Leaves are turning to Fall and It’s a Party! A Stitch Party!!


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It’s an E-Stitch Parties to be exact. And look, I’m on the cover! Well my Leaf Project is on the cover.

The Editors of Stitch liked my Exotic Fall Leaf table runner so much that they asked me to make two more “Summer” colored leaves for two projects in their eBook. DSC_0034

Here is the cover for the eBook cover shot. Amazing how lighting can change the colors. DSC_0035

I used all Marcia Derse prints while the center portion is Kaffe Shot Cotton. DSC_0036Here is a  close up shot of the center piece. Below, my helper Rubix was just exhausted after watching me whip up a batch of colorful leaves.

leaves Ribix

Here is his usual place of residence while I work on the computer. He just woke up in this shot, hence the snaggle toothed smile. DSC_0923

A lovely stack of leaves stiffened first with Terial Magic and then stitch the three layers of one leaf together. They are really addictive to make, nice, mindless sewing.leaves, close up two

Here are the real deal. Hmm, the spots and stripes and squiggles remind me of my leaves!DSC_0191

Thought I’d show you one other place at South Shore Lake Tahoe. This, and the leaves above were taken on our walk to Pope Beach. No bears spotted on this trip, FORTUNATELY!DSC_0202

Approaching the sandy beach. DSC_0192

You are looking at Mt. Tallac (in the middle) at 9,700+ ft. high. Below Mt. Tallac is the entrance by boat to Emerald Bay.  Pope beach is a fabulous place to come in the summer at about 10:00p.m. for the Astronomy lesson from a park ranger. Lay back on the beach and look at the stars while he tells you about all the important constellations, and NO light pollution. Simply beautiful.  DSC_0194

The vistas from your car are always good. Ahead is the harbor and a concert/play  venue of Sand Harbor. DSC_0305

End of travel log. Below is the second project for the eBook. It is a wall hanging actually, but I am liking the idea of a hanging on my front door. DSC_0845

If you head over to the Artistic Alchemy blog, Artisticalchemyblog.wordpress.com you will see a few of these same pictures as well as some different ones. leaves 2

Love the sun shining through these leaves. And the breeze tossing some leaves too. And there is Sparky Dog. He is 15 years young.


Enjoy all the fall leaf filled days whether sewn or just running through them. And a huge thank you to all my new sign ups (from the Kaffe Fassett Collective – Facebook). I want to show you how to make the leaves and ONE more very fun thing to do with them that Stitch didn’t show, but in another post.   Hugs, Heidi

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