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Cruising Pinterest and I Found This!

Something new for Coach. I was intrigued. Hey, I’ve been doing something similar for quite a few years! Let’s take a closer look. These bags range in price from $375-$495.  These are by  Keith Haring.

Each bag/purse has applique’s AND some simply stitched fabric pieces on it! We can do this on our own Coach’s. Wait a minute, I DID do that! I was ahead of the curve on this. Keep looking. 

Many Coach bags have split leather on the bottoms. They get dirty fast and look, not so nice. The bags below, I scored while Thrifting. I took them home and cleaned the smooth leather and scrubbed the split leather and canvas portion (yes, I used a soft scrub brush with cool, sudsy water). The split leather darkened a bit (because of the washing) but still looked dirty. So I covered it up. And I love the results. Yes, I showed it last year but after seeing the above NEW coach collection, I had to bring them out again. Besides, mine are perfect for spring.

Quilted some Kaffe Fassett fabric first, and cut out and stitched it to fit. I used Fabric Tac Glue (This stuff REALLY holds nicely). Here are the beginnings of my second Coach “upcycling.”

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The colors in the yo-yo’s reminds me of the little Pansy’s STILL blooming at my kitchen sink. I have had this one and kept it alive! since the end of January. 

A cozy day for Rex, sleeping by the fire. We had a dusting of snow a few days back. 

And for Rubix too. 

Packaging materials I arranged because I liked what the shadows and their natural shapes created. I’ll file these pictures into my “ideas for ???” folder. 

On the sunny days I took some pictures. I loved the play of light and color. 

This one kinda looks like it’s floating. I like that too. I’ll file these in the same folder as my paper designs. 

My mom has always said that it isn’t Spring in Nevada County, CA until the snow falls on the Daffodils. 

She’s right. And for the next 5 + days, it will be in the low 70’s! The ground is too wet to garden( I think it is), sew I will be stitching and felting and upcycling this weekend for the “boutique” section of the Pine Tree Quilt Show in Grass Valley, CA the first weekend in May. Make it up, make it fun, and GET IT DONE! Hugs, Heidi

P.S. Don’t forget to pop over to Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com  to see what the four of us teachers have planned for this years, 5th annual creative retreat. We’d love to see YOU there!

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Heidi’s “Triangle Tote”, a project in Modern Patchwork!

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Jayne from Florida got in touch with me and sent pictures of her Triangle Tote that she had made from my project for Modern Patchwork. I just had to show it off. I can send  hard copy patterns. The pattern pieces will be hand drawn (no time to get them printed). Send a check for $16. (includes postage) to Heidi Emmett, P.O. Box 208, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 You could also pop $16. into my Paypal account, using my email address: hmemmett@gmail.com Give your mailing address and what the $ is for.

DSC_0664 DSC_0052

Here is mine, the front side, with “Sparky dog and Rex the cat”, and the back of it, below. DSC_0064

Hi Jayne, Your tote bag turned out soooo CUTE! and I love that you are modeling it for us.

Triangle Tote #2

I showed mine with my animals and Jayne shows her tote bag  by her very inviting swimming pool. What a great job you did on it Jayne, love the colors. And Jayne gave me design credit by putting a lovely tag that she embroidered right inside the tote. It was a great picture but as much as I tried and tried I could not get it to my blog site. Triangle ToteOnce again, great job Jayne and enjoy totin’ things in your new Triangle Tote bag. And remember people, magazines these days are like books, and books are our friends. I have a gazillion friends in my studio right now, and I love going through them over and over.  So go sit in a hammock and look at magazines (preferably one that I have a project in, ha, ha) and get your creative going! Hugs, Heidi

This And That. Easy, Breezy, thoughts on a Hot Summer Day!

We all have to grocery shop. We maybe don’t enjoy it or we’re just rushed. Well here is my tip to make it a more enjoyable time. Next time you go, first thing, take 2 minutes and walk through the floral dept. Deep breathe while you walk among the beauty and color and designs that you see. Ahhhhh…….. Sometimes I even buy some flowers. Even carrying them in the squeaky cart (I ALWAYS manage to pick one of those, or the wheels are weird), calms me down. 

Wasn’t that nice? As I wheel into the fruit and veggie area next, the color and design doesn’t stop. I look at these beauties below with fresh eyes. Dragon Fruit, have you tried it? Neither have I. But as in your sewing experiences, it’s time to step out of the box now and then and try a new technique, work with colors you don’t usually gravitate toward…. 

Pineapple, we see it ALL the time. We use it quite a bit too. Have you ever barbecued it? Well, I had not either until I tried it at my friend Jean’s Bunco party. Ohh my gosh!! Totally fabulous! Fresh Pineapple BBQ’d (complete with grill marks). It looks fancy too. And so easy too. Slice it, add a tiny bit of oil, and pop them on the grill. That’s it. Thanks Jean!!

