Oscar De La Renta at The de Young Museum, San Francisco

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Greetings everyone from the Oscar de la Renta Extravaganza held in the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. A passion flower is my feature photo as I am Passionate about great fashion designers and their collective works. There is so much to see that I will post again this weekend. Let’s GO!20160419_121644

We are so excited to see this that we were shaking with excitement. Here is Patty, our intrepid leader and getting this day together for all us. 20160419_134033

Let’s try this again, we are HERE! Now let’s go in. 20160419_134145

These pictures were all taken with my four year old Samsung phone so apologies in advance if any fall short of perfect. Pics were allowed as long as the flash was off.

A hush fell over everyone as we traveled through the large entrance doors into the inner sanctum. This ensemble immediately caught my eye (must have been the bling). Late 60’s and yes, the coat is clear plastic and encrusted with large rhinestones. 20160419_123741

Gold painted feathers cover this lovely top with a lame’ skirt. I would love to know how and what paint was applied.

This embroidered day dress was in the same room as the top 2.  It was whetting our appetites for what lay ahead. 20160419_123959

All hand embroidered of course. 20160419_132656

Stunned is a good word to use when I walked into the next two rooms. They were filled with exquisite evening gowns, many owned and worn by the likes of Anna Wintour, Nancy Reagan, Annette de la Renta and many others. This first gown closest to you is from Annette’s own collection (and rightly so, all of hers were some of my favs.) Her gown is  heavily embroidered and beaded, all by hand. 20160419_124352

Caftans never go out of style. I’ll take one of these. 20160419_124955

This room held dresses inspired by “Gardens.” Oscar was an avid gardener himself. The dress you see in this garden shot and the arm of another were used in a Vogue magazine for a photo shoot and I think the cover. No one wore them anywhere else. How sad.

I enjoyed the “paper leaves” that lined several walls evocative of a walk in a garden. The leaves remind me of an Anthropologie window display.


One of Oscar’s later gowns, 2011. So elegant and easy to look at.20160419_131208

Heavy satin ribbon rouching on these fanciful spirals. The gown itself, silk velvet. 20160419_131201

Love the cut of this long coat. 20160419_132006

The long lean cut of the vest below, HEY! wait a minute, that’s my Off The Grid vest pattern. It’s not an Oscar de la Renta, but I love it all the same. It transforms anyone who puts it on, the Magic Vest. By it at Craftsy.com/ sewing patterns/Designsbyheidi. Down load all the instructions via pdf format. Create 4 rectangle pieces from my instructions for this one of a kind vest. It’s Art to Wear!


Or buy a hard copy from me: email me at hmemmett@gmail.com DSC_0316

I’m offering to help you create your own Off The Grid from start to finish in my workshop at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat at Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe this Sept. 5th-9th. Go to Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com to learn all the details. DSC_0570 DSC_0595 20160420_124954

Be passionate about whatever you are creating. More from Oscar de la Renta coming this weekend. Hugs, Heidi

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