never seen that before and it’s nice too but I just found it a couple of days ago, perfect for my next project). The bottom thread I just bought. Ohhh, is it ever yummy looking. Hand dyed, 100% cotton from Japan. This thread is a bit heavier than the Aunt Lydia’s.

Having fun, having fun! This is my favorite kind of project. To turn under, or not to turn under, you get to pick. Straight stitching, curved stitching, it ALL works. Pieces a bit crooked. It’s part of the plan.

I am really liking pockets (any type) right now, sew I made 3. I decided that they needed some embroidery too to blend in with the other embroidered pieces. These pockets were created by stitching 2 rectangles together, leaving an opening to turn. Once turned and pressed, I embroider a little on the outside. Oh, the opening, I’m so lazy, I will not hand stitch it closed. I stitch right over the opening when I attach the pocket to the vest. Sometimes friends give me scraps (remember the Life cereal commercial, “Have Mikee try it. He’ll eat anything). I see scrap giving in kind of the same way. “Give it Heidi. She’ll take anything!” Thank you to Mary B. for the above dark navy geometric print.

Why not use circle shapes too? Because there is soo much bias on the edge of a circle, there is very little fraying, so no turn under for me. I will tweak the top of this circle. I didn’t see it until this closeup shot. This circle is a scrap from Marcia Derse (LOVE her fabrics).

You too can work on your very own MIA VEST. Contact me via email: hmemmett@gmail.com Until February 28th, MIA VEST is $15.00 US (pay via Paypal or check) with FREE shipping. This vest fits Misses sizes 6-16. Tissue pieces are included too (all sizes).

Be careful, this type of stitching is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! I have just auditioned more fabrics to do this again using a different pattern from my collection of “Art to Wear” designs. See all of my sewing patterns at my Etsy shop: Etsy.com/DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

Awww…what loving brothers, Rubix and Rex. At least for the moment.

It felt SEW good to actually be in my attic studio sewing yesterday. That’s when I finished this vest. But not before I tripped a fuse not once but twice. All at one time, I had on, sewing machine, iron, radio, extra lighting, oh and the small but powerful, by my legs, heater. I called “the man.” That would be my husband. Thanks honey! This weekend, get to your “happy place” and try NOT to overload the circuits. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

COZY! It’s Making Everyone Sew Happy!

by Heidi Emmett

My COZY sewing pattern has only been available for a few months and I am so excited about the responses and pictures of COZY’S that I am receiving.

Please note: This pattern, “COZY” is my newest sewing pattern in the Line up of “Art to Wear” patterns from Designs by Heidi. COZY is made using Kantha Cloth. What is Kantha cloth? It is two lengths of fabric (one of them could be pieced together first) that are hand stitched together. Usually there is NO BATTING inside. The “no batting” inside makes for a lovely drape in the finished garment.

The other BIG thing about this pattern is that YOU create the pattern pieces yourself using the measurements I give you in the instructions. You will create 4 rectangles for the COZY. It’s easy and takes about 45 minutes. Visit my Etsy shop: Go to, Etsy.com and type in the search bar, DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to purchase this pattern, or you can purchase it from me, directly, by emailing me at: hmemmett@gmail.com COZY is BEST purchased as a PDF/digital files (since there are no pattern pieces involved) for $10.00. Hard copies are available too for $5 more.

I think you can really see the basic shape of “COZY in this picture. Now, let’s take a look at what Mary B. created. Follow along as I describe the changes she made to fit what she wanted in this great, easy to change Pullover/Jacket sewing pattern.

Mary B. lives close by and dropped off her Finished COZY for me to take pictures of. THANK YOU Mary! You’re the BEST! Let’s take a look. Here is the front of her COZY.

COZY – An “Art to Wear” sewing pattern, by Heidi Emmett email: hmemmett@gmail.com or my Etsy shop: Etsy.com/ DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

And now the back. COZY – An “Art to Wear” sewing pattern, by Heidi Emmett email: hmemmett@gmail.com or my Etsy shop: Etsy.com/ DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

Let’s look at this COZY more closely and learn some new ideas that could work with one that you will make. Check out the large button at the top. I like the way she attached it to the back. Unique.

Look closely. Mary added a loop on the collar piece to attach to the button on the back to “keep the collar in place,” she said.

Several changes in this shot. Mary did not use the pockets on the front, and used an “inseam” pocket instead (look through the patterns you already own to find a pocket pattern that is inseam, OR.. find something in your closet and trace one off of that). Mary also took OUT approx. 3 ” from the front piece and 3″ from the back piece. This was done from the CENTERS of both the front and the back pieces. One last thing in this picture, Mary opened the side seams from the bottom to create “open sides.”

Mary lengthened the sleeves (patterns’ sleeve is 3/4 length). To take out the extra bulk at the wrist area, she folded the sleeve over just the amount she needed and stitched a button through all thicknesses to keep it all together.

Mary also folded the collar in half lengthwise and stitched 1/4″ away from the fold line. She told me that it was to keep the collar from changing shape as it was worn. I’m not sure if you can see what she is talking about. There is definitely a left and right side to this collar (blue stripes on left, floral on right). See the stitching on the foldline now? If you look at the full front view of Mary’s COZY, you should see this technique right away.

