At Lake Tahoe with Artistic Alchemy Retreat! Teaching, “Off The Grid” Vest

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Hello everyone! Let’s get right to it. I had an amazing week at Lake Tahoe with my equally amazing students. Truly, we are all “kindred spirits” with our love of making Art to Wear!! We laughed, and laughed, and they sewed, and sewed. I am so proud of each of your vests. When you all are done reading this post, be sure to pop over to Artistic Alchemy and read my other post. There are different pictures for the most part and other good words that go with them.  DSC_0844

Here are Pat K. on the left and Sylvia on the right. Look at those two! They are wearing the colors that they are sewing with and more below. Each of my students made such different vests. I loved it! On a different day, you can see much progress. Pat on the left used a black dobby as her background fabric and Sylvia on the right, dark navy. You’ll see more closeups soon but Pat K’s fabrics are so fun with the vivid orange that she had a title for her vest before it was even complete. “Fiesta!” A perfect title.


We had resident cat, “Pinto”, and one of the Open Studio gals brought Pinto a toy with treats(found at Safeway she said). Pinto was busy with it and very protective of it too.


Here are two more of my students, Trish on the left and Pat S. on the right. DSC_0839

An afternoon of fabric shopping was a nice diversion. Fabric Chics from Minden, Nevada came over the pass with tons of good stuff. Most of it is behind this picture. DSC_0840

Here is one of Trish’s off-centered log cabin blocks. Love it. DSC_0878

I love how this vest has a rich, midnight blue “Grunge” for the background fabric. There are also a few pieces of beautiful wool felt in there too. This is Pat S’s vest.

Trish is using the grey ombre fabric that I made my very first “Off the Grid Vest” I really like how different color ways that are sewn on top look so different and so good.This ombre is available at Christine Barnes’ website. She’s out right now (hmm… I wonder why?). It should be back in beginning of October.  DSC_0962

You can’t really see it to well but Pat S. is using one color for the background on her vest fronts (they have all the extra, colorful pieces)on one side and a different one on the other side. DSC_0850

Oh my gosh. On the last morning, Trish had FINISHED her vest! Fantastic! Looks so good Trish.DSC_1039

On Thursday early evening, I took this shot outside the dining room. It has the same colors as Trish’s vest. Yummy. DSC_1046

Busy, busy, are my “minions.” O.K., you just had to be there. It was all in good fun. What a wonderful team of ladies I had. They gave me some great ideas which I will be passing along on another post of “Off The Grid” vest ideas.


Sylvia added an extra detail across the upper back of her gorgeous vest. Her colors reminded me of the deep blue sea and gems that you see hidden in the depths. She used a beautiful batik for her background fabric. DSC_0978

I have more to share with you but enough for now. I have to get ready for a “gig” tomorrow in Roseville. I hope I can get some pictures. Christine is the main speaker but I was asked to bring my patterns and clothing to model and sell patterns. This is for ASG (American Sewing Guild) and the main emphasis is clothing. Love that.

Have a creative weekend. Get your “Off The Grid Vest” pattern on or email me  at and I can send you one. Hugs, Heidi

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