More from Oscar de la Renta from de Young Museum in San Francisco

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The evening gowns were simply amazing! Yards and yards of silk chiffon, lace, and beautifully detailed embroidery. 20160419_130550 20160419_130602

Below is the coat that Laura Bush wore for her husbands first inauguration. Tons of French knots on her very petite coat. What elegance and class. 20160419_132502 20160419_132626

I have to say I was very surprised to see that many of the evening gowns had no hems on either the bottoms or the pieces in between. This frothy silk chiffon with layers and layers of bias strips had no hems. Hems would have made it look stiff I think. 20160419_133026 20160419_133037

The dress below with each flower hand embroidered and put on in a 3-D manner, was worn by Rhianna at the Brit’s awards in 2011. 20160419_133155

The green gown on the left was worn by Nicki Minaj. Did you know that Nicki designed some pretty cool clothes for K-Mart? Oh my, I musn’t utter the word K-Mart amongst all this gorgeous couture. 20160419_133238 20160419_133500

There is a tower 14 stories high right next to the de Young. The observatory is on the 9th floor. Here are some of the views.  20160419_141904 20160419_142058

San Francisco Bay. A little more to the right is the Golden Gate Bridge, but only the tiniest portion of the bridge towers even shows. The 360 degree views from this vantage give a new perspective on the city by the bay. 20160419_142118 20160419_142015

Thanks for going with me to see a glimpse of the beauty and elegance of the designs by Oscar de La Renta.DSC_1216

Wait a minute! How did this frothy little number slip in here? This is my Whisper Blouse proto-type. I’ll show close-ups of the fabrics another time. Whisper Blouse is one of my bestDSC_1213

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