COZY! It’s Making Everyone Sew Happy!

by Heidi Emmett

My COZY sewing pattern has only been available for a few months and I am so excited about the responses and pictures of COZY’S that I am receiving.

Please note: This pattern, “COZY” is my newest sewing pattern in the Line up of “Art to Wear” patterns from Designs by Heidi. COZY is made using Kantha Cloth. What is Kantha cloth? It is two lengths of fabric (one of them could be pieced together first) that are hand stitched together. Usually there is NO BATTING inside. The “no batting” inside makes for a lovely drape in the finished garment.

The other BIG thing about this pattern is that YOU create the pattern pieces yourself using the measurements I give you in the instructions. You will create 4 rectangles for the COZY. It’s easy and takes about 45 minutes. Visit my Etsy shop: Go to, and type in the search bar, DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to purchase this pattern, or you can purchase it from me, directly, by emailing me at: COZY is BEST purchased as a PDF/digital files (since there are no pattern pieces involved) for $10.00. Hard copies are available too for $5 more.

I think you can really see the basic shape of “COZY in this picture. Now, let’s take a look at what Mary B. created. Follow along as I describe the changes she made to fit what she wanted in this great, easy to change Pullover/Jacket sewing pattern.

Mary B. lives close by and dropped off her Finished COZY for me to take pictures of. THANK YOU Mary! You’re the BEST! Let’s take a look. Here is the front of her COZY.

COZY – An “Art to Wear” sewing pattern, by Heidi Emmett email: or my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

And now the back. COZY – An “Art to Wear” sewing pattern, by Heidi Emmett email: or my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

Let’s look at this COZY more closely and learn some new ideas that could work with one that you will make. Check out the large button at the top. I like the way she attached it to the back. Unique.

Look closely. Mary added a loop on the collar piece to attach to the button on the back to “keep the collar in place,” she said.

Several changes in this shot. Mary did not use the pockets on the front, and used an “inseam” pocket instead (look through the patterns you already own to find a pocket pattern that is inseam, OR.. find something in your closet and trace one off of that). Mary also took OUT approx. 3 ” from the front piece and 3″ from the back piece. This was done from the CENTERS of both the front and the back pieces. One last thing in this picture, Mary opened the side seams from the bottom to create “open sides.”

Mary lengthened the sleeves (patterns’ sleeve is 3/4 length). To take out the extra bulk at the wrist area, she folded the sleeve over just the amount she needed and stitched a button through all thicknesses to keep it all together.

Mary also folded the collar in half lengthwise and stitched 1/4″ away from the fold line. She told me that it was to keep the collar from changing shape as it was worn. I’m not sure if you can see what she is talking about. There is definitely a left and right side to this collar (blue stripes on left, floral on right). See the stitching on the foldline now? If you look at the full front view of Mary’s COZY, you should see this technique right away.

Mary, I think everyone in my reading audience will LOVE what you have created. Thank you so much for sharing it and all the cool touches you added to make it a very special “ART TO WEAR” piece.

O.K., why am I showing these “Rock Sheep” again? Because like Mary and her changing up of her COZY, I just LOVE the creativity that this person had done with rocks and some metal pieces. Also, honey (husband of 40 yrs.), if you are reading this, I really, REALLY, want a few sheep of this breed (not real ones, ha,ha), for our yard.

A beautiful winter sunrise picture that bears repeating.

And such amazing news. In case you had not heard, California, well, most ALL of the western states have been in severe drought these past three years. Well, they just took another snow pack survey at, I think it is the 7,500 ft. level and as of this past Tuesday, the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is at 205% of average. There is more snow up at the peaks right now than the last “high” season which was 1983!!!! WhoooHooo! 2 more storms are expected this weekend to bring another 2-4 feet of snow. Our prayers are definitely being answered! Thank you Lord!

I’m finally back into my old groove of getting into my sewing studio almost everyday. Remember, I used to say just 15 min. a day and you can accomplish much with your creative endeavors, besides adding a few more minutes each day to being in your “Happy Place?” Well, I’m saying it today, so, after this load of wash, and a quick trip to the grocery store, I’m there. I hope you can too. Hugs and Blessings, Heidi



and both are from two different Cities and created by two different people!

Terrific Tabard, An “Art to Wear” sewing pattern by me, Heidi Emmett. Purchase it directly from me via: or visit my Etsy shop: and type in DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

First up, Pat Q. from Texas with her “quasi” Kantha cloth Terrific Tabard. A detail above, complete with a mother of pearl button in the center of the applique’ Read on…

Pat really liked the idea of so many sizes in this pattern. She said it was very helpful since she has to spend a lot of time resizing patterns. She also said, “I am 85 years old, have been sewing since high school, but am only about 5’3” tall and weigh 104 lb. All patterns are way too large for me. I have included pictures of my vest, it was a quilted throw so didn’t create the pattern’s way of “making fabric.” I felt this was a quicker way to decide if I could get it to fit.”

I really LOVE this Terrific Tabard. And using a pre-machine quilted throw, BRIALLIANT! One side of the throw is made with blue designs on white and the inside is all blue with rows of white dots. I like how Pat mixed the back and the front. It adds great interest. Also, the bit at the top with all the beautiful mother of pearl buttons. This is also a great way to show off treasures from your stash.

Here is the back. Pulling it all together with the batik fabric for all the trim and the little applique’ was very clever. Once she got the fit the way she wanted, Pat was able to sew up this “Pre”-quilted in record time.

And WOW, on we go to a completely different Terrific Tabard look. The only pattern piece changes that Mary B. in California made on her Terrific Tabard were to lengthen the front pieces in a “V” shape, and the back matching the new longer sides and making a gentle curve toward the center back, giving the whole vest a l-o-o-n-g and lean look.

Mary keeps the long and lean theme going by creating her own fabric panels as individual pieces and stitching them together.

This closeup reveals on the left that Mary painted and stitched her fabric piece first (notice that she used 2 threads in the eye of the needle of her sewing machine). The black and white section is a piece of trim that was top-stitched on. And the fabric on the right is pre-quilted.

I wanted you to see the side of this vest as this next part is a fabulous idea for fuller busted women (disregard the little bits of cat fur. I really thought I had rolled them all off. Rubix ALWAYS sits on whatever is in his sitting range, sigh.. ) The Terrific Tabard pattern describes using only one button as a closure on the sides. It will work well in most cases, but if ones’ bust is larger, one button doesn’t work. There will be a gap above the button. Two buttons, one, just above the bust line, and one, just below the bustline will act as a dart, without actually putting one in.

Maybe you will incorporate Pat’s idea of using a pre-quilted throw in your next Terrific Tabard. Or maybe Mary’s idea of lengthening the pieces and adding a second button on the sides is just the ticket to get you creating another Terrific Tabard. Thank you for stopping by this week. Hugs to everyone, Heidi

“I Saw STARS!”


Yes, I saw stars the other night, outside in the night sky AND a sliver of a moon! It has been 3 WEEKS since there has been a clear evening or a clear day (that means all sunshine and no clouds).

That bit about the stars segues perfectly with my next screen shot. I was a star! For forty minutes I was interviewed by Beth Watts, owner of Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis which is located in Gardnerville, Nevada. If you want to see me “in person” Go to FB and type in Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis orrr…. she is on You Tube too using the same name. So either way. On Facebook you can also watch her “after sale” when she is done interviewing whomever. Those are fun to watch. Beth does the selling (this happens EVERY Wednesday starting at 4:00p.s.t.).

The last part of the interview of me (You Tube – FabricChicksCreativeOasis) is all about my CLASS, yes, my class on my newest pattern shown above, called, “COZY.” It will be an internet class, hosted by Fabric Chicks. COZY is a pattern that I specifically designed to be used with Kantha Cloth.

My cozy is made from a Kantha cloth that is first made of squares of silk sewn together (for the front) and the 50″ x 70″ of silk squares were then layered with a solid piece of cotton fabric that is also 50″ x 70″ and then they are held together with row after row of hand sewn running stitches.

This picture shows the size of the collar piece. And my red silk/cotton Kantha.

Pair your COZY with slim slacks, a long sleeved top and ballet type slippers or other cool shoes/boots and all these items in black. Whenever you want to showcase an item you are wearing, surround it with black. See this fun to create “Art to Wear” pattern at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

Know that I discuss the sizing of this creative pattern (within the pattern instructions), to make the COZY fit YOUR body type, within the pattern itself. You will create the pattern pieces yourself, using four different rectangles. I give you ALL the measurements (it’s easy, 40 minutes to create four pieces).

This is the COZY that I made for Beth at Fabric Chicks. She started carrying my COZY pattern at her shop and also sells 100% cotton Kantha cloth in the perfect size for this pattern, 50″ x 70″. Beth’s Kantha cloths are so cool to use for a COZY. Every single Kantha is different, ON BOTH SIDES! They are truly one of a kind pieces. I believe she only sells them at her Wed. on line sales (she holds each one up so you can see both sides) two sided for $39.99 each. You could make COZY two-sided.

I turned this COZY inside out. How do you decide which side to wear?

She asked if I would teach a class on the COZY. I said yes, we picked a date and then I discussed it during the last part of our interview. We said our goodbyes, I signed off, and now onto her sale. I had to watch. I wondered, did everyone enjoy my interview? I wonder if anyone will sign up for my class? I have never done anything like this so… I had no idea.

Ohhhhh MY! The sale exceeded what Beth had thought would happen. She called me the next morning. Apparently the shop’s phone number run’s continuously across the bottom of the screen and people have to call in to sign up for the class. My first online class sold out in the first 10 minutes of the sale. And she sold out (except for one) of ALL the Kantha pieces she had and she sold out of all the COZY patterns she had as well as the 3 others she had in stock. OH MY!!!! Thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who made my debut interview such a success and the follow up sale a success too. From being almost sick to my stomach (worried that I would flub up, or my internet wouldn’t work) to walking on air. Ohhh YEAH! That’s me.

But the wonder doesn’t stop there.

I went to check on my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett the next morning, and WOW oh WOW! A whole bunch of orders (Beth only sells 4 of my patterns and these were other patterns from my collection) were waiting for me to ship out. Again, thank you, thank YOU, to everyone who watched me “in person”, bought from Beth, and bought from me. What fun I had. I felt like a “Star.” Have a creative weekend everyone. Hugs to you all, Heidi

“It’s Raining, It’s Pouring..”

by HEIDI EMMETT We have been inundated with rain and snow and wind and cold and lightening and thunder and ALL that goes with these things. Mainly, flooding, trees falling, and slipsliding around in snow. More wind and rain is expected today, Friday, thru Monday, culminating with the last (big) weather event this Monday with LOW snow levels (that’s where I live). Hmm…we’ll see.

Here it is, the first actual sunset ( where the sun was really involved) in weeks! I love this picture with the ground fog.

For rent: One Bluebird box. Lovely sunset views, recently cleaned out, and ready for immediate occupancy. Cheep, cheep, rent.

O.K., I was so cozy sitting in my chair one morning, sipping my first cuppa, and pinning away on Pinterest. It was fun. 2 HOURS LATER (hey, I got up at 5:30a.m. O.K.), here is a sampling of my pins.

