What Happened? Where was I last week?

Last week was a week of miracles for me, one right after the other. I wanted to get going on my blog post, early (for once)! I sat down at my desk top computer. Once I got on, a voice in my head said, “back it up now.”  Wow, I thought, I haven’t backed it up for months.  I actually listened (for once) and backed it up. The very next day, nothing, absolutely NOTHING happened when I tried to turn it on. All my pictures, ALL MY PICTURES, pattern files, important correspondence, it is all on my desktop. I totally freaked out, but my husband calmed me down and said, “but you backed it up!”  Thank you Lord! My heart is happy, happy (see picture below).


Here’s another one. Have you ever hugged a total stranger in a parking lot in front of lots of people? Well, I did. The day after the computer died, I was seated in my car, at the post office, engine off, reading my mail. BAM!! I was hit full on from behind. The man who hit my older model Honda CRV, he and I stared at back of my car. Now mind you, he hit me with a Dodge Ram pickup. The height of his tailgate bumper rammed (no pun intended) my tire (mine is the model when it was cool to have a tire on the outside of your rear door). Not a scratch, not a ding, nothing, nada. Door opens and closes no problem. We looked at each other, started to high five and just grabbed each other in a big hug (is that small town niceness or what?!).  Thank you Lord!  Happy, happy, heart again.



You will love this miracle. Two days after the dead computer, and unwrecked car incident, it was morning and with morning (except Sundays), my mom (she just turned 85 and she built an adorable granny house on our property) and I walk. We paced it off, one mile. Oh my, we solve all the world’s problems on those walks. My sweet dog, Sparky, our two cats, and mom’s dog join in our walks too. Got home from the walk, did some house work, an hour and a half went by. Where was Sparky? Searched everywhere, no dog. I couldn’t bear to go look way down on the highway so I sent Robert. He came back, no dog, He jumped into the unwrecked car and drove around. 15 minutes later, back to our home, and still no dog. A truck pulled into our driveway. A man rolled down his window and said, “is this your dog?” He picked Sparky up a mile away, walking on the edge of the road. See picture below: Sparky just turned 16, and had no collar (long story why, but he has a brand new one NOW!). Sparky is all of 22 lbs. and his fur blends in with the surrounding stuff on the side of the road.  The man just took a chance and thought maybe Robert was out looking for Sparky. Thank you Lord!





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I thank you for reading about my miracles. I will show you some things I have been working on as soon as my computer is up and running. I am writing on my husbands computer and trying to find some pictures as mine are all tied up waiting, just waiting for Cory (our son the IT person) to get off work and “come on down” and set it up. I will owe him big time, dinner out, clothing repair, new clothes, take care of his rambunctious dog, I don’t care, WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! XOXO to Cory from Mom.  DSC_0129




4 thoughts on “What Happened? Where was I last week?

  1. Dear Heidi,
    Love your blog — what a blessing — the Lord is good. Great to hear that your mom is doing well — please tell her hello for us — as well as Robert and Cory.

    1. Hi Krista,FINALLy! Computer problems fixed. Now the computer user, that’s me, needs to relearn. Just finding older comments. So good to hear from you Krista! Glad you enjoy my blog posts. Cory is doing well and I will tell mom you said hi when we walk today. Hugs, Heidi

  2. Heidi you are a Hoot..I love reading your e-mails Never a dull moment in your LIFE..Mine either..I have to share with you something very funny..I was listening to the people speaking yesterday at Nancy Reagans funeral and I said to myself she sounds a lot like me. I immediately went to the computer and sure enough she was born in July… Her character when spoken about by others, I thought that sounds like ME..This morning when I read your e-mail I thought she sounds like me however you are so much more gifted..You are so fortunate to have your Mom close by cherish those moments..Nancy Reagan even knit socks for her husband.. and left little notes around the house for her husband as I do.. Enjoy Life as I know you do Hugs Jane

    1. Hi Jane, Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I am FINALLY getting back on track with computer issues. So interesting that you mentioned Nancy Reagan and I saw several of her outfits and dresses she wore at the Oscar de la Rental show. Boy was she a very petite woman. And yes, having my mom close by is great. Thanks again for visiting with me through my posts.Hugs, Heidi

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