It’s The Dog Days of Summer.


Day after day after DAY of over 90 degree weather! Acckk….. I blame my lack of gumption to get stuff done on the HEAT! Please enjoy the following pictures with ideas that I have come up with. The first few pictures feature what else but DOGS!

Love this cute doggie and the tote bag too. I found this lady’s blog called “Agilejack” via Pinterest. This is her dog Rico. You can watch Rico learning how to round up sheep and see great Tote Bags and her quilts.

This so funny. Yep, found it on Pinterest.

When I want comfort food THIS is what I reach for. It TRULY is the “World’s BEST” Mac & Cheese in the frozen food section. AND it’s Gluten Free! We should all try to be more gluten free but that’s a talk for another time. I sent them an email 3 years ago to thank them for this yumminess and guess what? They sent me a T-shirt (the little boy in the bow of the boat) with the Beecher’s name on top.

I ran out to the garden and picked a bunch of Sunsugar tomatoes as the “top note.” Super delicious and satisfying.

I’m hearing that denim jackets, timeless in my opinion, are going strong again for the summer. I like what was done here. I never saw the front of this jacket. And I went down many “bunny trails” within PInterest to try and find it.

How could I NOT KNOW THIS great tip! This works for almost all herbs. I was listening to our local radio station, a one minute gardening/cooking commercial twice a week for a health food store. Pick your herbs out of the garden and put them in water and leave them on the counter. Do NOT store them in the fridge. They look pretty until you are ready to use them and WOW it really works. No more turning limp or black thinking the fridge/crisper section is the place to store them. This little bit of Basil above has been in the glass with water for 5 days. It’s even blooming! I know, I know, pinch off the blossoms but I forget to.

Whoo Hoo! My big project for the week. I bought this at a thrift shop at least 15 years ago. It has always been a size too big but I don’t like tight fitting anything in the summer. I love the fabric (a jacquard by the way, 100% cotton, and beautiful quality fabric). I also like the design of the dress and the color. What exactly did I do to this dress since I liked it so much the way it is? Ha, ha, I shortened it! This is actually the 2nd time I have shortened it. It is now tunic length so I can wear white leggings underneath. Sadly, “ye olde” varicose veins are really showing these days. I would have put it on and shown you what I mean, but oh dear, I’m being extra lazy today. I know, I’ll wear this to church on Sunday. I’ll post it on Instagram about noontime.

Check out these pockets! I pushed the belt up a bit so you could see that they are in-seam (as in the waist, not the usual side seam) pockets.

So sleek and smooth. I MUST find a way to put these in another garment.

Gorgeous piping detailing.

Malia of Honolulu. I looked it up. This one is considered a “vintage” dress. I also went to Etsy just for kicks and typed in Malia, Honolulu. Wow, there were a bunch advertised as “Vintage” and prices all over the map. Maybe you have a dress you like to wear but the length doesn’t suit you anymore. Easy peasy for a whole new look.

There is nothing like picking veggies from the garden in either the cool of the morning or just at dusk. There are cucumbers under there too. Ha, ha, of course my Ikea colander color coordinates with my favorite hand crocheted (not by me but I could have I tell ya’) tank top. Have a great weekend everyone and make MORE time for what you love to do! All the other weekend chores can wait. Hugs, Heidi



I bought these jeans on the half off rack at the thrift shop. I looked EVERYWHERE among my pictures for a “before” shot. I know I took one but can’t find it. Notice where the rips are at the hip area on both sides. I put the jeans on and the rips were just too big for me. The white pocket lining stuck out of the frayed part not to mention too much skin showing. Not a good look no matter ones age!

So these jeans sat on the “What do I do with this” pile.

I added to the same pile, this 100% silk top. I bought it as a “cutter” piece. “Cutter” means cut it up and use it in something else. Pretend you don’t see the dragonfly pin (more about the pin in a minute). So there it sat, top of the heap, and I could see it from the ironing board (o.k., O.K., I categorize things in separate bins, like, silk, denim, etc., once the pile falls over, sigh… I’m hopeless). The jeans were right under the top, the legs hanging out.

And this is how my thinking went (while I was ironing, see, I can multitask!).I bought the blouse because I loved the colors and designs. Hmm.. I wonder if it fits. It did, sort of. Hey, those jeans could work with that top. What if I find floss in the colors of the top and sort of fill in those big gaps in the jeans with some simple embroidery?

Large “gaposis” in the bust area. But, otherwise, it did fit!

I mean I needed to take it in this much.

Taa Daa! Enter the hand made (living wage for a group of women in India, Dragonfly pin. Simple pleating on the front with the pin and it’s all fixed. NO SEWING NEEDED!

Quick commercial break. The same thing (Dragon Fly Pin gathering) is perfect for my Whisper Blouse pattern too. Check out my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to see all my “Art to Wear” sewing patterns.

I’ve shown this pin before, my Mom got it for me on a river cruise up the Mississippi River. It is a hand carved and painted butterfly from Louisiana.

Whisper blouse is loose fitting in the bust area and the skirt. To give the illusion of an hour glass figure, (and I know for a FACT that this idea works on full busted women just a nicely as it does on the shall we say, less than full busted women) a pin is perfect.

This actually looks a little whimpy doesn’t it? I needed to pack more fabric onto the pin part, lots more. Sorry about that. And it would have helped to actually press all the cotton lawn pieces. My attic studio on that day was as hot as the outside. 97 degrees said the temperature guage. I do have a wonderful attic fan that pulls in the cool outside air and pushes out the hot air. Sadly for about 4 days in a row the outside air never got below 82 degrees. Enough of that, I saw a squirrel didn’t I?

Don’t laugh too much as you gaze at my perfectly NOT perfect embroidery. I kept it really simple. I sure missed some areas. But I wasn’t worried about it as you can see. I even tied off the knots on the front on purpose.

One more color of floss to fill in the torn area. I used 2 strands of DMC 100% cotton 6 strand floss.

And one last torn up area that I “stitched” closed sort of. And I added a chain stitched flower stem, and little star flowers with a few french knots. Is what I did called “slow sewing” ? Not sure but it was pretty relaxing except for the over/under part when I kept dropping white strands. Oh well. I’ll just keep moving and no one will notice. I didn’t want perfection on ripped jeans anyway.

I really like my “new” outfit. I plan to wear it this Sunday to an “Anything Goes” (dress wise) to the last planned outing of a wedding weekend. It’s a “Destination” wedding to Mammoth, CA so lots of planned get togethers and all have different attire suggestions. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Yard art! Check out my wild flowers.

Love upcycling.

The petals are wild and crazy pieces of metal. The centers of the flowers are glass bottle pieces.

I really like this outfit now. It’s off the remake, reuse pile and on me! Whoo hoo, cross one more project off the list. DONE! What are you going to work on this weekend to get your creative juices going? Remember what I say, “15 minutes a day, that’s all you need to get inspired and keep going. Your project will be done before you know it.” Hugs, Heidi

California, The “Shake and Bake” state. And an Upcycle!

by Heidi Emmett

Feast your eyes on this picture of Lake Tahoe, Zephyr Point, Nevada, 3 miles from South Shore. I took this picture on June 24th, at 10:30 in the morning, temperature, 62 degrees, elevation 6300ft. Sigh…..I’m just gazing and soaking in the fact that it was lusciously cool. Ha, I was even wearing a sweatshirt.

Picture taken below Cabin # 8 (used to be the Bear Necessities Gift Shop) on the Zephyr Point Conference center grounds in Nevada. 6300ft. elevation.

On Thursday (July 8th) at 3:50p.m. I was sitting right here at my desk top, beginning today’s post. My set up is in an antique armoire. One of our two cats sleeps on top. When he jumps down the armoire shakes a tiny bit. Rubix jumps from the top to a window ledge that is right next to me. I was searching for pictures for my post when the whole armoire shook. I looked for Rubix and startled by NOT seeing him, I jumped up and away from the armoire. Simultaneously, my husband shouted from upstairs in his office, “Heidi?!” I stood in the doorway looking at the dining room and the living room (we have open plan concept). Maybe 5 seconds after the armoire incident, ALL the windows in the dining and living rooms rattled, loud enough for me to stay rooted to my spot until it passed. Robert immediately went to the site. 6.0 earthquake in Smith Valley, Nevada (the base of the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Straight line site, 150 miles away, southeast of us.

AND another HEAT wave is settling over the western states. Possible rolling blackouts, sigh… fire danger. Check out this site (we HAVE to to know where the latest fire might be): We have an Air Attack airbase 1.5 miles away from where we live. Thank you, thank you, to the Lord above for this! We feel so much safer. So now you know WHY the title.

On with the post!

It all started with scraps. I wanted to create a dress/longer tunic with a pieced skirt area. So I started to “collect” my favorites, yellow greens and blacks. These are all quilting cotton weight. Made this a few summers back. LOVED the whole process.

Here’s the back. I wear it often. I set aside all the scraps (um…I had a bunch).

Fast forward one summer. I found this 100% linen knit top. It was too short for my taste. Hmm…what to do, what to do? Pulled out those scraps from the first dress I had made. I pieced together some of the scraps. Just so you know, I am wearing black capris. Sometimes the lighting……

And the back. I cut the shirt across through both layers and inserted the newly created fabric strip that I had first sewn into a circle. I added a few strips of black and white cotton knit. Summer ended and I put my fun top away.

O.K. I pulled out my fun top a few weeks back. This summer I chose to add some netting to fill in the neck a bit. And I still have some scraps.

With those scraps I fashioned a crazy pocket to add to the front. I think I’m done. Ahh, but I still have scraps!

I have quite a few techniques in both the dress and the top. I’m thinking. I could create a class. It would be an “Etsy” class. It would be in a pdf/digital format. It would be printable on your home printer. There would be lots and lots of pictures. It would be reasonably priced. Under $10.00. I would do it in a step by step format and give you all the ins and outs so you would NOT make the mistakes I did. Hmm….I just thought of this class idea as I finished typing up this blog post (I’m late because internet and phones went offline for 4 1/2 hours). What do you think? Email me at or comment about it right here. I would love your thoughts.

It has been a crazy past 48 hours so I decided I needed a good laugh. I’ve gotta say I have never seen chicken “shaming” but I guess there is a first for almost anything. Thank you so much for stopping by. Big hugs to you all! Heidi

Use a Scarf for Your Next Sparky Top!


I don’t know what the temperature has been where you live, but I live in Northern California and WOW it has been hot lately. It is the perfect time to consider stitching up a cool, breezy top.

To capture every little breeze that might be out there and still look sharp, start with my Sparky Top sewing pattern.

Dress it up or down. Email me directly at for information on ordering this pattern. This pattern is $15. US and includes all directions, AND tissue pattern pieces (all sizes included).

For the front of my Sparky Top (and the side pieces) I chose Kaffe Fassett fabrics. The cool greens and blues of the stripes and floral were “cool” feeling. I didn’t have enough fabric to make the front piece all in one fabric, so keeping with my always “long and lean” look the largest part of the front piece is an up and down stripe.

A partial view of the center back panel. This brings up the “Using a Scarf” idea in a Sparky Top.

