A Day For This and That……………………..

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Good evening everyone! Ahhhh, the weekend is starting! May you enjoy every creative moment of it.  On occasion I have a “This and That” kind of post. And so it is for this Friday. Below are a few more pics from my adventure to PIQF(Pacific International Quilt Festival).


This wall hanging is stunning. Beautifully quilted and much of it quilted using the decorative stitches on her sewing machine. dsc_0100


I love the confetti beading that adds sparkle. dsc_0102

I planted these Zinnias and Chrysanthemums myself. The Zinnias were from seed. I planted them too late in the season. What you see in the bouquet below is the sum total . I love Zinnias, they are such a happy flower. So one happy little bouquet is good! dsc_0578

Rex had to be involved of course. dsc_0593

The temperature got down to 32.7 and I KNEW there were more tomatoes to pick. I picked this bowl and some cracked a few hours later. We’re eating them anyway! And if nothing else, I’ll chop them up for a yummy soup. November 18th, the last of the garden. Pretty good. dsc_0746

I have a houseful of family coming for Thanksgiving. I must say, I enjoy creating tablescapes more than I like cooking. dsc_0749

These are my “Fun Fall Leaves” project from the now kaput, “Stitch” magazine. I will turn this into a pattern that I will offer for $.99. That should be my next one available on Craftsy. Look for it soon. Hit the Craftsy logo above and it should take you to all the patterns I have available. Or go to Craftsy.com/Sewing patterns/Heidi Emmettdsc_0750

I put some leaves on a silk Dupioni (it was a dress I got from the thrift shop and washed). It has gorgeous texture.  dsc_0751

Look at the adorable little credit card holder someone made that I got as a party favor for riding the bus to PIQF. dsc_0754

It’s just the cutest. Thank you so much for visiting my blog post today. I was late getting it out as I had an Artistic Alchemy meeting today. We were discussing the January launch date for our next September 2017 retreat. Sandra and I are teaching different things than we did last year. Pop on over to Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com to see what we have been up to. Hugs, Heidi. dsc_0755

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