Off The Grid Vest, Goes International. New Zealand!

A few days ago, an email with attached photos arrived in my inbox. Drum roll please……I would like to introduce you to Carol from New Zealand! Yes, Carol bought my Off The Grid vest pattern from  and created her own fabulous version of Off The Grid. I love the way she used the greens “sticks” on the fronts. Kiwi, “Kiwi Connection.” That’s the name I give this piece of Art to Wear. New Zealand, Ca

In two weeks Carol will be celebrating her 20th leap year birthday with her family in Zermatt, Switzerland. And guess what? She will be wearing her newly created vest for her birthday festivities. “Off the Grid” vest is jet-setting around the world. I love it! Happy, happy, birthday Carol.

New Zealand, Carl 2

Anyone out there who has made up one of my patterns, send me some good, clear photos, and I will mail you a pattern of your choice from my growing collection of patterns. Thank you Carol for sending these great pictures so we can all enjoy seeing your vest.

New Zealand, Carol, 3

Back to Zephyr Point (wow, New Zealand, Zermatt, and Zephyr). Trish was my student last year in our Off The Grid vest workshop. Isn’t it fantastic? Come to my workshop through Artistic Alchemy and leave the retreat, WEARING your completed Art to Wear piece! In no other workshop will THAT happen. I’m just sayin.’

Trish used to live and work in Hawaii. She has been a diving instructor, Dive captain, and a Captain of vessels of all sizes. She told us some amazing sea faring stories as the sewing machines were whirling away. We all think she needs to write a book next! DSC_1038

We loved her fabric choices and I think this beautiful piece of Art to Wear should have the title of “Hawaiian Sunset.” DSC_1039

We had a great time. Maybe, you will choose to make your own piece of Art to Wear by coming to my workshop at our annual Artistic Alchemy Retreat, September 5th-9th, 2016.


This is the one that started it all. I can mail a pattern to you or you can download pdf files off of Reach me by email at: hmemmett@gmail.comDSC_0570 DSC_0580

Here it is!! Ta daa! My latest, greatest, Off The Grid. I showed bits and pieces of it last week. The base fabric has been pre-felted.  I will post more pictures tomorrow. I haven’t named it yet. All art work needs a name, I think. What will you name YOUR Off The Grid vest?

DSC_0081 (3)

Let’s all get creative this weekend. Make it up, make it fun, and get it done! Hugs, Heidi

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