Ahh…here we go. The back panel blowing in the breeze, is “scarf-like” in that the panel fabric is silk chiffon (used in many, scarves). I purchased a silk chiffon Maxi dress at the thrift shop. The colors are a perfect match to the Kaffe fabrics. Silk chiffon is so light weight and gives a

A quick mention. I wanted the same fabric all the way across the back. But I only had scraps so I pieced it together and to hide the seam, I “fussy cut” some flowers and hid the seam with those. I think it works.

This is the garment that gave me the idea of using a silk scarf for the front of a Sparky Top. I bought it at Anthropoligie years ago. I just love the idea of using a favorite silk scarf for some part, if not the front, of a top.

I had just taken it off the clothes line for these pictures. Silk scarves do dry quickly. But it was too hot in my studio attic (no air conditioning in there) to press it.

Here’s the back of the top .

I don’t like showing you garments that are barely in process, but this is the case this time. The streaked fabric on the left is a digital printed (all the rage these days) and purchased in a quilt shop. Going down a bunny trail for a minute. Quilt shops are a great place to shop for fabrics for garments. So many sophisticated prints that easily fit into the garment genre.

The fabric on the right is actually a scarf! by Desigual (great clothing company). I will try to put the signature in a prominent spot on my Sparky Top. It will give it even more cache’. The spotted fabric on the bottom is 100% linen, very light weight with the black stripes woven in.

I added the spots, or is it dots? using Paintsticks and….

a great stencil by Patty Park. More on all this next week.

I didn’t write last week because my husband and I left the heat of Cedar Ridge, CA for Lake Tahoe. This is the view from below our cabin looking to the right. The water is down over 3 feet right now so many of the boulders are exposed. It makes for some great shots don’t you think?



Some weeks I just can’t settle down and finish one thing. I work on my projects bit by bit. That’s O.K., “Marinating mid project, makes for a finer finish.” First, let’s look at an Off The Grid Vest made by Annette.

I try to remember to ask my customers that when they finish a garment from one of my patterns, I would love to show off their creation. Annette W. sent me two pictures of her version of OFF THE GRID VEST. Annette, this is beautiful! What I really like is that her quilt blocks are very intricate so there was no need to embellish any other areas of the vest. Notice how perfectly they line up on either side as well as being on the inside of the front pieces too.
This vest is so beautifully done and the batik fabrics are just the right touch for the block you chose to showcase in your version of OFF THE GRID VEST.
Here is the cover of OFF THE GRID VEST. This is one of a few of my patterns that has no tissue pattern pieces in it. You make your own (4 total, all rectangles). As a PDF/digital pattern it is available via my Etsy shop for $9.95 Be sure to look for the digital logo on the pattern before you pick one (I can also send it as a hard copy instead, but $5. more) If you live out of the country digital is the perfect way to get this particular pattern. Digital at $9.95 US.
Notice the sides of OFF THE GRID are open. Open sides are the PERFECT way to disguise hips that don’t feel slim and give a long lean look at the same time. Please visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to see all my “Art to Wear Patterns.”
I was reminded just this morning how happy I am to have my “Grab Pad.” Thank you Gayle O. for this AMAZING little wonder. How did you know how my “pedal foot” is always dancing around looking for the foot control pedal on my Serger. Not ANYMORE thanks to the Grab Pad. It sticks right to the bottom of the foot control and then to the floor. And it’s made right here in the U.S.A.
I was serging the edge of this piece of fabric when I had to stop and take a picture of the Grab Pad. So what is this creamy colored piece of fabric? It’s a piece of 100% silk georgette that is 22″ x 34″ and serged on the two raw edges. The selveges are left alone. This is my new press cloth. It works perfectly to stop “shine” on any fabric that you don’t want shine on. The piece above is a blue linen. I did test this idea before I told you about it. And it really works! Never put your iron up to too high or you could scorch your fabric (somewhere between silk and wool usually works for any fabric). And of course test it first on a fabric scrap. Doesn’t matter the color of the silk (it could even be a print). The size you use doesn’t matter either. Thank you Patty P. via Linda Lee for this great idea.
I met some friends, sisters from Oregon, Linda & Karenanne at a sewing shop in Sacramento, CA and they told me about the above iron. When they told me about the virtues of this iron and at least 4 other customers in the store said they had one and loved it too, well, it was 31% off (Memorial Day weekend sale), so I bought it. I haven’t had a new iron for over 20+ years. I think I’ve earned it. I wont let myself use it until I put on the new ironing board cover. Now, where did I put that cover?
This is so “kitschy.” I admired it a few weeks back at my Mom’s house. Mom said she got it as a shower gift in 1949! She didn’t use it much until she moved into her “Granny” house that she built on our property (11 years ago last month). I take my Mom on a little walk everyday. At 90 she says every day she is so thankful that she CAN walk. Whoops, got a little sidetracked. When I went down to take her on a walk she handed me this towel and said I should keep it. I love that it has a story. Thanks Mom!
This picture is from an “Art” calendar I get every year from one of my brothers at Christmas. I posted this on my Instagram page just a few days ago. It is by an unknown photographer from France in the late 18th century. I had NO idea (just looking at the face) that it is the face of the Statue of Liberty! And then I saw some comments about it (Instagram) and they ALL said it looked like Elvis Presley. What a hoot. It is amazing what seeing just a face (and a big one too) will conjure up.
I showed this Mosaic picture to my husband and I said that I knew what to do with all the pretty mugs I get that have a chip or two but I can’t bear to throw them away. Yes, sadly, I have 4. Robert handed my tablet back to me with actual groaning and eye rolling. What did I say that was wrong? Ha, ha.
This really makes me laugh. You should follow me on Pinterest (DesignsbyHeidiEmmett). Check out my board called, “Things that make me laugh.” It should make your day happy and light.

Yep, this is me.

Take a moment to chuckle and enjoy one of God’s creations. The Blue Footed Booby (the name alone is laughable). And who says that God doesn’t have a sense of humor? The Turquoise Blue feet? I really like them. Thanks for stopping by and remember, just 15 minutes a day to work on a creative project is all you might need to jumpstart something fantastic! Hugs, Heidi

Some Books I Consider TIMELESS!


Today is a great day. First, I think the bug-a-boos are gone from this site. The weather is absolutely perfect today, and in my garden I have 4 Sunsugar tomatoes almost ripe(never EVER, have they started to ripen this early). And the bluberries at my Mom’s are just a day or two away from picking perfection. And soo many more things….this IS the day the Lord has made!

I have been going through my stash of books on fiber. I was reminded again how timeless a few of them are. I’m going to show you two today. To me, timeless means that now matter when they were published the ideas remain fresh and innovative through the pictures and color combinations that are used.


Susan Wasinger has over the years, written quite a few books related to fiber. This one, FABRICATE is my favorite. It was printed in 2009. Design, Illustrations, AND the photography were all done by Susan. ( Lost Angel Studios) is where you read about this very talented woman. It is out of print but I found my copy on Ebay . Let’s take a look at a few of her projects.


Boro stitching, Sashiko stitching, “Slow stitching, are some of the names given to this simple hand stitching on top of pieced fabric. This stitching is really “hot” right now. 12 years ago this was being done. Timeless.

Tote Bags are always popular. Fused plastic, I still haven’t tried it but it looks interesting.

This method of stitchless Embroidery keeps cropping up in other publications but Susan’s design makes me REALLY want to try it. Timeless.

My book, Fashion Quilted Accessories was printed in 2015. Six years ago already! Even though I didn’t get to choose the title, the photography, or all the myriad other things that goes into a book, they are MY designs in fabrics of MY choosing, and the projects are all MY words. And of course, 6 years later, I still consider it a timeless project book.

I was just asked to teach a class for this fun necklace and earrings, a live class via FB and You Tube. It’s not until late August or October (I’ll take October. I have so much to learn regarding “well done” classes over the internet, sigh…..)


Here is all the information you need to purchase your own copy of my book. Or, visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

I think this happens to all of us in our lives at some point. I sure HOPE I’m not the only one!

Now, doesn’t this say SUMMER! I showed it to my husband and said, “Now I know what to do with all my chipped or cracked mugs that I can’t bear to throw away.” He just groaned and rolled his eyes.

Oh dear! This pin is so me. Ha, ha. Thanks so much for stopping by and may you have a fabulous, creative weekend. And find something or lots of things to be grateful for. Hugs, Heidi

What a Week I’ve Had!


Several of us have had some issues with the platforms we use for sending blog posts out. WordPress (the one I use )said it was on their end. So I’m sending out some “comic strips” for “Comic relief. I am not able to write anything below my pictures. Acckk…So enjoy this jacket made by my friend Mary B. She is SUPER creative. I get compliments galore whenever I wear it. I tried Etsy and Ebay for this exact fabric and I’m not seeing it yet. There are others though. May you have creativity galore this weekend. Hugs, Heidi


Could It Be Your Hair?


I’m beyond late getting this post out. Things have just piled up this week. I woke up at my usual time 6:00a.m. and began the “too much going on” feeling before I even had my 1st cuppa. Even after a shower I was still not with it (and I LOVE my hot showers). Fixing breakfast I was constantly brushing my hair out of my eyes. THAT’S IT! My bangs. A quick trip to a mirror with scissors in hand and just an 1/16″ trim and Voila. Ahhhh….I’m in a good place once again. On with the post!

Two years ago I purchased this Kimono as a “cutter.” It is upper knee length.
Isn’t this “window pane” ikat woven silk FABULOUS! It is such an involved process.
The 100% silk printed piece that is the shoulder and chest lining of the Kimono. Such great fabrics to use in a project.
I purchased the Kimono at this fabulous warehouse sale and show. If you are in the area, it is WELL WORTH the trip. I go mainly for the fabric (sometimes they have pieces or shawls. My Kimono cost $25.
A few days later and a trip to one of my favorite thrift shops in Truckee, CA yielded these capri jeans. I thought $7. was pretty high but then I thought that all that applique work made them worth it.
I tried the kimono and capris on together with a red tank and said “YES.” I like this look. The capris were too short (gotta hide the varicose veins) and the kimono was too long(it looked too formal in its’ long state and it hid the applique on the back of the capris).
I looked in my stash for some linen canvas scraps. And that cursive writing on the quilting cotton is the perfect green. Since the machine applique work (the flowers on the capris) was “roughly ” sewn I did the same on the addition to the bottom of each leg. I gotta say, this type of sewing is a very “FREEING.” Just go for it and nothing you do is wrong. Figure it out as you go.
I tried the capris on again and opted (no choice I didn’t have any lap over where the denim met the addition of length, ha, ha) to have overlap at the bottom area only. A few stitches into the green and they were secured. I like the opening. Showing off a little leg….
Taa daa! Oh one more thing, the capris were too tight in the waist (no surprise there), so I took my scissors and cut into the back waistband, from the top, 2 1/2 inches down on either side of the center belt loop. I forgot about those cuts and threw the pants in the washer and the dryer. I love how the capris frayed.
See those cuts? They opened up after washing. I thought I would add little bits of fabric behind the cut (triangle shaped) and call it good. Oh my, I do love this easy going upcycling.
I had to have this cute appIique show a bit on the backside. I ended up cutting off the Kimono jacket at the bottom 4 1/2″ and hemmed it up 1 1/2″.
I rushed outside to have my hubs take some shots before the sun came out. Notice anything weird? Ha, ha, HA! I forgot to decide on which shoes to wear. Tell me, which pair?
It is sort of interesting that a real Kimono is put together beautifully and ALL by hand. Why didn’t theymatch the back center seam?
I really like how this outfit turned out. Now if I could just figure out which shoes to wear.
My Zephyr Jacket pattern is a great substitute for not having a kimono. Check out my patterns at my Etsy shop/ DesignsbyHeidiEmmett THEN email me at and get FREE shipping with a pattern order via my email through May 31st, 2021.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a creative weekend. Hugs, Heidi P.S. Don’t forget to visit the blog today.

