Make an Old Purse New Again!

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Before I show you that you Can make an old purse look new again, a quick update on Rafiki Skirt. In just 4 days with no real marketing techniques, I have sold 44 patterns. That is the best sales in such a short time with any pattern I have put out into the internet world. Here are some of the places they were sent to:  Australia, U.K., France, Austria, Canada, Ohio, Virginia, Florida Keys, Oregon, and on and on and on! Thank you so much, one and all. And of course, it’s on, along with my other patterns. Hit that  button at the top to get right to it.


All right, on to the Purse project.


Yes, this is the real thing!! A coach purse with icky dirty split suede at the bottom. I scrubbed the suede with soap and water (I know, not good but worth a try) to no avail. So, there it sat for two years! I dug it out of the UFO box 2 weeks ago, set it on the table and thought and thought. Here is what I came up with:


A Kaffe Fassett fabric sewn up like a little sleeve. And the picture below shows that I put iron on fleece on it for thickness and then quilted it before cutting it out and sewing the sleeve together. DSC_0003 DSC_0820

Finding just the right glue took several tries. I absolutely LOVE Fabri-Tac. This is my new go to glue for Bunches of things. It is instantly tacky, thick (so NO dripping), and dries clear. Also, if you get some somewhere that you don’t want, it comes off if you get to it quickly. DSC_0821

I LOVE my new Kaffe Fassett Coach purse. And no one else has one like it! I’m going to dash over to the Kaffe Fassett Collective (on FB) and post this there too. You should join it if you haven’t already. Very fun.

I am taking my new purse up to the Artistic Alchemy Retreat where I will be teaching “Art to Wear, Art on the Wall. We will be working on “Off The Grid” vests and other super creative stuff. Maybe I’ll see YOU there next time. I wont be posting again until Sept. 18th ’cause I’ll be busy being creative with others up at Lake Tahoe. Hugs to all, Heidi

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