I Bit Off More than I Could Chew!


I had such great plans for the week, creative wise. I can finish these I said to myself….Well I didn’t and I do not like to show unfinished projects. So….what you saw on Instagram, look for it later and it WILL be a finished piece. In the meantime, I’m going to keep it simple and show you some fiber jewelry ideas that I have gleaned off of Pinterest or own myself, or surprise, I have made for myself. This is an “INSPIRATION” post. Enjoy.

A pin that I purchased from Meg Hannan over a decade ago. I turned it into a necklace. The heart itself and the matching bead at the bottom of the heart are made of tubes of fabric, yes fabric, glued together and a special saw cuts slabs off for fiber fantasies. I LOVE this piece and all the details in it. You can look Meg up but sadly, she has since passed away. I don’t even know if anyone purchased her technique to continue with this unusual fiber process.

Fun, fun, FUN these fiber beads look to create. And the slow stitched piece the necklace is lying on is pretty sweet too.

Such a whimsical and colorful necklace.

I see several techniques in this piece of fiber jewelry.

O.K., you found me out. These earings are made out of tin. But how about making a little quilted piece (what IS this shape called??) and attaching beads at the bottom just like above.

This is a fantastic piece of mixed media. I easily see 10 different techniques. Colorful and fun.

What a sweet representation of embroidery. I must check out her website.

Fiber jewelry for your head. This looks as if it is re-embroidered fabric layered on a piece of crochet.

Speaking of rembroidered fabric, here is a necklace I showed you (just a few posts back)that I own. This is so thoughtfully stitched.

Whoops, you caught me again. While this looks like Polymer clay (the picture never said), wouldn’t it be cool in felted pieces or beaded and felted pieces?

Simple idea yields a lovely necklace.

I really like this idea to showcase a beautiful piece of fabric and some beading. Voila, a gorgeous easy to wear, smashing piece.

Interesting bracelet idea.

A bracelet I created. I started with Plumbers clear plastic tubing and hand painted ribbon to cover it up.

A “Cuff” bracelet I made using an actual cuff from a jacket. I really enjoy working on smaller pieces like this as I can tuck the whole thing and my supplies in a little bag, for those times when I have a few extra minutes. Remember, 15 minutes a day will get you going on your latest project and before you know it one hour, then another hour goes by and you are in your “Happy Place.”

Another bracelet I made using scraps from the tunic I am wearing. Yikes, check out the veins on my hand. On second thought, don’t. Ha, ha.

A couple of closeup shots on this bracelet.

The two little square pieces “Inchies” they are called (sold as one inch squares placed in a CD case, all of them different), were what got me going on this bracelet. Hmmm….a class perhaps? Who knows. Accck…I’ve done it again! I’ve given myself more ideas (and hopefully you too) to get creative. Have a great weekend everyone. Hugs, Heidi

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