5 thoughts on “Products

  1. I would like to know where your tabard vest pattern is available. You were guest speaker at our Needle Arts Club in Sun City Roseville a few months ago and I did not buy your pattern at that time.

    1. Hi Norma: Thank you for your interest. All sizes are included in Terrific Tabard Vest (XSm- 4XL). If you send a check for $13.00 (includes tax) I will send you a pattern. I will pay the postage.
      Check made out to:
      Heidi Emmett
      P.O. Box 208
      Cedar Ridge, CA 95924

  2. Heidi I sooo enjoyed you at Loomis Quilt Guild..Never loose your energy..You were great..Bought your new pattern and can hardly wait to get started on it..My only regret is that my daughter was not there,who teaches art in a Middle School..Thanks again for helping me to step out of the BOX..Hugs Jane Leadmon a good friend of Betty Gaworski

    1. Hi Jane, Oh my, such nice, nice things you say! Your guild was the best, a very nice group. And remember, I’m just an email away if you have ANY questions about the pattern you purchased. I want everyone to be successful and above all to have fun! Betty Gaworski is the BEST and I will trust that the guild truly sees that. You take care now, and hugs back. Heidi
      P.S. I can truly identify with your daughter in the teaching of art to Middle schoolers. I did learn much from them, but special needs kids were my total favorites. They were never afraid to try something new in art. A great take away for all of us.

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