A New Whisper Blouse, Steampunk style!

But first a word from our sponsor, FALL!! The colors! I just can’t get enough! Below is a picture of the neighbor’s property with a row of Sunset Maples. A note to all you gardeners. Cut the suckers and lowest branches off BEFORE they grow through the deer fencing. Healthier for the trees and stop a fire hazard. They tried here, but a little late. DSC_1378

On the other side of our property I have this view of another neighbor. Since I grew up on a Christmas tree farm, I really LOVE this view. Tree cutting starts the day after Thanksgiving. It’s fun to watch the little kids, running around yelling, “this one, no, this one.”  I own “velcro” cats and an “Extra strength velcro” dog. Rubix is inspecting the last, did I say, LAST, of the tomatoes. I have to go have a good cry right now.  DSC_1399

O.K. I’m back for an endorsement for the picture below. I walk every day (well almost every day). I use the foam cylinder (mine is white) a LOT! Love it. But the Gel Seat Cushion from Costco ($19.99)is fab, I’m worth it and it is ohhhhh so nice on my bum. It is on my sewing chair. And I am up there as much as possible these days. Yes, this picture is large, ha, ha, so you can read every detail about it. You will want one. DSC_1595

My exciting news is that I now have three wholesale accounts for my patterns. Yeah!! And to help people (who buy my patterns) visualize my garments, I am making samples for them. Two of these accounts do shows, I mean LOTS of quilting shows, up and down California and into Nevada, and Arizona. So, here is Whisper Blouse, Steampunk style (I make what they will wear in their booths).

Steampunk Style: Think Jules Verne, 1890’s clothing styles, with lots of interesting items added (yikes, I just remembered I need to add little buttons in clusters here and there). DSC_1462

I added a “secret pocket” on the lower right front for Beth, owner of Fabric Chicks in Minden, Nevada.  DSC_1460

Fabrics with writing on them and in neutral colors are all the rage. The adorable ladies,some of the alphabets too, are fabrics called Handmaids by j.wecker frisch for Quilting Treasures. I love to add all the trims and “stuff” at angles, never straight on, for added interest of course.  DSC_1468

Here is one last look as fall. This is my yard!! Even the Walnut tree in front is awash in beautiful golds. DSC_1482

A close up of walnut leaves just starting to turn. Another note for gardeners: We built our house in what was the middle of a walnut orchard. Of course, Heidi HAD to keep some of the trees. Nasty in the fall when the walnuts fall. The hulls become slimy black messes that get tracked into the house and the squirrels and raccoons eat the walnuts leaving hull and shell messes everywhere.  So WHY am I taking pictures of the leaves? Sigh, ’cause they’re pretty. DSC_1132


Even the Hydrangeas are gorgeous. Enjoy this fall season. Here in Northern CA, 2 solid months now of beautiful color wherever you look! And look for “Skinny Vest” aka Terrific Tabard in my next episode. It’s being made in gorgeous Aboriginal fabrics.  Hugs, Heidi

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7 thoughts on “A New Whisper Blouse, Steampunk style!

  1. Hi there Heidi. I’m Pat Kesler, one of your 4 “minnions”….I still owe you a picture of my completed vest (her name is Fiesta!).
    I have a new address: 970 Terra Ave., Ashland OR. 97520.
    Did I understand correctly that a tissue copy of the pattern for this blouse was going to be mailed out to us minnions…if correct, I didn’t get one. Or do I need to mail you a check?

    I garden, so verey much appreciate pictures from your gorgeous yard.

    1. Hello Pat,

      Yes, my minion, I DO need a picture from you! And were you reading my mind? Just yesterday I was thinking that I need to get pictures posted but wanted everyone’s. I see that you were busy moving!!! and wouldn’t have had time. And oh my! what a great new address, Ashland, OR. I love that place. So glad you reminded me about the tissue pattern. I’ll pop it in the mail tomorrow. Great to hear from you Pat K. Hugs, Heidi

      1. Heidi very cute with that fabric and a Black skin underneath cause its chilly..Did you get my message I sent check with order for Whisper Blouse a while ago and still have not received it Hugs Jane

      2. Hi Jane, Thank you. You are in Roseville, right? I sent it from Grass Valley on Monday, late afternoon. It should have gotten there by now. Sometimes stuff closer to home takes forever, and only 2-3 days to New York. Keep me posted, oh, and I just realized that Veteran’s day, no mail coming and going, could that have been some of the hold up? Would you mind emailing me personally, hmemmett@gmail.com? The world sees these replies and I would like your phone # ’cause I’m going to be in Roseville tomorrow. Hugs, Heidi

      3. I’m so glad you received them! Thanks for letting me know. And remember, I’m here for you if you should have any questions as you sew. Are you going to the Pioneer Quilt Guild’s Quilt Show? I am dropping off Whisper Blouse patterns for Charlene at her booth, “Rainbow Resource.” She has amazing things in her booth. I have on my feet right now a pair of her tie-dyed bamboo socks. Love ’em. Hugs, Heidi

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