Hmmm…do you think this cat is for real? There is something about the tail…. yes, I spent important time, could be making breakfast, time, or sewing something, contemplating the shadows on the back of a Canadian Goose.

Oh, yes, I have so many more to show you (some other day) but on to some creativity. I really, really, REALLY, want to do some of this.

A closeup of the strips of (in this top, can use pretty much ANY fabric) denim that have been stitched down the middle of the lengthwise portion of the strip. So many possibilities.

I must speak to the fact that this model forgot to snap up her skirt. Or maybe she is like me, after I have had too much to eat, I CAN’T button my skirt or pants. At least, I always, wear a longer top to cover that opened portion so no one is the wiser.

An even closer look at this unique technique. Hmm… we need a name for this technique. How about “Stripping, it’s so easy, you can strip too.” or “Stripping, use it for a coverup.” Huh? Oh, I really need some sunshine.

I do know that for really sharp curves, the strips must be on the bias.

My two sister friends gave me this book. I am learning soooo MUCH! The other day I got soot from our fireplace on the sleeve of my favorite cashmere sweater. Ackk…Wait, where is my Laundry book? Patric is funny, informative, practical, and so knowledgeable about EVERYTHING laundry. I read about “soot” and did exactly what he said to do. It worked perfectly. Thank you again Karenanne and Linda. It’s a good read. Hmm.. I think it should be on a “book club” list.

Just slicing up an orange and yowzaa, I spy a kitty paw print. This has NEVER happened before, so I decided it must be shown.

All rightie then, you have probably decided that I am truly going somewhat “bonkers” since I am not able to go walking much or being in the sunshine AT ALL for WEEKS!

I am working on my “GRATITUDE” for everything mode. Our reservoir’s and lakes are all filling and the snow pack in the high mountains is G-r-o-w-i-n-g! Living in Northern California (the higher foothills), can be an adventure in many ways.

Stay dry wherever you live and look for creativity everywhere and yes, keep your “Gratitude” in tune. Hugs, Heidi

Ringing In The New Year at Lake Tahoe!

by HEIDI EMMETT My side of the family has been gathering at Zephyr Point, Lakeview Lodge at different times of the winter for the past 11 years. This year was our first New Year’s trip.

Before we barely got unpacked puzzle # 1 was started and finished in record time. Please take note of the rain outside and the wet deck.

I’m always thinking color, design, form, and how can I incorporate this into a sewing project. Pictures, sketches, dates, and ideas related to this are put down on my proverbial yellow legal tablet (I’ve been doing that for the past 15 years and actually have them stored IN ONE PLACE (yes I need to shout that as it is a rare occurrence) to be easily accessed.

In case you want this puzzle too. These jellyfish are so otherworldly looking. Ideas for them abound.

At table #2 there is more puzzling. There are a minimum of 4 puzzles being put together at any given time. And games, oh my, we bring them all and at any given time, shouts of “who wants to play Yahtzee, Nertz, etc. My husband is now a member of the Yahtzee “400” club. That is 4 yahtzee’s in ONE GAME!

Heart shaped cluster of seeds from……

A red bell pepper. The design, the colors, against the stainless steel, a collage for Valentine’s Day maybe? Thinking, thinking, even at 7:30 in the a.m. in the kitchen no less.

Sweet potato cubes for one of the meals we all helped prepare. Hmm.. another collage idea? Fabulous food of course, every meal.

Looking out on the deck after 12 hours of snow. Do you remember that first picture with the jellyfish puzzle?

This picture was taken 5 minutes later from the kitchen sinks (3 of them) windows. Rats, I had just been commandeered to help wash breakfast dishes. But with a view like this, not a problem. The faint yellow-orange bits in the picture are from the kitchen lights. I’m not going out in that snow. It was 22 degrees. Brrrr….

Fireplace was going ALL the time (there is also a GREAT central heating unit). 2 life hacks for you. 1. stack skirt hangers for an impromptu drying rack (hello, people, what about the dryer in the laundry room? down the hall). Also, this life hack is totally off the wall, but when your husband forgets his “Breathe Right Strips” use the blue colored painters tape! It really works!

During this quiet time (weather wise, about 4 hours), all the teenagers wanted to go snowboarding/skiing. They were back in 1/2 hour. Heavenly Valley (elevation 8500ft. at the top) shut down all the trams and lifts because of 85 mile an hour winds. Soooo…it was off to the ice skating rink instead. Our son’s girlfriend used to skate competitively. It was lovely to watch her skate. She is really, REALLY good! Eleven boys 8-40 yrs. old in our group, skated too, some for the first time. Skating wasn’t enough for everyone, so sledding was on tap when we all came back from skating. The snow fell with a vengeance while the sledding ensued. No one cared. The ENERGY they all have. They are all “energizer bunnies.”

This picture, I zeroed in from the kitchen again to the dock on Lake Tahoe. I love this shot. It’s our son and his girlfriend.

New Year’s Day dawns clear and bright. 20″ of gorgeous, soft, powder. The littles want to play in the snow right up to the last minute before leaving. Goodbye to Lakeview Lodge until next winter.

I turned toward the lake after that last picture and saw this. I spy two people on the road below Lakeview lodge. It sure took awhile to shovel paths to get out and for all our vehicles we needed the snow plow/blower. All that just to get to the top and get to Highway 50 to get around the lake.

O.K. one LAST picture from Lakeview Lodge. This might be my favorite. From the deck.

Just getting onto highway 50. We passed more than a dozen cars on the side of the road (on our side) that could not make it the night before . Some were even headed in the wrong direction. They have yellow tape all over them so snow plows wouldn’t hit them. All were pretty buried in snow.

Spooner lake meadow at the 7,100ft. level. The berms (in the foreground) were at least 4ft. high.

Sand Harbor is just ahead (the bit of land sticking out). The left side of the road has a serious drop off right to the lake. The chains on our car kept us going beautifully. No slip-sliding for us.

A last look at beautiful Lake Tahoe before we chug our way up a second pass, 7,140ft. The very last pass will be Donner Pass (7,200ft., ever hear of the Donner Party? Look it up. Unbelievable what they went through in the late 1800’s. I think of them every time we travel over that pass).

I will have a NEW project ready to show for this NEW YEAR, next Friday. Thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate each of you and our visits every Friday. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

It’s Crazy out there!


That title may seem strange. Maybe not. You decide. Please, read on….

Before I go to my post for today, I wanted to do a follow up on last weeks post titled, “Another COZY.” I made this COZY for my friend Beth Watts who lives in Gardnerville, Nevada. She owns an amazing Quilt Shop, Fabric Chicks Creative Oasis. She SELLS these 3-layered Kantha Cloth pieces via her fun, Facebook Live “show and tell and sell” time. She holds them up as every single Kantha Piece is different! They sell fast! Each one is at a minimum, 50″ x 70″ (the PERFECT size for a COZY). Go to her website, and check out her FB page too, There is ALWAYS something fun going on at Fabric Chicks.

In case you have missed it in past posts ( hey, I have to have one commercial), visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett and learn more about my “COZY” pattern.

Last week was a busy week with much happening. So no sewing, but I do have some “Show and Tell.” Another Christmas Tea came to Calvary Bible church this past December 10th. Keep in mind that the brunt of a major storm was due to hit our area in the afternoon of the 10th, more of a rain and wind event for us. This picture is the “before,” all the upper lights will be turned off, and each table glows with candlelight and the strings of lights above add a starry appearance. 30+ tables with 8 at each table.

It’s a visual treat for ALL the ladies who come. And then , very tasty treats to eat too. All this to celebrate the season of Christmas and Jesus, the reason for this season.

This year I was behind the scenes, a helper In the kitchen. Soooo much fun! A chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. And of course, to help create a fabulous, special tea menu.

Yes, I’m out of order with my showing of the finished product first. But now you can drool along as I show you just a few pictures of how it all comes to this. Scones, two types, sandwiches, two types, a citrus salad, little clear boxes of fancy olives, orange zest, and a piece of feta with a sprig of Rosemary, AND, berry crumble with creme fraiche and garnishes. Along with an English Breakfast tea and/or wassail.

A group of 8 helpers come in at 6:30 a.m. on the day of the tea to start the process of “plating.” But “stuff” happens. Jenny started adding pomegranate seeds to the first tray of citrus fruit salads (above)and it was discovered that the tons of seeds that were purchased had gone bad!! All of them. Conference around the citrus salads and it was determined that Craisins would work instead. Made a call for a grocery run. Crisis averted.

Every nook and cranny was used to house portions of what was needed to put together the berry crisp. Ohhh, the crème fraiche was soooo yummy. Taste tests had to be done to insure quality control.(of course they did!) All the prep work was done during the preceding week. I was part of the Wednesday prep group. Who knew that there were so MANY types of “zesters” AND I learned the proper way to use one. I also know that 40 large oranges are needed to make enough zest for the tops of 300 little cups of fancy olives. The two women in charge have been doing the Christmas Tea for years and have it all down to a science. It is such fun to be a part of it.

The man in the center is a building contractor by day and IN CHARGE of food arrangements on the plates on this special day. I loved watching Scott in action. Everything is in a precise position on the plates. I was gently chastised for putting too MUCH creme fraiche on the berry crumble. Whoops. I FEEL that there can never be TOO MUCH of it, but O.K., O.K. the pretty berry color of the crumble must show. My shift for working the Tea went from 6:30a.m. – 10:30 a.m. The Tea was a HUGE success, I must add.

The afternoon started with rain and some wind. By 2:30 the wind REALLY kicked in. 25-30 miles per hour and higher gusts now and then that moved a few loose things around our deck. We live right next to a Christmas Tree Farm. I watched from an upstairs window, a man being helped by the tree farm guy to load a large, super big around, tree onto the top of his Subaru car. The tree guy left to help someone else. The new tree owner was working with his tie downs for this ginormous tree when a HUGE gust of wind came along. The tree was lifted from the roof of the car and rolled a few feet in mid air to land on the ground. My husband ran out to help him. Pouring rain (at this point) and more gusts later, Robert, the tree owner and now his wife, managed to get the tree back onto the top of the car(Yep, I was bad and stayed in the nice warm house sipping my coffee). He slowly drove off into the storm. We hope they made it home with the tree still on the car. I was surprised that the power stayed on during the whole storm. We did get a few inches of snow at the end of the storm.

The next day, Sunday the 11th, it was beautiful little puffy clouds and mostly blue skies. On Sunday afternoon, I started to take Riley our dog on his late afternoon walk, 4:30, getting darker. Let’s take the trail up to the Post Office and back, I thought. We started down the driveway to dash across the road and get on the trail. 10 steps down the driveway I heard a very loud engine on a truck. It was revving the engine, backing off, revving it more. Oh, the truck will be gone by the time we get there I thought. But I had a strange feeling about this truck. I turned Riley around and told him nope, we’re going to walk around the tree farm instead. We no sooner had walked onto the property when the truck revved up so loudly and then a HUGE sound/sounds that sounded like the truck lost it’s engine or the truck bed fell off. So strange! So glad we didn’t go that way. We finished our walk and I saw flashing lights way far up the hill and thought the tow truck had come to pick up the truck. The next morning I took Riley on the trail up to the post office to see what that truck had done to the trail, maybe (sometimes they make donuts in the craziest places). I will tell you right now that no people or truck were involved in the next pictures you will see. I truly, truly, feel it was a God thing, a Miracle I would say. The truck noises I heard that kept Riley and me from going on the trail were a life saver for us.

