For Valentine’s Day….What will this Heart become?

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It is so fun to pull out all my pretty, Valentine colored, Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Cut a bunch of 4 – 5 inch squares. DSC_0159

Using a 5″ piece of cardboard, fold it in half and draw half a heart next to the fold line.

Put all your squares together with 2 different pieces together, right sides up (stripes are woven so either way). Trace your heart onto the top piece of fabric. DSC_0165

Set stitch length to 10-12 stitches per inch and starting INSIDE the drawn line, follow the drawn line. When you get back to where you started, just sew to the inside a few stitches and start a new heart shape. DO NOT SEW PERFECTLY concentric circles. DSC_0183

Here’s a better view. This is supposed to be quick and easy so sew like your having fun!DSC_0182

Using your seam ripper, gently, oh so gently, coax the two fabrics apart and rip a hole just big enough to get your smaller pair of scissors into.

Do NOT cut through both layers. You want the back piece to show through. This isn’t my best cutting work, because I sewed the different heart sizes too close together. By the time you sew all that you want, you will be a pro. And don’t forget to cut off the outside black line. What a dumb thing for me to say. Of COURSE you would cut it off.  DSC_0187

Isn’t it pretty on (#GP 109 Pink). Where are the cool Kaffe names? Oh well. DSC_0192

I had to take one more shot without the flash. Not a bad look for 6:30a.m. DSC_0196

So what will it become? The front of a potholder? A pin? How about gluing it on a card, or make a little pin cushion (I don’t know about that one; pins sticking in the heart? not a pretty picture)? Whatever you decide to make, “Make it up, make it fun, and GET IT DONE!”  Happy Valentines Day everyone and HUGS from Heidi

P.S. You can see other items I have made with this technique (I call it “Layered and Shaped Appliques,” in the blog post archives. Aarggghh! I NEED to categorize them still. Well…when you have some time, scroll through, I think all my posts are pretty good.

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