The First Hard Freeze! And a Crochet Piece.

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I got up one morning a couple of weeks ago. As I stood in front of my kitchen sink (with my first cup of coffee, yum, yum) I looked out on a world of amazing reds. Each leaf was lit from behind, bathed in a beautiful red glow. And this was taken through the window! DSC_1614

And even more colorful outside on the deck. This tree is a Japanese Maple that I rescued from the throw-away pile at my brother’s wholesale nursery. It was in a one gallon container and was a Charlie Brown tree. This is the tree 27 years later. This is the best fall color I can ever remember on it. So glad I rescued it. DSC_1640

I nearly killed myself walking onto the back deck for the Maple tree shots. Ice everywhere!! And I was slip sliding away!DSC_1636

Big drops of water that had pooled together and frozen.

I love the white frost that outlines each leaf. It was so strange. Within two hours of the sun being out leaves started falling. The Walnut trees that were FILLED with beautiful golden leaves, rained down all morning. I thought that I must take a picture of all the gold on the ground. I’ll wait until there is a golden carpet. I went out a few hours later and every single golden leaf was an ugly brown! DSC_1623

It really got COLD.  O.K., this entire post was to be devoted to my very fun crocheted piece. But I want to give you the pattern for it too, and I need an hour or two to figure out what I did! Ha, ha. I love this piece and am ready to make one in blues. So here is a sneak peak: DSC_1412

The colors really remind me of the Japanese Maple tree at the top of the post. Not to worry. I will figure it out and post about it in case you want to make one of your own. Hugs, Heidi

P.S. A reminder: Artistic Alchemy will post the middle of January all the details of all the workshops. Sign ups are limited. I would love to see you at Zephyr Point in my workshop next year. We always have a good time. AND you will leave with a one of a kind,  FINISHED “Art to Wear” piece of your very own.

3 thoughts on “The First Hard Freeze! And a Crochet Piece.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to wear something like this. Maybe in a blue and purple color scheme as it just goes better with my complexion. Nice work!

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