Oh, and corn. Here is the fastest, best way EVER! to cook it. Here it is, in its’ cute packaging. LEAVE ALL THE PACKAGING on and pop 2 ears at a time into the microwave. Cook according to your microwave. Pull out, let cool for a few minutes, and then open. Watch out for steam. Everything just sort of slides off as you pull on it. Amazing.

O.K. I’m on a food kick today. And I know the 4th is long gone (where HAS this month gone?), but I had to show you my flag cake. This was the first time in 2 years that we were home for the fourth. So good to be home with family. Check out the fresh blueberries. Again, I feel so fortunate being able to walk down to my mom’s house and pick fresh blueberries in the cool of the evening.  Chocolate cake (whatever flavor you like).  Fresh raspberries, washed and carefully dried.
Use a cream cheese frosting, frosted in a “rustic” manner (the sides are not frosted as I ran out)ha, ha. A lace cap hydrangea. It was mis-marked at the nursery, but I have grown to like it, because it’s different.  Just can’t get enough of these colors and designs.  It took a few years, but we finally re-painted our vintage wrought iron table and chairs. My job was to cover the chair seats. Label your chairs F & B and chair #. (mainly for the screw-in portions as each chair was different (on the sides).  Buy the very best quality of outdoor furniture fabric you can (did you know that NASA developed the coated portion of this terrific fabric that keeps it waterproof?). The method that I use is the fast and easy way as I want to get it done and enjoy them. Pull the fabric tight enough so it  takes up all the slack. Put a few staples in the middle of one side. Go to the opposite side and staple the same way as the first. And do the same on the other two sides.  The corners are then brought up and folded, whatever way you want to, but be consistent. I trimmed off the little tails. 

Taa daa! It’s like having a brand new set. We use it every day for at least one meal. 

More beautiful flowers to leave you with. Wish this was a bouquet I did on my own. Cosmos and Zinnias. But the next best thing is having a fabulous calendar by Workman Publishing. 

some easy, breezy, summer ideas this week. Thanks for stopping by. I will have a step by step project next week. Hugs everyone, Heidi

Maui, Hawaii—–Listen, you can almost hear the waves.

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Aloha! And in case you didn’t know (there are new signups every week, to which I say thank you), my husband and I went to Maui to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. I brought along my newest “Proto-type.”  It’s a top/blouse and its’ working title is  “The Sparky Top.” I feel sparkly” when I put it on and it’s also in honor of our sweet dog, Sparky, who would be curled up in his bed right next to me as I wrote my blog posts or worked on my patterns and projects.

Besides the new “Sparky Top” check out the sand. Yes, It really is  really dark brown almost black. The beach in front of our condo. has at least 5 different sands. Each one is very defined. We are at the “black beach” section.  

As Heidi looks towards Molokai you can see that this top will be a wonderful addition to your 3 season wardrobe. It has an all in one cap sleeve, bias taped neckline, and falls longer in the back than the front. There is a back yoke which is a little blank canvas for, piecing, quilting, embroidery, whatever you choose.

Tell me what you think. Too long, too loose, just right? Do I need a better description?

76-82 degrees for the entire time we were there. It sprinkled once, for 15 minutes.

Flowers from the tropics.  I don’t know all the names. They remind me of the flowers in the fabrics I used in my new pattern to be (three more months until publishing, argghh).  I know this is a Kaffe Fassett fabric but I’m at a loss to say which one (I had no selvage to look at). Also, I only had scraps left for this back yoke. So, I stiffened more scraps with Terial Magic and raw edge stitched around the fussy cut flowers to hide my seam. 

Even under the sea creatures (at the Maui Ocean Center) reminded me of the colors and shapes in the fabrics. These are sooo cool! I shot this straight on using my Nikon on Auto (I have no time for “Raw”) and no flash.

Below are Coral that are iridescent. They are such glowing colors in very low light. The shutter speed was sooo slow, hence the blurring (and I forgot to hold my breath). But the colors, check the colors.!  This flower is a little tired but the shapes of the petals on the stem and the original color next to the rich green leaves, it’s a keeper. 

The only blue violet flower I saw. Stunning.

Some flowers need no words. Thanks for visiting Hawaii with me this week.

I still have room in my”Pick a Pattern” workshop at our Artistic Alchemy Retreat in Sept. Let’s create your own Art to Wear Piece. Mahalo, Heidi

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I’m Feeling Blue—-In a GOOD Way!

