Gobble, Gobble, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Working madly for a family crowd of 24 coming to MY house this afternoon. Am I crazy or what for writing this post at 7:00 a.m. (been up since 5:00a.m., the dog got me up). Check out this AMAZING Maple Cranberry Sauce recipe I found in the magazine insert, americanprofile.com (insert in your local newspaper). It is by Kate of ihearteating.com Already went to her site to thank her for this, the best Cranberry sauce recipe EVER! in my opinion. DSC_1698

Below is a before shot. A big snow storm coming in, snow levels down to 1500 ft. here in Grass Valley, CA, northern CA. DSC_1700

Working on and FINISHING a Terrific Tabard vest, aka “Skinny Vest” for my wholesale account, Fabric Chicks in Minden, NV. Beth picked out the Aboriginal fabrics she wanted me to use. She will wear this vest in her booth as she attends many, MANY quilt shows! Yeah, get the word out about DesignsbyHeidi. DSC_1720

Should you want to sign up for the Artistic Alchemy Retreat in September of 2016, you could make your own Terrific Tabard vest in my workshop, “Art To Wear.”  DSC_1716

Oh, by the way, Beth did not want any batting in her vest as she gets too warm. So there you go, make your own without batting. It’s still machine quilted to the lining though. DSC_1714

This vest aka “Skinny Vest” shows off its’ slimming side lines below.

Here’s the other side. Hey! What’s that white stuff in the background? DSC_1731


And here is the after shot. Wow, what an amazing storm. Not. But it was fun to have this dusting of snow to enjoy. DSC_1707

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We all have so much to be THANKFUL for. Hugs, Heidi

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