Fresh Ideas For Friday…..Fabulous

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I have a folder of photos labeled “Blog Pictures” 2016. Throughout the year I put pictures in it that have no other home. Many Fridays I know exactly what I want to do a post on. On the Fridays where my mind can’t settle on something specific, I go to the Blog Pictures file. I scroll through them and jot down the numbers of any photos that catch my eye. Then I plug them into the post and look again. I rearrange a few and take out a few. This weeks pics had a recurring theme: color. Specific colors, golden pear to blushing magenta. Take a look. dsc_0484

This is my Chinese Pistachio tree. Below is the same tree, I just moved the camera to a different section.  Start looking at the shapes and colors you see in the following pictures. dsc_0485

This year was the most prolific for the berries on my Pyracantha bush.


Love the shape and color changes. Big, round, almost bursting berries. dsc_0492

I “saw a squirrel” below. Quick idea for cold nights or aching muscles. Make your own rice packs (sew a muslin pocket and add uncooked rice, then stitch opening closed). The plain muslin isn’t so nice. I cut the sleeves off a t-shirt (please notice the pyracantha berry color)and cut off the excess sleeve (black lines), sewed it to fit and voila, see below. dsc_0545

I made two. The hem of the sleeve I kept and use it as the opening. Heat these puppies up (in the microwave)and place them in your bed 15 minutes before your head hits the pillow. Ahhh, “berry” warm. O.K. crafting break over. dsc_0547

I rearranged my Kaleidoscope quilt on my banister and saw new squares that had been hidden. Wild and crazy is this quilt. I love it.




I have been saving gobs of fiber jewelry pictures that I find on Pinterest. Below is one. Someday, soon, I will make my own and then I will show you how to make them too.

And then there is Polymer clay. Sandra Bruce taught me and it’s just like quilting and sewing Art to Wear, I can’t get enough of it. I want to make something like this piece.


Ohh, my goodness. Is this quilt Spiralicious or what!!?


A close up of my Aussie Angle, Terrific Tabard vest. Some Kaffe Fassett fabrics and M & S textiles Aboriginal fabric. I love the wired pom pom trimmed I stitched down (the black).dsc_0042

I had just washed this exquisite pear and had to take a picture of it before slicing it up for dinner. Again, the color and shape, yummy.


Check out this way cool fiber jewelry piece. Golden pear again.

fiber-jewelry-aWhat will inspire you to create this weekend? Enjoy your weekend and make some rice packs. I hear that the entire U.S. will get colder than normal next week. Thanks for stopping by today. Hugs, Heidi







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2 thoughts on “Fresh Ideas For Friday…..Fabulous

  1. Heidi – for as long as I can remember (well at least 40 years), you have continued to inspire me and everyone around you. I love your work, your passion and our shared fascination with everything fabric. Thank you!

    1. Kim,
      Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. Wow, 40+ years!! Go…class of 1974! The dresses we sewed back then sure didn’t take much fabric. They were pretty short. I love, LOVE, my new earrings made out of credit cards!! Whaaatt? Can’t wait to showcase them in a future blog post. Talk about creative! I was checking them out very closely last night. I have never seen such tiny grommets and all perfectly placed. We’ll chat soon and look for a Whisper Blouse pattern in the mail. Hugs, Heidi

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