A very large and tall pine tree came down on the trail at that very moment I heard those terrible sounds. In the center of the picture you can see a white back end of a truck. It is traveling on the highway. The root ball from the pine is obscuring the front end of the truck. If it had fallen across the highway…..

I don’t know how far the tree went into the person’s back yard on the other side of the fence. I do know that there was no structure anywhere near the tree top.

The root ball just snapped off as the tree started to come down. Look how close it is to the highway.

At first I thought it was just the pine tree that came down. But in the upper left of the picture you can see an oak tree that got sheeaed off at about 15ft above the ground. There is some bark off of this oak on the right side of it.

Here is the top portion of the oak tree that was sheared off. From the bottom of this picture following straight up to the middle some 40 or so feet, that is EXACTLY the trail on which Riley and I walk to the post office! We could have, would have been hit! Just looking at this picture makes my stomach turn somersaults. I sat right down on the big pine tree that had fallen and looked for a long time at this view. I was in a state of shock actually. It TRULY was a miracle that we weren’t there when it happened. I am STILL thanking the Lord for his protection.

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5 This is the verse from the Bible that came to my mind as I looked at this tree. It speaks to not only this particular happening at this particular time, but all the days of my life going forward. No matter what is going on in the world around us, we need to put our TRUST in the Lord alone, not the people or things swirling around us.

Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for following me and my adventures in creating with fiber! I so appreciate each and every one of you. Until the new year, Hugs and Blessings to you, Heidi

Another COZY!

by Heidi Emmett

Wow, we are really starting to accumulate some RAIN and occasional SNOW! After 3 years of drought this is a much welcomed occurrence. So I’m settling in to enjoy the stormy weather. We have a fire in the fireplace, cozy slippers on my feet, a cuppa/or wine depending on the time and scissors in hand as I prepare to cut out, yes, “ANOTHER COZY!

Rubix the “WONDER CAT.” I call him the wonder cat as he instinctively knows when I am going to cut something out. I turned my back just for a minute to run upstairs and get my pins. And I come back to this!

While Rubix sits on my “COZY” project, Rex is over by the fireplace in a “Catatonic” state. He had his eyes shut until the camera clicked. Hmm.. where did the word catatonic originate?

Back to my COZY project. There is still plenty of time to get one completed for yourself or a friend before the new year. Order the pattern directly from me: or check out my Etsy shop, named: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett Go to: and type in that name in the search bar. All my creative Art to Wear patterns will pop up for you to peruse.

The Kantha cloth I used for this COZY is different from my others as it is THREE layers of a voile (very lightweight fabric, almost sheer) type 100% cotton. This is a scrap in which I pulled out two of the running stitches (at the top of picture, they used a fairly thick cotton thread for the hand stitching. I was so surprised to see a layer of fabric sandwiched in the middle. The other surprise was the fact that both the front and back layers are printed. You will see this in other pictures.

TaaDaa! Finished COZY. It is very drapey in this lightweight Kantha Cloth. I tucked the collar piece just so, so that only this side of the Kantha shows.

It’s magic! Flip the collar portion so only the wrong side shows and it’s like a whole new scarf has been added.

One more magic change (I turned the COZY inside out). Another whole new look! IF YOU WANTED to do this too, there is the issue of the pockets are now on the inside, and the seams show. But I wanted you to see that it can be done. Think it through before stitching it up i.e. French seams on the shoulders and sides, or maybe cover the raw seams with a strip of fabric. Maybe no pockets or side seam pockets that could go in and out on both sides. Plan ahead for a cool, double duty COZY. COZY sewing pattern available at: my Esty shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett or email me directly at:

These very light weight Kantha’s (to be turned into COZY’S) can be found on Etsy; type in Kantha Throws in the search bar within Etsy.

COZY, an Art to Wear pattern seen on Etsy. The shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

The back of COZY made out of Kantha Cloth as seen on the site:

One last tip for you when using really light weight Kantha, since the pockets are very large (you can cut them down if you want), they are very droopy at the top opening. I just took a few stitches by machine right in the middle at the top opening to hold it in place. You could use a cool button too, but I wanted to keep it simple. You can still put your hand into the pocket (yes, they are THAT big, cause I designed it that way!).

Have a GREAT, CREATIVE weekend. And stay COZY! Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Busy, busy, BUSY!


Hi everyone! So busy I only have time for one picture. More next week. Have a great weekend. Hugs and Blessings, Heidi

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns. See my whole line of Art to Wear sewing patterns.

Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

by Heidi Emmett

We gather together to thank the Lord for his good gifts.

I really, really, want these sheep to come and live in my yard!

And these owls I would like in my yard also.

I would also like this fantastic Fall inspired Pumpkin quilt hanging on the one wall in my home where it would fit so nicely. Oh dear, that’s 3, “I wanna’s” right in a row.

A close up to check out all the “3-d” leaves.

Fall is really my favorite time of year. And I love pumpkins and gourds to decorate my front steps, along with color bowls of Chrysanthemums and different grasses in containers.

Just a couple more of THIS wallhanging.

It certainly looks easy enough, hmm….

And this scrappy, New York Beauty variation. Lovely! Definitely not as quick to make as the Pumpkin quilt, but, ohhh sooo nice.

Sorry. Chairs in front of this wall hanging. Again, another “scrappy” quilt/wallhanging. I’m liking the scrappy ones.

Maybe this is a variation of a Log Cabin block.

One last quilt that embodies the “scrap” quilt theme. Simple and elegant and can you see the falling leaves?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful to have all of you visit my blog. For me, this blog, posting stuff, keeps me going, keeps me thinking and writing, and creating. I am so GRATEFUL to have each and everyone of you along for the ride. And “God bless us, EVERYONE!” Hugs, Heidi

A This and That Friday.


I must say first thing, this has been the longest lasting fall color I can remember in many years. Don’t know why or how, I’m just enjoying the intense colors in the leaves and the super blue skies as a backdrop.

It was 60 degrees yesterday. I sat outside for a bit.

I sat outside and enjoyed some of my birthday cake made by my dear friends, the “sisters from Portland, Oregon.” It is the most amazing Spice cake with browned butter, cream cheese frosting. The cake has a rich and dense texture with all the spices allowing their flavors to “bloom” with an olive oil warming. Yes, they came down to make me a special birthday cake and to visit for a few days. Uhh….every night we stayed up waaaay past my bedtime. It was great fun.

This is me looking up into the maple tree after another satisfying bite of cake. I think I will need a nap after this outdoor adventure. Sigh….too many late nights and too much sugar. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Standing at the top of the steps at our front door. Can you even believe this color? Green tree to the left is a Giant Sequoia, now moving to the right , a Burning Bush, a Maple (not sure what species), a Dogwood, and another Maple. All trees except the burning bush and Dogwood were planted right after we purchased the property to build our house. The year was 1985.

Piece of cake eaten, tummy happy, and you HAVE to see what I’m thinking of for my next Cozy. See ALL of my “Art to Wear” sewing patterns at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett Type in:

I recently went to the Kodo Arts show (more about that in a future post) and purchased this mighty fine shawl/scarf? WAIT JUST A MINUTE! What if…..I use it as the collar piece of the COZY?

A close up of the beautiful Sashiko stitching and I put both sides together so you could see the dynamic changes in just one silk piece.

Because it is very light weight I plan to use the whole thing as the collar piece. It can then be twisted, folded, or pinned in whatever direction I want to showcase it. What do I use for the Kantha body of the COZY portion? What if I make my own Kantha cloth?

I think that is what I will do. Check out some of the pieces I just purchased (AT THE THRIFT SHOP where I work one, four hour shift per week). MAJOR SCORE!!!!

Read what it says at the bottom, “Marimekko” fabric from Finland. They are so modern and fresh that they might just be what I need. Try Ebay or Etsy for some Marimekko fabric if you so desire. I’m thinking this might work. And look, this piece of fabric reminds me of the beautifully colored fall leaves.

May you have “raining” leaves this weekend and just enough raking to keep it fun AND still have time to get some creative going with your perfect fabrics. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Coldest temps. registered in a long time for ALL of northern CA. Two storms came straight down from the gulf of Alaska. Sooooo grateful for all the moisture. This latest storm signals an end to the fire season. Hallelujah! Not the drought, yet. I wont let my husband empty the rain gauge. It is such a beautiful site to see over 5″ of rain in it!!!!

Sew, I went to my scarf tubs. Yes, you read that right, tubs, as in 2 very full tubs. I like scarves O.K.! Truth be told, I haven’t opened those tubs in almost 2 years. It hasn’t been cold enough. I went through the tubs carefully looking and thinking about each scarf. I’m down to one tub! All the others that are iffy are in one tub that has been spirited to the garage on a shelf (can’t bear to give them away just yet, sigh….)

This scarf was at the bottom of one of the tubs. I was so happy to see it after almost 2 years! It’s made from scraps of wool I found in the trash (ON THE TOP! I was NOT rummaging) at a fabulous sewing retreat.

I copied a very cool scarf I saw at the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery (on line). I can’t link it today. Type in your search bar, SantaFeWeavingGallery and it will pop up.

A very fun “Black & White” combo with this machine felting project. Read all about it under the “Felting” category. Go to the home page of this Blog and look for the “Categories” box. Scroll through to find that “Felting” category. When you click on it, past posts all about FELTING will pop up.

First, please notice what’s left of the snow. It’s the perfect backdrop for cozy scarves. This beauty is extra long, and so soft. It begs to be wrapped several times. It’s 100% cashmere.

Thrift shop find in Truckee, CA (sometimes it is the coldest spot in the lower 48 states).And it’s where I have found most of my cashmere. Learn more about this beautiful scarf that only cost $1.00 because of just a couple of holes. On the home page, Categories box, Felting.

In this close up you can see that the once smooth yarn has been punched with 5 empty needles (no thread) using my felting machine. The action of the needles going up and down, grabs onto the cashmere and holds beautifully.

Here is the reverse side showing that the yarn did come through the cashmere to the back side. Such a sweet machine. I get a “Zen” feeling every time I use it (no threading of needles and no bobbin).

This scarf is a nice soft wool and was cream colored to start.

I used “Aunt Lydia’s knit crosheen” in a variegated color and a larger eyed tapestry needle.

AND, I wanted all the knots to show, and varied them to be on the back side and the other side so it could be worn any which way. Again, mindless stitching for when my mind needs a creative break.

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyheidiEmmett/sewing patterns to see all the patterns I showcase from my Art to Wear collection. Maybe you will get creative with a scarf this weekend. Hmm…sew many choices. Above all, HAVE FUN! Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Sew, It’s Friday!