Mary, I think everyone in my reading audience will LOVE what you have created. Thank you so much for sharing it and all the cool touches you added to make it a very special “ART TO WEAR” piece.

O.K., why am I showing these “Rock Sheep” again? Because like Mary and her changing up of her COZY, I just LOVE the creativity that this person had done with rocks and some metal pieces. Also, honey (husband of 40 yrs.), if you are reading this, I really, REALLY, want a few sheep of this breed (not real ones, ha,ha), for our yard.

A beautiful winter sunrise picture that bears repeating.

And such amazing news. In case you had not heard, California, well, most ALL of the western states have been in severe drought these past three years. Well, they just took another snow pack survey at, I think it is the 7,500 ft. level and as of this past Tuesday, the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is at 205% of average. There is more snow up at the peaks right now than the last “high” season which was 1983!!!! WhoooHooo! 2 more storms are expected this weekend to bring another 2-4 feet of snow. Our prayers are definitely being answered! Thank you Lord!

I’m finally back into my old groove of getting into my sewing studio almost everyday. Remember, I used to say just 15 min. a day and you can accomplish much with your creative endeavors, besides adding a few more minutes each day to being in your “Happy Place?” Well, I’m saying it today, so, after this load of wash, and a quick trip to the grocery store, I’m there. I hope you can too. Hugs and Blessings, Heidi



and both are from two different Cities and created by two different people!

Terrific Tabard, An “Art to Wear” sewing pattern by me, Heidi Emmett. Purchase it directly from me via: hmemmett@gmail.com or visit my Etsy shop: Etsy.com and type in DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

First up, Pat Q. from Texas with her “quasi” Kantha cloth Terrific Tabard. A detail above, complete with a mother of pearl button in the center of the applique’ Read on…

Pat really liked the idea of so many sizes in this pattern. She said it was very helpful since she has to spend a lot of time resizing patterns. She also said, “I am 85 years old, have been sewing since high school, but am only about 5’3” tall and weigh 104 lb. All patterns are way too large for me. I have included pictures of my vest, it was a quilted throw so didn’t create the pattern’s way of “making fabric.” I felt this was a quicker way to decide if I could get it to fit.”

I really LOVE this Terrific Tabard. And using a pre-machine quilted throw, BRIALLIANT! One side of the throw is made with blue designs on white and the inside is all blue with rows of white dots. I like how Pat mixed the back and the front. It adds great interest. Also, the bit at the top with all the beautiful mother of pearl buttons. This is also a great way to show off treasures from your stash.

Here is the back. Pulling it all together with the batik fabric for all the trim and the little applique’ was very clever. Once she got the fit the way she wanted, Pat was able to sew up this “Pre”-quilted in record time.

And WOW, on we go to a completely different Terrific Tabard look. The only pattern piece changes that Mary B. in California made on her Terrific Tabard were to lengthen the front pieces in a “V” shape, and the back matching the new longer sides and making a gentle curve toward the center back, giving the whole vest a l-o-o-n-g and lean look.

Mary keeps the long and lean theme going by creating her own fabric panels as individual pieces and stitching them together.

This closeup reveals on the left that Mary painted and stitched her fabric piece first (notice that she used 2 threads in the eye of the needle of her sewing machine). The black and white section is a piece of trim that was top-stitched on. And the fabric on the right is pre-quilted.

I wanted you to see the side of this vest as this next part is a fabulous idea for fuller busted women (disregard the little bits of cat fur. I really thought I had rolled them all off. Rubix ALWAYS sits on whatever is in his sitting range, sigh.. ) The Terrific Tabard pattern describes using only one button as a closure on the sides. It will work well in most cases, but if ones’ bust is larger, one button doesn’t work. There will be a gap above the button. Two buttons, one, just above the bust line, and one, just below the bustline will act as a dart, without actually putting one in.

Maybe you will incorporate Pat’s idea of using a pre-quilted throw in your next Terrific Tabard. Or maybe Mary’s idea of lengthening the pieces and adding a second button on the sides is just the ticket to get you creating another Terrific Tabard. Thank you for stopping by this week. Hugs to everyone, Heidi

“I Saw STARS!”


Yes, I saw stars the other night, outside in the night sky AND a sliver of a moon! It has been 3 WEEKS since there has been a clear evening or a clear day (that means all sunshine and no clouds).

That bit about the stars segues perfectly with my next screen shot. I was a star! For forty minutes I was interviewed by Beth Watts, owner of Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis which is located in Gardnerville, Nevada. If you want to see me “in person” Go to FB and type in Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis orrr…. she is on You Tube too using the same name. So either way. On Facebook you can also watch her “after sale” when she is done interviewing whomever. Those are fun to watch. Beth does the selling (this happens EVERY Wednesday starting at 4:00p.s.t.).

The last part of the interview of me (You Tube – FabricChicksCreativeOasis) is all about my CLASS, yes, my class on my newest pattern shown above, called, “COZY.” It will be an internet class, hosted by Fabric Chicks. COZY is a pattern that I specifically designed to be used with Kantha Cloth.

My cozy is made from a Kantha cloth that is first made of squares of silk sewn together (for the front) and the 50″ x 70″ of silk squares were then layered with a solid piece of cotton fabric that is also 50″ x 70″ and then they are held together with row after row of hand sewn running stitches.

