Mokume Gane? Whaaaaat?

Have you ever heard of this? It is a technique that originated in Japan using precious metals to create layers of beautiful colors in specifically, wedding bands for men and women. Thank you Jean (a member of my Bunco group) who showed me her wedding band.  Well, I know it differently, layers of cool colors from polymer clay. Sandra Bruce, a member of Artistic Alchemy, who besides Material Matrix, teaches polymer clay classes. AMAZINGLY fun, fun, FUN! to learn and do. Very relaxing AND I can get ALL, that’s EVERY BIT of my supplies in one 2′ x 2′ x 3′ tall rolling basket cart. Oh yeah! $$ dollars in that itty bitty space. I feel so organized with it.

Here are some pieces I ended up with from a class


A close up of some yummy, yummies. DSC_0857

Start looking for interesting headbands ladies. They become the basis of some great pieces of jewelry. Below: by LuLu from JoAnn’s. I WANT MORE of these. Anyone, see them, buy them (on sale of course, and I will buy them from you for twice what you paid plus shipping) please. I’m serious here.


Which ones do I choose? Once chosen, it’s off to use my Dremel and make holes in the tops. DSC_0039

Hm…where should they go, how should they attach?


No jump rings for me (could not find them anyway). I did find some glittery black embroidery stuff from Italy in my stash. Oh yeah! Perfect. Thread a needle & square knots.


Not the best shot I ever took, but you get the idea. I took this shot at an angle so that I would not catch a glare. The necklace sits very nicely on my neck. DSC_0045 (2)

I wanted to show you my start to finish Mokume Gane shots. Could I find them in my picture files? Noooo! That’s another area that really needs some attention, besides the sewing studio. Oh dear, I must go pull weeds now. Ha, ha, ha! Have a super creative weekend. Hugs, Heidi

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4 thoughts on “Mokume Gane? Whaaaaat?

    1. You are so great Raedean! This was from a polymer class I took from Sandra Bruce. I made the necklace though (it’s all pretty wild I know), creating the sizes and shape I wanted for the necklace (which happens to be a head band). Rats, I can’t say I came up with the idea, but I DID decide that it would make a better necklace than headband. Ohh, you are every bloggers dream Raedean, you are reading back posts! Thank you. Hugs, Heidi

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