Wow, this week has flown by. All my great intentions to get a fabulous Blog Post created, fizzled out! So, come with me as I walk Riley dog over to the neighbors property.

I spy a beautiful “flame red” maple tree.

Closer inspection. It isn’t a large tree but YOWZAA the brilliant color makes up for the size.

I moved around it to catch the dark bark with the leaves and the whole color of the picture changed. I love this shot.

I can’t get enough of this tree!

And the leaves are really large. Some, 10″ in diameter.

Remember, our neighbors own a Christmas Tree farm. The holidays are just around the corner.

And now I turn the camera phone to the left and voila’ we have another neighbors property. Behind the white fencing is where their 3 horses trot around.

Remember, Election day is Tuesday, October 8th.

Riley and I passed the flag on our walk and heard the honking of the Geese. I looked up just in time. These 2 geese have a route they fly everyday and live at some very posh digs. How about a small lake with an island at another neighbors property just a bit down the road from us.

The very next morning, we woke up to this! I KNOW all you super cold weather people, this is n-t-h-i-n-g to you haha). I used my trusty sewing gauge to measure 1.4″ of snow. Not much snow but on trees with leaves, not good. Many branches came down throughout the area. We only lost 2.

I am working on another “Mia” vest. Think denim scraps and Slow Stitching, or Sashiko. It’s in progress but because it will involve lots of hand stitching, I want to wait for the TaaDaa! moment. A quick commercial break below on the Mia Vest pattern.

Please visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett and see ALL of my Art To Wear sewing patterns. Search for it: And now back to more nature vistas.

I went outside to pick Hydrangeas blossoms for drying and look what I saw first thing. Another beautiful Maple tree (this species has really small leaves). And YES, we still have snow! It has been so cold (low 30’s is COLD to me). The snow is 3 days old.

Magnificent color on these Hydrangea blossoms. These are still attached to the bush. I love the contrast of the green leaves with the red violet blossoms.

Some don’t want to turn color just yet.

The variety of colors from ONE bush! I kid you not! Some were hiding under the big leaves for more protection from the colder weather.

Even some of the Hydrangea leaves are turning color (not a usual thing for our bushes).

Ya know, this is a TERRIFIC IDEA! I want to do this, but of course, I have to make it take longer because I don’t have a cute blanket and might want to knit or crochet my own blanket first. Or, how about cutting up some of my “stash” cashmere sweaters and piece them into a blanket first? Or, find a piece of wool in my stash and add “Felties” to it and then turn that into a blanket. Sigh…this is how my brain is working this week, lots of ideas, and spinning of wheels.

I think I’ll go back outside and breathe in the beautiful air we have today. Maybe it will clear my mind for more ideas. Haha. Thank you again for stopping by. I really appreciate your support for what I do on this little Blog. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

This and That Friday!


I’ve had a very busy week and can’t believe we are at the beginning of a weekend already! This post is a nod to “thinking outside the box” OR “trying something new” to make our creative endeavors easier and more fun!

A friend I have had since the 6th grade, YES 6TH GRADE!! came by last night and brought me this bouquet of flowers, all grown by her, AND grown from seed. Thank you Kimi P. I just love it. Here comes the “thinking outside the box “angle.

Yes, her Zinnias are so happy and colorful. The Marigolds are very unique (right side of this photograph (I think she said “Ruffled” Marigolds). But added brilliance to this bouquet (making it anything but simple), are the greenery additions. Do you see the Basil? Do you see the (blue-green, lower left) Kale? Do you see the Celery leaves? I could EAT most of this bouquet!

I don’t know about you but I have NEVER put edible greenery in my bouquets. I absolutely LOVE this idea. And it can apply to so other things in our lives. So start thinking my friends.

Miniature zinnias (largest one about the size of a quarter)

I think the Zinnias look like fireworks. And of course I love all the color!

One last look at the “out of the box ” bouquet.

We are getting very close to the height of the Fall color here in Northern California. Nothing out of the box here. Haha. I just wanted you to see a Maple “in action.” I saw this (neighbors yard) while walking to the end of our driveway to pick up the paper. I usually go really early in the morning, but I’m glad I waited a bit longer for the full effect of this burst of color. Does this count as thinking outside the box?

Here is the “Trying something NEW” parts. My friend purchased this pen. She said it has changed her life in the world of embroidery. I have never heard of it, but so willing to give it a try. If it can make things in the creative world easier, faster, more fun, I’m IN!! Thank you Patty.

I showed this a few weeks ago. I want to reiterate how this technique of treating fabric for machine sewing, applique’, hand sewing, machine applique’, quilting (as in paper piecing), and on and on, is SO HELPFUL! Look it up my friends, Terial Magic. It will change your sewing life, something NEW to try. It makes a piece of fabric like a piece of paper! REALLY! Perfect on natural fabrics.

I had to add this picture. Rex is totally “thinking outside the box.” I was working on my post and I happened to look down and to the right. WHAT!? It’s a WALKING BRUSHPILE! Tail slowly moving from side to side. As if to say, “notice me, notice me.” Wow, I got up fast. I see you, I see you! He knew exactly what he was doing. He loves to be brushed and I had been ignoring him. Roll in the dead patches of grass and she will come with brush in hand. I sure did AND I had to sweep up the trail of stuff that was behind the cat (much fell off as he entered the pet door).

Everyone have a splendiferous weekend. Get some creative going. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

I “Felt” Fall In The Air!


Do you feel it too? Sew it’s time to get to the felting machine. Well, not so fast Heidi. I met someone 2 years ago, Ewa Seliga (see her on Facebook by this name). A lovely lady from Krakow, Poland. She does EVERYTHING felting. I loved her work. I became the proud owner of 2 pieces of her felted fabric. I didn’t purchase any of her beautiful vests, scarves, etc. I wanted to use my Terrific Tabard “art to wear” pattern and create my own garment.

And yes, Terrific Tabard was the perfect choice for the piece she made for me. I have one more piece (a red wool) but I will show it another time. See all my “Art to Wear” sewing patterns at my Etsy Shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns

Placement for the front piece was a decision that was a bit hard to make. Do I want all of that flower in it, and of course there is some writing too. I saved absolutely EVERY scrap. They have already been filed into my future “Fiber Jewelry” drawers.

Eva said she would add words to my felted piece if I wanted them. I told her via the translation tool (soooo cool!) that I wanted “Love, Joy, & Peace” as my words. Her method of felting is so much fun. I haven’t seen anything like it. She put pieces of yarn and other wool pieces (some cut in a shape she wants) and then “wet” felts them into the background wool fabric (black in this case). Then, Eva creates dimension by machine stitching all over. Her process is very unique.

Whoops, a little out of order here but that’s O.K. I had to choose fabric for the side front, the back of the vest, and then the lining. That’s the fun part for me, but it took me a long time as I had quite a few pieces to choose from that I thought might work well.

Enjoy these few close up pictures to see the full effect.

Here is how this vest came together. The beautiful felt piece is on my front right side, and a ponte’ knit in black with a bit of gray is on the left side. I also used the ponte’ knit as the whole front of the vest lining. The colorful circle fabric is the lining of the back of the vest. It is a quilting fabric. A silk fabric woven in black and gray rectangles is the outside of the back of the vest.

And here is the finished vest. After reviewing some of my “finished vest” pictures, I am happy with the fabrics I chose to create a garment “around” this exquisite piece of felted wool. I will wear black pants, black shoes/boots, black under sweater, ALL Black. That way, the felted piece will really stand out. And I will feel thinner. Hahaha.

I really like the word, “Peace” almost right over my heart.

I chose a wild and crazy pin by Orna Lalo (an Israeli artist I found on Ebay) as my front closure. Pins are a great idea for closures when you don’t want to (or can’t decide) on a button closure.

I love, love, LOVE the vest back fabric. It is 100% silk and is the perfect piece for this project. I hand stitched (long running stitches, or “slow stitching”) all across this piece, after the vest was sewn together. I used a 100% WOOL thread by Aurifil for the stitching.

Hand made polymer clay buttons are great for holding the side pieces together.

I used straight grained 1 1/2″ strips folded in on themselves several times for my fun closure. Tie overhand knots on either end. I never make them a specific length (always go longer as you can retie the knot and trim off the excess if it’s too long).

Here is a close up of the button tab piece, closure, hm…is that descriptive enough? I stitched it down in almost a triangle shape after trying the button through the opening I had twisted in place. I think this picture looks really good doesn’t it? Well, well, the loop should be hanging over the edge, NOT the little knots. The loop has to catch the button on the back piece. Aarrggh..I stitched it in place, upside down. These things happen. Sigh…

And now one more thing to think about BEFORE deciding on which fabrics to use in a garment and where they will be used. Are all the weights of the fabrics similar? They should be, sigh..again! The fabric above is the right side of the vest front. And the colorful felted piece is on the left side of the front. The fabric above is called a ponte’ knit. And it is a heavier weight as well. The ponte’ is also the lining of the vest front pieces. Sadly, all that weight was pulling the vest down in front. The back of the vest fabrics are both light weight. What to do, what to do? The vest was finished except for closing the side opening and then stitching the orange wool thread on the back.

My friend Mary B. doesn’t know it yet, but her method to even out the “weighty issue” is perfect for the back of this vest.

A super close up of a skirt that Mary B. made. This circle of dots with a circle of beads has a hidden surprise under the dotted fabric. She needed weight around the bottom of this skirt. Keep reading.

Taa Daa! Weights from the hardware store!!! That’s what Mary B. used. These will work for my vest too. At a cost of only about 30 cents each, I now have a bunch on hand.

A weight exactly the size of the one you see above has been tucked in between the orange threads, in-be-tween the lining and the black checked silk. Weights come in many sizes and thicknesses. I purchased some that are 1″- 2″ in radius. They are only 1/8″ thick. I only had to use 4 weights and all of them rest at the bottom of the vest back. And I don’t feel them at all when I sit.

CAUTION!!! Airport TSA’s will NOT like these weights AT ALL! I will refer you to my past post of May 24th, 2018. It is titled, “Is your Art to Wear garment TSA approved. You will have a good laugh over THAT post, I’m certain.

Take care everyone. It is going to be a PERFECT Fall weekend here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I hope it is where you live too. Hugs and Blessings, Heidi



I know, I know, but I am having a blast looking for Kantha cloth that I really like and then thinking, which of my other patterns will work using Kantha. I present the following for your perusal.

A short time ago, Jeanette, from Orange county, CA area, asked me if I thought Kantha Cloth would work with “OFF THE GRID VEST” pattern. I wish I HAD THOUGHT OF THAT! Brilliant idea Jeanette. She has made SIX, yes, 6, OFF THE GRID VESTS now including this Kantha OTGV. Check it out!

I love her choice of Kantha. And CHECK IT OUT! everyone. You DON’T have to have the stitching ALWAYS go up and down. Sideways works just fine. Look for the best use of you fabric piece.

Really, really nice. One of Jeanette’s OTGV vests was LOST in the mail. It was going to be in a “one woman show” of Jeanette’s quilt art and wearable art in the Orange County area. She had made it for her Mother-in-law and asked her to send it for the show. So, she made her another one. Amazing.