This picture shows the size of the collar piece. And my red silk/cotton Kantha.

Pair your COZY with slim slacks, a long sleeved top and ballet type slippers or other cool shoes/boots and all these items in black. Whenever you want to showcase an item you are wearing, surround it with black. See this fun to create “Art to Wear” pattern at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

Know that I discuss the sizing of this creative pattern (within the pattern instructions), to make the COZY fit YOUR body type, within the pattern itself. You will create the pattern pieces yourself, using four different rectangles. I give you ALL the measurements (it’s easy, 40 minutes to create four pieces).

This is the COZY that I made for Beth at Fabric Chicks. She started carrying my COZY pattern at her shop and also sells 100% cotton Kantha cloth in the perfect size for this pattern, 50″ x 70″. Beth’s Kantha cloths are so cool to use for a COZY. Every single Kantha is different, ON BOTH SIDES! They are truly one of a kind pieces. I believe she only sells them at her Wed. on line sales (she holds each one up so you can see both sides) two sided for $39.99 each. You could make COZY two-sided.

I turned this COZY inside out. How do you decide which side to wear?

She asked if I would teach a class on the COZY. I said yes, we picked a date and then I discussed it during the last part of our interview. We said our goodbyes, I signed off, and now onto her sale. I had to watch. I wondered, did everyone enjoy my interview? I wonder if anyone will sign up for my class? I have never done anything like this so… I had no idea.

Ohhhhh MY! The sale exceeded what Beth had thought would happen. She called me the next morning. Apparently the shop’s phone number run’s continuously across the bottom of the screen and people have to call in to sign up for the class. My first online class sold out in the first 10 minutes of the sale. And she sold out (except for one) of ALL the Kantha pieces she had and she sold out of all the COZY patterns she had as well as the 3 others she had in stock. OH MY!!!! Thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who made my debut interview such a success and the follow up sale a success too. From being almost sick to my stomach (worried that I would flub up, or my internet wouldn’t work) to walking on air. Ohhh YEAH! That’s me.

But the wonder doesn’t stop there.

I went to check on my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett the next morning, and WOW oh WOW! A whole bunch of orders (Beth only sells 4 of my patterns and these were other patterns from my collection) were waiting for me to ship out. Again, thank you, thank YOU, to everyone who watched me “in person”, bought from Beth, and bought from me. What fun I had. I felt like a “Star.” Have a creative weekend everyone. Hugs to you all, Heidi

“It’s Raining, It’s Pouring..”

by HEIDI EMMETT We have been inundated with rain and snow and wind and cold and lightening and thunder and ALL that goes with these things. Mainly, flooding, trees falling, and slipsliding around in snow. More wind and rain is expected today, Friday, thru Monday, culminating with the last (big) weather event this Monday with LOW snow levels (that’s where I live). Hmm…we’ll see.

Here it is, the first actual sunset ( where the sun was really involved) in weeks! I love this picture with the ground fog.

For rent: One Bluebird box. Lovely sunset views, recently cleaned out, and ready for immediate occupancy. Cheep, cheep, rent.

O.K., I was so cozy sitting in my chair one morning, sipping my first cuppa, and pinning away on Pinterest. It was fun. 2 HOURS LATER (hey, I got up at 5:30a.m. O.K.), here is a sampling of my pins.

Hmmm…do you think this cat is for real? There is something about the tail…. yes, I spent important time, could be making breakfast, time, or sewing something, contemplating the shadows on the back of a Canadian Goose.

Oh, yes, I have so many more to show you (some other day) but on to some creativity. I really, really, REALLY, want to do some of this.

A closeup of the strips of (in this top, can use pretty much ANY fabric) denim that have been stitched down the middle of the lengthwise portion of the strip. So many possibilities.

I must speak to the fact that this model forgot to snap up her skirt. Or maybe she is like me, after I have had too much to eat, I CAN’T button my skirt or pants. At least, I always, wear a longer top to cover that opened portion so no one is the wiser.

An even closer look at this unique technique. Hmm… we need a name for this technique. How about “Stripping, it’s so easy, you can strip too.” or “Stripping, use it for a coverup.” Huh? Oh, I really need some sunshine.

I do know that for really sharp curves, the strips must be on the bias.

My two sister friends gave me this book. I am learning soooo MUCH! The other day I got soot from our fireplace on the sleeve of my favorite cashmere sweater. Ackk…Wait, where is my Laundry book? Patric is funny, informative, practical, and so knowledgeable about EVERYTHING laundry. I read about “soot” and did exactly what he said to do. It worked perfectly. Thank you again Karenanne and Linda. It’s a good read. Hmm.. I think it should be on a “book club” list.

Just slicing up an orange and yowzaa, I spy a kitty paw print. This has NEVER happened before, so I decided it must be shown.

All rightie then, you have probably decided that I am truly going somewhat “bonkers” since I am not able to go walking much or being in the sunshine AT ALL for WEEKS!

I am working on my “GRATITUDE” for everything mode. Our reservoir’s and lakes are all filling and the snow pack in the high mountains is G-r-o-w-i-n-g! Living in Northern California (the higher foothills), can be an adventure in many ways.