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Rain, rain, rain. I don’t mind it though, because I have more time to sew! Did I tell you that I live, “as the crow flies,” 50 miles from the Oroville Dam, in Oroville, CA. Some of you may have heard about the problems. All the ruckus started last Sunday, late afternoon. Their fixes seem to be working. The water behind the spillway is down 30+ feet (and still falling), while last Sunday, 2 feet OVER!  A very Scary time for all those people.

I’m feeling blue, because I want to get those little yo-yos onto my “Mommy & Me” vest that I showed you in my 1/20/17 post titled- “Yikes, Black & Blue ……..” I’m using a gorgeous Perriwinkle blue, boucle’ wool for the base (from my stash, yeahhh).


Here is the pattern I used. I wore it for the first time this past Tuesday and received rave reviews wherever I went. Easy to make the foundation vest, but do all the embellishments you want BEFORE you sew it together.


Of course, never one to follow my OWN rules, I am NOW adding the yo-yo’s. It isn’t bad doing things later as this vest is nice and loose. dsc_0006

Felting down a yo-yo. Or you could stitch it by machine, or by hand. I like the yarn idea. The picture below was taken at night, lousy light, just like the video, my very FIRST one that I posted to FB. Did you see it? My FB is DesignsbyHeidi. The video is good, for my first one, ever, it’s just the bad lighting.  The video goes with the sweater further down the page.


I will add beads tonight. I just can’t STOP!!! dsc_0308 dsc_0365 dsc_0367

Rex came up to help while I felted. He blends right in doesn’t he? Check out the pillow he is lounging against. 1/2 off but still $50.00.  I bought it for the felting and wool fabric manipulation ideas. It looks good on the couch upstairs in our t.v. room. That’s where I usually felt so I can watch t.v. too.


Here is the yarn I used to felt down the yo-yos. Amazing amount of other colors. I LOVE this yarn, called Gina by Plymouth yarns. dsc_0309

I pulled some off the skein to use and check out what happened to this yarn. dsc_0342

Here’s a close up. Maybe one of you marvelous knitters can tell me why it twisting up on itself so much? I reeled off just what I needed and took it to the ironing board and with the iron set to wool and steam, gently tugged the “kinks” out of it. It worked really well.  A close up of the kinks below. dsc_0344

Then I proceeded to felt it to my gorgeous Eileen Fisher, Perriwinkle Blue, Merino wool, sweater. The “hole” reason I was felting is that I discovered a real hole in the sweater. I thought I will cover it up with bits of yarn felted down. Well…, you’ll see that I really did NOT check to see where the hole really was. Here’s the back. dsc_0346

I saw something similar on a gorgeous sweater from an Anthropologie catalog from 5 years ago. Did I ever say that I can’t throw much away? I treasure those catalogs and others for an abundance of future ideas. dsc_0347 dsc_0349

Taa daa!! There is the hole. I guess I will sew it closed (by hand) and then continue on with the yarn felting. The single strand felting of yarn is VERY fast, and very fun to do. dsc_0356 dsc_0360

Maybe it’s raining where you live. It’s a perfect time to start a new project! Hugs, Heidi

P.S. Don’t forget to find my felting video on my  FB business page (DesignsbyHeidi).  I will learn how to get it to the blog posts and to You Tube, but I just had to try it right then and there, last night.

P.P.S. Sign ups for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat have begun. I have my first student! So yeahh for that. Remember, my workshop is called, “Pick A Pattern.” Click on the logo below and you’ll get all the information you need to sign up.

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Patternless Sewing! It’s Easy!

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Start with my Off the Grid Vest pattern (the miracle vest!).



Add some beautiful batiks (these are by Alison Glass) and a fabulous foundation ombre fabric (buy it at Christine Barnes.com)


Prepare fabric pieces with Terial Magic and cut strips from them.

Stitch up some off-centered Log Cabin blocks (it’s all in the pattern instructions, not to worry).  Whirrr…… pedal to the metal! dsc_0093

Gather some highly technical tools to create your own pattern pieces from the measurements I give you. It really is easy. dsc_0149

Have fun setting out the pieces to create your own unique design. dsc_0136

Add some simple, let me say that again for emphasis, SIMPLE, quilting lines on the vest back, then arrange some strips. and using either Basting glue or Elmer’s school glue, glue them to the vest back. dsc_0114

Log cabin squares pinned to the fronts and then glued. Ready to stitch in place. dsc_0146-2

Some more stitching and echo stitching to create a slimming, linear look. dsc_0247 dsc_0227

A nifty finishing technique for all the edges and a cool flat stitched seam allowance. Simple instructions are included of course.