Such deep rich colors in this Kantha. I just LOVE, LOVE it Jeanette.

She is one busy lady. Besides the above, she would like to teach a class using my OFF THE GRID VEST pattern. I most certainly gave her my blessing on that! Oh, it doesn’t say on her card, above, but she creates Art Quilts too. And she has a full time job as a consultant and is a wife and mother. Yowzaa, I want the name of her supplements.

So onward we go. This is my newly re-named “Mia” vest. My Mom said her grandmother’s name was Mary but everyone called her Mia. Mia (Mary) Castleberg. I never had a chance to meet her. She was born in 1882 and passed away in 1971 in Alma, Wisconsin. She married into a Dairy farming family that came over from Switzerland. Sooo…I guess my name, Heidi suits me very well.

Here is the older cover. I like it, but it is kind of cutesy. It is quilted and really lends itself to Kantha Cloth I have decided.

Taa daa! A Kantha “Mia” vest with larger pockets added. You can add pockets to most ANY garment, I think. These are simple rectangles. Type into Pinterest, “pocket ideas” and see oodles of pockets to try. Don’t forget, go to my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to see all the art to wear sewing patterns I have for sale.

Can you see the cool Kaffe Fassett plaid fabrics I used? Yes, besides stripes, Kaffe has designed a few plaids.

Tip: Terial Magic (this bottle has never relaxed since taking it to over 7,000ft. (6 passes total coming and going). Oh well, it STILL has its’ magic! I LOVE THIS STUFF! It is a liquid stabilizer and it made working with this loosely woven cotton a dream. The pieces became like a piece of paper after being sprayed and ironed dry.

Tip: Stitch shoulder seams together, wrong sides to wrong sides (the red seam above) and cover with pieces of fabric and stitch down on either edge. Hides the seams on the outside and makes the inside look smooth.

BIG pockets you create yourself and topstitch on add a great place for hands, money, lipgloss, or in my case, the ever present phone.

I love the leaves with the very blue sky background.

Fall color has barely started here in northern CA (I live 1 hour+ north of Sacramento in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains). Early morning photos with the sun coming from behind make the leaves glow.

This is a red maple tree.

Our Virginia creeper, one of many in our yard, showing off its’ color change.

How about the caption, “Riding the wave of sewing FUN!” Minus the curlers, haha.

Captions here could range from, “I’ve missed you.” to “Well, the Dog uses it, or, “Is breakfast ready?” I love this picture.

Enjoy your weekend, and as always, I so appreciate your stopping by. Maybe you will find the perfect Kantha piece for your next project. Hugs, Heidi

Let’s Use MORE Kantha!


What’s not to LOVE about Kantha Cloth. After posting my new “COZY” pattern last week (thank you all for the rave reviews and orders), I went to my other patterns to see what else I had done with Kantha cloth. In case you missed my post from Sept. 30th, 2022, it will show up at the bottom of this weeks blog post. Last week, I had introduced my newest pattern, COZY. It is the perfect pattern to use with Kantha Cloth. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy todays post.

Using Kantha Cloth for Zephyr Jacket is a great idea. Go to the home page of my BLOG: Look for the “Categories” box. Click on Zephyr Jacket and past posts on this great jacket pattern will pop up. You will also learn more about Kantha cloth for this pattern.

Kantha cloth eliminates the need for a lining on any pattern you use. Two pieces of fabric are held together by the running stitches (covering the whole piece of Kantha).

This Kantha Cloth just LOOKS pieced. Where do you purchase Kantha Cloth? Type the words, “Kantha Cloth/Kantha Throw” into your search engine and voila’ many, many, places will show up that sell Kantha, yardage or Throws and even large coverlets.

Yes, Terrific Tabard is another good pattern using Kantha Cloth. No lining needed AND the quilting is already done for you. Whoo Hoo!

I found this Kantha “Throw”, 50″ x 70″ at Stein Mart (they have since gone all on-line and no Kantha to be found at their on-line site).

Something different here. I used the plain side of the Kantha (they have one side pieced or printed and one side a solid piece) as the outside of this Terrific Tabard.

My Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett shows you all of my Art to Wear sewing patterns. Or you can email me at: Most of my patterns are $15. for a “hard copy” plus shipping or $10. for Digital/PDF pattern.

TaaDaa! It’s reversible. It makes for a versatile piece.

Here is the reverse side of the Kantha on the back of Terrific Tabard.

On “plain side” of the Kantha piece (I added all the Kaffe Fassett bits and pieces) on the back of Terrific Tabard, an Art To Wear pattern by me, Heidi Emmett. Reach me at: and visit my BLOG:

A close up of the “bits and pieces” I added to my Kantha inspired Terrific Tabard pattern.

I am so happy with my newest pattern, COZY designed by me! Heidi Emmett I had to show it again this week.

Using Kantha Cloth, my newest “go to” for all manner of my art to wear patterns. The Kantha above is 100% silk that has been pieced first, and a solid turquoise cotton on the back (look at the bottom of the collar in the front. You can see a tiny bit of plain turquoise).

My newest COZY made in this fun fish print. Keep in mind that this Kantha piece is all 100% cotton so there is not quite the soft drape that the silk/cotton Kantha’s have.

Cleaning instructions for Kantha Cloth: all sites recommend Dry cleaning only. I think you could put on the super gentle cycle in your washing machine along with a “Color Catcher” (available at most Grocery stores). Fabrics from India (where Kantha is made) do not use much in the way of “mordants” (make a fabric colorfast). To test for colorfastness, put a scrap of Kantha in a sink of cold water/small amount of suds.

This picture is out of order, but that’s o.k. A beautiful fall day in Downieville, CA. And I had to wear my Kantha, Terrific Tabard!

The rest of this post is just for fun. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Heidi

There was room on this sign for just a couple more useful words.

Announcing, “COZY” My Newest “Art to Wear” Sewing Pattern!


I am so excited to introduce my newest pattern to all of you! I KNEW I had another “Hit” with this pattern when a total of 24 women (all sizes, shapes, heights) tried it on and LOVED it! Please visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett or contact me (email above).

O.K., this is the back of the pattern and I have tried so many times to get the whole thing in the framing. Grrr…so I will type what was cut off at the top. Here goes:

Sizes 8-3X (bust 32 1/2″ – 44″) The inside directions discuss options for petite sized.

*Kantha Cloth-Two layers of fabric hand stitched together with rows and rows of larger running stitches. The top layer is often pieced first and a solid single piece is used for the back. Kantha is usually sold as 100% cotton for both layers, or, silk for the top layer and cotton for the bottom layer. Kantha pieces are purchased as a throw (50″ x 70″) up to a king size coverlet. Many larger stores sell Kantha pieces online as do Etsy shops.

Outstretched arms show the loose-fitting pullover/jacket. There are only 4 pieces to this pattern. A front, back, pocket, and collar. What could be easier!

Using Kantha cloth for garments is super popular right now and I created this pattern with the idea of using Kantha cloth.

I digress for a minute. Meet the original Cozy. I bought this sweater a few years ago. It has been my absolute “go to, COZY” piece of clothing for cool to cold early mornings and evenings. How can I duplicate this look and take it from a knit to a woven? I made a few proto types before I was happy with the end result.

A close up of the back of COZY. The pretty turquoise pieces are silk. The back is 100% cotton. There is row after row of larger running stitches to hold the two pieces together. Kantha cloth NEVER has batting in it, which results in a beautifully draped garment. All my Kantha’s (oh dear, now you know that I have a few) are from a company in India that gives women living wages to make these. I like that a lot.

Of course, when I am able, for my pattern covers, I like pictures taken at Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe. These were taken at 7:15a.m. with PERFECT weather and great spots to shoot photos from.

After all the pictures were taken I discovered that a sewing group, The Haute Couture Société’ from Stockton, CA was having their annual retreat at Zephyr. How fortuitous. I knew this group. A few years past I had given a trunk show and workshop for them. O.K., Heidi, this will be the true test for your COZY pattern. Armed with a notepad, pen, and the red and turquoise COZY’S, I walked down to Echo Peak(a large conference room). For 1 1/2 hours I had THE BEST TIME! Thank you, thank you again, ladies. I sat in a chair and took copious notes (all the notes helped me finalize the pattern and ways to make it fit so many sizes with simple fixes), as one after the other tried it on(21 total in this group).

Liz was one of the group I met with. She looks mighty fine in COZY. The cropped jeans are perfect as are the sandals. I want a pair of those (Liz said they are Sorel’s “Kinetic”).

A close up of the red COZY. Again, 100% silk on the front and 100% cotton on the back.

Some more Kantha pieces ready for whatever. Each of these are 50″ x 70″.

The collar is fairly deep so you have something to play with. Add a pin to hold it in place or let it hang longer with the lining showing or not. Or bunch it up a bit and tuck it in the front neckline, for a more cozy feel. The unique part about this collar is that it is only attached in the back and partially to the front neckline.

Or, you could pull it up and over your head for a little hoody look.

The longer portion of the collar drapes in front with the center front showing through the collar. Remember, it is only attached in the back neckline area and a bit to the front.

I am so excited to be able to present this, my latest pattern from my Art To Wear line of sewing patterns. I just know it will be a favorite pattern for you too. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

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I’m on my Way to Zephyr Point! Lake Tahoe, South Shore.


Those of you who have followed me from the beginning know by now that my FAVORITE place to go to decompress, teach, put on a retreat, volunteer, and play, is Lake Tahoe, the Nevada side (East to South shore). And for the past 15 years, I have been doing all this at Zephyr Point Conference Center. I love it because it is in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada (6300ft. at lake level), it’s close (1.25 hours to the first sighting of the lake) from my home, and the beauty and quiet at Zephyr Point doesn’t compare to any other place on the lake (in my humble opinion).

With all that said, I’m on my way with husband and all the “stuff” we need, stuffed in the car. Riley the dog is going to play with all his “buds” and sleep in his doggie chateau (Pawsitive Pals). The cats have a “sitter”, house is being looked after…. It’s time for some much needed “R & R.” WhooHoo! Enjoy these pictures and I’ll be talking to you again in a few. I love you all for always tuning in. I have a NEW PATTERN announcement when I return. Hugs and blessings, Heidi

Hi honey! That’s my husband out on that boat, “The Professor” taking a fishing tour. Best tasting salmon EVER!

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It’s Friday. It has been record breaking HOT!!! Over 100 degrees, waaay over 100 degrees in many places up and down California where I live. Here in Grass Valley, CA in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, our hottest day was 106 degrees. In Sacramento, 116 degrees on the hottest day. And now since Tuesday, a wildfire, the “Mosquito” fire 30 miles (as the crow flies) away. It grew yesterday, 5,000 acres in 4 hours! It’s up to 29,000 acres and 0 containment. And now, a HUGE cloud of smoke that looks like a mushroom is 31,000 ft. high, is settling over our area. And many up and down CA are experiencing “episodic load reductions” aka “blackouts” because the electrical grid can’t handle the huge load. Needless to say, I’ve not done much and I’m rushing to get this out before we have an “episodic load reduction.” Hope my pictures make you smile.

This one is my favorite.

