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Mokume Gane? Whaaaaat?

Have you ever heard of this? It is a technique that originated in Japan using precious metals to create layers of beautiful colors in specifically, wedding bands for men and women. Thank you Jean (a member of my Bunco group) who showed me her wedding band.  Well, I know it differently, layers of cool colors from polymer clay. Sandra Bruce, a member of Artistic Alchemy, who besides Material Matrix, teaches polymer clay classes. AMAZINGLY fun, fun, FUN! to learn and do. Very relaxing AND I can get ALL, that’s EVERY BIT of my supplies in one 2′ x 2′ x 3′ tall rolling basket cart. Oh yeah! $$ dollars in that itty bitty space. I feel so organized with it.

Here are some pieces I ended up with from a class


A close up of some yummy, yummies. DSC_0857

Start looking for interesting headbands ladies. They become the basis of some great pieces of jewelry. Below: by LuLu from JoAnn’s. I WANT MORE of these. Anyone, see them, buy them (on sale of course, and I will buy them from you for twice what you paid plus shipping) please. I’m serious here.


Which ones do I choose? Once chosen, it’s off to use my Dremel and make holes in the tops. DSC_0039

Hm…where should they go, how should they attach?


No jump rings for me (could not find them anyway). I did find some glittery black embroidery stuff from Italy in my stash. Oh yeah! Perfect. Thread a needle & square knots.


Not the best shot I ever took, but you get the idea. I took this shot at an angle so that I would not catch a glare. The necklace sits very nicely on my neck. DSC_0045 (2)

I wanted to show you my start to finish Mokume Gane shots. Could I find them in my picture files? Noooo! That’s another area that really needs some attention, besides the sewing studio. Oh dear, I must go pull weeds now. Ha, ha, ha! Have a super creative weekend. Hugs, Heidi

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New Patterns! In The Works! Close to a “Go Live”on My Latest Creations!

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Today, a sneak peek at what’s coming! I am so excited to announce that my patterns are being picked up by the largest distributor in the U.S. with all things, patterns, crafts, sewing, and more. It is Checker Distributing out of Ohio. They will sell my hard copy patterns all over the world!

No worries, they are always available through in a pdf format too, or a hard copy from me. Email me at:

My line of patterns is slowly growing in size. But I’ll tell you what, A fire has been lit under me, to GET GOING!!!! on getting my other designs (4 of them) ready for print. So here are some pictures of them:

Here is the first in a series of Mommy & Me & My Quilt patternsDSC_0002 (3) DSC_0011 (2) DSC_0028 (2)

Yes, Rubix just HAD to try on the little girls version. Silly kitty! DSC_0063

This one, Tahoe To A T, will be in the series where NO pattern pieces needed. Using your own measurements (under my directions) you will create two, YES, only 2 rectangle pieces. Some of these pictures have me wearing a belt, some not. Wear this with a t-shirt, without a t-shirt, or as a cover up. Dress it up, dress it down. Really versatile. DSC_0037 DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0059

Second in a series of Mommy & Me & My Quilt patterns, Lace vests and a way cool, funky, fun, wall hanging. DSC_0689 DSC_0736 DSC_0766

Yes, Whisper Blouse, the Little Girls Version!!!!!!DSC_1235

Ready, Aim, FINISH!!  Hugs, Heidi


For Valentine’s Day….What will this Heart become?

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It is so fun to pull out all my pretty, Valentine colored, Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Cut a bunch of 4 – 5 inch squares. DSC_0159

Using a 5″ piece of cardboard, fold it in half and draw half a heart next to the fold line.

Put all your squares together with 2 different pieces together, right sides up (stripes are woven so either way). Trace your heart onto the top piece of fabric. DSC_0165

Set stitch length to 10-12 stitches per inch and starting INSIDE the drawn line, follow the drawn line. When you get back to where you started, just sew to the inside a few stitches and start a new heart shape. DO NOT SEW PERFECTLY concentric circles. DSC_0183

Here’s a better view. This is supposed to be quick and easy so sew like your having fun!DSC_0182

Using your seam ripper, gently, oh so gently, coax the two fabrics apart and rip a hole just big enough to get your smaller pair of scissors into.

