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Just Launched, Off The Grid Vest, It’s Lift Off for Artistic Alchemy Retreat 2016


DSC_0578Announcing, Artistic Alchemy Retreat for 2016! We will convene on the beautiful shores of Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, the Nevada side. Please visit our blog for all the details.Just hit the Artistic Alchemy logo below to get all the facts.

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I have chosen for this years retreat to focus on my miracle vest pattern, “Off The Grid.”   Please read the following two testimonials to see why I call it my miracle vest:

5’2” tall-petite all over, “I thought I would swim in it, but when I fold the collar back more, I love it just the way it is.”

5’10”- classic pear shape-larger hips, small bust, “Love the length, but I need to lower the buttons on the side, it emphasizes my small bust (side buttons can go wherever it best works for you). I like that the sides are open, because there is room for my hips, but because of the long, thin rectangles, I don’t feel fat.”


These are just two of many testimonials. I will publish more later. They were all from a group of 6 women who all tried on the same Off The Grid and I wrote down what each person said as they all stood in a circle and the one with it on stood in the middle.  It just happened after a meeting of women who quilt and share ideas. It was too fun and exciting for me to see the enthusiasm over this vest.

So no more writing, but take a look at some of the fun ways you can wear this vest, even inside out! If, you can’t join us at Zephyr this fall, but want to make a vest on your own, tap on the “Craftsy” button at the top. If the button wont work, type in Craftsy.com  sewing patterns/designsbyheidi

A “Tuck and Roll” way to wear Off The Grid. Add a cool pin right under the front rolled collar. Because of the quilting, it wont easily come out of this tuck and roll.


How about an off centered, “Single Flip back.” Again, add a pin somewhere to keep it more closed. DSC_0311

Love this one: A reverse (turn the vest inside out) tuck and roll. This is starting to sound like gymnastics.


And another reverse stand up collar with flip back.


I just sold vest patterns this morning from Craftsy to someone in Boynton Beach, Florida and someone in Ivry Sur Seine, France. Welcome ladies to my blog too. Thank you for buying and joining.

I am working on two more Off The Grid Vests. I wanted to try making one without any quilting but still reversible and another one with butterflies tucked in here and there. Check them out:


The floral fabric is a heavier felted piece. I am testing out colors for the trim. I decided on the ombre red orange batik because it’s unexpected. Can’t wait to start sewing.


Love, LOVE, this combination. The gray checkered piece below everything else will be the front of the vest while the paisley chartreuse (upper left) will be the lining. DSC_0379 (2)

Grunge, shot cottons, and the strip above the butterflies (above picture) looks like a closeup of butterfly wings. This will be another fun vest to sew. This one will be quilted. DSC_0380

I am posting this and rushing upstairs to my attic studio and commence sewing. Get creative this weekend. Hugs, Heidi


Yikes, I missed my Friday, October 16th, Post!!!

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We went for a week of R & R to Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe (on the south eastern shore on the Nevada side). It is only 1 1/2 hours away from where I live in Cedar Ridge, but feels like a world away. Below are a few pictures of Sand Harbor on the north eastern shore. Sand harbor is where boats launch and sandy beaches are all around. They also have a wonderful outdoor theater. Where else in the world can you watch a play and see a sunset with a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe behind you?

The two piles of rocks (above pic) on either side of the kyacker are usually covered to within 2 feet of the top. They are there to warn larger boats to slow waaay down as they come into shore.  Below is another area of Sand Harbor. The boardwalk is a wonderful wheelchair accessible trail that travels one mile around the point in a circle for all sorts of wonderful vistas. Check out the largest bolder in the left corner. There is a definite line 2/3 of the way up. 5 years ago, the water was that high. Look at the large outcropping of rocks to the right and right below the boardwalk. They are dark gray at the top. Mid way down they lighten in color. Yep, the water has been that high with very little sandy beach showing.


One more view of Sand Harbor.


On to Cabin A below. It’s so cute, so little, and so no frills. BUT, we do have internet, and all the comforts of home, just not very fancy. Elevation here is 6,310 ft. Lake Tahoe, 22 miles long, 12 miles wide, and at the deepest point, approx. 1,625 ft. deep (that’s why it never freezes) DSC_0272

The Aspens have more red in the leaves than I have seen in quite sometime. Usually they are a vivid gold. DSC_0099

And yes, this was a Sunset view from the deck of Cabin A. It overlooks a private dock and beach of Zephyr Point. DSC_0175

And yes, this time I brought my felting machine. You’ll see more about what’s happening below in another post. DSC_0284

I apologize to all my faithful readers and all my new followers (from the Kaffe Fassett Collective) for not having my usual Friday post. Zephyr Point is a large retreat center with two huge hotel type places(on either end) and 42 cabins scattered all about,  and while the first part of the week was SUPER quiet, from Thursday until yesterday, it was FULL (the hotel parts, not so much the cabins). And everyone wanted to use the internet. We could do nothing online for 3 days. That is why I’m late.  Take care and we’ll meet again on Friday. Hugs, Heidi
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