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Zephyr Jacket, available as a pdf file only (tiled or 24″ x 36″ pieces) on Craftsy.com NIK_2564

Zephyr Jacket, pdf files only; purchase from Craftsy.com DSC_1229

Whisper Blouse, available as pdf files from Craftsy.com $9.95 OR, email me at Hmemmett@gmail.com to purchase a complete pattern with tissue pattern included $15.00 includes tax and shipping.  DSC_1238

Directions for fun embellishments included from Craftsy.com or in purchased pattern. NIK_2680

Terrific Tabard aka “Skinny Vest” available on Craftsy.com as pdf files for $9.95 or email me at hmemmett@gmail.com and buy a hard copy pattern (with tissue patterns)for $15.00, includes, shipping. Both Tree of Life and Aussie Angle are in one pattern. DSC_0935

Another front view of Tree of Life version of Terrific Tabard. DSC_0939

Back of Tree of Life, Terrific Tabard.DSC_0925

Front of Terrific Tabard, Aussie Angle. DSC_0302

Back view of both Tree of Life and Aussie Angle. Both views are in one pattern. DSC_0031 (2)

Rafiki Skirt pattern. Available as a pdf pattern from Craftsy.com for $9.95. Or email me at hmemmett@gmail.com for a hard copy for $15.00 (includes shipping). DSC_0096

Three-Tiered skirt pattern, a pdf pattern for $3.95 from Craftsy.com DSC_0115 (2)

Three-tiered skirt pattern in blues from Craftsy.com in a pdf file format. $3.95DSC_0049 (3)

Rafiki Skirt in original African fabrics. Available as a pdf file from Craftsy.com for $9.95DSC_0598

Off The Grid Vest, available in a pdf format from Craftsy.com or hard copy from hmemmett@gmail.com  $15.00 includes shipping. DSC_0594

Back of Off The Grid. Make four rectangle pieces as your own pattern from the measurements in the pattern. DSC_0581

Back of Off The Grid. Pdf format, $9.95 Craftsy.com or email me at hmemmett@gmail.com for a hard copy. $15.00 includes shipping.


Back view of Triangle Tote pattern. Available ONLY from hmemmett@gmail.com $15.00 includes shipping and includes pattern pieces.DSC_0062

FRONT view of Triangle Tote. Only available from hmemmett@gmail.com, send $15.00 and includes triangle pattern pieces. DSC_0115

Sassy Summer Scarf pattern. $3.95 in a pdf format only from Craftsy.com DSC_0371

Calypso Vest pattern, fronts and backs. Purchase from Craftsy.com in a pdf format for $9.95 or email me at hmemmett@gmail.com for a hard copy pattern for $15.00 (includes shipping). DSC_0373



Three Tiered Skirt


Mommy & Me & My Quilted Vest and Quilt

Zephyr Jacket

dsc_0099Zephyr Jacket

Tahoe to a “T”
Tahoe to a “T” in Black and White


Mommy & Me & My Lace Vest & Quilt


Terrific Tabard
Whisper Blouse


Calypso Vest

DSC_0063Triangle Tote

DSC_0316Off The Grid Vest

DSC_0594Off The Grid Vest, Back

DSC_0049 (3)Rafiki Skirt

DSC_0031 (2)Rafiki Skirt

DSC_0384Back of Whisper Blouse


Sassy Summer Scarf with secret pocket for money or keys. DSC_0134Heidi’s Sassy Summer Scarf!

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