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My name is Heidi and I live in Grass Valley, in northern California,  near Lake Tahoe. People have asked about my past experiences in fabric arts and design. It all started when, at my mother’s sewing table, I’d design and make outfits for my Barbie doll.

I am excited to start this blog which will help me to  clear the clutter, to find time, and find the balance to create.  I love anything to do with fabric and clothing and accessories.  I owned a full service fabric store for 16 years and took 12 years off to be a full-time wife and mother.  I have a very supportive husband and one son who is a junior in college.

I have a vision:  to create and sell clothing patterns, and repurposed clothing, through this blog.  Also in the works is to write a book (with an already published friend) about creative clothing and accessories.  I do have two vest patterns being sized at the “pattern grader” right now.  I also have an article in “Belle Armoire” magazine which came out in June detailing the process for a repurposed, machine-felted sweater. This is a fresh start for me, utilizing current technology with you to show, explain and exchange creative ideas in clothing and other areas of the creative arts.


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17 thoughts on “About Heidi

  1. Hey Heidi, this is great! Way to go! I’ll be asking you for blogging tips 🙂 The pic of you on the home page is cute (love the mag and your top), and now I’m going to “wander” around your blog.


  2. Heidi, this is Helen Tellyer from the Tuleburg Quilt Guild in Stockton. I need your address so I can send you a contract for your trunk show/lecture on April 13th. Also, your fee and mileage.

    1. Hi Tina,
      Yes, my blog posts come via email. Go to my blog itself, Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com and look for the sign up button. I’d love to have you “follow” me.
      Hugs, Heidi

  3. I just bought your Whisper Blouse pattern at PIQF and am so excited about making it with my colorful stash at a retreat in Tahoe next week. I can see it in many colors! Thanks for the great pattern!

    1. Hi Laura, Thank you for your pattern purchase. You must have been at PIQF? I am honored that you want to work on it at the retreat you are attending. Any questions, I am only an email away. hmemmett@gmail.com It is a loose fitting blouse (to pull over your head) with a slight drop shoulder. If you have any question about your size, make a muslin using the front and back pieces (so trace them first so you don’t cut into other sizes). Also, I use 1/4″ seam allowances (many people use sergers for main seam sewing). Hugs, Heidi

  4. Heidi, do you leave the edges of the applied fabrics on the Off the Grid vest unfinished? How do you recommend treating them?

    1. Hi Ellen, I do give directions in the pattern, but each piece has been treated with Terial Magic and then zig-zagged down, with a zig in the applique piece and the zag portion into the background. Hope that helps and thanks for the question. Heidi

    1. Hi Kelsey, I just enjoy reading what you write about my blog. Eye Candy! Love that. Thank you so much. The free-form stitching takes very little practice to master.And the best part is, I don’t want my stitches perfect. Any home sewing machine should work. Lower the feed dogs (right under the pressure foot, check your manual) and attach the “darning foot. I have an older Bernina (when they were still made in Switzerland) an 1130 to be exact. It came with a darning foot. But I still could not see well enough. Sew, I had my husband cut the front out. Many machines now have “open toed darning feet available.” Someday, I want to be able to steer you to my “You Tube video” on that and so much else. Acckkk…so much to learn, and do, and create, and not enough time! Big hugs to you, Heidi

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