Rescue for a Broken Cross Body Bag!


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Purchased, one cute cross- body bag with a broken zipper for $2.00. What to do with it?        DSC_0005

I decided to make a flap out of this great batik fabric and add some machine felted spirals that I made a while back.


Which side of the spirals should I use? Below a close up: one group are just pieces of yarn wrapped around and around with my fingers. I machine felt them onto a piece of illusion (what they make bridal veils out of but comes in a gazillion colors now besides white and beige). The other group shows the the back side of the brighter first group. It is amazing how two layers of illusion can really soften a yarns’ color. DSC_0009

I decided to use the brighter side for this project. Below is my finished fix. I stitched the spirals down and for weight (to keep the flap hanging down)  and more interest, added a piece of polymer clay that I bought a long time ago. Time to use it!DSC_1678

Hmmm… pretty busy looking, or is it wild and crazy!

I like wild and crazy. Have some fun. Think outside the “flap” now and then. On the inside of the flap you can see my stitching lines. I haven’t added an inside closure (the zipper was broken), but the heavier polymer piece really does its’ job and holds the flap down and in place. DSC_1680

Saw this gorgeous maple tree in the side yard while snapping the bag pics. You are looking at a Bluebird house. And YES!!!! we have bluebirds. We have 4 bluebird boxes around the property(I think it is a min. of 30 ft. between each one) and on different occasions, each one has had birds. Build them and they WILL come! It is truly amazing as, DSC_1650

we didn’t have them before the houses were put up. Bluebirds don’t like that little stick to sit on that you put on the outside ofthe house. I did not arrange the leaves below, the whole side lawn (half dead to dead because we could not water it much) is one big, beautiful carpet of color. DSC_1652

Look up and yowzaa, color on fire! DSC_1657I want to do another post tomorrow. I have been taste testing some new recipes for Thanksgiving. Is your family like mine, TRADITION must be followed at ALL costs or there is  much admonishment? I sneak in new dishes here and there and wow, sometimes they go for it. Yikes, the cranberry sauce(one of the new recipes), gotta dash! Hugs, Heidi follow-me-on-pinterest_

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