You have to get this pattern for a truly, Art to Wear piece. You will be walking on air with all the compliments you receive. I’m not joking! dsc_0311 dsc_0592 dsc_0556

And here it is inside out! So many ways to wear it! dsc_0316

Isn’t THIS a cool look? My friend, Lila Sugg made this fabulous necklace for ME! I think it is a perfect compliment for my vest. Lila is 92 years young! You are one amazingly, talented woman Lila. Oh, did I mention its made using real potatoes? I posted about this, a long time ago. I HAVE to get my past posts organized. Soon….img_20150409_160828

A student’s vest (Pat from the Bay Area) from my Art to Wear workshop at one of our Artistic Alchemy Retreats. Love the deep rich colors. pat-vest-front-open-draped

Carolyn from New Zealand created this stunner after purchasing my pattern online. Carolyn is 82 years young (you go girlfriend) and made this to celebrate her birthday with family in Switzerland. I just love it!new-zealand-ca

And Trish, at an Artistic Alchemy retreat, made her version of Off The Grid vest. She walked out of workshop wearing hers!!! You are the BEST!dsc_1038

And at last years retreat, Sherri also walked out at the end of the retreat with HER FINISHED Off The Grid vest. Beautiful work Sherri. And she added her own twist to the back.


I LOVE the back of this vest that uses a quilting panel piece. Thank you again Sherri, for saying yes to my using your panel idea in a project for my upcoming book. It’s going to press next week!! I’ll  keep you all posted.


Commercial break: Here we are in order from the left, Mary Boalt, Sandra Bruce, Christine Barnes, and me. Sign ups for Artistic Alchemy #4 have just opened! Sign up soon. I hope to see some of you in my workshop this year: “Pick A Pattern.”  Click on the A.A. logo below to learn more.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you all have time to do something creative this weekend (cleaning up after recent storms does NOT count). Hugs, Heidi

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I Was Seeing “RED!”

Yes!! I was seeing red. Firstly, I didn’t get this post done on Friday as I should have. Secondly, I was seeing beautiful red fabrics and stitching and working it all together into a FABULOUS, NEW, Terrific Tabard Vest.

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Mary Boalt, from our Artistic Alchemy group introduced me to Kantha cloth. She had made her piece into a jacket.  My piece below is a “throw” size, which is about 50″ x 60.” Kantha cloth is two pieces of fabric sewn together (no batting) by hand, using a heavy thread and straight running stitches. Looking at this  I just knew I had to add Kaffe Fassett fabrics. dsc_0510

They needed a certain “stiffness” to work my magic so I threw pieces of Kaffe fabrics into a bag and sprayed them with Terial Magic. dsc_0057

While they were still wet, I pressed each one until dry. dsc_0060

Coming back to this project, I began to lay them out on the wrong side (plain red with stitches showing). I say coming back to it, because everything got wrinkled in the bag. See how stiff Terial Magic makes them. It’s perfect for all the top-stitching  I do.

I used one Mille Fiori piece, colorway “Red,” and stripes, and one Shirting stripe, all from Kaffe Fassett. dsc_0358

After finding the perfect layout I glued all the pieces down. Aim for a very thin stream of glue, not the blob I have coming out of the glue bottle. Too big of a stream and two things happen, it spots the fabric (it will wash out but who wants to do that?) and the needle really clunks through everything when its being stitched down. Oh, look at that. I just happen to be wearing my Peruvian Connection, Kaffe Fassett, Alpaca, hand knit sweater. Love, LOVE, it. I will own this sweater FOREVER! I’m telling you. dsc_0364

While letting the glue dry I was flipping through my “FLOWERS” calendar and saw this page (Jan. 14 & 15, 2017). A vibrant floral tapestry of cut bouquets at a market in Kumming, China (Workman publishing (my favorite calendars), New York). This totally reminds me of Kaffe Fassett MilleFiori, and Paperweight fabrics. dsc_0438

Thousands of stitches later and TaDAAAA!! Isn’t my Terrific Tabard aka Skinny Vest gorgeous? Feast your eyes on this Boho Chic vest. Christine Barnes, another member of Artistic Alchemy told me that basically, Boho Chic is another name for Hippie clothing of the 60’s. dsc_0440 dsc_0447 dsc_0448 dsc_0454 dsc_0455 dsc_0460 dsc_0463 dsc_0464 dsc_0468 dsc_0469 dsc_0471

Now it’s time to turn it inside out. I love this with denim. A long sleeved t-shirt and skinny jeans and boots. Perfect. dsc_0483

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You too can purchase a T.T. pattern by me, from Craftsy.com (click on the button there on the left) for a pdf filed pattern (you print it up on your own printer), or contact me via email: hmemmett@gmail.com and I will send you a hard copy that is complete with a tissue pattern sizes XSM-4X.


dsc_0495 dsc_0496 dsc_0487

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Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and view my myriad pictures. I hope they give you just the creative spark you need. dsc_0489

My beautiful hand carved wooden butterfly pin that serves as a button on the pieced side of the vest. My mom got it for me on a cruise my mom and dad took from the top of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin to the gulf of Mexico near Louisiana (from the Bayous of LA).