Sparky Top- A Spring/Summer Must Have!


Need a different look that will have you floating through the warm/hot days coming up? Sparky Top should do the trick. Come and see what I’ve done.

Here is the pattern. It is my only design that goes from a Misses size 8 -to a Woman’s size 6x. All sizes are in one pattern.
The front is made up of a single piece of fabric. I purchased this piece several years ago. I think it is a
FABULOUS 100% cotton. They are Ikat prints 5 different designs were stitched in strips to form a single fabric. Rows and rows of machine stitching on top including small solid cotton circles in the stitching. I just LOVE this fabric. I splurged on three colorways, the navy above, black, and a cream. This came from MARCY TILTON I haven’t seen them yet this year, but you could write to her and ask.
The center back features a great piece by Marcia Derse.
The side pieces are an old stand by that I have owned for 20+ years. It is the KaffeFassett stripe with double needle stitching on it.
A nice close up of the front fabric. These three pieces (remember black, navy, and cream) will be in my “GO BAG” along with my two most favorite Kaffe Fassett sweaters. As well as photos, papers, etc. What’s a Go Bag you ask? If you live in “SHAKE AND BAKE” California you KNOW that a GO BAG is packed with all your absolute essentials in case of a wild fire and you have very limited time to GET OUT! I actually have go bags. Plural. Enough of this scary stuff, onward to my “happy place,” sewing in my upstairs attic/studio. Now where were we…..In the picture below I’m using my Chalkoner (have owned it since 1983) to mark the bias piece I need to cut out for finishing the neckline. It is a fantastic tool for marking whether quilting or stitching.

See the white line starting below the Chalkoner

Adding circles for a fun look from the pieces of fabric below.

I decided to continue the circle theme by cutting out circles and adding them to the back shoulder piece.
I can’t get enough of this gorgeous Ikat fabric.
Stitching in all directions, a great way to hold them in place.
I wanted pockets on thisSparky Top and chose to make them in seam where the front piece meets the side piece.
Super selling “SPARKY TOP” pattern. It went into its’ second printing in less than 7 months. Purchase one from me DIRECTLY, at and I will give you free shipping anywhere (yes, out of country too)for the month of May 2021. Sparky Top pattern is $15.00 Sizes 8-6X are included.
Back of Sparky Top pattern. Contact Heidi Emmett at the email above to purchase one.
I had to show you my TIP for the week. My husbands 100% cotton shirt taken right from the dryer. Those spots were NOT there before it went into the wash. They literally soaked through to the inside. They look like bleach spots. Not sure what produced them. Anyway….
I love, LOVE, these fabric markers by Arteza. And whoo hoo, 30 colors to choose from. I practiced on the wrong side, to find just the right colors for the plaid.
Taa Daa!! I took this “after” photo in the bright sun so you can still faintly see the bleach spots. But I’m telling you, in regular lighting you cannot tell that they are there. I’m very pleased with the results.
I know, I show my Mom’s PRIZED Iris every year. But, hey, it’s been a year. Isn’t she a beauty?

The Georgia O’Keefe version. We’ve never seen any other Iris in this colorway. They are slowly multiplying after 9 years of growing in her garden.
I’m taking a break from dusting and vacuuming this weekend. The pollen has been so bad this season, so sadly (ha, ha, ha) I must wait until it’s ALL DONE! Yippee! More creative time coming up! Hugs, Heidi



This past Tuesday, I turned on our local radio station and heard the announcer say, “We need to find out what Dwight W. saw in the sky early this morning.” WHAT?? That’s my brother he’s talking about. I turned around and called my brother at “the growing grounds,” where nursery stock is grown for their retail Nursery in town. Here’s his story: “I arrived at 4:30a.m. and looked out to the southwest to enjoy the view of the early morning sky. A string of 22 very bright lights appeared suddenly and moved across the horizon fairly slowly. I got a really weird feeling and felt all the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. They disappeared from view in about a minute. Less than 30 seconds later I saw ANOTHER string of bright lights moving along as if they were following the others. I counted 88 this time. It was so quiet and creepy. What is going on?”

It turns out that those lights are satellites put into orbit by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. They are created by a company called Starlink. Find out more by going to These satellites are 200 miles up, each one is 5 miles apart and are traveling 17,000 miles per hour. All this is crazy interesting. But, YIKES to see it in front of ones eyes and be the only one to see it is incredibly nerve wracking. In honor of all this, may I present my “Out of This World” wall hanging.
I started with a panel that had the night sky behind and a giant planet in the foreground. This panel became a study in techniques and composition for me. I put the panel on my design wall for days as I formulated my plan.
This spirally “whiz bang!” thing is made up of all pieces cut on the bias. I was looking for motion and movement through space as if it was moving fast. Start the spiraling in the center with a tight circle and work your way around and around. Add another piece as needed.
Of course there are moths floating in space. I had the colors be similar to the surroundings so at first glance you wouldn’t know what exactly you were looking at.
The stitch that surrounds each moth is a zig-zag stitch that I explain in a project from my book, “FASHIONED QUILTED ACCESSORIES.’
The project is featured on the cover in the upper right corner. Butterflies on the head scarf and the regular scarf. The project uses Terial Magic (FANTASTIC stiffening product) and a creative zig-zag stitch. Buy my book at my Etsy Shop: Designs by Heidi Emmett
Another closeup of that zig-zag stitch and some circle stitching as a quilting detail.
After machine stitching an element I added beads and flashy “stuff” by hand to create the “twinkling” that goes on in the heavens.
Silent, Shimmering, Journey
Can you tell that this planet/star is Swooshing through space with the rice stitching and beads trailing out behind it? Please note the white fluff all over the black universe. It’s “Space Dust.” ha, ha. Acck… we just can’t get rid of it ANYWHERE!
And we have our Satellite aka “lampwork beads.”
More shimmer. Can never have enough.
“SWWOOOSSSHHH” as this futuristic space station slowly moves around this otherworldly planet.
I use whatever fabric has the colors I want. This is a 30 year old Batik. Did I ever say that I have a problem with getting rid of fabric? I love it all or I wouldn’t have purchased it in the first place, right?
When I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted, I went to my yarn stash, found the appropriate yarn and machine felted it down.
Machine felt the yarn, add machine stitching, machine quilting and THEN add the “bling.”
One more story to end this post of the “unusual.” Last evening at 9:34p.m. I was getting ready to read in bed when suddenly, the entire large bay window in our bedroom did a sudden rattling. Maybe 5 seconds worth. Earthquake!!! We live in Northern CA in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills, 50+ miles from Truckee, CA. There was a 4.7 earthquake 11 miles north of Truckee. 5 minutes later, an earthquake hit the center of Lake Tahoe (as the crow flies Lake Tahoe is approx.10 miles from Truckee). This earthquake was smaller. Two more hit 5 min. apart and again 11+ miles north of Truckee and also smaller than the first one. While earthquakes are not unusual around here, clusters are. Less than 20 minutes after the last of the four earthquakes, “Ping” the electricity went off (covering a large area within our county of which Truckee is a part of). Whaaat??? is going on? 20 minutes later it came back on. Listened to the local news this morning and they have no clue why the electricity went off. Hmm…time to que the “otherworldly” music. Have a fabulous, creative weekend everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hugs, Heidi

A Throwback to The 1970’s


Welcome! Before I get nostalgic, I need to let you all know I don’t do much on the social media front so I’m sorry in advance if I don’t message you, Facetime with you (I have a Google Pixel), respond quickly to “Friend” requests, etc. I have only sew much time and I need to be creating. If you need to get in touch with me (I know so old-fashioned) here is my email:

All right, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Embroidery was REALLY hot in the 70’s. I loved that. And it’s popular again, right now! Happy, happy about that!

Wow WOW! What a blast from the past. I made this shirt for my “little” brother (he just turned 60!!) in 1973. Phillip was 13 and I was 17. Back in high school my friends were getting cars for graduation. Not me. I wanted a sewing machine. And not just any sewing machine. I wanted a top of the line Bernina. My Dad bought my Mom one at the same time. They came in by Greyhound bus. Oh what a great time that was!
Embroidered “workshirts ” were all the rage. I had to make this shirt too because Phillip didn’t want a blue workshirt. Remember “Kettle Cloth? ” That’s what I used to make this shirt.
The book I used for the Embroidery designs was by Dover publishing. Forever (or so it seems), they have been copyright free so you can use any design. I picked my colors and stitches. I just went to Ebay and looked up Dover books. There are thousands (many aren’t being printed anymore)available for purchase.
This was a book on Southwest designs. And oh boy, I certainly wanted to try out those decorative stitches on my new Bernina 830.
A Thunderbird perhaps. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Embroidery back in the day. Back then it was Erica Wilson (she was into Crewel work and lived on Nantucket island). Today, it is Sue Spargo. She specialized in embroidery on felted wool. Gorgeous!
A Thunderbird perhaps. Look, ombre floss was available even back then.
Lightening, clouds, & rain. I still can’t believe that Phillip kept this shirt all these years. I just loved taking a trip down memory lane. Keep watching, as I might cut it up (gulp) and repurpose the embroidered pieces. I have some ideas.
Spring came upon us here in Grass Valley, CA so fast this year. My vegetable garden has been planted already. I NEVER, I mean NEVER plant before Mother’s Day. I actually planted it on April 16th this year. They are talking drought for all of California for the first time in four years. Sigh…Let’s just enjoy today, the few pictures I have of Spring.
I think this fringed edge Tulip is so cute. One of my nephews called them “Tooplips,” when he was little. Ha,ha and that very same nephew owns (along with 2 others) a Landscaping business.
My Mom lives on our property in the cutest granny house. She moved in 11 years ago next month. And the nephew, Adam, who called Tulips, Tooplips, was the garden designer and his new business and the crew did the installation. And see the beautiful rock wall? Adam’s brother Grant was the stone mason for that. This is called a “Dry stack wall” meaning there is no morter. Starting at the rock wall and coming up and around clockwise, there are the following plants: Genesta (masses of golden yellow blooms coming in a few weeks). Above that is a member of the Viburnum family. Each branch is filled with white blossoms (I’ll show a close up or two). Pale lavender phlox and then Azaleas in all the shades of pink with Rhododendrons behind.
A single blossom on the Viburnum branch. I call them “dancing angels” or maybe they are butterflies.
Isn’t this amazing!!! And it’s only 2 branches. My brother Phillip(the brother who saved his shirt) suggested this bush(there are two actually) to Mom for her garden. Can you tell, I grew up in a gardening family? I earned money for FABRIC (no surprise) by planting seed beds of trees and then transplanting them to a field (they were for Christmas trees). We planted many conifers in the day.
One of the smaller Dogwoods and the Viburnum under the most intense blue sky.
We love our Dogwoods in Grass Valley. They are everywhere. I took my 90 year old Mom on a drive to see them. 3 colors they come in, the brighter pink above, pale pink, and white. The native ones are mostly white and while they are all tough, the natives are tougher still. I have one that survived not one but two cut offs from the weed eater (yes we have some very tough weed in these parts, ha, ha).
Well, all this Spring color has made me want to WEAR color. My Terrific Tabard pattern in the “Tree of Life” option (appropriate for Spring I think) is perfect.
Yep, Terrific Tabard Vest, “Tree of Life” would be perfect for Spring. This one has no batting in it You can just barely see the random stitching for the “quilted look.”
Look at all my sewing patterns in my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/ sewing patterns See one you want to sew up? Email me at: and I’ll give you FREE shipping through the month of May, 2021. You must email me to get the Free Shipping (Etsy is set up to CHARGE you for shipping). Mention the words “SPRING SEWING’ and I’ll get back to you asap!
I couldn’t resist the road signs above. Just for fun.
It’s Friday people and I can see the weekend from here. Set aside some creative time JUST FOR YOU! Hugs, Heidi

This Little Doggie Sparky!


