Off the Grid Vest

My Off the Grid Vest is now on Bluprint! 

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DSC_0197 (2)DSC_0130DSC_0196DSC_0192 (2) DSC_0190 (2)DSC_0187 (2)DSC_0199
DSC_0122 DSC_0117DSC_0115 DSC_0096DSC_0066 DSC_0107DSC_0092 (2)DSC_0086 (2)DSC_0065DSC_0062DSC_0578DSC_0594




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15 thoughts on “Off the Grid Vest

    1. Hi Barb, Yes, you can. There are two ways to do this: 1. send me a check for $16.00 made out to Heidi Emmett P.O. Box 208 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 (I’ll send a hard copy). 2. Order it in pdf format for $9.95 via sewing patterns/Heidi Emmett.

  1. question: it is hard to see, are the front, side and back pieces different lengths? all are bound with bias 2 1/2 strips and then zig zagged together?

    1. Hi Pat,
      The side and back pieces are the same length. The front, long panel pieces are shorter(’cause I like the look!). The binding trim pieces are not on the bias.I cut mine from selvage to selvage. And yes, once the pieces are bound, certain sections are zig-zagged together. I hope that helps. Heidi

  2. I saw your addy in your comment above. I will mail you a check, I’d like to order your OTG vest and the tunic! Found you on Pinterest, love your designs!

    1. Hi Brenda, Thank you for your interest in my patterns, and Off The Grid vest. The pattern includes all instructions (you will be making 4 different rectangles on paper for your pattern pieces, easy peasy), measurements, and every bit of information to create a beautiful vest that will garner tons of compliments, I promise. And know that I am just an email away should you have ANY questions.
      The pattern costs $14. for tax and shipping, I would need a check for $16. Or I can invoice you via Pay pal and mail it the same day. Whichever works best for you. If a check make it payable to: Heidi Emmett, P.O. Box 208 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 Thanks again Brenda. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Mary, Thank you for your interest in my patterns. Yes, “Off The Grid Vest” is available at Bluprint (It’s the only one from my collection). $9.95 to download. You will be making 4 rectangle pattern pieces to put this vest together. It’s really easy. Orrrrr….I can send you a hard copy. All the pages in a plastic sleeve for $16.00 (includes tax and shipping). And yes, you still have to make those 4 rectangle pattern pieces. Let me know at if you want to purchase from me, or go straight to Bluprint/Sewing patterns/DesignsbyHeidi Emmett to down load yourself. Hugs, Heidi

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