Stay dry wherever you live and look for creativity everywhere and yes, keep your “Gratitude” in tune. Hugs, Heidi

Ringing In The New Year at Lake Tahoe!

by HEIDI EMMETT My side of the family has been gathering at Zephyr Point, Lakeview Lodge at different times of the winter for the past 11 years. This year was our first New Year’s trip.

Before we barely got unpacked puzzle # 1 was started and finished in record time. Please take note of the rain outside and the wet deck.

I’m always thinking color, design, form, and how can I incorporate this into a sewing project. Pictures, sketches, dates, and ideas related to this are put down on my proverbial yellow legal tablet (I’ve been doing that for the past 15 years and actually have them stored IN ONE PLACE (yes I need to shout that as it is a rare occurrence) to be easily accessed.

In case you want this puzzle too. These jellyfish are so otherworldly looking. Ideas for them abound.

At table #2 there is more puzzling. There are a minimum of 4 puzzles being put together at any given time. And games, oh my, we bring them all and at any given time, shouts of “who wants to play Yahtzee, Nertz, etc. My husband is now a member of the Yahtzee “400” club. That is 4 yahtzee’s in ONE GAME!

Heart shaped cluster of seeds from……

A red bell pepper. The design, the colors, against the stainless steel, a collage for Valentine’s Day maybe? Thinking, thinking, even at 7:30 in the a.m. in the kitchen no less.

Sweet potato cubes for one of the meals we all helped prepare. Hmm.. another collage idea? Fabulous food of course, every meal.

Looking out on the deck after 12 hours of snow. Do you remember that first picture with the jellyfish puzzle?

This picture was taken 5 minutes later from the kitchen sinks (3 of them) windows. Rats, I had just been commandeered to help wash breakfast dishes. But with a view like this, not a problem. The faint yellow-orange bits in the picture are from the kitchen lights. I’m not going out in that snow. It was 22 degrees. Brrrr….

Fireplace was going ALL the time (there is also a GREAT central heating unit). 2 life hacks for you. 1. stack skirt hangers for an impromptu drying rack (hello, people, what about the dryer in the laundry room? down the hall). Also, this life hack is totally off the wall, but when your husband forgets his “Breathe Right Strips” use the blue colored painters tape! It really works!

During this quiet time (weather wise, about 4 hours), all the teenagers wanted to go snowboarding/skiing. They were back in 1/2 hour. Heavenly Valley (elevation 8500ft. at the top) shut down all the trams and lifts because of 85 mile an hour winds. Soooo…it was off to the ice skating rink instead. Our son’s girlfriend used to skate competitively. It was lovely to watch her skate. She is really, REALLY good! Eleven boys 8-40 yrs. old in our group, skated too, some for the first time. Skating wasn’t enough for everyone, so sledding was on tap when we all came back from skating. The snow fell with a vengeance while the sledding ensued. No one cared. The ENERGY they all have. They are all “energizer bunnies.”

This picture, I zeroed in from the kitchen again to the dock on Lake Tahoe. I love this shot. It’s our son and his girlfriend.

New Year’s Day dawns clear and bright. 20″ of gorgeous, soft, powder. The littles want to play in the snow right up to the last minute before leaving. Goodbye to Lakeview Lodge until next winter.

I turned toward the lake after that last picture and saw this. I spy two people on the road below Lakeview lodge. It sure took awhile to shovel paths to get out and for all our vehicles we needed the snow plow/blower. All that just to get to the top and get to Highway 50 to get around the lake.

O.K. one LAST picture from Lakeview Lodge. This might be my favorite. From the deck.

Just getting onto highway 50. We passed more than a dozen cars on the side of the road (on our side) that could not make it the night before . Some were even headed in the wrong direction. They have yellow tape all over them so snow plows wouldn’t hit them. All were pretty buried in snow.

Spooner lake meadow at the 7,100ft. level. The berms (in the foreground) were at least 4ft. high.

Sand Harbor is just ahead (the bit of land sticking out). The left side of the road has a serious drop off right to the lake. The chains on our car kept us going beautifully. No slip-sliding for us.

A last look at beautiful Lake Tahoe before we chug our way up a second pass, 7,140ft. The very last pass will be Donner Pass (7,200ft., ever hear of the Donner Party? Look it up. Unbelievable what they went through in the late 1800’s. I think of them every time we travel over that pass).

I will have a NEW project ready to show for this NEW YEAR, next Friday. Thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate each of you and our visits every Friday. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

It’s Crazy out there!


That title may seem strange. Maybe not. You decide. Please, read on….

Before I go to my post for today, I wanted to do a follow up on last weeks post titled, “Another COZY.” I made this COZY for my friend Beth Watts who lives in Gardnerville, Nevada. She owns an amazing Quilt Shop, Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis. She SELLS these 3-layered Kantha Cloth pieces via her fun, Facebook Live “show and tell and sell” time. She holds them up as every single Kantha Piece is different! They sell fast! Each one is at a minimum, 50″ x 70″ (the PERFECT size for a COZY). Go to her website, fabric-chicks.com and check out her FB page too, https://www.facebook.com/FabricChicks There is ALWAYS something fun going on at Fabric Chicks.

In case you have missed it in past posts ( hey, I have to have one commercial), visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett and learn more about my “COZY” pattern.