It’s time to finish a few projects. Yes, I have some, O.K.,O.K., I have a BUNCH! And YES, I do have a short attention span.

I took a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY & EVENING to finish some projects and continue working on others. For the tote bag below, we need to go waaaay back to September 24, 2010.  Sandy Poteet, a fiber artist (she works on Art Quilts), taught a class on a “bleaching” technique. So much information and good instruction. I do remember that. I came home with a finished 18″ x 18″ piece, bleached with Sparky’s image on it.
Whirrr…whirr…cut…stitch…press….whirr, whirr….and Voila! Here is my  “grocery bag” styled tote bag.
Ikea canvas (drapery weight, buy it by the yard at Ikea) scraps from a “free table.” This is the back of the tote and the lining too. I also added a few pockets inside and out. The first cut I made was wrong. I stared at what I had just done and laughed. I have matured I think. A few years back I would have been very upset with my  “bad cut” but now, no worries, I’ll make it work.  It must be all the upcycling I have been doing of late.
I remember we had to bring a picture.
Our sweet, sweet, rescue dog, “Sparky.” He was such a faithful friend. We miss him so. He put up with quite a few rescued cats and kittens too. The last two cats came as kittens and Sparky was very patient with them as they grew up.
Not sure if Rubix (one of the last two kittens in Sparky’s long and happy, life)by sitting on the Sparky tote is being contemplative, irratating, or…..
Awww….I’m going with contemplative over missing the ONE dog in his 9 years of living that Rubix got along with (they even slept in the dog’s bed together). You were a “good boy Sparky! I miss you Sparky-dog,” says Rubix.
Yep, I named one of my patterns for “Sparky” It’s spring, so it’s time to lighten up on what we wear. Sparky Top is sort of like potato chips. You can not STOP at just making one. Visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns to see my whole line of Art to Wear sewing patterns. All available as “hard” copies and Pdf/digital.
This Sparky Top was created for an outdoor wedding on a very warm day. It was perfect in Kaffe Fassett cottons and the “floaty” back piece was cut from a Maxi dress made of silk chiffon. Don’t be afraid to mix fabric types. As long as they have similar weights they will work.
A beautiful knit “panel” piece was used for the front and the same panel was used on the back as well. Knits are perfect for traveling (and little to no wrinkling right from the suitcase).
Voile scraps (leftovers from another project)make up the front. I cut up a 100% linen skirt (from the super sale table at Stein Mart). It was a short skirt so how to make it work, I added more voile scraps to the bottom of the side panel. Sparky Top an “Art To Wear” sewing pattern from my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns.
And what? is the back of this Sparky Top all about. This beautiful white re-embroidered voile was once a skirt that had a flounce at the bottom. Upcycling, one of my favorite things to let my creative side go crazy! If you like what you see, go to the home page of my post at and look for the “Category” box and scroll down until you see Sparky Top. Many past posts will pop up for MORE ideas on this versatile top pattern.
I’m not sure what this actually means but it makes me laugh. Shouldn’t it be Stiletto’s? As in a pair? Hmm….
love this one. Ha, ha.
You MUST look up this amazing 90+ woman. Talk about an accesorizing Queen!
Have a great weekend and get yourself into stitches! Hugs, Heidi

Kaffe Fassett & A Kaliedoscope quilt!


Go to this link to sign up.
I started with a pile of fabrics. Well actually, I own a TON of Kaffe so I made another pile of fabrics that I liked too.
My inspiration for color came from my Chinese Checkers tin. And there are triangles in this game too. What is that otherworldly creature crawling across my tin?
My son gave me this “Grasshopper” as a “yard art” gift. No way is he going out into the yard! He will be gaurdian of the house. Hmm…I could also use it to clobber a nefarious intruder.
He is a hefty piece of art. I believe it had a past life as a Crescent wrench.
Very inventive legs for sure.
Meanwhile, I took all my piles of Kaffe fabrics (and a few others too) to a Kaleidoscope quilt making class. WHAT FUN!!!
Everyone is zipping along with their sewing! Small amounts of fabrics yield one block. Sew all of my blocks were different.
I finally finished my Kaleidoscope quilt. It is filled with many Kaffe prints. I took this picture a little to the side so you could see the Genesta (yellow flowers spilling over the rock wall). Thanks for stopping by and if you want to see a little more about Kaffe Fassett, pop over to my post on our Artistic Alchemy blog. The address is Just tap on any of the red words. Hugs, Heidi

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2021


Oh my goodness! When this fashion show came across my path, I was MEZMORIZED! Patchwork and quilting ARE HOT in the fashion world right now! I think they have been for the past few seasons but Dolce & Gabbana have taken it to the edge! I had to watch it a second time to catch the nuances and fabulous coming together of pattern, color, and design. A friend told me she saw my Rafiki Skirt (Art to Wear Pattern) in the mix. Thank you Mary B. That’s when I watched the show a second time and spotted other patterns (from my Art to Wear pattern line, available at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns). What fun! Enjoy the show.

Here is the link:

Nailheads add just the right amount of bling on this woven/patched outfit with purse. Have an old pair of boots that you just can’t give up? Recreate this look by gluing patchworked fabrics right to the leather.
I would totally wear these pants. Well maybe not, as the stripe direction would be a sorry sight with my hips.
My Raki Skirt sewing pattern would be sooooo PERFECT with this look. My skirt pattern has a total of 7 different fabrics in it. See it in my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns .Or contact me at for direct delivery by me.
Terrific Tabard is a “Blank Canvas” for the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2021 look. Hey, I think I have it going on already on the cover photo. Designs by Heidi – Contact info.
WOW OH WOW! All that’s missing is the kitchen sink! On closer inspection there are things here I would try. The skirt is made of woven pieces. That could be very interesting in a “Whisper Blouse” bodice.
Interested in any of my Art to Wear sewing patterns? Email me at and buy directly from me, or visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns to see all that I have. They come as hard copies and/or digital/PDF formating.
Zephyr Jacket, always a winner when you want something easy to wear and wear it all seasons depending what you put under it.
This started as a sweat shirt. WOW! Just an FYI . I am working on an online class for upcyling a sweatshirt. I just might include this picture. The class will be on Course Craft. Check out the classes that Jane Haworth and Sandra Bruce have on that site. Go to and type in their names. Jane and Sandra and myself are part of Artistic Alchemy. It is a sewing/quilting retreat held on the shores of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side. Please visit our site: for more information.
These two Bolero styled vests are a great starting point to use my Calypso Vest pattern as you will see below.
I think these two Calypso Bolero vests (on the cover)with the colors and prints I used to make them (mostly Kaffe Fassestt) could have been on the runway too. Check out this pattern and all my “Art to Wear” patterns at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns.
This nailhead woven coat, I would TOTALLY wear this.

Wow, that was fun. I almost feel as if I had been there. Maybe this post will give you a jumping off point for a creative sewing project of your own. I hope it will include one of my Art to Wear patterns. Have a wonderfully creative weekend. Hugs, Heidi

My Top 3 Pins on Pinterest!


Join me today for a look at my top three pins on Pinterest! Did you know they keep track of that sort of thing? But first, a tiny little bit about Pinterest. It started in 2010, by a former Google employee. He wanted a way to share pictures and projects with friends. And now, they are a 12 Billion dollar company(many advertisements) and recently had an IPO on the NYSE. My friends Lindsay Ostrom and Christine Barnes introduced me to Pinterest in late 2012. I am up to 3 mil views per month and over 14K followers. AND, this is important, I’m only on it 15 min. per day. Yes, yes, like any other social media it can be a time waster. But the IDEAS you can find and maybe use (riiiighht if I stop using it today and live to be 200 yrs. old), ha, ha, ha. So just a few pictures that I have found on Pinterest or put there myself. And THEN my TOP 3 pins that people re-pin over and over and over….Enjoy!

Rex, our 10 year old kitty, staying warm on a cold day. The scarf, hand knit by Ginger Leuters (look up her book on Module knitting). I was so excited to purchase this scarf at a fund raiser.
just saw this on Pinterest. It may be a project done by kids (batik on muslin using white toothpaste as the resist), but I love their bold designs and use of color. Kids are so free with their artwork. We all need to be that way too. Pablo Picasso said it well, I want
These are fabulous flower pins made with denim, beads, and wool .
I would LOVE to own this sweater. Each leaf, flower, and buds were first hand crocheted and then sewn together in this TRULY ART TO WEAR piece.
What a great way to save a sweater and then add a piece at the bottom. And of course, don’t forget the pockets.
A lovely jacket. I can’t really see how it was put together. I could not make the picture any larger.
Rectangles and squares my favorite shape for clothing.
And look, it has a nice large pocket on the front.
Sometimes dimensions come with the pictures. That’s fun and helpful.
My friend Mary Boalt and her beautifully painted/stamped/stenciled Art to Wear Jacket. I want one of these.
Re-embroidered jeans, these are pretty WOW. Just saw some for sale via Pinterest for $314. I’m sure you figured out that when a price comes up like the $314. instead of say, $295. or $300. it means that this piece is sold in another country. Sure, you can purchase it but watch out for the shipping costs! I know this from experience. Sigh……
Possible painting/stencil idea for fabric of my own.
I love this idea of jean scraps embroidered.
A sheer vest with fabric scraps stitched on the front and back. Very nice.
Number 3 most repinned. I’m still trying to figure out what she is holding. I’m thinking maybe a Rotary Cutter? Sew, the old (pinchsion didn’t we ALL have one of these growing up) and the new(rotary cutter). I have no idea what precipitated this very original outfit, there was no commentary on it.
Number 2 most repinned! Truer words were never spoken, well maybe in the world outside of Laundry ha, ha.
TAA DAA!! My number 1 PIN! When I saw this on Pinterest I found a pair of pants that no longer fit (too tight) and did a more refined version of these capris. Look for my February 15th, 2019 post in the archives of my home page. It’s Titled, “You have to Try This.” That is when it really went out into Pinterest land.