Happy stitching in whatever medium you choose. I just love to sew and quilt, don’t you? Hugs, Heidi

Happy New Year-2017!

This day in winter dawns with a storm a comin’.  They’re talking snow by New Year’s Day!
dsc_0279Before the storm rolls in, all the critters are snug by the fire. dsc_0247O.K., I admit it, both pictures of “the critters” are two years old (Sweet Sparky dog is gone now) but the snow, and by the fire, that is all really happening this New Year’s weekend. And I love these pics. They are awwww…. pictures. dsc_0245

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 Find me at the icons at right. DesignsbyHeidi

Are you looking to make a Show Stopping Terrific Tabard Vest? This is one of my best selling patterns. I started with an allover large scaled print by M & S Textiles, an Aboriginal (it is 5th from the left). The other fabrics are cut into strips to work with that  Aboriginal. dsc_0552

This vest took a few days of walking back and forth, looking, moving, sewing, ripping, placing, taking pics…don’t be in a hurry. Relax and have fun with the process. I also cut up the large scaled fabric in interesting ways that could be used in the Terrific Tabard  (see below). I played and played with this one aboriginal and decided it needed a 2nd bold piece to go with everything.dsc_0555-2

Testing the first print, I like it so far. Hey, those gourds look good in the mix don’t they? dsc_0647

Do you see it? It’s the more blue toned (another Aboriginal) large scaled piece in the middle of the picture below. It was an “aha” moment. When making the Terrific Tabard using the view called “Aussie Angle” you are starting with a blank slate. Always key off your favorite large-scaled fabric and you will have a great palette to work with. Have a second or third large-scaled fabric at the ready, just in case. Notice the tissue piece on the right side of the picture. I often lay the tissue pieces over what I am working on so I don’t sew morestrips and pieces together than is necessary. dsc_0074-2My VERY FIRST QUILTING project on my “new” (to me), Sweet Sixteen by Handiquilter!dsc_0093A whole new world has opened up to me with this amazing machine. The room, the precision (well, I’m still working on that), the lighting, it’s so fun!!dsc_0095Here’s one of the front pieces all quilted and ready to trim to fit the tissue pattern. dsc_0099

Adding the outside trim pieces (late at night, hence the poorly lit pictures). dsc_0159Working on the shoulder strips (to cover raw edges) and bring the edging strip to the front of the vest. dsc_0165

Another MAJOR “aha” moment. How long have I owned this Bernina? Ohhh, since, 1986. See the picture below of the needle position, up or down? Pick down and you will have sooooooo much MORE control of smaller pieces that you are sewing together. We get used to things the way they are and don’t look at new ways of thinking.Hmm. this could be a New Year’s resolution: look at things from new angles! It will keep life interesting.  dsc_0164

Taa Daa! I love it. And Katie does too. dsc_0266

I made this vest as a thank you to Katie McCollum with Checker Distributing. Thank you Katie for getting my hard copy patterns in their “Art to Wear” pattern group for distribution all over the world! So exciting for me.   dsc_0269dsc_0278

Happy New Year everyone. And a parting shot of Lake Tahoe at Zephyr Point in the early morning after a snow storm. Great things are happening at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat scheduled for September 4th-8th, 2017. Details coming the end of January. Hugs, Heidi


Ice Dying – WOW!!!- What Fun!!

by Heidi Emmett

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I think Thanksgiving should be worldwide. At the very least, the Thankful part. We all much to be thankful for. So be thankful every single day. Your spirits will be lifted, guaranteed!

I had two dear friends who happen to be sisters come down from Portland, Oregon recently. I was told we would be trying Ice Dying. Well as good as is looked, dying fabric is one area I have not explored. Too messy, too much work, too much time, blah, blah, blah….

Well, the title of this post says it all! Below are some pictures of this pretty darn fun process. Enjoy.

The tension is high as the surgeons (well, Debbie gave that away with her shiny BBQ apron) not, get ready to work. Linda on the left and her sister Karenanne in the middle. ice-dying-4

“I’m certain this is the way to do it!” Linda says as she eyes her phone for the umpteenth time!  Here is the simplified version of Ice Dying: Prepare your off-white or white fabric (natural fibers) in Soda ash. Wring it out and scrunch it onto an open rack (like a cookie cooling rack). Pack ice on top. Sprinkle dry powder dye on top of the ice. Allow ice to melt and then rinse out excess dye. Hang to dry.


