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OFF THE GRID is the Art to Wear Vest Sewing Pattern YOU NEED for Fall!

It’s a beautiful Fall day here in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.You need to be on TOP of your game today! Make my Off The Grid Vest and you will be ready for anything! You will feel IN CHARGE, TALLER, and THINNER!

Email me directly at: hmemmett@gmail.com to order OFF THE GRID vest pattern and shipping is only $1.00. Payment is through Paypal. Patterns are $15. (includes tax).
My OFF THE GRID vest pattern is fully lined (you could even wear it inside out).
Check out that long, lean, illusion at the sides of the vest (the secret, no seams! and wear black underneath top and bottom).
Colors and prints, ONLY sew with what you LOVE!
Here is a great TIP: Always quilt larger, straight areas up and down (long & lean looking), and never aim for a straight line. Always stitch in gentle curved lines (if just ONE of your straight lines is crooked, it will really stand out).
Shirley has been wearing her vest for a few years now, and told me she always gets compliments when she does. Thanks for the pictures Shirley.
Shirley has “opened” out her vest so you can see the back too. Navy and lime greens always look great together.

Sherrie was a student in my Artistic Alchemy workshop. The warm beige and black combo. worked really well in her Off The Grid vest.
I loved the back of her vest so much (we each bought this city scape panel) I asked if I could use her idea in my new book that I was writing for Leisure Arts. She said YES! Thank you Sherrie.
Liz chose Asian fabrics and metallic threads for her Off The Grid vest.
The back metallic thread stitching looks just like rain falling. And she chose to stitch many, many more lines, weaving in and out of each other.

I had to get a picture of this Off The Grid vest inside out. I LOVE butterflies and I think it’s really lovely as the lining. AND, she can wear it either way. DesignsbyHeidi-Off The Grid.
Carol sent me pictures all the way from New Zealand. She made it to celebrate a milestone birthday. She made it to wear at her birthday party with family in Switzerland! She lives in two Amazing places and I’m honored that she chose to make Off The Grid for her own birthday party!
I call this Off The Grid vest that Carol sent me a picture of, “Kiwi” in honor of her New Zealand home.
Trish, another student in my Artistic Alchemy Retreat workshop, completed her “Hawaiian Sunset” Off The Grid vest while at the retreat.
Trish lived in Hawaii  for a few years teaching Scuba Diving as well as being a Captain of different vessels. WOW!
This is my own, latest Off The Grid. All the background fabric is black, but it certainly didn’t photograph that color. Yep, it would work in Chocolate brown too.

Please visit the “archives” of my blog site and go under “Off The Grid” vest for more ideas on this truly amazing (AMAZING because so many sizes and heights look great in it and don’t need to change a thing on the pieces) vest. And it’s amazing because each one is truly unique, one of a kind!

Pat from another one of my workshops at Zephyr Point sent me her pictures of her Off The Grid vest. I’m calling this one, “Midnight Song.”

Off The Grid vest pattern. Created by Heidi Emmett of Designs by Heidi Emmett


A friend sent this on a “walk-about” somewhere outside of Denver, CO. The Aspens are in full-on golden mode. I do see a hint of blush in the upper left. Thanks Dee.

I had this experience standing in line at the UPS store just yesterday.

Sigh……this IS ME!! Take care everyone. I want to hear everyone’s sewing machines humming along this weekend. And I leave you with this quote: “Always be kinder than you feel.”¬† Hugs, Heidi