A This and That FRIDAY!

by Heidi Emmett

I’m going to take you through a few days of the cool stuff I find on Pinterest. I prefer to look at Pinterest early in the morning. It’s waaaay too stimulating for me to look through at night. It’s hard enough to shut my brain off at night, so I can’t be adding Pinterest ideas to that. Ha, ha.

Apologies to those who pinned all these pictures first on Pinterest. I can’t bring up any information on the pictures you see to give people credit.

Look at all these possibilities for Sashiko or “Slow stitching projects. I like that they used denim scraps too. I am zeroing in on that square of fabric with the spiraling circle of stitching to hold it down.

Very cool brooch. I didn’t know they make such tiny sequins.

DesignsbyHeidiEmmett an Etsy shop that sells “Art to Wear” sewing patterns. Check it out!

No explanation needed on this one.

I can’t wait to try some hexagon shapes using “pleather”

Accckk….this is how I see it for EACH and EVERY password that needs to be created.

I have posted this one before and since it makes me laugh, I’m showing it again.

What a “STUNNER” of a jacket! Tried to find this site (apparently she sells them) but couldn’t find it.

Sometimes friends send me pinterest pics that might be of interest to me. Thank you Mary B. for this. Yes, it would be great in a Terrific Tabard. What? you don’t know what that is. Check out the picture below. Ha, ha. Just a little commercial break. Last one I promise.

Here is the pattern that Mary was referring to. Look up all my “ART TO WEAR PATTERNS” at my Etsy shop: DesignsbyHeidiEmmett . And here in my blog, go to my home page and look for the “Categories” box. Search through and click on any pattern and past posts of that pattern will pop up! Have fun and learn more about what can be created with each pattern.

Want this, whatever it is (probably a scarf) by Sophie Digard. Her work is extraordinary! Sophie is from France and has her yarns dyed and her pieces crocheted by amazing Turkish artisans.

Yes, I believe this is true.

I love this color, this design, and it looks like linen (one of my MOST favorite fabrics).

I just celebrated a big birthday so I am giving a bit more thought to what was written above.

IS THIS FOR REAL?!!!! I laughed and laughed. They both act as if it’s no big deal, we go out riding in a cart all the time.

Ummm…who me? My husband, when he rides with me will TOTALLY agree with this.

Pretty cute, dontcha’ think? Follow me on Pinterest (DesignsbyHeidiEmmett) to see all the cool pictures I repin. I enjoy going to Pinterest, it takes me away for a little while to discover what others all around the world are doing creatively. What are YOU creating this week?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you ahead of the holiday. In spite of all that is swirling around in our lives, we do have much to be THANKFUL for. AND, I feel strongly that we should be thankful EVERY day not just on Thanksgiving! So Thank You dear friends for stopping by. Big hugs to you all, Heidi

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