This is Rex. He’s hot as in “gonna die” HOT! He heard the camera click. Otherwise he looks more like the picture below.

This was Rex at 6 mos. old.

What shall we call this yoga-type pose?

Riley, waiting for his favorite human to come up the walkway.

An AMAZING bird I found on Pinterest.

And another AMAZING, GORGEOUSLY colored bird from Pinterest.

And I’m finishing up with a butterfly I’ve never, ever seen before. Have you? Everyday we can find incredible works of art in what the Lord has created, for us to enjoy. So wherever you are today, and whatever you are doing, take time to be GRATEFUL! Hugs, Heidi

More 100+ Degree Summer Days Coming Up!


It looks like we will really be in for it starting Sat. the 3rd – 6th of September. Sigh.., we turn the calendar to September with thoughts of cool Fall days and SCHAZAAM!! Someone in the weather department is throwing out MORE ugly heat.

I want a new top for the heat. I want to feel nice and cool. And I’m making a necklace as well to go with. Here I go….

I have to say for someone who really enjoys a large wardrobe (because I love fabric and I love to create new outfits), I have a dearth of clothing for super HOT days. Besides, I have worn them all over and over this summer. I need something new. I love, LOVE, the colors and design in this 60’s inspired shift. I bought it at my one of my favorite “boutiques” (that’s code for Thrift shop) at Incline Village (the town is right at the edge of northern Lake Tahoe). Incline Village is the fastest growing retirement community in Nevada (it is right on the border of CA and NV). Geography aside, the people who live there are able to clean out their closets and buy new on a very regular basis. And I (along with many others), get to reap the rewards of their closet cleanings.

Here is the back. Exposed zippers are all important these days. I like the look. The fabric is what drew me to this dress. It is printed, not pieced onto both the front and back.

A close up reveals that the base fabric is reminiscent of a “Bark cloth.” But is actually a 100% cotton and is quite soft to the touch.

I want to take a moment to explain what “BARK CLOTH” actually is. I took this information off of the “Rafiki Foundation” website. Please visit this wonderful site at: Within the “store” area look for products that have a story. Check out Lydia and Bark cloth. There are so many wonderful items that are for sale that are made by widows and orphans who are learning a trade to support themselves. All monies from the sale of these items help further the programs at the Rafiki Foundation in several countries in Africa.

 What is bark cloth?

 Bark cloth has been manufactured in Uganda for centuries.
It takes strength, stamina, and practice to make traditional
Ugandan bark cloth.
The producers of this surprisingly soft and supple material first scrape away the outer bark of fig trees called mutuba (usually Ficus natalensis) then slit the inner bark with a knife and peel it upward off the tree. 

 They boil the bark in large pans full of water to soften it and then pound it for several hours with heavy wooden mallets until it is thinner, wider, and softer. 
This pounding technique gradually increases the size
of the cloth from an original width of
approximately 18 inches to between 7 to 9 feet.
​The bark cloth is then sun dried and turns a gorgeous brown color.  
Once it has dried, the cloth is ready to be used.

I can’t just wear a shift anymore. I’ve got varicose veins that would scare people. Sooo…I’m cutting the shift off a bit to turn it into a Top. First thing, I cut off the bottom 7 inches.

The hem is flipped around now to become the finished top edge of a pocket. I also serged the other three edges so I only have to turn in the edges once to form the outside edges of the pockets. Much less bulk that way.

This shift was too big in the bust area. I opened out the facing and took it in the same way they attached it the first time (look to the right of the blue marks I drew). I trimmed off the excess and re-serged the raw edges and turned the facing back down. That was easy. I also opened the sides at the bottom edge about 6″. I did that so I can run faster through the grocery store. Ha, ha.

Taa Daa! Finished! Ready to wear. I will wear it just as you see it on Labor Day. But the pockets seem too wide.

I played with the scraps and like this pleat that would be in the middle of the pocket. I’ll fix it next week.

I was thinking, “What do I wear with my new top, jewelry wise?” Hmm…I have walked by (in my studio attic, the “Beading” drawers), EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I see a little bowl on the top of the drawers, that is filled with pieces of polymer clay (above). They have been languishing in that bowl for hmm.. maybe 5 years now. I made them in a Polymer Clay class that was taught by Sandra Bruce. I had absolutely NOTHING that went with these very unique colors. But I knew, sometime in the future I would use them. THE DAY HAS ARRIVED!!

Oh my goodness! I forgot how fun and easy it is to finish a necklace this way. Making the shapes takes much longer of course, but that was super fun too. Ohh, I have to take a picture of the necklace with the top even if it isn’t finished (I will be threading about 8 more of these fun shapes onto the elastic).

I think this looks fabulous. I’m so happy, happy. Something else is coming out of the attic. You all probably realize by now that much more fabric related “stuff” goes INTO the studio attic than ever comes OUT! I can’t wait to finish this necklace, and YES, earrings too!

My BLOG is called:

I want all of you to have a GREAT Labor Day OFF on Monday. May you be able to “labor” on something creative and stay cool. Hugs to you all, Heidi

P.S. I really appreciate your following my adventures in creativity with all things FIBER through this Blog. Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to see my Art to Wear Sewing Patterns.

A Blast From The Past!


I posted YESTERDAY by accident. That would be Thursday, August 25th. I was experimenting on a past post from 2014!!!! WOW, that’s awhile ago. But I think it is relevant for today. It’s all about my 3-Tiered Skirt pattern. When you open the post (look in your email for August 25th), at the top, you will see a 3-Tiered Skirt picture where I am holding out the skirt so you can see the flaring. Tap on that picture and the complete “reblogged” post will pop up. Pictures will be larger with words underneath each picture. Enjoy. Sew, today is a continuation of yesterdays. Please enjoy it as well.

Here is “Heidi’s Easy 3-Tiered Skirt” pattern. Please visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to read more about this “great for beginners and advanced” sewists alike. I priced this pdf/digital pattern for only $3.50 US. There are no actual pattern pieces involved. You don’t need them. Use the measurements I give you to cut the three tiers. This is a time tested pattern. I developed it in the later 80’s as a pattern available at my former fabric store, “Heidi’s Fabrics.”

I wear mine all year round. Mr. Riley dog is such a good boy! He had another gold star day at “Doggie Daycare.”

This 3-tiered skirt is made from rayon. It has a very drapey hand and a great swishing action. Yes, I think that is a “thing.” Suggestion: This skirt has an elastic waist. If you choose to use rayon, use a strong, wider, elastic. I had used a 3/4″ wide, 100% soft,cotton elastic. Umm….O.K. I’m coming clean here: I’m using a safety pin to make it tighter. The elastic has very little elasticity this year. And I am too lazy to change it out.

I put this Heidi’s Easy 3-tiered skirt on today and while working on this post thought, wait a minute. I have never showed this skirt to all of you. It is made from a Hoffman 100% cotton batik. I tell you (in the pattern) just how to make the beautiful, almost “pleat like” look. Hint, hint, twist while wet. Always works best on cotton fabric.

Yummy, yummy, colors and beautifully created. This skirt is at least 20 years old. I have already changed the elastic once. I’m good to go on this one right now. Ha, ha.

All rightie then, I give up! This pair of earrings picture will be upside down. I’ve tried and tried. Aren’t they the cutest!! And super light weight.

This picture too. Sigh…. Hand crocheted by ladies in Turkey. They are so well done using the teeniest, tinniest, crochet hook. I can’t tell right from wrong side. They are perfect to wear with the skirt above (Hoffman Batik fabric). I purchased them at the Quilt museum in San Diego. I’m sure you could find them online somewhere.

During the 2 summer months, I get to play “Bunco” on the lake. This lake is called Rollins Lake and is a reservoir. We arrive in the late afternoon and eat and visit, and of course play Bunco until it gets too dark to see. It is pure BLISS! Look at that water, almost smooth as glass.

Look who showed up on a paddle board! It’s “Ducky” and his “Mom.” She said they came up from the Bay area and this was their first time camping at Rollins Lake.

“Mom” also said that Ducky is so relaxed paddle boarding that he lays down, falls asleep and sometimes rolls right off.

Awww….that’s a good dawg. 3 yrs. old.

And they’re off to their campsite waaay off in the distance (they are the only campers on that side).

Two pontoon boats come along side by side (little gates lined up and we move from one to the other). We missed last August because the “River Fire” was going full on. I can’t even show the pictures It was so bad and makes me so sad. Well over 100 homes just on the other side of the lake were burned up. One of the pontoon boats was moored on the fire side near the spillway. Many, many pontoon boats. Look at the Bimini top. This one is brand new as huge chunks of burning tree bark shot through the air to land on the Bimini tops of all the boats. Rhonda had her upholstery covered, but many had to have theirs all redone because of the burning chunks.

Totally relaxing. There are 12 of us total. We all live within a 30 mile radius. And get together once a month at each other’s homes or THE LAKE. We all LOVE Bunco on the lake.

Check out the BBQ on the very back of this pontoon boat. Both boat owners often sleep out on the lake as well. They say it is so quiet and the stars are AMAZING!

A few more 3-Tiered skirts. As I said before, I STILL wear mine. They are timeless.

Another beautiful Batik. A good weekend to be doing something creative. Let’s all do that! Blessings and hugs, Heidi

Shameless Advertising! My best selling pattern!

Hi everyone, THIS post is worth seeing again. I am wearing the first one even as I write this quick note. I’m finding that long flowy skirts with elastic waists are so nice to wear in the summer. Enjoy this post.

Designs by Heidi


Heidi’s Twisted 3 Tier Skirt Pattern. Great for Beginners! The Kaffe Fassett Mille Fiore in Rayon above is not twisted.


The Italian cotton skirt on the manikin  is twisted. You “twist “cotton skirts while damp so they have a krinkled look and don’t need ironing.


This is a busy print so it is not easy to see the “twisting.”


An Italian Rayon (no twisting). This pattern fits many body types, and heights. Easy to follow directions tell you what to do. There are no pattern pieces to mess with either. All for $4.95. Go to and check it out. Type in Heidi Emmett once you get to patterns and see what I have available. DSC_0017

Such a beautiful Bali Batik by Hoffman. This batik is 20+ years OLD! Can you believe it? I love the elastic waist. I am wearing one right now as I type this because it is…

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I Was “Queen For a Day!”


Well, I did get the crown part, but not the sparkly diamond and jewel type. Sadly, my crown is in my mouth. I am grateful for good dentists in our area .BUT, I always pray ahead of time for an easy outcome to ANY trip to the dentist. It’s very nerve-wracking for me to go. Why do I bring this up? Why do I show pictures of my “drunken” look? Two stories to tell that I think you will laugh about. And honestly, looking at these pictures of me, I laugh and laugh all over again.

I made my husband take these pictures as soon as I got home. He did ask, “Are you sure you want them taken NOW? Your mouth is pretty droopy on the one side.” I had not even looked in the mirror. I feel great. It can’t be that bad. (Honestly, I didn’t even look at the pictures he took until this a.m.)

I’m wearing my Sparky Top in which I used some mighty fine fabrics if I do say so. On the front there is a gorgeous pieced (several ikats in one piece) fabric that is over- appliqued with little dots.