Last week was a busy week with much happening. So no sewing, but I do have some “Show and Tell.” Another Christmas Tea came to Calvary Bible church this past December 10th. Keep in mind that the brunt of a major storm was due to hit our area in the afternoon of the 10th, more of a rain and wind event for us. This picture is the “before,” all the upper lights will be turned off, and each table glows with candlelight and the strings of lights above add a starry appearance. 30+ tables with 8 at each table.

It’s a visual treat for ALL the ladies who come. And then , very tasty treats to eat too. All this to celebrate the season of Christmas and Jesus, the reason for this season.

This year I was behind the scenes, a helper In the kitchen. Soooo much fun! A chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. And of course, to help create a fabulous, special tea menu.

Yes, I’m out of order with my showing of the finished product first. But now you can drool along as I show you just a few pictures of how it all comes to this. Scones, two types, sandwiches, two types, a citrus salad, little clear boxes of fancy olives, orange zest, and a piece of feta with a sprig of Rosemary, AND, berry crumble with creme fraiche and garnishes. Along with an English Breakfast tea and/or wassail.

A group of 8 helpers come in at 6:30 a.m. on the day of the tea to start the process of “plating.” But “stuff” happens. Jenny started adding pomegranate seeds to the first tray of citrus fruit salads (above)and it was discovered that the tons of seeds that were purchased had gone bad!! All of them. Conference around the citrus salads and it was determined that Craisins would work instead. Made a call for a grocery run. Crisis averted.

Every nook and cranny was used to house portions of what was needed to put together the berry crisp. Ohhh, the crème fraiche was soooo yummy. Taste tests had to be done to insure quality control.(of course they did!) All the prep work was done during the preceding week. I was part of the Wednesday prep group. Who knew that there were so MANY types of “zesters” AND I learned the proper way to use one. I also know that 40 large oranges are needed to make enough zest for the tops of 300 little cups of fancy olives. The two women in charge have been doing the Christmas Tea for years and have it all down to a science. It is such fun to be a part of it.

The man in the center is a building contractor by day and IN CHARGE of food arrangements on the plates on this special day. I loved watching Scott in action. Everything is in a precise position on the plates. I was gently chastised for putting too MUCH creme fraiche on the berry crumble. Whoops. I FEEL that there can never be TOO MUCH of it, but O.K., O.K. the pretty berry color of the crumble must show. My shift for working the Tea went from 6:30a.m. – 10:30 a.m. The Tea was a HUGE success, I must add.

The afternoon started with rain and some wind. By 2:30 the wind REALLY kicked in. 25-30 miles per hour and higher gusts now and then that moved a few loose things around our deck. We live right next to a Christmas Tree Farm. I watched from an upstairs window, a man being helped by the tree farm guy to load a large, super big around, tree onto the top of his Subaru car. The tree guy left to help someone else. The new tree owner was working with his tie downs for this ginormous tree when a HUGE gust of wind came along. The tree was lifted from the roof of the car and rolled a few feet in mid air to land on the ground. My husband ran out to help him. Pouring rain (at this point) and more gusts later, Robert, the tree owner and now his wife, managed to get the tree back onto the top of the car(Yep, I was bad and stayed in the nice warm house sipping my coffee). He slowly drove off into the storm. We hope they made it home with the tree still on the car. I was surprised that the power stayed on during the whole storm. We did get a few inches of snow at the end of the storm.

The next day, Sunday the 11th, it was beautiful little puffy clouds and mostly blue skies. On Sunday afternoon, I started to take Riley our dog on his late afternoon walk, 4:30, getting darker. Let’s take the trail up to the Post Office and back, I thought. We started down the driveway to dash across the road and get on the trail. 10 steps down the driveway I heard a very loud engine on a truck. It was revving the engine, backing off, revving it more. Oh, the truck will be gone by the time we get there I thought. But I had a strange feeling about this truck. I turned Riley around and told him nope, we’re going to walk around the tree farm instead. We no sooner had walked onto the property when the truck revved up so loudly and then a HUGE sound/sounds that sounded like the truck lost it’s engine or the truck bed fell off. So strange! So glad we didn’t go that way. We finished our walk and I saw flashing lights way far up the hill and thought the tow truck had come to pick up the truck. The next morning I took Riley on the trail up to the post office to see what that truck had done to the trail, maybe (sometimes they make donuts in the craziest places). I will tell you right now that no people or truck were involved in the next pictures you will see. I truly, truly, feel it was a God thing, a Miracle I would say. The truck noises I heard that kept Riley and me from going on the trail were a life saver for us.

A very large and tall pine tree came down on the trail at that very moment I heard those terrible sounds. In the center of the picture you can see a white back end of a truck. It is traveling on the highway. The root ball from the pine is obscuring the front end of the truck. If it had fallen across the highway…..

I don’t know how far the tree went into the person’s back yard on the other side of the fence. I do know that there was no structure anywhere near the tree top.

The root ball just snapped off as the tree started to come down. Look how close it is to the highway.

At first I thought it was just the pine tree that came down. But in the upper left of the picture you can see an oak tree that got sheeaed off at about 15ft above the ground. There is some bark off of this oak on the right side of it.

