So Much Going On, Sew Little Time!!

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Accckk, Udi’s, Amy’s, Newmans’s Own, just to name a few, have been my foods, frozen no less, of choice during these whirlwind days. The Book is DONE, all projects, sent and received. Classes are being taught, Rafiki Skirt tomorrow, magazines are being sold with “Free-Form Circles pillow project (see a few posts back) and my first orders are already coming in from Checker Distributing!! And they haven’t even seen my patterns at Houston yet! And I was able to go to PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) in San Francisco last Saturday. Wow, wow. What fun, what amazing things I saw, touched, and purchased. More later about THAT day.

I went to a lunch meeting and decided it was the perfect time to wear one of my Zephyr Jackets. Light weight and great for a warmish fall day. I have big smiles because of several things: 1. yes, you see my metal mouth. Things are progressing nicely so I am happy about that. 2. During the lunch meeting I was offered 2 part time positions, both of which could really boost my business forward (more later) . 3. A really big Trunk Show/Workshop class down south with my friend and co-quilter, Christine Barnes. All this stuff coming at me all at once and ALL fun. God is Good. 
I wasn’t sure about the green sweater underneath, but I like it on me. For a sleek look wear a tighter fitting long or short sleeved t-shirt. 
Zephyr Jacket, the front panels are a perfect canvas for embroidery, quilting, felting, etc. I can’t wait for some “sew” time. I have new ideas for this pattern. 


I had just emptied the rain gauge, SIX INCHES of RAIN in a weekend of storms. Yeah, our first measurable rain since early April. I love the colors of the leaves with the sun shining through. Below is Rex wanting to join in on the picture taking fun.


Below, the back of Zephyr is plain, and can easily be lengthened. My next one will be longer.

Cardiac stitching on the shoulder seams for something different. 


Another quick peek at Zephyr. Can’t see much but I like the picture, ha, ha. nik_2542 dsc_0099


Here is a picture on the pattern back. Doesn’t it scream, “BUY ME!” Well you can. Get a hard copy from me: $15. includes shipping. Check or cash to Heidi Emmett, P.O. Box 208, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924. Orrrr… hit the Craftsy icon above and look up Sewing patterns/Designs by Heidi and voila, pdf files for all patterns and this one is $9.95. Take a walk among the changing leaf colors where you live and dream of future “Art to Wear” projects. Hugs, Heidi

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