A Major YARN BOMB!! in Anaheim, CA

Happy New Year everyone! I took 3 whole weeks off! Much needed and so glad I did. Refreshed and ready to blog!

I had a unique opportunity to attend the CHA (Craft and Hobby Assoc.) show in Anaheim from last Thursday until this past Wednesday. So much to talk about but I am STILL recovering from everything. I went to help Terry McFeely in her Terial Arts booth. Please visit Terialarts.com to see what it is all about. I use Terial Magic so much and I have guest blogged for the Terialarts blog too. More about all that in a later post.

Below, The Lion Brand Yarn booth. I just had to talk with the designer who created this amazing piece. Love the black background. It really shows off the major art piece. Do you see the 3 spinning wheels (Ashford from New Zealand)?  Don’t you love how the yarn comes through and up and over to the crochet work? Simple and dynamic design.

Crochet B. 2

Here is the front of the piece. As the four days of the show progressed so did the front of the piece. Toooooo fun!!  Think 20 feet across and at least 12 feet high. Crochet b. 4

London Kaye is the designer and of course it is all free form crochet. Check out the sweet octopus.

crochet b. 5

She is a very sweet young lady, maybe 30 yrs. old. And while she talked to me she had a ball of yarn in a pocket and was crocheting away on another part of her design. She told me that she uses all single crochet and that the yarns were all a bulky weight. She said she likes to put her work on cyclone fencing as it makes a great canvas. Crochet B.3

Here is a little blurb on what yarn bombing is about. London hails from Brooklyn where all these yarn bombs took place. Crochet Bombing

Google Yarn Bombs and I think you will have a very good time looking at them all over the world.

What an amazing time I had. More about it in the next post. Something came from wearing a different pattern of my own everyday of the show. Have a creative weekend. It’s raining here. Perfect for all the creative things I WANT TO DO! Hugs, Heidi

2 thoughts on “A Major YARN BOMB!! in Anaheim, CA

    1. Tina, so good to hear from you. Yes, I was really impressed with this young woman’s work. She loved sharing with anyone who was interested. Thanks for stopping by my blog. What ARE you up to these days? Hugs, Heidi

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