Easter…What a miracle, what a moment, what a Savior. FOR LOVE LIKE THIS, WE CELEBRATE.

What To Do With Marcia Derse Fabrics!


I met Marcia Derse at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah 2011.(Side note: I was there because I was Christine Barnes’ assistant while she was signing her latest greatest book. Check out her book at Marcia was new on the scene of quilting fabrics. I started collecting her fabrics then and there. Fast forward to 2017. I met her again in Portland, Oregon at an E.E. Schenck quilt market (this time I was signing my book, Fashion Quilted Accessories) So just a few years later she is an absolute STAR among the Modern Quilting world and I have even noticed her fabrics in ready-to-wear. After my book signing gig, I changed into my Off The Grid Vest (ha, ha, I was wearing the vest that was on the cover of “Fashion Quilted Accessories” first) and then went to find the Marcia Derse booth. I waited until the crowd thinned (she had just given a short talk about her work). She saw my vest before she saw me. (I wore the Off The Grid Vest that’s on the cover of the pattern). It was fun to see her again and she was exactly the same as the first time I saw her before she was a STAR. What a lovely person.

The cover of my book, FASHION QUILTED ACCESSORIES! See it at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett or contact me via my email:
Marcia’s first panel “The Gerta Collection” from MDD studios.
I did some quilting inside each square or on top of extra fabrics that I added (all within the “Gerta” line of fabric). Remember, this is her very first “Panel” piece. Below, you will see one of her newer panels.
I couln’t be happier with the way this Off The Grid Vest turned out using a Marcia Derse panel for the extra “WOW” factor in this Art to Wear piece by
The pattern front for Off The Grid vest. Read the description and see it in my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett

That very first Marcia Derse “panel” I turned into a TERRIFIC TABARD VEST. Love this one too. I added other Marcia D. prints and cut up some of the panel too for added interest.
Oh my, a Kaffe Fassett stripe wandered right into the middle of all that Marcia Derse fabric.
In case you forgot, this is the pattern I used for the vest above out of the Marcia Derse panel. My email for buying information on this pattern is:
Marcia Derse fabrics are perfect for my pattern, Rafiki Skirt.
Of course, I couldn’t stop at just ONE rafiki skirt in Marcia Derse fabrics. Learn more about this skirt pattern at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns
Once you create the pattern piece (that’s right it is only one piece that you have to make) you can have great fun using lots of Marcia’s fabrics.
Here is a top I purchased (black and white portion) and ADDED Marcia Derse fabrics for interest AND I wanted a pocket.
This top is the cutest pattern on. Hmm…it would make a GREAT pattern.
The back of Terrific Tabard, because yep, there is another panel below that I HAD to turn into a Terrific Tabard. Keep scrolling…..
Love, LOVE this panel. Go to Etsy or Ebay and type in Marcia Derse fabric. Tons of them will pop up! I bet you can’t stop at just one panel either.
A nice blending of linen/cotton/and more cotton fabrics to create one fabulous Terrific Tabard. AND THE PERFECT button by my friend Sandra Bruce. It is one of her polymer clay buttons. Go to
And two more black and whites on the back of this Terrific Tabard vest. See, it doesn’t take much of Marcia Derse fabric to create a statement piece. (Heidi’s email for more info. on her patterns).
Oh my goodness, gorgeous fabrics (one of the newest groups) by Marcia Derse in “Blues.” My friends, Linda and Karenanne gave these to me. YOWZAA! What to make, what to make…
A thank you to Carolyn W. from my Sierra Wearable Art Group, SWAG, for sending out this mighty fine picture. I am so happy, HAPPY! looking at it. And lots of laughing too. Have a super weekend and find just 15 minutes to work on something creative (I hope an hour goes by before you realize it!) Creativity is a great stress reliever as well as an endorphin maker! Hugs, Heidi

Oh Fiddle Faddle!


Whaat? This all started last Friday when I signed off on my post by saying I was going to pull out my 35 pound SASHIKO machine by Baby Lock. Well, I DID IT!!! and have had so much fun. I worked on two projects, and finished today’s showing about 15 minutes ago. I just love working to a deadline. Not! But I got it finished.

Here is the pattern I used for the following project. Love this tunic! As with most of my patterns, this one is as intricate as you want to make it (front and back panels that is).The panels are truly a “blank canvas” to use for your own unique ideas. Putting it together is a snap. Read on.
Here it is, all set up. I was so excited.
O.K. I was fast losing my excitement. I CAREFULLY read the accompanying booklet on how it worked. Remember, it had been almost 4 years (cannot believe this but it’s true) since using it. I watched a You Tube video. They show you how to do everything right? I STILL could not get the LED lights to turn on.IT WILL NOT SEW AT ALL IF THE LED LIGHTS ARE NOT ON! I poured wine and CAREFULLY read again. HOW HARD CAN THIS BE? In the most obscure place in my reading PAGE 37,yes PAGE 37 (it has since been HIGHLIGHTED! ) I read this little sentence: “NOTE: If none of the LED lights are lit, check to make sure the bobbin winder shaft has not been accidentally engaged.” It was. TAA DAA!! I poured more wine to celebrate.
I tell this story because at the exact time I was working on the Sashiko machine, my husband was in his office working on our taxes. The same exact thing was happening to him, way off on some page in tax land, they mention something pertaining to my business (sorry honey)that wiggs out all the work he had done previously. Sadly, he has just left it to marinate for awhile (6 days so far). He should have had wine.
There is a life lesson here. It’s still just people who put together manuals, rules, and regulations. Mistakes can be made. Sadly, at our expense sometimes. But we soldier on. We’re always moving forward, and WE’RE NEVER GIVING UP!
On to the FUN STUFF! Here is a piece of Linen (orange and yellow) that I scored at a Vintage store. The store is so cute and BIG and right here in Grass Valley, CA. I could not believe it. There was a large section of “Vintage Pieces.” I bought two that day, this “Fiddle Faddle” 100% linen piece was one of them.
I went crazy stitching using the Sashiko machine. If I had done all this by hand, YOWZAA. It would have taken many, many, movies to complete it. I’m using a size 50 regular sewing thread (close ups are coming) which is a great weight. The extra cotton fabric squares I added give this panel extra interest and room for lots of stitching. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG to get back to my Sashiko machine.
I ended up lining my Fiddle Faddle (remember, they used to sell it in grocery stores, something along the lines of a glazed popcorn, yummy) because I could see through to the Tunic piece underneath. I love the gray and white tunic fabric. This is a 2016 Ikea collection piece. It is a canvas. A light weight canvas is the perfect feeling for the tunic portion.
Working on the facing piece for the front. I’m telling you, this pattern fits many different body types and you will create pattern pieces (rectangles, my favorite) that fit your body from the measurements I give you. Go look at all my patterns in my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett just to see what I have and then contact me at to see the best way to get this or other patterns.
A super close up of the neck edge. I like to “Bar Tack” where the facing ends and the shoulder seam begins. You will NEVER pop a seam if you do add Bar Tacks wherever there is some stress.
Another great tip, I had no room around the edges of the “Fiddle Faddle” logo. I used a zig zag stitch(close together) dropping off one edge for the zig portion and into the fabric on the zag. To get around the corner, raise the presser foot (to release the tension) and pull out the threads so you have enough to grasp. Place the little fabric piece back under that presser foot. I did this on all four corners and had no trouble. Just trim off the excess threads. No need to back stitch either.
I think I will put Francis Bailey’s Fiddle Faddle label that I created right up here on the back of the tunic.
Yes, the checked pieces are raw edged on. I like the look. I just love looking at the stitching this machine does. There are two threads used throughout. That is why it looks so well defined.
Check out my secret pocket on the front (kleenex is the giveaway). Because the panel is lined I just topstitched the pocket outline. Pretty nifty I think.
Another tip: I just found my stylus’s. They had been hiding for a few years, sigh….I used the larger ball of the two and pressed into the fabric so I knew where to stitch. No I did not veer off my stitching path, I added the little bit of indentation after the fact so you could see. Ha, ha.
And her is the back of my newest “Tahoe To a “T.” An Art to Wear pattern available at my Etsy Shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett or through me directly: The pdf/digital version is $9.95 U.S. and available to send anywhere in the World.
The side. This will be so perfect for Spring into Summer. I have white leggings and I have to find the perfect white T-shirt for underneath.
This would be ME! May you have a gentler Cardio workout, perhaps while lifting bolts of fabric from their shelves to the cutting table. Thanks so much for stopping by. I consider you ALL my “Sewing Sisters.” Let the creativity be there when we need it! Hugs, Heidi

Off The Grid Vest #1 Seller!


For months and months now, OFF THE GRID VEST pattern has been my #1 seller, and I’m so happy. It is sold as a hard copy or a pdf, it’s up to you! If you live in another country besides the USA, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, order my patterns as a pdf! Simple as that. If you are new to my blog, first, thank you for stopping by. And second, check out my Art to Wear sewing patterns via past posts or see all the patterns on my Etsy shop. The address for that is and type in (the search bar), DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns.

Off the Grid vest pattern, my best selling “Art to Wear” pattern for the past 3 months. It is so great to be able to say that I have sold this pattern to other countries outside of the U.S.A. Places like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and more. Please read all about this pattern in the above picture. And for more information about the following pictures, please visit my post, dated December 11th, 2020. Hint: Go to the home page of my Blog and to the right there is a box that says “months” or “Categories.” Either one should take you to the December 11, 2020 post.
Wear OFF THE GRID VEST so many different ways.
This vest was so fun to bring together. I think all the elements work synergistically (that’s my big word for the day ha, ha). It isn’t always easy. I have an Off The Grid that I cut out 4 years ago, yes, FOUR! and there it sits. I have almost reached the limit for marinating. It may not work at all. I guess what I’m saying is not every project works out. So don’t EVER get discouraged. Recycle the fabric pieces and move on. Life is too short to worry about whether or not you complete every single project. We are supposed to be having FUN people!
I usually tell you to include the button closure into the trim on the side panels. Notice this time it’s a separate decorative piece. Change it up on your closures (yes, there is a book by Lois Ericson that is all about Closures (out of print now but look on Ebay).
I just love using bright colored threads to quilt areas of the fashion fabrics that I’m using.
The coral and black spiral pocket, at first glance, doesn’t really look like a pocket. I like that surprise feature.
My favorite deer (these don’t eat anything!) I think they make a great foreground with the snow.
Here are the deer in all their glass glory. I’m not sure, but I think they are are European, old, and hand blown. They sit in the window behind my kitchen sink. I like how the sun shines through their antlers.
Awww….that’s a good boy. Riley loves the snow. I truly think he is part Husky. Yes, we’re still working on getting that stupid little brush into his mouth (the gum area) for 15 seconds (an eternity for both human and dog!)so we can grab some DNA cells and send off the sample. Sigh….
6:30a.m. of Day 1 of the snow. You can see Riley’s prints as he had to check out the snow.
This sign is so perfect in this picture.
When the storm was finally over(2 days worth) we measured 12″ of snow. We stayed home and were cozy by the fireplace. It is so hard to believe that last week I was talking about getting our new roof on the house and just a few days later, snow!
Thank you for stopping by. Grab some free time for yourself this weekend and get to stitching! Pick a machine any machine. Don’t fall off your chair, but I really have an urge to get out my 35 pound Sashiko machine (has sat since June, 2017) and see if it still runs. Ha, ha. Hugs, Heidi

It’s a Very Noisy Friday at My House.


