It’s Spring but I still need to keep my Hands Warm!

O.K. I had a cozy soft, ex-large Tommy Bahama French Terry Shirt (thrifted of course). Taupe is not really my color. So, let’s gussy it up just a little for fun. Found some Marcia Derse fabrics from my stash to use. A Kangaroo pocket in front would be just perfect. So I strip pieced and quilted some fabrics together and topstitched a nice big double pocket on front. I added a couple pieces on front and back near the top to bring it all together.


I had this tiny little piece left over. Of course, Heidi can’t throw anything away! Even scraps.


Let’s do some stitching on this little piece. Oh, I backed it first with some muslin.


I trimmed it up and put it on my little “figure” (to help you draw the body in proper proportion). I got my figure at Ikea’s for 7 bucks just cause I liked it. And it is repositionable. Sorry, it’s on it’s side. My husband has a newer version of my picture manager and I can’t get pictures to STAY TURNED PROPERLY! Do you hear the frustration in my voice with ALL CAPS! Yes, there are still computer issues going on in my life. Soon, maybe soon. Sigh, and another BIG SIGH!!


So I thought, oh picture of action figure holding scrap on top of shirt. Taa dah. In to “save the day is Rubix. I got everything positioned for the shot and of course he jumped up and knocked over action figure. There are two possibilities for captions with this picture: “Ohh, you’re my Best Friend.” Orrr.. “Yeah, yeah, a little lower, scratch right there!”


O.K. subject change. I am working on the “little girls” version of Whisper Blouse. Look at these yummy Kaffe Fassett Prints that I want to use. I think I have enough.



You must look at all this yumminess close up! DSC_0487

I think the little hand crocheted trim will be just what it needs. So stay tuned. Yikes, I put it out there with what I want to do, now get busy Heidi and DO IT!!DSC_0489

This weeks sewing fun was brought to you by Spring and pictures of my little (oh yeah, they are slow growers) Crabapple tree. DSC_0502

It was like a mini-vaca. I went outside before coming into my husband’s office to type this post, and spent 10 minutes snapping pics. Ahhhh, just what I needed. DSC_0513

The shades of the blue sky with the fuschia flowers. Lovely, just lovely!



Bzzzz… do you see the honey bee? I have never seen one with those cool stripes. At the edge of our property there are oodles and oodles of new hives with baby honey bees in them. DSC_0522

Thank you for spending some of your springtime reading my post. Happy Easter to all! He is risen! He is RISEN INDEED!  Hugs, Heidi

2 thoughts on “It’s Spring but I still need to keep my Hands Warm!

    1. Thanks Janine for your nice comments and for stopping by. I hope spring has sprung where you live. My brother arrived from Denver after digging out (1 and a half feet!) of snow to get to the airport to fly here to Grass Valley (well Sacramento first). Crazy! Heidi

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