Zephyr Jacket- Perfect for Fall evenings-Now with tissues pieces.

I’m reintroducing my beautiful Zephyr Jacket pattern because now you can purchase the tissue pattern pieces from me!  You can buy it on Craftsy.com  for $9.95 in a pdf format (you or a print shop do all the printing) or, email me: hmemmett@gmail.com, and purchase a hard copy from me for $15.00 (a complete pattern with tissue patterns in one package).  NIK_2512

Like the Tahoe Zephyr breeze, here is another inspiring art-to-wear-pattern by me, Heidi Emmett. It is a flattering design for all sizes (XSM-4X sizes included). The back has a longer cut that brushes just below the hipline. The fluttering front pieces are a perfect canvas for embellishing. With only three pieces this jacket is a breeze to sew- a perfect project for a beginning sewist (the new fancy word all the sewing magazines use for someone who sews).NIK_2542 NIK_2558 NIK_2560 NIK_2559

In upcoming posts, I will show you some of the different ways to make your own Zephyr Jacket a real art-to-wear piece! DSC_0017 DSC_0115



In future posts, I will show you ways to embellish and create your own Art-to-wear Zephyr Jacket! Start looking for some unique fabrics,ebroideries, or trims that you could use. The outside and inside front jacket facings in the jacket above are 100% silk shantung. The deep teal was from a skirt and the red violet was a pair of pants! Yep, I love looking for vintage fabric through clothing from second hand shops or thrift stores. I gentle wash everything I buy, ’cause if I can’t hand wash a garment then I wont use the fabric. Thank you so much for stopping by. Get creative this weekend! Hugs, Heidi

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