Here is the top portion of the oak tree that was sheared off. From the bottom of this picture following straight up to the middle some 40 or so feet, that is EXACTLY the trail on which Riley and I walk to the post office! We could have, would have been hit! Just looking at this picture makes my stomach turn somersaults. I sat right down on the big pine tree that had fallen and looked for a long time at this view. I was in a state of shock actually. It TRULY was a miracle that we weren’t there when it happened. I am STILL thanking the Lord for his protection.

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5 This is the verse from the Bible that came to my mind as I looked at this tree. It speaks to not only this particular happening at this particular time, but all the days of my life going forward. No matter what is going on in the world around us, we need to put our TRUST in the Lord alone, not the people or things swirling around us.

Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for following me and my adventures in creating with fiber! I so appreciate each and every one of you. Until the new year, Hugs and Blessings to you, Heidi

Another COZY!

by Heidi Emmett

Wow, we are really starting to accumulate some RAIN and occasional SNOW! After 3 years of drought this is a much welcomed occurrence. So I’m settling in to enjoy the stormy weather. We have a fire in the fireplace, cozy slippers on my feet, a cuppa/or wine depending on the time and scissors in hand as I prepare to cut out, yes, “ANOTHER COZY!

Rubix the “WONDER CAT.” I call him the wonder cat as he instinctively knows when I am going to cut something out. I turned my back just for a minute to run upstairs and get my pins. And I come back to this!

While Rubix sits on my “COZY” project, Rex is over by the fireplace in a “Catatonic” state. He had his eyes shut until the camera clicked. Hmm.. where did the word catatonic originate?

Back to my COZY project. There is still plenty of time to get one completed for yourself or a friend before the new year. Order the pattern directly from me: hmemmett@gmail.com or check out my Etsy shop, named: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett Go to: Etsy.com and type in that name in the search bar. All my creative Art to Wear patterns will pop up for you to peruse.

The Kantha cloth I used for this COZY is different from my others as it is THREE layers of a voile (very lightweight fabric, almost sheer) type 100% cotton. This is a scrap in which I pulled out two of the running stitches (at the top of picture, they used a fairly thick cotton thread for the hand stitching. I was so surprised to see a layer of fabric sandwiched in the middle. The other surprise was the fact that both the front and back layers are printed. You will see this in other pictures.

TaaDaa! Finished COZY. It is very drapey in this lightweight Kantha Cloth. I tucked the collar piece just so, so that only this side of the Kantha shows.

It’s magic! Flip the collar portion so only the wrong side shows and it’s like a whole new scarf has been added.

One more magic change (I turned the COZY inside out). Another whole new look! IF YOU WANTED to do this too, there is the issue of the pockets are now on the inside, and the seams show. But I wanted you to see that it can be done. Think it through before stitching it up i.e. French seams on the shoulders and sides, or maybe cover the raw seams with a strip of fabric. Maybe no pockets or side seam pockets that could go in and out on both sides. Plan ahead for a cool, double duty COZY. COZY sewing pattern available at: my Esty shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett or email me directly at: hmemmett@gmail.com

These very light weight Kantha’s (to be turned into COZY’S) can be found on Etsy; type in Kantha Throws in the search bar within Etsy.

COZY, an Art to Wear pattern seen on Etsy. The shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

The back of COZY made out of Kantha Cloth as seen on the site: DesignsbyHeidi.wordpress.com

One last tip for you when using really light weight Kantha, since the pockets are very large (you can cut them down if you want), they are very droopy at the top opening. I just took a few stitches by machine right in the middle at the top opening to hold it in place. You could use a cool button too, but I wanted to keep it simple. You can still put your hand into the pocket (yes, they are THAT big, cause I designed it that way!).

Have a GREAT, CREATIVE weekend. And stay COZY! Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Busy, busy, BUSY!


Hi everyone! So busy I only have time for one picture. More next week. Have a great weekend. Hugs and Blessings, Heidi

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns. See my whole line of Art to Wear sewing patterns.

Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

by Heidi Emmett

We gather together to thank the Lord for his good gifts.

I really, really, want these sheep to come and live in my yard!

And these owls I would like in my yard also.

I would also like this fantastic Fall inspired Pumpkin quilt hanging on the one wall in my home where it would fit so nicely. Oh dear, that’s 3, “I wanna’s” right in a row.

A close up to check out all the “3-d” leaves.

Fall is really my favorite time of year. And I love pumpkins and gourds to decorate my front steps, along with color bowls of Chrysanthemums and different grasses in containers.

Just a couple more of THIS wallhanging.

It certainly looks easy enough, hmm….

And this scrappy, New York Beauty variation. Lovely! Definitely not as quick to make as the Pumpkin quilt, but, ohhh sooo nice.

Sorry. Chairs in front of this wall hanging. Again, another “scrappy” quilt/wallhanging. I’m liking the scrappy ones.

Maybe this is a variation of a Log Cabin block.

One last quilt that embodies the “scrap” quilt theme. Simple and elegant and can you see the falling leaves?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful to have all of you visit my blog. For me, this blog, posting stuff, keeps me going, keeps me thinking and writing, and creating. I am so GRATEFUL to have each and everyone of you along for the ride. And “God bless us, EVERYONE!” Hugs, Heidi

A This and That Friday.