Story #1: Sat in the dental chair to begin the process. I’ve joined the modern dentistry world, in that the crown is made on premises so EVERYTHING is done at once. LOVE THAT! Susie the sweet assistant started gushing over my Sparky Top. She made me feel so good. Then the real reason she “gushed” so much came out. She said, “I only work here one day a week. The other four days all I see is orange. ” Orange?! What is she talking about? I had a very quizzical look on my face (couldn’t talk of course). “Oh, she said, I am a hygienist at the county jail the rest of the week and all I see are orange jumpsuits.” What?!? It was just the diversion I needed to relax (the Lord does answer prayers in unexpected ways).

On the center back of this Sparky Top I put a Marcia Derse fabric and on the side panels and the upper back, it’s a Kaffe Fassett stripe with double needle stitching. I also added a bit of length to the back. Not sure why I did that, but it works.

Is this the beginning of a wink? (my face) Ha, ha. Here is a closer look at the cool front piece of Sparky Top.

Story #2 Right after my husband took my funny pics, I said I feel just fine, and I really don’t feel numb. Uh, I should have looked in mirror. I didn’t think to do that though. I told Robert I will take Riley to Doggie Day Care (yes he’s spoiled, but he gets to be with his buds 1/2 day, twice a week) and then run to the grocery store. Fast forward, I’m in the wine section of the Grocery and Denise (her name tag ), asked what could she help me with. Mind you, I was not looking at her but checking out labels on wine (O.K. I admit, sometimes it’s the label that makes me choose a certain bottle). I stood up and turned to face her. Her eyes went right to my blouse and she too “gushed” over my Sparky Top (I felt so good once again). Her eyes traveled up to my face and a strange look came over HER face. “Uh, I like your earrings too.” she said haltingly. Eyes back to my mouth. THEN IT HIT ME! It’s only 1 in the afternoon. She might think I had enough wine already! I just started laughing and laughing and explained it to Denise. We just stood in the wine section laughing and laughing. Lesson learned, go directly home after a “numbing” dental experience.

This is the pattern cover for the Sparky Top. My Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett carries all my “Art to Wear” sewing patterns. Check it out. It really is a comfortable blouse to wear and go ahead and choose some really, really, fun and different fabrics for it. Go to my site: On the home page, look for the “Categories” box and click on Sparky Top. Past posts with GREAT ideas on how to use Sparky Top will pop up. HAVE FUN!

Happy 11th birthday to brothers, Rex (left) and Rubix. They were the sweetest little kittens.

They took over the dogs bed. Eventually, the three of them slept together. Awwww….

Oh to sleep like that again! Anywhere, anytime, anyway which way.

I hope it is cooler where you live. Not good sewing weather up in the attic where I have my sewing studio. Oh wait, I use the attic fan to draw out the hot air at night. Sew, the perfect time to be there is 10:00p.m. -6:00a.m. Sigh, I’m sleeping then. Ha, ha. It will be hand sewing for me for a few more days. Hugs, Heidi

It’s Time for Totes!


Once upon a time, I wrote articles for different magazines, such as Stitch, Modern Patchwork, Belle Armoire, and a few others. My projects for the magazines were all very different (not one quilt). From silk and cashmere eye covers (for sleeping sweet), to an unusual tote bag.

I loved Modern Patchwork. They were great to work with and did very little if any editing on my project specs. That’s always boost ones morale. Notice that I said “Loved” as in past tense. Sadly, Modern Patchwork and oh so many other great publications have folded. There have been others to take their place. Australia has some great publications as does Great Britain and of course, her in the United States.

I design ALL my patterns, clothing or otherwise to withstand the “flightiness” of fashion. My “Art to Wear” garment patterns and accessory patterns are “Timeless.” Check out my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to see all of my collection. Triangle Tote is there too.

Here is a great shot of the BACK of my tote(they photographed it as the front). Can you believe it, someone didn’t realize that buttons strategically placed means the front of something. Sigh…

I like the way the knotted handles are showcased as a special feature of this Tote Bag. I decided that a regular handle was too ordinary for this Tote.

The machine quilting is easy. Use the edge of your pressure foot as a guide to follow the edge of the previous stitching. It’s all explained in my pattern. Yes, I turned my Terrific Tote Bag into a pattern (I could because the magazine is not published anymore). To the right I show you the batting I used. It is Pellon Iron- on fleece. It is a very stable batting and just right for this project.

The following pictures are of some other cool TOTE BAGS from my perusals of Pinterest! Have a look see.

The circles of this Tote would be a great “Carry Along” project. And I do LOVE a great denim upcycle. P.S. this picture has become one of my “Top Ten” repins.

I just repinned this one yesterday. I have never seen it before. I LOVE the little crocheted flowers accented with some embroidery.

Don’t you enjoy what I call, “Mindless Sewing” ? We’re goin’ round in circles.

I believe, hand dyed fabrics were used in this lovely interpretation of a “cross body” purse. I accidentally called them “body bags” once. DOUBLE OUCH!

These are absolutely charming little Totes. Denim and “Stitches by Machine” abound.

Cute Collage “Kitty Kat” on this artful Tote. I looked up Tote Bag handles on both Etsy and Amazon. They are O.K. but I prefer to look for purses and tote handles at the Thrift Shop and take them off of an otherwise useless bag. Orr… do something “knotted” like my the handles on my Triangle Tote bag.

You could make one of these lovely “slow stitched” bags in a jiffy.

I really like the panels on this Tote Bag. I think the panels are crocheted together. And the fabrics are Kaffe Fassett. Very fun! Oh look, a calico kitty in the upper right corner with dainty white paws.

Another Kaffe Fassett Tote Bag. All done in Hexagons. Pretty snazzy sequined handles.

And what have we here? This Tote is called “Pinwheel” from MY BOOK!

Where has the time gone? I created this book for a March 2015 publishing date. I only had 6 weeks to get it all done. I still have a few left. All the projects in this book are so doable for beginners and advanced alike.

Simple triangle pieces make for a difficult looking project. I ONLY create fun and easy pieces.

I love a strategically placed button to hide any “point” issues. A perfect summer Tote Bag. Contact me at If interested (directly from me, shipping is always cheaper), or visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to check it out.

The latest Sunflower. This one showed up in the vegetable garden. This one is a traditional sunflower but still not as big as some. You just have to smile, a BIG smile when you look at this flower. I’ve said it before, there is a whole universe of discovery when looking at a flower. They are a taste of heaven.

The quote above, enough said don’t you think? Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you all so much. Hugs, Heidi

MIA Vest! One of My Pattern’s New Title!


Happy Friday! I have a vest pattern in my “Art to Wear” lineup of patterns. It’s called “Mommy & Me and My Quilted Vest and Quilt! What was I thinking? That’s quite a mouthful of a title. My original thought was to get a whole new generation of sewers lining up to start sewing clothing. It’s not happening nearly as fast I would like. I have also decided that the picture on the cover is too “Cutsy.” So, I have decided to change the name to MIA VEST!

facebook (1)

 I have just added a new cover picture for now. Everything about The Mia Vest is the same as the “Mommy & Me and My Quilted Vest and Quilt. I have just updated the cover picture.

It is exactly as described on the cover with one difference. The Mia vest is NOT quilted. It’s just a piece of fabric with stitching all over. It is finished exactly like the old pattern. It’s super comfortable and really easy to make. It also fits many body shapes and sizes.

Above is the old cover.

TaaDaa! Here is the NEW COVER! No, you are not seeing double. Well, I guess you are in a way. It’s a long story. It’s been a l-o-n-g day. Haha.

Find a pocket pattern from a favorite garment or create your own.

Yes, the back of the vest (near the shoulders) I had to piece it. Another long story. In retrospect I wish I had covered the pieced portion with some of the trim fabric.

I love this kind of mindless stitching. I can do it while watching the t.v. or listening to audio anything.

I wanted you to see that there are only 4 pieces to this pattern. A front piece, back piece, and a front facing and a back facing (not shown, made from trim fabric). That’s all. Please visit my February 11th, 2022 Blog Post titled,
“3 + Years to Embroider, 2 Hours to Sew Together!” That past post will give you everything you need to know about this fabric, threads I used for stitches, etc. It’s a good read.

Why not? I’ll show you one more MIA VEST. This is a wool boucle’. It has machine felted circles with slow stitching here and there. MIA VEST, a great NEW look for you to sew!

Visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett for a look see at ALL my “ART to WEAR” sewing patterns. Yes, the old cover will still be there. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Soon, very soon. In the meantime, if you purchase the “Mommy & Me & My Quilted Vest and Quilt” I will also send a new cover shot with the new name.

It’s going to be a great weekend to start a new project. Make some time for your creativity. Remember, you only need 15 minutes to get those juices to start flowing! You wont want to stop. Blessings and hugs, Heidi

This and That Friday!


I’ve decided to finish out the month with This and That Friday ,ONE MORE TIME! Enjoy!

Near the birdfeeders I noticed some plants coming up. Yep, some of the bird seed rejected by the birds were sunflower seeds. There are 8-10 plants that are growing like crazy. I love this shot, just before the flower bud is exposed. And the color, this green, so yummy.

I thought sunflowers opened all at once. Some, as my friend Jane Haworth says, are “Shy Sunflowers.” Check out her website for her collage pattern called Shy Sunflowers.

“Whoo Hoo!!!!! I MADE IT. LOOK AT ME.” That’s what I think this sunflower is saying after it threw up its’ little arms.

Timing on the pictures you take is so important. This one seems a bit harsh and too yellowy. I took this one at 6:15 p.m. We can tweak pics colors in the “edit” section on our phones. I do like the shimmery wings on the honey bees (which I could not get without full sun). The other pics were taken at 7:30a.m. I really like this picture the more I look at it.

Lately I have been wanting all the art to wear pieces I make to have pockets. Umm….this person took that idea TO THE MAX!! “Where is that handkerchief?” or ” I have my money in one of these pockets somewhere.”

I really like this Denim upcycle. This person was super creative with a single pair of denim jeans and a fun cotton fabric (for the skirt). I would try this with a cotton-T shirt underneath and leggings (my legs should not be seen in any public setting). O.K., my additions would probably ruin the look. Sigh.

Oh yea, this is so me. How about stacking beautiful embroidered pieces instead of hand embroidery (might actually get it done in my lifetime). And, if I were to hand embroider I would want it where it can be SEEN. Super cute.

Found this and had to show you. It’s my “Art to Wear” sewing pattern called, OFF THE GRID VEST. Instead of the collar in the up position, I tucked in part of it. I like this look. See it and read about it at my Etsy shop. Go to and type in my shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to find my shop.

This picture was sent to me from New Zealand. This lovely lady even used some of the fabrics I used in mine. Love it.

Here is the front of my pattern, OFF THE GRID VEST. Contact me at if you want to purchase it directly from me.

Let me introduce you to Carol from New Zealand. I am so honored that she made her version of OFF THE GRID VEST and sent me pictures! She told me that she made it for her birthday celebration and family reunion in Switzerland! You too are welcome to send me pictures of what you have created using my patterns. I would love to post them here.

