What I did on My Working Vacation.

I was hoping to have time to cut out another Whisper Blouse and use one of the “Moth” trims I had just purchased at Humble Fabrics(here in Grass Valley) before we left for Lake Tahoe. I  had them on my cutting table and took some pictures to give me a fresh look at what I have picked out and if the combos would work together. I spy one fabric that is actually a curtain panel and another fabric that is a duvet cover. Whaaaat?? Yes, keep your eyes open whether you are in a regular store (as in Ross, Ikea, etc.) or in a Thrift store. Who says you have to use a cotton off the bolt?



We arrived at Zephyr Point in plenty of time for this amazing sunset. Hey, some of these colors remind me of my Whisper Blouse fabrics.


Within two minutes the colors deepened. DSC_0144I see a landscape quilt in the picture below. I like how the land masses are a dark navy in the foreground and a lighter navy in the background.

And suddenly it is early morning and with calmer waters, paddle boards and kayaks abound.


Take a short walk to the amphitheater and listen to a concert given by the Villa Symphonia group ( the youngest member is 5 and has a real violin sized to her petite proportions) which range in ages from 5 to 17. One morning I was getting coffee at 6:15 a.m. and smelling the gorgeous roses outside the Tallac center (where we hold our Artistic Alchemy Retreat, go to Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com) when I heard such exquisite violin music coming from a large practice room overlooking the lake. The room is aptly named “Talking Mountain.” DSC_0171

4th of July dawned clear and bright. That giant rock in the distance(sort of looks like a mini half dome) is called Cave Rock. It is a Sacred place for the Indian nation that is native to the Lake Tahoe region. DSC_0210

I was amazed that so many different types of watercraft were on the lake that day. I know, 3 shots of the same things. But look at that sailboat. It is a beautiful wooden one. And it was the only larger sailboat on the lake all week.  Speed boats and Jet skis seem to be the norm. DSC_0234

Besides the boats, look closely at the bottom of this cabin. This cabin is right next to ours mind you. Well, that hole you see is where a bear decided he needed his own entrance. Yikes!! They have NOT closed it up just to scare all of us to remember NOT to leave food in our cars or out and about. DSC_0242

There were also quite a few various aircraft doing flyovers. I saw a seaplane, two helicopters in synchronization flying really fast and later, something home grown, flying fast and really, really, low on the water (naughty, naughty). Many training flights come out of the base from the Los Vegas area.  DSC_0246


All my pictures were taken from the top deck of where we work during the day, The Bear Necessities Gift Shop. You must stop by when you have a chance. We were busy, busy, all week. With our priceless view, I’ll “work” there anytime. The commute is a bit much though, 10 steps from our cabin space below to the store above. Ha, ha.

On the way home, there are multiple stops at Thrift Shops. Remember at the beginning of this post I spied several fabrics that are not off the bolt. Here are just a few examples: Below is a brand new tablecloth. This might end up as a Zephyr Jacket. Great weight with color changes in the warp and weft. Oh, oh, do some large stitch straight line stitching like Kantha cloth. $6.25 for 2 1/2 yards worth of fabric.


Too bad this is a mini skirt (with lace layers), but I figure I will have four yards of beautiful rayon lace to use in an all lace Whisper Blouse. $4.00 is a bit much but at $1.00 a yard for lace trim, it works.

One of 3 large, brand new napkins. Just like a fat qtr. All 3, $2.00.  Perfect for whatever. DSC_0379

All my treasures are washed, and put into bins like the one below. Don’t tell my husband but I need waaay more bins. Or stop going to thrift stores. Whaaaat!? I can’t do THAT! The thrill of the hunt runs deeply in my veins. And besides, the $$$(yes, plenty of $signs) I give them goes to really good causes. There we go, justified that for another month.


Get creative this weekend. Hugs, Heidi

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2 thoughts on “What I did on My Working Vacation.

  1. Ah Heidi – Your posts are always so fun to read. Your projects never fail to inspire me to try new techniques – or spiral off ones I may already have tried. And, “more is always more”. Thank you!

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