Below is Linda’s dye job. Please note there are several crunched up pieces of fabric under all that ice.


Below is a piece from one section. Yowzaa! We call it Poppies- popalicious!

Below left is that section of Linda’s ice (really scrunched up area yields more white space) with yellow in it. Bold and beautiful. dsc_0696

Same fabric below, but different lighting. dsc_0697

Below is Heidi’s  ice with much more of the yellow and red and orange powder. ice-dying-8

Can you even believe it? Mine is the silk piece on the left and the pink textured cotton 2nd from the right. dsc_0701

Same picture in different lighting. I would say the coloring below is very much what they look like when dry.  I’m going to see if there is enough of the heavier cotton piece to make the body of a Zephyr Jacket (one of my newest Art to Wear patterns with actual tissue pieces). dsc_0704

Karenanne ( the minimalist in the group!) I can only show you the chunk on the right as she took the other piece home with her to show off to her husband. ice-dying-6

Stunning!!!! This is a piece of 100% rayon. dsc_0708

Another close up view. dsc_0709

O.K. here is the last “ice.” Debbie did this one and I have to say I took this picture and thought, “Yikes,will this even turn out? The dye is so jumbled, the colors will blend too much. I think I see brown forming already.”( I already told Debbie this so it’s o.k. to say it here ha, ha).

Wellll…everyone, I saved the BEST for last! Unbeknownst to me, Debbie had tied her wet piece with string here and there before adding the ice and dye. Scroll back up to her ice mess, I mean REALLY? Now back down. It has such a wow factor. I love all the others but they have a more serendipitous look (except maybe Linda’s Popolicious Poppies). Debbie’s looks so purposeful and rich.


Thanks for stopping by this post today. My next adventure with Ice Dying will be with my Artistic Alchemy “teaching buds!” I’ll post again when that happens. Hmmm… maybe right after it snows, then it is called, “Snow dying!” Have a creative week and don’t forget to visit me on Craftsy, Instagram, and Pinterest!! Hugs, Heidi

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A Day For This and That……………………..

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Good evening everyone! Ahhhh, the weekend is starting! May you enjoy every creative moment of it.  On occasion I have a “This and That” kind of post. And so it is for this Friday. Below are a few more pics from my adventure to PIQF(Pacific International Quilt Festival).


This wall hanging is stunning. Beautifully quilted and much of it quilted using the decorative stitches on her sewing machine. dsc_0100


I love the confetti beading that adds sparkle. dsc_0102

I planted these Zinnias and Chrysanthemums myself. The Zinnias were from seed. I planted them too late in the season. What you see in the bouquet below is the sum total . I love Zinnias, they are such a happy flower. So one happy little bouquet is good! dsc_0578

Rex had to be involved of course. dsc_0593

The temperature got down to 32.7 and I KNEW there were more tomatoes to pick. I picked this bowl and some cracked a few hours later. We’re eating them anyway! And if nothing else, I’ll chop them up for a yummy soup. November 18th, the last of the garden. Pretty good. dsc_0746

I have a houseful of family coming for Thanksgiving. I must say, I enjoy creating tablescapes more than I like cooking. dsc_0749

These are my “Fun Fall Leaves” project from the now kaput, “Stitch” magazine. I will turn this into a pattern that I will offer for $.99. That should be my next one available on Craftsy. Look for it soon. Hit the Craftsy logo above and it should take you to all the patterns I have available. Or go to Craftsy.com/Sewing patterns/Heidi Emmettdsc_0750

I put some leaves on a silk Dupioni (it was a dress I got from the thrift shop and washed). It has gorgeous texture.  dsc_0751

Look at the adorable little credit card holder someone made that I got as a party favor for riding the bus to PIQF. dsc_0754

It’s just the cutest. Thank you so much for visiting my blog post today. I was late getting it out as I had an Artistic Alchemy meeting today. We were discussing the January launch date for our next September 2017 retreat. Sandra and I are teaching different things than we did last year. Pop on over to Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com to see what we have been up to. Hugs, Heidi. dsc_0755

Introducing: “Mommy & Me & My Lace Vest & Quilt!”

Finally! Wow, what a process this time, because it’s 3 patterns in one!!! I am really proud of this pattern. Mommy & Me is the first in a series of patterns that is directed toward beginner sewists, young and older alike! Misses sizes XSm-Lg, Girls, 4-8, plus how to create your own unique small quilt.

Buy this vest pattern (3 in one) on http://www.Craftsy.com/Sewing patterns/Designsbyheidi $13.95 for a pdf file (you do it on your home printer or put it on a thumb drive and take it to Staples) or, buy a hard copy (all tissue pattern pieces and instructions included) for $25. This includes tax and shipping. Mail a check to me, Heidi Emmett, P.O. Box 208, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 or if you have a Paypal account, just type in my email address: hmemmett@gmail.com and follow the prompts (super easy). Either way, I’ll get a hard copy to you asap!