Hello everyone. What? I can’t hear you. Acckk…We are getting a new roof put on our home and THE NOISE IS DEAFENING! Probably because there are at least 8 guys on the roof at any given time and the pounding is constant and scattered all over the roof, so It’s hard to find a quiet place. We have had to wear earplugs. We have good insulation but not for 8 power tools going on at one time! Oh and there are several air compressors going too…….this will be a short one today. Ha, ha. Very thankful for the new roof though.

Yes, yes, I’m in the “mood” to wear my “Mommy & Me & my Quilted Vest” pattern that I made in wool boucle.’
And the back. A colorful combo on a really chilly day.
I took this shot because it has never happened before, I’m wearing a piece from my Art to Wear collection while working on a new piece using the same pattern.
And then Rubix the cat had to get in on the fun. He is such a love bug. Which reminds me of some of my most FAVORITE pictures of Rubix and my first M. & Me vest.
So here is the pattern, you know it well. Now see some pictures I took on the same morning as the cover shot for this pattern.
Rubix on the prowl. “What is this?”
“Sew THAT’S how she worked the armholes!”
“I need a closer look. I’ll stick one paw in here.”
“Mmwrf, meow.”
“I’ll just feel my way a bit.”
“Peek-a-boo I see you.”
Can’t wait to show you the finished product. I’m almost done with all the handwork. This vest is so fast to stitch up. Ha, ha, handwork – 2 yrs. Sewing the vest, 2 hours tops.
I always have my note pads and pens close at hand (yes, like one in every room, it’s true). Why didn’t I think of this before, turn this vest into an apron. And I have to add a kangaroo pocket. And then the bottom idea would be back to a regular vest and probably quilted using a technique I created on another apron.
Here is that fun technique I created using a chef’s apron as the base. LOVE both fabrics SO MUCH. The floral is an older Allison Glass fabric. Stripe, a canvas, is from Ikea’s in the drapery department. Did you know they sell FABULOUS fabrics in the drapery dept. Designers from all over the world create the palettes for that season. If you like it, buy it (on lots of it, cause when it’s gone, it’s gone) I check Ebay often under “Ikea fabric” just in case I see something I can’t live without. This is your hot tip for todays post.
Thank you so much for stopping by. Big hugs to all of you and work on your PhD this weekend (projects half done) . I don’t think I’ll ever finish my PhD. I guess I am one of those, I really enjoy being a student!

Fashion Quilted Accessories-My Book


I had to do a “Promo” for my book. It’s been awhile and I don’t think everyone of you know about it yet. My book, “Fashion Quilted Accessories” came out March 10th, 2017. So what you read first came out on that day, 3/10/17. And yes, those are braces. Soooo, happy that phase of life is behind me.


Taaa Daaa! It’s here! My new book by Leisure Arts, “Fashion Quilted Accessories!”

Eight projects total. 2 vests and 6 accessories. And the vest PATTERN PIECES are INCLUDED in the book! And all this for only $12.99!!  The following pictures show some of  the projects.

I have my first EVER book signing this Saturday, March 11th, at Sugar Pine Quilt Shop, here in Grass Valley, CA. It is from 11:00-1:00p.m.  Maybe I’ll see some of you there!

I just know that you will enjoy making all the projects in this book, after all my motto is “Make it up, make it FUN, and get it DONE!

And don’t forget, pdf patterns, hard copy patterns, and soon books, are available at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett or email me directly at
This project is a great way to teach beginning quilting. It is the “Quilt as You Go” method. You’ll love it even if you are an expert quilter.
Frame your face in colorful circles. I get compliments every time I wear my “Circles Necklace.”
This is what our dog Riley does!! And he never STOPS with the joy and love. Have a great weekend and may your creativity soar to new heights and the fun be the best. Thank you for stopping by. Hugs, Heidi

Cozy Up With Felting!


Weather wise there is so much going on in the country. They call it a “Polar Vortex.” Prayers for a speedy recovery for all those affected. A perfect time to felt.

Whether you have a 5 or 10/12 needle felting machine (the one shown here is a 5 needle “Huskystar” by Huskavarna
Or a hand needle felter (Clover makes the best sets), felting is a great way to use up left over yarns and upcycle a garment, scarf, hat, or make something new.
I bought this cashmere sweater 3 years ago this March at a sewing group that meets at a Retreat center on the central coast area of CA. Garments that participants want to sell have hanging tags with the price and you add your name onto the tag and near the end of the week your name along with the others who want to win are put in a bag and a name is drawn. I WON! Read on….
After all this time, SUDDENLY several moth holes appeared. I found several yarn choices and created some “circles of joy” to see which ones would work for this sweater.
The back of the sweater shows the places where the “CofJ’ will be placed. A note on that: It wasn’t FULL of holes, just one here and there. The extra circles are for balance.
A close up for you to see how this process works using my “HuskyStar.” The Circle, as big or small as you want is placed over the hole. One piece of nylon, big holed net (like the kind square dance slips are made of) is placed on top. The netting acts like pins or even glue (tried them both) to hold everything in place. Whirl, whirl, whirl (simulated stitching sounds ha, ha) the 5 needles are pushing the yarn fibers into the sweater. With this up and down motion the fibers of the yarn are forced into the sweater. Pretty cool right? And I can’t explain it (something to do with Physics I’m sure. ha, ha) but the netting just falls off. Sometimes you hear a “ping,Ping” while stitching where the netting is broken in places . But I can use one piece over and over before it has too many holes in it to be of use anymore.
I love this sweater so much. There are a few crosses sprinkled across the sweater (and they ARE NOT used to hide a hole).
I think my yarn additions add to the sweater’s fun look.
This is such a unique sweater. I think it started as 2 cream colored Cashmere sweaters. They were what I call, “Eco dyed” which uses plants and is a natural process (WOW, something I haven’t tried yet, so I can’t really explain it). Then, both sweaters were cut up and sewn back together and because I have looked and looked and can’t figure it out (maybe it’s only one sweater?) I wont even try to explain it. Suffice it to say, Thank you Gayle O. for this great opportunity to own one of your creations.
Back view of my lovely sweater. Yes, it’s shorter in the back than the front. Scroll back up to see the front again.
Believe it or not, I do felt yarn in OTHER ways as evidenced here. The felting machine is perfect for this method. I covered up only ONE little hole!
The yarn I used is GINA by Plymouth yarns. Look for it on Ebay or Etsy. I LOVE this yarn for all the color changes in one skein. This is wool yarn on a wool sweater.
This is the back. The yarn goes all the way around this beautiful Merino wool sweater by Eileen Fisher is a size 1X. NOTE: I did not use the netting on this as I was moving all the way around the sweater for each strand of yarn. Start at a side seam and let the yarn feed through you fingers with a very loose touch. The machine will literally try to pull the yarn out of your hands. Stop when you need to realign any of the yarn. Slow and steady wins this race. Overlap and trim off the excess yarn when you reach your starting point. Larger sized sweaters are perfect with a turtleneck or crisp white shirt underneath and paired with leggings or skinnier legged jeans.
I added Circles of Joy to a Cashmere sweater for my Mom. Well after 2 years it has more holes. Uh oh! Do I still have the yarn? Phew, finally found it. A word to the wise: If you ever decide to do this method on your own sweaters, etc. ALWAYS SET ASIDE SOME EXTRA YARN! for this very reason. A few years from now….you’ll need it. I added lines of the yarn on the sleeve edges for added interest.
Do you see the hole in the lower right side? That’s how big the majority of them are when I cover them. Once I cover all the ones I can visibly see, I hold the sweater up to the light and doggone it, I usually find more. Don’t forget to save some extra yarn.
One, JUST ONE HOLE on the front of this same sweater resulted in a whole row down the front. Will ya look at that? I was thinking, maybe a corresponding row on the other side?? Not sure, but I do need to find a button. Ha, ha, I just noticed it missing as I’m typing this.
Whoo Hoo, I’m getting more creative by the minute. This grouping is down the back of the sweater and when I held it up after adding circles (there were only 3 little holes), I noticed, this whole thing is NOT centered. So I added a meandering line of yarn to draw your eye away from the fact that I didn’t center it.
While taking pictures I caught a glimpse of Rubix and had to snap a pic. He is in a “fight or flight” look because he heard the dredded DOG outside the door. Awww….it’s o.k. Rubix. We didn’t plan this but we have Rubix, and Rex (two 9yr. old brother cats), and our newer dog Riley . All starting with “R.” Oh I could add my husband Robert to that mix. Ha, ha. More about Riley later because I want to be able to give you the results of his DNA test. Uhh…we are having great difficulties getting a swab along his gum line and swish it for 15 seconds. We have already been through 2 swabs and had to ask for many more for more practice. We have had Riley for 1 year and 2 months and he has become the BEST dog! We love him to pieces. The cats don’t but there is an uneasy truce.
Time for a commercial break: Think about creating your own Mommy & Me Vest using wool and what else but, CIRCLES OF JOY! I also added some Rice stitching in rows just for fun.Please visit my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett to get to my shop for more information. Or you can always email me at:
Isn’t this FUN!
Still cold? Another look is a Cashmere turtleneck and surprise, it has NO holes…….yet! Oh and in this light I see the yo yo’s I added too.
My hot “foodie” tip of the month! I always buy the 1 pound box (HUGE money saver that way) of Baby Spinach. When I get home the first I do is remove about 1/2 of it and put it in a 1 gallon plastic bag. Press all the air out and zip it closed. Arrange the spinach inside the bag so it is as flat and fills up the bag as much as possible. Pop it into the freezer. The next time you need spinach for a dish, pull out the bag and BEFORE opening up the bag, crush the leaves. The more you crush the smaller the pieces will get. So depending on your recipe, crush away.
Have a great weekend everyone. Creativity awaits! Get something new started. It’s O.K. No one is counting your “open” projects. Hugs, Heidi

Valentine’s Day, 2020

by Heidi Emmett

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is a holiday in these countries in this order of popularity: United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Argentina, France, Mexico, South Korea, and the Philippines. I did look this up via Google (maybe they are wrong and it’s more countries than I have listed). I live in the United States and I thought Valentine’s Day was celebrated everywhere all over the world! It should be! Maybe there would be a lot less mess in this great big world if it were to be celebrated everywhere.

Well, let’s make some hearts to help us remember our loved ones that do celebrate Valentine’s Day.

