Whisper Blouse and The Thread Painting Class Continues…..

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It’s time to make yourself a Whisper Blouse for Spring. Click on the Craftsy icon above and it should take you right to my patterns. If it doesn’t, go to Craftsy.com/sewing patterns/Designsbyheidi/ or Whisper Blouse.


Light weight fabrics like lawn, or voile, are perfect. Can you see the pin I used in the blouse back to catch some of the fabric into the pin, gives a closer fit. When it’s much warmer, I like it to float on a Whisper of wind.


Below is me wearing Terrific Tabard vest. I call this one “Aussie Angle” and I teach you to use large scaled prints to really capture the best parts of the print. NIK_2670

Below is an upside down (sorry about that) shot of a piece from Whisper Blouse that came right out of my own printer. This process is called “Tiled.” Piece B, below required 6 sheets of printer paper. The lines are overlapped a bit to line up and then taped together.

Below is another picture of the taping of the tiling. 

Whisper 2

If you don’t want to be bothered by all the printing (when you purchase any pattern on Craftsy they will come to you in a pdf format), send a check for $4.00 to Heidi Emmett, P.O. Box 208, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924. Tell me which pattern and I will send you the tissue pattern pieces. Send me an email to hmemmett@gmail.com if you want and we can discuss.

O.K. commercial over. Back to Thread Painting class. Needless to say, 3 days was just not enough to finish. But we learned sooooo much. Below, samples of 5 of the 6 patterns we could choose for class. I chose the lower right poppies because that one was for beginners and while I LOVE a challenge, I’d really like to finish it before too much time goes by. DSC_0751

We had an amazing light filled space with which to work in. DSC_0807

Donna Greenwald (in the glasses) our beloved teacher looking at a student’s work. Samples in the background. DSC_0809

Close ups of those samples that Donna created. DSC_0757 DSC_0790 DSC_0791

Mine is below. I am auditioning fabrics for leaves and the background. DSC_0853

I’m also ready to rip off the tear-away stabilizer and hand sew the beads on. A word about stabilizers. I am used to a very smooth, crisp, tear away. LOVE it. But the store was out of it and all they had was a new type, with tons of little perforations. While it tore easily, it was sort of sticky (more textured) and I felt kept me from smoothly stitching. My tip for today: When using Tear-away- stabilizer look for a crisp, paper like quality. DSC_0854

Oh my, I just this minute got a call from Christine Barnes (check out her website under her name). She is teaching in Durango, Colorado and is in a “darling” quilt shop and she asked if I want more “writing” fabric, as in the above picture. OF COURSE!! Perfect timing. I hardly have ANY! Ha, ha, ha. More pictures of my progress next week.  I’m off to Stockton, CA next week to give a trunk show on all my clothing, accessories, and more. It will be fun! What will you create today?  Hugs, Heidi

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