This is a loose fitting vest and a little longer than some. It’s long and lean (my mantra for ALL my patterns).  Lace is so popular right now, check out what you might have at home (I’ve been known to cut up a tablecloth or drapery panel)!

Yes, I have been collecting lace for YEARS! Trim, all over lace yardage, as well as border laces. This pattern is perfect for border laces. DSC_0370

The trim on the two vests looks whiter, because it is. I mixed colors of lace in the quilt too. Be sure to visit the Terial Magic blog post next Thursday, August 25th. I am the guest blogger and it will feature this pattern.  I made my own lace “looking” fabric for the back. Whaaat? I don’t want to give it away, but I think you’ll love it.  DSC_0358

A close up reveals that I’m using cotton laces. But nylon, and polyester, silk, etc. they will ALL work beautifully. DSC_0354 DSC_0334

Yes, you all get to look at some of the over 465 pictures I took to get just the right shots for this pattern. Thank you for looking!DSC_0333

This was probably the most fun I have ever had making a quilt. No experience is necessary,  but relaxing and enjoying the whole process is!  I give tips on how to put it together, and quilt it too. DSC_0283


In between photo shoots I remembered I had to water (101 that day, OUCH! but they say out west, “It’s a dry heat.”) Anyway, I threw the vest over a silk printed tunic and I like it. It’s a Bohemian look. DSC_0304

Rex was banished to the house during one of the myriad photo shoots (on the quilt, under the quilt, accckk!). He looks so innocent doesn’t he? DSC_0045

Rubix, he preferred to lounge on the top of the fountain. He could stay. DSC_0751

Close up of my “Sketch Stitching Quilting.” LOVE, LOVE, doing this. It truly is fun and easy. DSC_0768 DSC_0766

Here is a quote that I think really speaks to my newest pattern:  “There’s no right way, no formula. There’s nothing but struggle and constant refinement. We always have the daily disaster or three. But when it all works, it’s pure magic.”  -Karl Lagerfeld, Designer     Have a wonderful, and creative weekend. Hugs and thanks for stopping by today. Heidi


Volunteering at Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, June 2016.

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My husband and I go to Zephyr Point, home of  Artistic Alchemy retreat (it’s Sept.5-9th this year; click on the “Artistic Alchemy” logo above to learn  what my workshop is all about).  In June, we volunteer at the “Bear Necessities Gift Shop” for one week. It takes us about six hours to get there (only because I HAVE TO STOP at many thrift shops along the way).  Below are two absolute mint condition 30’s quilt tops I found at the third stop. These two tops just made my day, week, month, year!! I will sooo appreciate the beautiful stitching (all done by hand of course!) and absolute beauty of them. I wont say any more, just enjoy the pictures. I think you’ll agree, with the setup for these pictures, it’s almost as if they are stain glass pictures in the cathedral of Lake Tahoe so it is only fitting that I thank you God for this magnificent place, and the creativity you give each of us to make such lovely hand made things.

DSC_0006 DSC_0012 DSC_0017 DSC_0021 DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0026 DSC_0038 DSC_0040 DSC_0043 DSC_0057 DSC_0062

Yes, that’s me wearing my upcycled sweat shirt with the kangaroo pocket using Marcia Derse Fabrics. And below ,an hour later, was the perfect end to a perfect day. Enjoy this show too. All pictures this week were taken from the balcony of the cabin we get to stay in while working for the week. This place, the air, the scenery, it all gets me very excited to help you create your own piece of “Art to Wear.” Please join me at my workshop with Artistic Alchemy this September 5th-9th.DSC_0105

DSC_0110 DSC_0111 DSC_0112 DSC_0102

Hugs, Heidi

Terrific Tabard, aka “Skinny Vest” – Make One Now for Spring!

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Happy Spring Day!

Terrific Tabard Vest pattern is a perfect way to showcase large scale prints. Below is “Aussie Angle.”  I love Aboriginal fabrics. The designs are too nice to cut up into little pieces for a quilt. Let me explain how to showcase these “works of art” into your next Art to Wear piece.

Heidi face-1 DSC_0300 (2) DSC_0304 (2) DSC_0925 DSC_0825

Here’s another Terrrific Tabard using Marcia Derse fabrics. LOVE, her modern, organic shapes and designs. A sophisticated look. DSC_0181 DSC_0228


“Tree of Life” is another version of Terrific Tabard that is available to make in this pattern.

When you have no large scale prints, collaged pieces are the way to go. I will explain all the easiest ways to do this.