First we need some squares of fabric.
Whatever size square you cut out, make a template to fit. I like the old-fashioned way by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing half a heart.
Cut out the paper heart and trace it onto the front side of the top layer of your fabric. With wrong side of the top layer to the right side of the bottom layer, align the two pieces.
I’m showing you the backside of the finished sewn heart. Let’s flip it over and see the front side. BUT FIRST, look at how it was sewn. Starting on the outer edge about 1/4″ in from the edge, start sewing at the top of the heart shape. Back stitch a few stitches and then move forward around and around about 1/4″ apart until you get to the center. Do a few back stitches.
I showed you the back because it’s a bit harder to see the front side of this softer pink. When in doubt as to where to stitch, you could draw it on with a Chakoner (look it up, it’s chalk in a cool container) or a sliver of soap. I used my seam ripper to get me started with a tiny slit. DO NOT CUT INTO THE BACKGROUND FABRIC. ONLY THE FRONT. Make a slit right in the middle of the stitching area.
I did not have my Kay Buckley scissors (they are smaller and great for small areas) but my smaller Gingher’s worked o.k. too. Start trimming away. I leave the heart shape within the square until the very end so I have more to hold onto while trimming away fabric.
This picture shows perfectly the areas to be cut. Trim pretty close to your stitching line. Can you see the stripe peeking through? Take your time and NEVER CUT INTO THE BACK LAYER! And now you have many areas that have been cut on the bias sooo….there will be very little frayed edges should it need to be washed.
I set this adorable heart onto a crisp background, Kaffe Fassett style. Have fun with your choices. Remember, you only need two different fabrics for this little heart.
Here is another heart in red and black. I like the contrasting colors.
Here is a bit of a Western themed heart. Every heart will be different. That’s part of the fun. AND, it’s really hard to make only one or two of them. And here are some ideas for your hearts: a pin, place the heart on card stock or more fabric and send your valentine. Make a heart necklace. Applique’ them onto a denim piece like a tote bag. Make a pillow with hearts lined up, 3 x 3 (9 total).
Apologies for the blurriness of this picture. These are some of my favorite verses in the Bible about LOVE. It comes from 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, verses 4-8. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you wherever you live! Hugs, Heidi

P.S. The picture above is actually a fabric panel that is available from my friends at Check her out. She carries some great fabrics in store or online.


by Heidi Emmett


I’m getting ready to begin upcycling some of my men’s shirt. It’s TIME! It is so easy for me to fill my bins with fabulous shirts that I buy when thrifting.  I often start sketching ideas or look at Pinterest. Here are some recent pics from Pinterest. Notice the GIANT “Pinterest” pin above. I don’t want you to miss it ha, ha. Pinterest is a super way to REALLY REVE UP your creativity!   Upcycling will be a big part of my next week projects. But I need some ideas to get started!

And next week, I plan to have a denim day. One project is already on it’s way to being finished but that never stops me from finding NEW!! ideas. Love these two totes. 

O.K. I scored several pairs of gorgeous jeans in a size that I might have worn when I was 12. I am determined, I say DETERMINED to make them fit me! I really think the ideas above and below are going to be quite workable. They all used ribbing (the stuff you buy by the inch, and it is used for cuffs, waistbands, and necklines. Amazon.) This is so clever, the low riding jeans, I’m ALWAYS hiking them up! I wont buy “mom” jeans but this should do the trick. 

I tried and TRIED to edit out the “maternity” part(of the picture below), but to no avail. So, la, la, la, disregarding the verbage, check out the clever idea of opening up the waistband with ribbing in the pocket area.

This next one looks like a little more work, but stretch lace, again, very clever.

At our last Pine Tree Quilt Guild meeting 6 mos or so before Covid hit, in Grass Valley, CA, some of my intrepid students came and showed off their latest “Art to Wear” creations. Thank you ladies!

Margaret did the coolest thing! She made Zephyr jacket in a wool plaid and the front panels in turquoise blue silk. The wool drapes beautifully and looks good. But what I really, really like, is the addition of the long raspberry colored silk scarf. She said she added it because the wool scratched her neck! Who knew? I think it adds a layer of sophistication and pretty color around her face. 

Jill took Terrific Tabard to a whole new level using only Kaffe lighter weight cottons (so she can wear it all year round).

I wanted you to see the darts she put into her vest for a smooth fit. Darts are added before any embellishing or quilting is done. Easy to do, try on the vest when shoulder seams of the foundation fabric have been sewn, wrong side out. Pin the sides together where you think the tab and buttons should go. If you see any “gaposis”, then it’s time for darts. Pinch out whatever amount is needed to make it smooth  and pin it, in the shape of a dart. Stitch the dart and for the other side, take measurements from the first side.  

Love, love, Jill’s embellishments! 

Marta found a heavier weight rayon (sort of  an ombre’) and worked it into a BEAUTIFUL Whisper Blouse.

She placed the rayons in the perfect figure flattering combination.  She is a beautiful seamstress. AND, she has nailed the “twirling” aspect of Whisper Blouse. 

  Thank you for stopping by. What will you work on this weekend? Remember only 15 minutes a day is all you need to get your creative going. Hugs, Heidi  P.S. Don’t forget to stop by our Artistic Alchemy blog post. We are fired up and ready to take sign ups for September 6-10 at Zephyr point for “ARTISTITC ALCHEMY RETREAT 2021.” Here is the blog address:

This And That and I FINISHED Another Scarf!


Good afternoon! And welcome to my blog. First a weather report here in Northern CA, USA. I live at the 2,910ft. elevation. We had our first significant snow of the year, almost 11″ after two separate storms. Then snow/rain off and on for 4 days. The rain gauge shows 5+ inches of rain. Mostly rain now, which is nice because we can get around. Hardly any shoveling. And WIND! Yowzaa! We had so much and so strong, it was blizzard conditions for awhile. And for the first time in ages we didn’t have to go out and do our “Branch Tapping.” We have several Japanese Maples among other trees and bushes and don’t want to lose any branches.

Dressing the part for our cold and snowy/rainy weather. Two layers of cozy turtlenecks, and a longer vest topper (Vintage Peruvian Connection) in Alpaca.
I’m purposely showing you my boots. I have taken ALL my other cute rainboots to the thrift store (yes, I had 3 really cute pairs). They were pretty worthless as to keeping my feet toasty, cozy. But my “Muck” boots, are the BEST! Look them up. I can even walk a mile or two at a brisk pace while wearing them. Don’t want to do that everyday though.
Remember this? I started some embroidery on a scarf while up at Zephyr Point in October, 2020. I FINISHED IT! Just this morning. Ha, ha.
4 months to finish a running stitched scarf !?! Yes it did and I don’t care. As I have said many times (I think I did), I have lots of hand work projects going on at one time. When I’m bored with one, it’s on to the next project for awhile.
A side note on the necklace. Isn’t it GORGEOUS! My husband gave it too me as a Christmas present. It goes with EVERYTHING! I just love it. Wear it so much. It is by one of my favorite jewelry artists, Ayala Bar. She has a website of the same name. I enjoyed reading her story. All the intricate looking ovals and interesting cabachons, actually have fabric pieces (from all over the world) under the crystal pieces.
My scarf! It’s finished. I like the extra texture of knots front and back. I chose the running stitch because I can create a scarf worn with either side out.
This scarf measures 13″ wide x 48″ long. It will go with everything (just like my necklace).
I used pearl cottons of several colorways and a main one that you can see is hand painted with dyes. I also used a tapestry needle. It has a big eye (easier to thread, ha, ha) and a blunt point because the scarf is fairly loosely woven, and I hate stabbing myself with sharp points!
Yes, this is another Thrift shop find. It has no tag that gives a fiber content. It is a wool (I did a burn test of a few fibers. Wool fibers self extinguish and have a crushable ash). It is very soft and appears to be its’ natural color.
A favorite “thing” to show you. My friend gave me a set of these bendable cups. I LOVE them and use them all the time in my cooking. They are made by iSi Basics. Microwaveable and they don’t stain. Dishwasher safe too.
And I just saw this on Pinterest. It is from a designer on “Spoonflower.” You can have this design on fabric or even wallpaper. It makes me happy to look at it.
I really want to take this to heart and Let go and Let God take care of whatever is bothering me.

Thank you for stopping by. May your creativity be ABUNDANT this week. Hugs, Heidi

I Blew It!

by Heidi Emmett

I was working on my blog post yesterday and at 4:43p.m Pacific Standard time and accidentally hit the Publish button. I finished it for publication just now, Friday, Jan. 22, 2021. BUT you will have to read it from your THURSDAY (just yesterday) inbox. Look for it at around 4:45p.m. If you did open it yesterday, PLEASE go back and look at it again! It has now been updated to reflect a FINISHED post.

Thank you for your perseverance in this. It’s times like this that I realize why I have to wear a “night guard” for my teeth (clenching issues) ALL DAY too!

Hugs, Heidi



FINALLY! I found my box of winter scarves. I had accidentally put them with samples from the different classes I have taught. Fortunately winter is just getting started so I still have plenty of time to wear them.

Yep, that’s me, ha, ha.
Also, in the following pictures I might mention a technique. Be sure, later, to go back to the home page of my blog: and look for the “Category” box. Look within to find other posts for ideas on that particular topic I talk about.
My one and only “wet” felted piece I have made. I love this scarf. Silk chiffon is the base. Bits of hand dyed wool roving and “confetti” pieces of yarn are added on top of the silk chiffon. The edges are left free of any embellishments.
As the wool pieces shrink up the silk chiffon edges take on a ruffled look. This is the most expensive scarf I own. $150. + supplies for the class not to mention purchases of more supplies to make another one. Someday….I’ll get to the other one. I truly LOVE this scarf and will wear it and wear it .IIt is a lovely, feminine look.
I found this scarf, a hand woven one at a thrift shop. About the same time I bought this scarf, the Sundance catalog offered one that was so similar to mine I did a double take. Nice to know I’m right in line with a trend. What a great way to use up leftover yarns. And it wraps and wraps and drapes so nicely. It makes me smile when I wear it.
A “Granny Square” or should I say “Hexagon” scarf. I enjoy her thoughtful color choices. It’s all acrylic yarn, maybe a bit of wool here and there. Scarves, should ALWAYS be made of soft materials or you’ll never wear it.
My dear friend, Dee Jones, a knitter EXTROIDINARE, who has since passed on, made this scarf and hat for me out of the leftover yarn from the Fair Isle pullover she made for me. The pullover had the same design as the hat. I wore that sweater ohhhh, so much. Loved it until the moths found it. That was years before felting and upcycling.
For Dee this Fair Isle on teeny tiny needles was nothing for her. For me, ahh suffice it to say, I could never ever do that. Miss you Dee!
Why ANYONE would send this shawl/scarf to the thrift shop is beyond me. But of course, I’m so glad they did. 50% cashmere and 50% wool. This is so buttery soft to wear. It was hand painted and from Bloomingdales. Remember them? I used to get their catalogs and cut out pictures of the clothes for ideas.
This piece needs a bit of pressing. I plan to wear it today! The first snow storm of the season is supposed to hit Grass Valley, CA. The fire will be lit and I’m going to sip wine and read a book. You could copy this pretty easily. Try it in a handkerchief linen first (linen loves a good dye painted on it). If you wet the linen first, much bleeding will occur. But that could be a good thing. Dry brushing will yield cleaner blocks of color.
I can really only handle garter stitch. And you know, it’s o.k. I took this scarf everywhere for awhile and knit a few rows at a time. Busy work I call it. I can’t remember the yarn company but it is super soft wool and isn’t the coloring, so beautifully done, not splotchy at all. Although, I don’t always mind splotchy either.
I bought this scarf at a craft fair at South Shore Lake Tahoe, CA. It is such an unusual design. Little glass pieces dangle from the bottom edge. I already broke one off. I will add a charm of some type to fill in.
What do you think? 100% cashmere, amazing softness. There were several little holes here and there, so I got it for $1.00. I am actually WEARING this scarf as I type away on this blog post. We have a fire in the fireplace just starting but it takes awhile for it’s heat to reach the inner sanctum of my office/pantry/laundry room.
Check my other posts at for information on machine “felting.” Go to my home page and look under “Categories” and find “Fun Felting.” You can do this.
A great project for beginner “sewists/quilters. I know this is a summer look, but I have to get a commercial in here. This is my pattern called ” Heidi’s Sassy Summer Scarf.” Check out my Etsy Shop to see all my patterns. Type in DesignsbyHeidiEmmett in the search bar.
A close up of a square. This pattern will teach some techniques that could be used in other clothing pieces.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out some of the scarves in my Winter box. Yes, I have a summer box too. Remember, 15 minutes a day to get started on some creativity. This week, pull out a scarf you have and see how you can change it. Hugs, Heidi

A This and That Friday!