Do NOT cut through both layers. You want the back piece to show through. This isn’t my best cutting work, because I sewed the different heart sizes too close together. By the time you sew all that you want, you will be a pro. And don’t forget to cut off the outside black line. What a dumb thing for me to say. Of COURSE you would cut it off.  DSC_0187

Isn’t it pretty on (#GP 109 Pink). Where are the cool Kaffe names? Oh well. DSC_0192

I had to take one more shot without the flash. Not a bad look for 6:30a.m. DSC_0196

So what will it become? The front of a potholder? A pin? How about gluing it on a card, or make a little pin cushion (I don’t know about that one; pins sticking in the heart? not a pretty picture)? Whatever you decide to make, “Make it up, make it fun, and GET IT DONE!”  Happy Valentines Day everyone and HUGS from Heidi

P.S. You can see other items I have made with this technique (I call it “Layered and Shaped Appliques,” in the blog post archives. Aarggghh! I NEED to categorize them still. Well…when you have some time, scroll through, I think all my posts are pretty good.

Felted Fabric, turned into an “Off The Grid Vest,” Heads will Turn!

Here are the pictures I promised from my newest Off The Grid Vest.   Craftsy-Logo         AA Logo1
DSC_0079 (2)

I just love this pre-felted piece of fabric. And I am so glad that I used the ombre’ batik by Anthology for the trim. It adds some pizzazz!

DSC_0087 (4)

Check out the reverse side. Love that too. Can you believe it! I found this cool fabric at JoAnn’s. If you ever see a 54-60″ wide fabric like this, you only need to buy 1 1/3 yds. to make Off the Grid. DSC_0090 (4)

I just like this close up so you can really see what’s going on. DSC_0083 (3)

Oh my, I used buttons that I have had in my button jar for EVER! Pretty unique, I may not like the texture under my arms. We’ll see. DSC_0094 (3)

Here is that little bit on the back that I felted and didn’t like from the front. Well, I decided to keep it in (tooooo much time to rip out!) and I’m going to add to it with some black and white striped fabric and maybe a couple of wild fabric circles. I will show you when done, but it’s waaay down on the list right now. DSC_0095 (3) DSC_0080 (2)

Fun, fun, FUN! And fast, fast, FAST, to sew up! I was really surprised and happy about that. Well, duh, Heidi, it wasn’t collaged and quilted. I can’t wait to do another one with a felted type fabric. Have a super week, we’ll visit again on Friday. Hugs, Heidi

Off The Grid Vest, Goes International. New Zealand!

A few days ago, an email with attached photos arrived in my inbox. Drum roll please……I would like to introduce you to Carol from New Zealand! Yes, Carol bought my Off The Grid vest pattern from  and created her own fabulous version of Off The Grid. I love the way she used the greens “sticks” on the fronts. Kiwi, “Kiwi Connection.” That’s the name I give this piece of Art to Wear. New Zealand, Ca

In two weeks Carol will be celebrating her 20th leap year birthday with her family in Zermatt, Switzerland. And guess what? She will be wearing her newly created vest for her birthday festivities. “Off the Grid” vest is jet-setting around the world. I love it! Happy, happy, birthday Carol.

New Zealand, Carl 2

Anyone out there who has made up one of my patterns, send me some good, clear photos, and I will mail you a pattern of your choice from my growing collection of patterns. Thank you Carol for sending these great pictures so we can all enjoy seeing your vest.

New Zealand, Carol, 3

Back to Zephyr Point (wow, New Zealand, Zermatt, and Zephyr). Trish was my student last year in our Off The Grid vest workshop. Isn’t it fantastic? Come to my workshop through Artistic Alchemy and leave the retreat, WEARING your completed Art to Wear piece! In no other workshop will THAT happen. I’m just sayin.’

Trish used to live and work in Hawaii. She has been a diving instructor, Dive captain, and a Captain of vessels of all sizes. She told us some amazing sea faring stories as the sewing machines were whirling away. We all think she needs to write a book next! DSC_1038

We loved her fabric choices and I think this beautiful piece of Art to Wear should have the title of “Hawaiian Sunset.” DSC_1039

We had a great time. Maybe, you will choose to make your own piece of Art to Wear by coming to my workshop at our annual Artistic Alchemy Retreat, September 5th-9th, 2016.


This is the one that started it all. I can mail a pattern to you or you can download pdf files off of Reach me by email at: hmemmett@gmail.comDSC_0570 DSC_0580

Here it is!! Ta daa! My latest, greatest, Off The Grid. I showed bits and pieces of it last week. The base fabric has been pre-felted.  I will post more pictures tomorrow. I haven’t named it yet. All art work needs a name, I think. What will you name YOUR Off The Grid vest?

DSC_0081 (3)

Let’s all get creative this weekend. Make it up, make it fun, and get it done! Hugs, Heidi

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