Felted Fabric, turned into an “Off The Grid Vest,” Heads will Turn!

Here are the pictures I promised from my newest Off The Grid Vest.   Craftsy-Logo         AA Logo1
DSC_0079 (2)

I just love this pre-felted piece of fabric. And I am so glad that I used the ombre’ batik by Anthology for the trim. It adds some pizzazz!

DSC_0087 (4)

Check out the reverse side. Love that too. Can you believe it! I found this cool fabric at JoAnn’s. If you ever see a 54-60″ wide fabric like this, you only need to buy 1 1/3 yds. to make Off the Grid. DSC_0090 (4)

I just like this close up so you can really see what’s going on. DSC_0083 (3)

Oh my, I used buttons that I have had in my button jar for EVER! Pretty unique, I may not like the texture under my arms. We’ll see. DSC_0094 (3)

Here is that little bit on the back that I felted and didn’t like from the front. Well, I decided to keep it in (tooooo much time to rip out!) and I’m going to add to it with some black and white striped fabric and maybe a couple of wild fabric circles. I will show you when done, but it’s waaay down on the list right now. DSC_0095 (3) DSC_0080 (2)

Fun, fun, FUN! And fast, fast, FAST, to sew up! I was really surprised and happy about that. Well, duh, Heidi, it wasn’t collaged and quilted. I can’t wait to do another one with a felted type fabric. Have a super week, we’ll visit again on Friday. Hugs, Heidi

3 thoughts on “Felted Fabric, turned into an “Off The Grid Vest,” Heads will Turn!

    1. Very unique..which is you and a great find at JoAnns..Will start looking..Thanks for sharing Have a great Valentines Day..Hugs Jane

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