I’m trying everyday to straighten up my upstairs (over the garage) studio. Just a little bit, I would never go overboard (as in all day, or many hours), ha, ha, I need to create, or whatever else that doesn’t involve the words ” cleaning or purging.” You have to realize that I have been collecting fabric/notions/beads, etc. since before I was married (which was 38 years ago!)and I owned a fabric store and I love everything I own (or I would not have brought it into my “happy place” in the FIRST PLACE). I would also like to say at this time that I have the world’s most PATIENT husband. Love you honey! All rightie then, so glad I got that off my chest. As I was doing my tiding up bit, I found a pile of clothing that needed some “upcycling” to make the pieces wearable for me.


I think this is such a cute top. Great fabric design and colors. It was too tight to go over my hips. Sooo…..
On one side of the front and the back I made a slit. For me it was 8″ from the side seam and stopping 14″ up from the bottom. These measurements can all vary but don’t have it go into the bust area. That would not be a good look (like an arrow pointing the way, ha, ha).
Doesn’t everyone have a pile (o.k., o.k. I have several piles, all color coordinated now, thank you very much) of “cutable” clothing pieces that will be just the right “zinger” piece for a project? This top is perfect for my insert pieces. If any of you EVER see fabric like this on a bolt get me 2 yards please. I’ll spend up to $20. per yard and of course pay for shipping. Yes, I like it THAT much.
I had to work with this knit on the bias to yield the biggest pieces. A knit on the bias is not a problem. Cutting out matching diamond shaped pieces took a little math and creative cutting.
A close up of the inserted piece on the front.
I like the way it turned out. It’s ready to wear. The long diamond shape helps the eye travel in that long, lean, line I like so much.
This is the first top I added diamonds to several years back.
I started with a dark gray cotton knit fabric. I like adding knits to knits just to keep things easier to sew.
This close up shows a cool lace piece I took off of the bottom of a skirt. They were in sections all the way around.
This next piece is by Maude Andrade. Look her up at her site: She hails out of Albuquerque New Mexico. She’s young and hip, and I just discovered (on her site), her T-shirts. I want the black one with a slinky on the front.
Anyway, (please notice the word is ANYWAY. There is no “s” at the end to make it Anyways). There is NO SUCH WORD! That just bugs me (I am married to a former English/History teacher). No where was I? Right, on the tag it says, Painted Chenille.
I originally bought the jacket as a “cutter” but the more I looked at it and tried it on, I thought just add some (handwoven cotton from a skirt) pockets and call it a “Chic Car Coat.” Remember them from the 40’s , usually in a wool plaid, and often made by Pendleton Wool Mills?
Isn’t this back the coolest? Hand painted Chenille. Who knew such a thing existed?
One last one for the day. This is a Peruvian Connection sweater I bought on Ebay 4 years ago. I almost resold it! ’cause I didn’t want to cut it (that seemed unacceptable somehow) Well, that was then. It is such a cool design and GORGEOUS colors. It could easily be a “Kaffe Fassett” sweater but there were no tags saying that. It fit really well except the sleeves were so long that it looked silly on me. Notice that the sleeves start off the shoulder. This is a sure sign that this sweater is late 80’s-early 90’s. Easiest fix, as I did above is at the sleeve seam, pull it up to where you want it and stitch all the way around tapering somewhat at the lower portion (under the arms).
These are the PERFECT scissors to use for this. I own all three sizes. These are so super sharp. Keep that white scissor sleeve on when not in use. Snip, snip, snip. Done! Wait don’t forget to zigzag the edges or serge the edges. Hand knits can unravel.
Gorgeous and now the sleeves fit perfectly.
The back is the same as the front. So happy to be able to wear it now.
Scrumptious colors as only Peruvian Connection can do.
Just one more close up. This is a good weekend to look in your pile of “fix its,” “upcycle this,” whatever you want to call it. It’s time to whittle down that pile. Remember, I’m always saying “find 15 minutes in your day for some creativity.” Thank you for stopping by. Hugs, Heidi

Zephyr Jacket-Make it In Kantha Cloth


Happy New Year! Zephyr Jacket, one of my “Art to Wear” patterns was a recent blog post made in a Black printed Kantha cloth. Well that was last year, ha, ha. I truly had so much fun making a more “quilted” Zephyr Jacket that I needed to make another one. This time I wanted it longer, more like a coat.

Zephyr Jacket pattern by Heidi Emmett. My Etsy shop is DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/sewing patterns. The jacket in the pattern above is made from a cotton (body of jacket) with a silk piece for one side of the front side and another color of silk for the lining.
This is the back view of the Zephyr Jacket Pattern
Here is my latest Kantha cloth Zephyr “Coat” using my Zephyr Jacket pattern.
I know I had mentioned in another blog post to split the tissue to add the extra length. This time I decided to add the extra length to the bottom edge as you can see above.
I used a 6″ ruler and a blue marking piece (by Clover) to add the length.
Here is the front side (on left) and wrong side (on right). Kantha cloth is two fabrics put together wrong side to wrong side and stitched together with thicker cotton threads, BY HAND, using large running stitches.
The other thing that helps the Kantha fabric stitch up into a jacket faster is that there is no lining for piece B (front piece facing and facing lining). Stitch this one piece (remember you don’t need a lining piece) to the front piece. Well then, how do I finish the edges?
To finish the edges, I found the perfect Kaffe Fassett cotton piece (a “stripe-ish” piece) above. I cut strips and created an edging that goes all the way around. Oh, I also made 2 lined pockets to add to the front. These new techniques will be added as extra pages to future orders of my Zephyr Jacket pattern.
The front of Red Kantha Zephyr Jacket with front facings overlapping each other.
Shoulder detailing, a close up of Red Kantha Jacket.
The back of Red Kantha Zephyr Jacket.
The Black Kantha Zephyr Jacket (note it is the length of the tissue pattern pieces, no added length). DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/Esty shop
The black Kantha Zephyr Jacket, back view. DesignsbyHeidiEmmett/Etsy shop
Yes, I have purchased more Kantha pieces. This one is from Etsy at the shop called, EmbroideryIndianArt by Narendra Singh.
Same Kantha piece but in Red! Etsy shop, EmbroideryIndianArt by Narendra Singh.
Sunset over Grass Valley, CA in December, 2020. We were waiting for the showing of the “Christmas Star” or the “Convergence” where Jupiter and Saturn pass each other in their orbit around the Sun.
And THERE IT IS! Do you see it? Up in the evening blue sky.
I’m trying so hard to follow my own advice this new year. 15 minutes a day working on something creative! That’s all it takes to help you decompress and find a “happy place.” Hugs, Heidi

We Need A Little Felting, Right This Very Minute!


Feel free to hum along as you read this post! I have tried several ways of felting. By far my favorite is using a Felting machine. After you read this post, you might want to go to the “home” page of my blog and under the “category” section, look up felting/machine felting.

Here is my finished product. I am really pleased with it. And best of all, it was fast and easy to create. Of course it took 3 years to collect everything for it but who cares? I first saw this idea (using circles of fabric) from a wonderful “Art to Wear” artist whose name is Diane Prekup. You can see her exquisite pieces for sale at The Diane also uses square shapes in her scarves.
I only looked at her scarves one time. I wanted to do my own thing. I knew that I wanted to overlap the circles so that on first glance the piece would sort of look like a long scarf.
I am not going into the mechanics of the felting machine in this post. Look under (on my home page) “Categories” and look for felting projects for more information.
I first saw these cool scraps of 100% wool fabric in the trash! Yes, I was at a sewing retreat and walked by the fabric/paper only trash can and there they were, right on top. Snatched these puppies up in an instant. Forward two years….
I wasn’t sure how big to use the circles so I stood in front of a mirror and first held up a salad plate and then a tea cup saucer. Hmm…I picked the salad plate size.I wanted to have plenty of room for felting the yarn pieces. I used a blue, Clover marking piece on the wool.
I thought it would look great to “Serge” the edge of the circle. Even though I steamed and steamed it, I could not get it to lay flat. I was short on scraps at this point so I carefully cut that serged edge off. I’ll never tell you where in the scarf it ended up(it is a wee bit smaller).
I first measured a scarf length I liked and then overlapped pieces accordingly. One pin each to hold in place until felted.
Once I overlapped two circles, I placed a piece of netting over the area to be felted. Don’t forget to remove the pin! Lay a piece of large holed netting over the piece and felt in place. Remove the netting and felt all the rest of the overlapped circles the same way.
Begin covering with yarn. I chose 3 different ones to use. The super thick black with white thread worried me a bit but slowing way down to a “chug, chug” worked just fine.
Before any felting make sure to cover the area with the netting. It acts like a bunch of pins or fabric glue. I can’t felt without this element .
Twirl and whorl the yarn pieces any way you want.
Check out my yarn choices. I only picked 3 ’cause I think the wool scraps are busy on their own. And yep, you can use your machine pretty much anywhere you want. It appears that I am sitting at a long coffee table and hovering on the edge of a couch (I am, but I want to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie while felting).
Uh ohh…just getting things lined up and thinking about yarns, when who should suddenly appear…
One giant dog (but no reindeer) who felt he needed a closer look see. A little slobber wont hurt this piece.
Time out! It suddenly turned very cold around Grass Valley, CA and Riley’s doggie day care said short furred dogs needed a coat. Who knew? Robert brought one home from the pet store. Whaaat? You paid $55.00? for a coat? Riley wouldn’t try it on very well, but I got the idea that it was way too big. I’ll make him one. Taa daa! One old rain coat from me and one older fleece throw later and we have a new coat for Riley. Untangling the giant ball of velcro parts (still don’t know how that happened) took longer than sewing this coat up. One HUGE tip: Dog will be more likely to wear a coat if the static is taken out first (and having a treat close by doesn’t hurt either). Throw it in the dryer with a dryer sheet or in my case I just ran the dryer sheet it over the fleece portion while holding the sheet in my hand.
I am so happy how this scarf turned out.
Who knew that scraps of yarn and wool fabric could yield this! And don’t forget to visit Diane Prekup at Buying one of her incredible pieces of Art to Wear is on my wish list!
I can’t wait to go through my other wool pieces and my myriad skeins of yarn and create more of these fun scarves. I’ll keep you posted.

Jesus is the reason for the season
Hugs, Heidi