Tahoe to a “T”, my newest pattern. “Make it with rectangles” series.”

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Nothing says tall and thin like rectangle shapes. Tahoe to a “T” is the newest in my series of making your own patterns using measurements you take of yourself and transferring them to front and background pieces of fabric, that are, what else, rectangles!

From piles of Marcia Derse fabrics, I made bunches of off-centered log cabin blocks.


Here are a few that have been separated from the herd.


Put all these rectangle pieces together into one long and tall BIG rectangle piece and attach it to a background rectangle.


How about black, embroidered linen background rectangles, with rectangle strips sewn together and placed on top of the linen?


I’m on my way to teach at our 3rd Annual Artistic Alchemy Retreat. My workshop is what else, Wearable Art. We’re making “Off the Grid Vests.” Both of these patterns are available on Craftsy.com /sewing patterns/Heidi Emmett. These two are an easy pdf download and remember, you will create your own personal pattern from measurements.No tissue patterns are needed. Thank you all so much for visiting my blog. Happy creating. Hugs, Heidi    P.S. my next blog post will be from Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, Nevada and I’ll post on instagram from there too. Follow me, Designs by Heidi

CaptureI took this picture from the narrow road that travels above the shoreline from one edge of the property all the way to the other. 128 acres of AMAZING Lake Tahoe Beauty. Wish you were coming!

2 thoughts on “Tahoe to a “T”, my newest pattern. “Make it with rectangles” series.”

    1. Thanks so much Christine. And you STILL had time to look at my post while madly getting ready for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat and your wonderful, jammed packed workshop! The ladies love you!!
      See you up there. Heidi

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