I must say first thing, this has been the longest lasting fall color I can remember in many years. Don’t know why or how, I’m just enjoying the intense colors in the leaves and the super blue skies as a backdrop.

It was 60 degrees yesterday. I sat outside for a bit.

I sat outside and enjoyed some of my birthday cake made by my dear friends, the “sisters from Portland, Oregon.” It is the most amazing Spice cake with browned butter, cream cheese frosting. The cake has a rich and dense texture with all the spices allowing their flavors to “bloom” with an olive oil warming. Yes, they came down to make me a special birthday cake and to visit for a few days. Uhh….every night we stayed up waaaay past my bedtime. It was great fun.

This is me looking up into the maple tree after another satisfying bite of cake. I think I will need a nap after this outdoor adventure. Sigh….too many late nights and too much sugar. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Standing at the top of the steps at our front door. Can you even believe this color? Green tree to the left is a Giant Sequoia, now moving to the right , a Burning Bush, a Maple (not sure what species), a Dogwood, and another Maple. All trees except the burning bush and Dogwood were planted right after we purchased the property to build our house. The year was 1985.

Piece of cake eaten, tummy happy, and you HAVE to see what I’m thinking of for my next Cozy. See ALL of my “Art to Wear” sewing patterns at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett Type in: Etsy.com/DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

I recently went to the Kodo Arts show (more about that in a future post) and purchased this mighty fine shawl/scarf? WAIT JUST A MINUTE! What if…..I use it as the collar piece of the COZY?

A close up of the beautiful Sashiko stitching and I put both sides together so you could see the dynamic changes in just one silk piece.

Because it is very light weight I plan to use the whole thing as the collar piece. It can then be twisted, folded, or pinned in whatever direction I want to showcase it. What do I use for the Kantha body of the COZY portion? What if I make my own Kantha cloth?

I think that is what I will do. Check out some of the pieces I just purchased (AT THE THRIFT SHOP where I work one, four hour shift per week). MAJOR SCORE!!!!

Read what it says at the bottom, “Marimekko” fabric from Finland. They are so modern and fresh that they might just be what I need. Try Ebay or Etsy for some Marimekko fabric if you so desire. I’m thinking this might work. And look, this piece of fabric reminds me of the beautifully colored fall leaves.

May you have “raining” leaves this weekend and just enough raking to keep it fun AND still have time to get some creative going with your perfect fabrics. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Coldest temps. registered in a long time for ALL of northern CA. Two storms came straight down from the gulf of Alaska. Sooooo grateful for all the moisture. This latest storm signals an end to the fire season. Hallelujah! Not the drought, yet. I wont let my husband empty the rain gauge. It is such a beautiful site to see over 5″ of rain in it!!!!

Sew, I went to my scarf tubs. Yes, you read that right, tubs, as in 2 very full tubs. I like scarves O.K.! Truth be told, I haven’t opened those tubs in almost 2 years. It hasn’t been cold enough. I went through the tubs carefully looking and thinking about each scarf. I’m down to one tub! All the others that are iffy are in one tub that has been spirited to the garage on a shelf (can’t bear to give them away just yet, sigh….)

This scarf was at the bottom of one of the tubs. I was so happy to see it after almost 2 years! It’s made from scraps of wool I found in the trash (ON THE TOP! I was NOT rummaging) at a fabulous sewing retreat.

I copied a very cool scarf I saw at the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery (on line). I can’t link it today. Type in your search bar, SantaFeWeavingGallery and it will pop up.

A very fun “Black & White” combo with this machine felting project. Read all about it under the “Felting” category. Go to the home page of this Blog and look for the “Categories” box. Scroll through to find that “Felting” category. When you click on it, past posts all about FELTING will pop up.

First, please notice what’s left of the snow. It’s the perfect backdrop for cozy scarves. This beauty is extra long, and so soft. It begs to be wrapped several times. It’s 100% cashmere.

Thrift shop find in Truckee, CA (sometimes it is the coldest spot in the lower 48 states).And it’s where I have found most of my cashmere. Learn more about this beautiful scarf that only cost $1.00 because of just a couple of holes. On the home page, Categories box, Felting.

In this close up you can see that the once smooth yarn has been punched with 5 empty needles (no thread) using my felting machine. The action of the needles going up and down, grabs onto the cashmere and holds beautifully.

Here is the reverse side showing that the yarn did come through the cashmere to the back side. Such a sweet machine. I get a “Zen” feeling every time I use it (no threading of needles and no bobbin).

This scarf is a nice soft wool and was cream colored to start.

I used “Aunt Lydia’s knit crosheen” in a variegated color and a larger eyed tapestry needle.

AND, I wanted all the knots to show, and varied them to be on the back side and the other side so it could be worn any which way. Again, mindless stitching for when my mind needs a creative break.

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyheidiEmmett/sewing patterns to see all the patterns I showcase from my Art to Wear collection. Maybe you will get creative with a scarf this weekend. Hmm…sew many choices. Above all, HAVE FUN! Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Sew, It’s Friday!


Wow, this week has flown by. All my great intentions to get a fabulous Blog Post created, fizzled out! So, come with me as I walk Riley dog over to the neighbors property.

I spy a beautiful “flame red” maple tree.

