Rain! Snow! They’re ON THE WAY!!! Let’s Crochet!

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When you live in beautiful northern California and have been through a 4 year drought, the thought of a REAL “gullywasher” coming, you want to shout YAHOOOOO! and celebrate by bringing out the yarn, and making up something and making it fun. So I have created some simple mitts. I used Noro, Silk Garden. DSC_1313

I made  up the idea (I don’t follow patterns very well and I am not an advanced crocheter). And the mitts are my favorite shape, a rectangle!! While writing this I heard on the radio that Boreal Ridge ski resort is opening today!! They are 45 minutes away and with the few inches of snow they received last weekend and the really cold nights, they are “making” snow. But more real snow is on the way.

The close up shows that I measured where my thumb would go, pulling it a bit tighter at the wrist area.  I measured around the widest portion of my hand to help determine the actual width and added a fold over area. Be sure that when you create the chain, do it loosely so that there will be some give when you pull the mitts over your hands. DSC_1316

I hand stitched the half-double crochet rectangles together but not before I did some fun felting to the wrist areas. DSC_1318

I found the perfect felted wool for leaves (a.k.a.  a wool jacket that accidentally went through a hot water wash) in my ENORMOUS stash of wool pieces either felted or to be felted.

And the little flowers are left over Noro yarn from the mitts and felted down with my felting machine. Hand felting works too. DSC_1324

The air is crisp and getting colder. The clouds are coming in late tomorrow. So curl up on a comfy couch, have something yummy to eat and drink near by and  do some hand work and listen to the crackling fire and the rain dancing outside. Hugs, Heidi



7 thoughts on “Rain! Snow! They’re ON THE WAY!!! Let’s Crochet!

  1. Wonder if these could be knitted? Same idea, knit rectangles? Might have to give it a try. It’s quite cool and very rainy, so a great project for the weekend. I have some Seahawks colored yarn. Now where are my needles….

    1. Great idea Bonnie! Of course, here in northern CA it’s red and gold for us (well I sure don’t know about this year, so sad). Hugs, Heidi
      P.S. Bonnie, your tissue pieces for Whisper Blouse are on the way.

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