Terrific Tabard pattern comes with sizes XSm- 4X. Print all the instructions and “tiled” patterns pieces (put each 9 x 11 sheet together like a puzzle) on your own printer, orrrr put the pdf files onto a thumb drive and go to Staples and have them print it up.

Or, one last way to get Terrific Tabard is to send a check for $14.00 to Heidi Emmett, P.O. Box 208, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 and I will send you a hard copy (I print it up for you and include tissue pattern pieces)


I took some time out to get up close with one of our many Dogwood trees. DSC_0523DSC_0524DSC_0526

Below is one of several bluebird houses we have. Not in the best condition but the birds don’t seem to mind. In front of this birdhouse is Mahonia Aquafolium, better known as Oregon Grape. Tons of yellow blossoms getting ready to burst open. I’ll take another picture when they are in peak bloom. DSC_0528DSC_0530

Please visit the group I am teaching with this fall: Artistic Alchemy. Our blog that gives all the details for this fun and creative retreat is Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com  (or click on the icon at the top!).DSC_0531

It’s hard. I’m torn, be outside, sew inside. Hmm… I’ve done it before, I’ll bring my machine outside. I’ll get the best of BOTH!  Hugs, Heidi

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New Patterns! In The Works! Close to a “Go Live”on My Latest Creations!

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Today, a sneak peek at what’s coming! I am so excited to announce that my patterns are being picked up by the largest distributor in the U.S. with all things, patterns, crafts, sewing, and more. It is Checker Distributing out of Ohio. They will sell my hard copy patterns all over the world!

No worries, they are always available through Craftsy.com in a pdf format too, or a hard copy from me. Email me at: hmemmett@gmail.com

My line of patterns is slowly growing in size. But I’ll tell you what, A fire has been lit under me, to GET GOING!!!! on getting my other designs (4 of them) ready for print. So here are some pictures of them:

Here is the first in a series of Mommy & Me & My Quilt patternsDSC_0002 (3) DSC_0011 (2) DSC_0028 (2)

Yes, Rubix just HAD to try on the little girls version. Silly kitty! DSC_0063

This one, Tahoe To A T, will be in the series where NO pattern pieces needed. Using your own measurements (under my directions) you will create two, YES, only 2 rectangle pieces. Some of these pictures have me wearing a belt, some not. Wear this with a t-shirt, without a t-shirt, or as a cover up. Dress it up, dress it down. Really versatile. DSC_0037 DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0059

Second in a series of Mommy & Me & My Quilt patterns, Lace vests and a way cool, funky, fun, wall hanging. DSC_0689 DSC_0736 DSC_0766

Yes, Whisper Blouse, the Little Girls Version!!!!!!DSC_1235

Ready, Aim, FINISH!!  Hugs, Heidi


For Valentine’s Day….What will this Heart become?

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It is so fun to pull out all my pretty, Valentine colored, Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Cut a bunch of 4 – 5 inch squares. DSC_0159

Using a 5″ piece of cardboard, fold it in half and draw half a heart next to the fold line.

Put all your squares together with 2 different pieces together, right sides up (stripes are woven so either way). Trace your heart onto the top piece of fabric. DSC_0165

Set stitch length to 10-12 stitches per inch and starting INSIDE the drawn line, follow the drawn line. When you get back to where you started, just sew to the inside a few stitches and start a new heart shape. DO NOT SEW PERFECTLY concentric circles. DSC_0183

Here’s a better view. This is supposed to be quick and easy so sew like your having fun!DSC_0182

Using your seam ripper, gently, oh so gently, coax the two fabrics apart and rip a hole just big enough to get your smaller pair of scissors into.

Do NOT cut through both layers. You want the back piece to show through. This isn’t my best cutting work, because I sewed the different heart sizes too close together. By the time you sew all that you want, you will be a pro. And don’t forget to cut off the outside black line. What a dumb thing for me to say. Of COURSE you would cut it off.  DSC_0187

Isn’t it pretty on (#GP 109 Pink). Where are the cool Kaffe names? Oh well. DSC_0192

I had to take one more shot without the flash. Not a bad look for 6:30a.m. DSC_0196

So what will it become? The front of a potholder? A pin? How about gluing it on a card, or make a little pin cushion (I don’t know about that one; pins sticking in the heart? not a pretty picture)? Whatever you decide to make, “Make it up, make it fun, and GET IT DONE!”  Happy Valentines Day everyone and HUGS from Heidi

P.S. You can see other items I have made with this technique (I call it “Layered and Shaped Appliques,” in the blog post archives. Aarggghh! I NEED to categorize them still. Well…when you have some time, scroll through, I think all my posts are pretty good.