Closer inspection. It isn’t a large tree but YOWZAA the brilliant color makes up for the size.

I moved around it to catch the dark bark with the leaves and the whole color of the picture changed. I love this shot.

I can’t get enough of this tree!

And the leaves are really large. Some, 10″ in diameter.

Remember, our neighbors own a Christmas Tree farm. The holidays are just around the corner.

And now I turn the camera phone to the left and voila’ we have another neighbors property. Behind the white fencing is where their 3 horses trot around.

Remember, Election day is Tuesday, October 8th.

Riley and I passed the flag on our walk and heard the honking of the Geese. I looked up just in time. These 2 geese have a route they fly everyday and live at some very posh digs. How about a small lake with an island at another neighbors property just a bit down the road from us.

The very next morning, we woke up to this! I KNOW all you super cold weather people, this is n-t-h-i-n-g to you haha). I used my trusty sewing gauge to measure 1.4″ of snow. Not much snow but on trees with leaves, not good. Many branches came down throughout the area. We only lost 2.

I am working on another “Mia” vest. Think denim scraps and Slow Stitching, or Sashiko. It’s in progress but because it will involve lots of hand stitching, I want to wait for the TaaDaa! moment. A quick commercial break below on the Mia Vest pattern.

Please visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett and see ALL of my Art To Wear sewing patterns. Search for it: Etsy.com/DesignsbyHeidiEmmett And now back to more nature vistas.

I went outside to pick Hydrangeas blossoms for drying and look what I saw first thing. Another beautiful Maple tree (this species has really small leaves). And YES, we still have snow! It has been so cold (low 30’s is COLD to me). The snow is 3 days old.

Magnificent color on these Hydrangea blossoms. These are still attached to the bush. I love the contrast of the green leaves with the red violet blossoms.

Some don’t want to turn color just yet.

The variety of colors from ONE bush! I kid you not! Some were hiding under the big leaves for more protection from the colder weather.

Even some of the Hydrangea leaves are turning color (not a usual thing for our bushes).

Ya know, this is a TERRIFIC IDEA! I want to do this, but of course, I have to make it take longer because I don’t have a cute blanket and might want to knit or crochet my own blanket first. Or, how about cutting up some of my “stash” cashmere sweaters and piece them into a blanket first? Or, find a piece of wool in my stash and add “Felties” to it and then turn that into a blanket. Sigh…this is how my brain is working this week, lots of ideas, and spinning of wheels.

I think I’ll go back outside and breathe in the beautiful air we have today. Maybe it will clear my mind for more ideas. Haha. Thank you again for stopping by. I really appreciate your support for what I do on this little Blog. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

This and That Friday!


I’ve had a very busy week and can’t believe we are at the beginning of a weekend already! This post is a nod to “thinking outside the box” OR “trying something new” to make our creative endeavors easier and more fun!

A friend I have had since the 6th grade, YES 6TH GRADE!! came by last night and brought me this bouquet of flowers, all grown by her, AND grown from seed. Thank you Kimi P. I just love it. Here comes the “thinking outside the box “angle.

Yes, her Zinnias are so happy and colorful. The Marigolds are very unique (right side of this photograph (I think she said “Ruffled” Marigolds). But added brilliance to this bouquet (making it anything but simple), are the greenery additions. Do you see the Basil? Do you see the (blue-green, lower left) Kale? Do you see the Celery leaves? I could EAT most of this bouquet!

I don’t know about you but I have NEVER put edible greenery in my bouquets. I absolutely LOVE this idea. And it can apply to so other things in our lives. So start thinking my friends.

Miniature zinnias (largest one about the size of a quarter)

I think the Zinnias look like fireworks. And of course I love all the color!

One last look at the “out of the box ” bouquet.

We are getting very close to the height of the Fall color here in Northern California. Nothing out of the box here. Haha. I just wanted you to see a Maple “in action.” I saw this (neighbors yard) while walking to the end of our driveway to pick up the paper. I usually go really early in the morning, but I’m glad I waited a bit longer for the full effect of this burst of color. Does this count as thinking outside the box?

Here is the “Trying something NEW” parts. My friend purchased this pen. She said it has changed her life in the world of embroidery. I have never heard of it, but so willing to give it a try. If it can make things in the creative world easier, faster, more fun, I’m IN!! Thank you Patty.

I showed this a few weeks ago. I want to reiterate how this technique of treating fabric for machine sewing, applique’, hand sewing, machine applique’, quilting (as in paper piecing), and on and on, is SO HELPFUL! Look it up my friends, Terial Magic. It will change your sewing life, something NEW to try. It makes a piece of fabric like a piece of paper! REALLY! Perfect on natural fabrics.

I had to add this picture. Rex is totally “thinking outside the box.” I was working on my post and I happened to look down and to the right. WHAT!? It’s a WALKING BRUSHPILE! Tail slowly moving from side to side. As if to say, “notice me, notice me.” Wow, I got up fast. I see you, I see you! He knew exactly what he was doing. He loves to be brushed and I had been ignoring him. Roll in the dead patches of grass and she will come with brush in hand. I sure did AND I had to sweep up the trail of stuff that was behind the cat (much fell off as he entered the pet door).

Everyone have a splendiferous weekend. Get some creative going. Hugs and blessings, Heidi