I’m doing a project for the Thrift shop where I volunteer. Remember this is a Thrift shop that benefits Cats and Dogs. The manager was given 3 dozen or so simple black BBQ type aprons, all in black. Brand new with a Logo of a defunct business on the top portion. She then handed me a bunch of small cuts of kitty kat fabrics. She said to just cover the logo. This would be the perfect project for those who are just learning to sew. Find scraps of fabric, pretty good sized chunks (10 x 9). Make or find a simple BBQ type apron.

A helper cat is necessary (since I’m working with Cat fabrics haha). Rubix was in rare form. Another volunteer did aprons with Dog fabrics. You can see the selvage of the CUTEST fabric. The name is sort of cut off. The piece you see (wrong side sorry) is “Meowseum.” Another one has the name “Meowsterpiece.” I just took a moment to look this one up on Ebay. It is called “Very Rare.” You might want to take a look. All the info is right there for you under Rubix paw.

This “cover up” of the apron couldn’t be any simpler. But given my past few months and all that has gone on, this simple project and being back at my sewing machine for more than a repair job or quick hem, could not have been more satisfying. May you all have a satisfying session with your machine (be it sewing, serger, felting, etc.) this weekend. Big hugs to you all, Heidi



Have fun looking these over.

I have done a bracelet like this (minus the dingle balls). For the base of the bracelet I used the carboard end of shipping tape. Perfect size. Maybe ask at a UPS store. Orrr.. coffee cardboard sleeves. Hey, I did a BLOG post on that. Go to the home page of my BLOG and look for the “Category’s” box. Scroll through to find “Misc.” or “Upcycling.” What a fun idea this lampshade would be for a sewing room or a kids room.

This is so COOL! And because they are circles there are no strings hanging off the edges. Maybe they are 5-6″ circles?

I’m not sure how this was created. Maybe smears of paint? Gouache paints because they are opaque? Slow process as each layer must dry first. But really cool. Oh wow, I could make my own fabric. Hmm….

I think that this is such a super cool idea! I do need a long hall though. Hanging them might be the hardest part. And check out the quilted wallhanging at the end of the hallway. And I think those are crocheted long, skinny hangings on either side of the quilt? What a fun space.

This is exactly how I have felt lately trying to get out into the vegetable garden just to pull weeds, VERY STIFF! And once again I forgot about the “tennis ball trick” (lay on the floor and tuck the tennis ball where it hurts). Your body weight on the tennis ball helps release the kinks. But I STUPIDLY let 2 days go by before I remembered.

I really like this. I only have 15+ jean jackets ready to go for “Upcycled Denim” projects. Sigh..I do love the collecting portion of upcycling.

These next two pictures say “Desigual” in the comment space. I will do this someday. It is such a great idea. I am familiar with the Desigual brand. Just for kicks I went to Ebay and typed in Desigual Jacket. Uhh…1,100 came up. What a FUN company to work for! You will get lost in all the great ideas you will see.

O.K., I’m really, REALLY going to do this. Ha, can you believe it, I don’t own a denim workshirt. Goody, goody, something to shop for at the Thrift shop. And then I need a poncho or ruana. I will definitely keep you posted on this one. It is so different.

Upcycled denim. This one is precious. All the picture said was So simple but lovely at the same time. Hey, I could put something like this on the back of one of my denim jackets. Or big enough to make a pillow.

And here’s another one. Check out

This top is so cute. I really like the “gathering detail” on the blouse. Simple but very stylish way to cinch in a top. The skirt is cute too.

Early morning Kitty in a puddle of sun. Sweet Rubix.

When life and the world feel out of control, sit still in a puddle of sunshine and sip your morning coffee and think of this verse.

Thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate each and every one of you. Let’s all get out there and get our creative going this weekend. Hugs, Heidi

O My! It’s the “Dog Days of Summer.”


It is so hot out there I am just not motivated to do much of any sewing. O.K., O.K., it’s only in the low 90’s (not hot to some), but day after DAY, AFTER DAY! Well, if you are hot where you live or those of you in the Southern hemisphere might be cold, hahaha. O.K., the being cold is not just in the southern hemisphere. I have a couple of issues I need to discuss before I move on to the Super CUTE dog pics and new Sparky Tops……. Am I the only one who dresses very summery to go to the grocery store (it is summer after all) and EVERY supermarket has their thermostats set for 37 degrees (my refrigerator setting). Sure it feels lovely for the first 25 feet into the store. And don’t go near the frozen isle or the refrigerated section. It’s probably just me, and now that I have spoken about it, I feel better. I’m just saying, if you bumped it up even 5 degrees, I’d shop longer, therefore spend more $$. And now just one more……

No words needed on this one! Now on to the Cute puppskies.

Meet Bender. He is the main model for the hats at the BLOG site of: There are no “Dog Days” for Bender!! Isn’t he just the cutest! He’s a natural.

Bender has no need to worry about the hot sun in his hat made from Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Go to to read about this cutie and his housemate Rico.

I love to hear from all of you who have made a garment using one of my Art To Wear” patterns. Please meet Debbie who while recovering from a broken ankle, made a Sparky Top. BUT WAIT, not just one…..

not just TWO Sparky Tops(check out the side panel fabric I love that it has strips of fabric attached to a base fabric) ……….

Here is Sparky Top NUMBER 3!!! Goooo Debbie! Thank you so much for sharing your Sparky Top wardrobe with us. I’m so glad you are having fun creating them. What!? You have a 4th (fourth) one cut out and is ready to stitch up!!

And here is the back of Sparky Top number one. Thank you again Debbie for sharing. And for anyone else out there, send me some pictures of your “Art to Wear” pattern that you have created from DesignsbyHeidiEmmett (my Etsy shop address to see ALL of my Art to Wear patterns). I would love to show them off for you. And while Debbie is officially “Teacher’s Pet” with so many created just like that! yours will be honored too!

Here is the pattern cover for “Sparky Top.” See all my sewing patterns at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

Believe it or not, I was wearing this Sparky Top the other day while I was starting my Blog post. I really do wear what I create. How bad would it be to pin a pattern to my back while shopping in the freezing cold grocery store? I’ll try it and let you know how that goes.

Everyone sees the front cover with the front of Sparky Top. Here is a larger picture of the back. Mixing the fabrics is just like “Wearing My Joy.”

Oh, and while I’m at it, here is the front of the Sparky Top I had on just the other day. It is made of all Kaffe Fassett fabrics except the back center panel. That piece I cut from a Maxi dress made of silk chiffon. A breeze was blowing when I snapped this picture.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. No actual sewing for me this weekend. I will be finishing up my newest pattern that I can’t WAIT TO SHOW YOU! Suffice it to say, I had 21 ladies try it on. That’s right, twenty-one ladies, one month ago. BEST DAY EVER!!! They too said they had fun. It will be documented for you all to read and perhaps see. Until next week, have fun with whatever project you are working on! Hugs, Heidi

Random Pinterest Pins!

by Heidi Emmett

Some days I need to re-pin my musings that I have found on Pinterest. SOME DAYS!? I do it everyday, ha, ha. But, as I have said in the past, 1/2 hour is my limit. Enjoy some of my “re-pins” from the past few days.

This is so cool! A lot of work but wouldn’t it be great on the back of an OFF THE GRID VEST? See my ” Art to Wear ” pattern at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett Order the pdf/digital print of this fabulous vest for only $9.95 U.S. You will make the pieces (4 rectangles) from the measurements I give you. You create your own pattern pieces. Easy-peasy.

What a fun way to make your next “Sparky Top” An “Art to Wear” pattern by Heidi Emmett. I like how the edges were “Serged” Use knits or woven pieces. See Sparky Top at my Etsy Shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

I laughed until I cried over this one. Remember Candy necklaces? My Dad let us all (my two older brothers and me) go to Smith’s 5 & Dime store to pick out any candy we wanted when our youngest brother was born. I’ll never forget it. Candy in a necklace!!!! I was so getting that. And of course I made a slobbering mess of it all over my blouse and my face but I was happy, happy. Oh, and my little brother is 61 years old now. Sigh…..

The colors, the shapes, it’s all so fun!

Check out She is a modern quilter. Again, the colors of both the necklace and the quilt block, very nice.

Isn’t this so creative!?! I want to make something similar.

I wish this picture was larger. She used a book on “Cells” to give her ideas for this futuristic and cool “Cell Art!”

STUNNING! Each flower and leaf are created separately. I’m still trying to find the finished piece.

Another stunning piece! The three dimensional quality is superb as are the types of stitches, as in bullion, French knots, etc.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are able to enjoy a relaxing and creative weekend. AND that the weather is “mighty fine” wherever you live. Hugs, Heidi

In Honor of My Mother!

by Heidi Emmett

My mother, Joyce Marie Weiss went to heaven on June 19th. She was 91 years young.

This picture is of my Mom and Dad on Easter Sunday, 1949. They had been married for about 2 months. What a fabulous looking couple. Mom’s dress, I love to this day and she looked so good in it. She told me it was copper colored silk charmeuse with small white polka-dots. And her hat even had a veil of netting.

My mother taught me how to sew. She was a beautiful seamstress herself and always looked elegant in what she wore. She helped me to shape my own sense of style. Albeit, mine is anything but elegant. My mother was my BIGGEST supporter. I distinctly remember sitting at her feet with my own “rectangles” of fabric scraps “designing” beautiful outfits (I thought so) for my various dolls.

I was given a child’s sized sewing machine at age 8. Within 1 hour of trying to get it to work, Dad said take this “toy machine” back to Montgomery Ward. So began my learning on the “real” sewing machine. It was pale pink in color, called a “Wizard” made by Brother.

The last piece of clothing my Mom made for me was my 8th grade graduation dress. She said it would be the last garment she would sew for me and really wanted to do it. I was making all my school clothes by age 12. I would rather go to a fabric store and pour over the pattern catalogs and then pick out fabric for them than go to a store for off the rack clothes.

I got out of all kinds of “house chores” because I would come up with great dresses for Mom and her various events and she would give me “carte blanche.” Thank you MOM!

I was the only person in my high school graduating class of 1974 that wanted a sewing machine for a graduation gift. In my circle of friends, it was a car. Not me. Mom made sure that I got what I wanted. It arrived via Greyhound bus! I had done my research. I wanted a Bernina 830. Top of the line in its day (yowzaa, I just sounded ohhh, so old!).

Through the years, selling my “Wearable Art” at shows, opening my own full service fabric store (sold those Bernina’s), quilting, garments, weddings, home dec., we did it all, teaching, and now my “Art to Wear” patterns, Mom was always encouraging me.

I would see Mom every day (she built a “second dwelling” on our property) for these past 12 years after my Dad passed away. I’d show her my latest creations, tell her where I was selling patterns (from my Etsy shop), it was a blessing to have her just a short walk away.

I love you so much Mom. I miss you, but I’m so happy that you are resting in the arms of Jesus. Hugs, Heidi

This picture was taken on a pier at Lake Tahoe, CA side. June, 2010. Joyce Marie Castleberg- Weiss, March 3, 1931- June 19th, 2022.