Art to Wear, Patterns, Retreats, & Inspiration!

That’s Me! I love Art to Wear, I create patterns that you can make using your own fabrics, I teach at a retreat I created with 3 other fabulous teachers, and Inspiration! I have lots of inspiration to encourage you in your art to wear journey.

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Below is a student from the Artistic Alchemy Retreat at Lake Tahoe and her beautiful “Night Skies” version of my Off The Grid vest.

Pat vest front open draped

I’ll say it again, some of the students will leave with a COMPLETED Off the Grid vest, like Trish! I call it Hawaiian Sunset.  DSC_1039

This is a friend in New Zealand and her version of Off the Grid, and I call this one “Kiwi.”New Zealand, Ca

Here is one of mine in a one fabric version. DSC_0087 (3)

Here’s a different way to wear Off The Grid. DSC_0309

Check it out! Off the Grid is the miracle vest! See more at patterns.

Or maybe it will be Terrific Tabard. You decide. Either way, there will be much inspiration and creative fun.
Mary Boalt was on a tear making 5, yes 5, of this Terrific Tabard. Two are shown here. If you haven’t already go to and enjoy her July 9th post. You WILL be inspired.
Who knew you could make such a yummy vest with silk scraps?!


This one has a printed front piece that she added paint bits here and there and lots of Kantha like stitching.

The covered button is perfect.


Here is one of mine, using Marcia Derse fabrics. DSC_0228

Judi is working on her T.T. vest. She keyed off of the large circles that she cut out of a large print piece, and will be surrounding it with other great coordinating fabrics. DSC_0026

Deirdre chose African fabrics to be inspired with. I’m calling hers, “Serengeti.” DSC_0025

Practice, practice, that’s what I’m doing on this piece below. It will be my first whole cloth “TnT” using my “TT” vest pattern, aka, “Tried and True Terrific Tabard. Having fun trying different shapes. No threads have been trimmed yet. Yikes, is that a tuck at the lower left corner?


Ta da! here is the front ( I tricked you into thinking I could free form quilt like that without a pattern to go by, ha, ha. DSC_0160

Straight on quilting, I am good and fast! But lower those feed dogs, and it’s practice, practice. I’ll have a hand out and samples of fabrics batting, etc. at my workshop. What workshop you say? It’s Art to Wear, at Zephyr Point this Sept. 5th-9th. Sign ups in all workshops taken until the end of August.


Whatever you chose to sew today, think outside the box.  Quote for the day from me: “I don’t dress my age (and neither should YOU!) I dress myself. Hugs, Heidi

4 thoughts on “Art to Wear, Patterns, Retreats, & Inspiration!

  1. Love your free-motion quilting, Heidi! And that fabric on the front is to die for—where did you get it?? Also love the “Night Skies” version of your Off the Grid pattern. Which of your students made it?

    1. Oh dear, didn’t I mention that Pat from the Bay area made “Night Skies?” I will fix that. The fabric I am using is about 3 years old. It is by Valori Wells called “Wrenly” by Free Spirit for Westminster fabrics. I bet you can find it on Etsy or Ebay. The pretty pattern makes up for my lack of free motion quilting abilities.

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