Piles of Leaves everywhere. Let’s Sew Some of our Own!

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Today, I will tell you how to create  my “Fun Fall Leaves” table runner. I am using some lead in photographs. First, have you ever tried a Red Pear?

Very yummy, sweet. I always use pears in my fall decorating. I buy them green or red in this case and put them here and there. Don’t forget, you bought them to eat. I have on occasion left them in  the display and they became inedible or worse. Whoops.

I love how the red gives some zing on my mantel. I see a squirrel! I have to tell you about that very cool sunflower painting that you see. Great project idea for kids, family, and or friends. Lightly sketch a section of a famous painting on a canvas and pencil in grid lines. Pick out a palette of colors. Rotate it from person to person, with each one looking at their small square (using the original picture) and they will determine what colors and how it should look. Very fun. This one was done by a class of 5th graders. It was put up for auction. I won! Yeahhh!!!


O.K. Let’s sew. This will be the quick version. The magazine gives more detailed instructions. Make a base for your leaves. In this case, I used a lovely Thai silk that I cut out of a fancy dress. I topstitched it in wavy lines to simulate falling leaves. Clever of me, ha, ha.

Spray a bunch of 1/4 yd. cuts or F.Q. of “leaf” fabrics  with Terial Magic spray. Cut out piles of leaf shapes in 3 sizes. Stack up the leaf shapes in piles of 3 from smallest to largest. Stitch them together and don’t be fussy how you sew them. I like sewing with contrasting or variegated threads. The Terial Magic, while it isn’t sticky, just seems to hold the leaves together while I sew. Love that. No pins, no blood.

Below, laying out row #1.


A closer look see.


Notice that I rolled it up. Really helps make it easier to turn the whole thing as I sew. Yikes, see those white dots on the leaves? Yes, they are long, lethal pins. I tried basting glue, please please work! It didn’t . So, back to pins.DSC_0007 (2)

While sewing them down (once again sewing perfect lines is NOT what we strive for here), sew slowly and think about where you put your hands!DSC_0009 (2)

Move from leaf to leaf all the way across. I love that contrasting thread. Yummy. DSC_0012 (3)

Sew, sew, sew. DSC_0014 (2)

Beginning to add the second row. Follow this picture for how far apart the leaves are in this second row. DSC_0016 (2)

Here is the fun surprise that Stitch decided not to use. But, I think you will enjoy it. Flip a leaf over and attach a “wedge” piece of matching fabric. Sew it only on the two long sides. DSC_0027 (3)

This part, I KNOW my husband thought I was crazy, but he now just shakes his head at me while smiling. I’m so blessed to have this man in my life!!!! Go to a craft store and buy fake branches. That’s right. Fake ones have wire in them and allow you to position the leaves exactly as you want. Taa daa! DSC_0028 (2)

The picture below is a poor picture (I took this long ago, before shipping this project off to Stitch for insurance purposes. I know you are all laughing out there, insurance? for silly little leaves? Just nod your heads now and smile). Look at the branches and see what fun you could have with your own leaves. DSC_0039 (2)

One last look at really nice photography and my farewell project for Stitch. Gonna miss that magazine. Emmett Fall Leaves Runner

You all get out there now and start raking! It will clear your heads for new and creative ideas. Hugs, Heidi

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4 thoughts on “Piles of Leaves everywhere. Let’s Sew Some of our Own!

  1. You are so clever and talented. I love the way to add the leaves to the branches.
    As far as using red pears in a decorating scheme, I vaguely remember my mother decorating for different seasons and holidays. My decorating scheme tends toward Halloween with all my cobwebs and dust!

  2. Heidi I ordered your Pattern for the top your design over a month ago sent you a check and have not receieved anything..Can you please give me some follow up on this? Thanks Jane Leadmon (Laraine)

    1. Hi Jane,

      I am so sorry that you haven’t received Whisper Blouse yet. I will pop one in the mail this a.m. It was probably my fault. I see the check was written on the 8th of Oct.(haven’t cashed it yet) and that you are in Roseville, CA. Were you by chance at the ASG fashion show? I got slammed with orders because after that fashion show I put Whisper Blouse on the Kaffe Fassett Collective (on FB) and wow, between the two, I was busy, busy, getting orders out. Thank you for your patience. If you don’t get it by Friday, let me know. Take care. Hugs, Heidi

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