“We Need a Little Christmas, Right this Very Minute….”

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I have been setting up Christmas a little bit at a time. Yes, I’m late, but that’s o.k., ’cause I leave everything up for a month after Christmas! That all started with the first 15 ft. Christmas tree we put up. I was raised on a Christmas Tree farm and the tree has to be real and as tall as I can get.

Below is a picture of a fun centerpiece that was made for my fabric store. It’s at least 20 years old. I think the process and end result are timeless and worth showing again. I’m bringing the idea BACK!


This started with a pre-quilted placemat (do they even make pre-quilted yardage like this anymore?). Sprinkle pieces of ephemera (flat of course), ribbons, sparkles, across the face of it. Place a piece of clear plastic on top and machine quilt it about 2-3 inches apart. Yes, some of the trim will move around but that’s the fun. Cut off the scraggly edges and either glue or stitch a piece of trim around the edge. Voila! Perfect for when you “need a little Christmas.” dsc_0009 dsc_0011 dsc_0012

Well, that got me to thinking, and I pulled my checkbook (yes, I still write the occasional check!)out of the black hole of my black lined, black on the outside too, purse. Check it out! I NEVER lose this checkbook cover. Sparkle, sparkle!!!dsc_0015

I have kept this so long (20+ years) that the stitching (in black) is wearing off. It is the same process as the centerpiece, but it is lined with a pocket to hold the checks. dsc_0016 dsc_0020

Use any fabric for a background and load up on the bling. A Jeans needle worked for me.

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute….do you Christmas shop like I Christmas shop?….A present for me, a present for someone else, repeat.dsc_0086

This is an upside down clear vase in an oval shape, stuffed with little white lights. I said, “I can make that, I should make that, then went to the “SALE” section and voila!, One of these cuties at 1/2 price because it had a scratch became mine. I did a close up so you wont see the scratch. It sits in my window and I plug it in first thing in the morning and it’s the last thing off at night. Festive. dsc_0088

I never showed you my Ice- Dyed scarf all pressed and arranged nicely. dsc_0253 dsc_0255 dsc_0257

Isn’t it beautiful? NEXT YEAR, you WILL try ice-dying and make some of these for gifts. Everyone who has notdone this will be very impressed. January would be a good time to do this because it is also called Snow-dying, remember? Look it up at Darhma. dsc_0259 dsc_0259

I flipped it open so you could see that one half (on the diaganol)is so light in color. Serendipity, a great word to say, let alone achieve great results. dsc_0251 dsc_0264

Here’s a quote from Salvador Dali—“Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.” So we all need to relax more and enjoy the process of creating. dsc_0252

Thank you for stopping by, and until next week, let’s create something unique. Carve out a few minutes here and there, and always have some handwork to carry with you while you hurry up and wait somewhere. Hugs, Heidi

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