Anatomy of a Project For Stitch Fall 2015

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I am always honored to be picked to do a project for a magazine. Stitch is the one for this Fall. I thought I would show you how it works. From idea to finished product. These are some highlights.Stitch Fall 2015 COVER

The call comes through email for submissions needed for such and such a season. All the parameters are spelled out including color schemes. Sketches are okay after you have done it a few times otherwise, you send pictures of what you have created or the item itself. So below are some of my ideas for using my fabric leaves. I sent these leaves and two pages filled with sketches off to Stitch. DSC_0045

When I make the leaves I always use Terial Magic first. It gives just enough body to make it easier to sew them together. DSC_0017

Two of my ideas were accepted and I discussed with the editor my fabric thoughts using their colorways provided. The apricot runner portion is Silk Shantung and the leaves are all Marcia Derse fabrics.

Sew it up and write out ALL the directions. And it needs to be right or you get an email from the technical editor. DSC_0015 (3)

I was so “to the wire” on this project. So my picture is really bad. But I always take one before I ship it off so there is a record, just in case. See the branches with leaves on them? Well they were project number 2. I did not see them in the magazine nor were they returned to me. So, I will have to find out what’s what. They really are cool. I give a trick on how to help them slip over a branch (the twigs are fake and have wire in them). DSC_0040 (2)

Well, I sent the above off to Stitch. They received them just fine but the editor, Amber Eden (who by the way is OVER worked), did not like my apricot silk shantung. I get that, even looking at the photo above, I could do better. She suggested teal and I ran ALL over town to find teal ANYTHING! I had to make a complete new set of 36+ leaves and get it made and mailed and correct the fabrics, threads, etc. Below is the picture I sent to her and I hounded her (sorry Amber) until she said yes or no on this change. DSC_0050


Taa daaa! It worked out. I love it! You have to buy a Stitch magazine (more like a book I think) and make your own table runner. You will really get hooked on making these leaves. They are truly easy and FUN!Emmett Fall Leaves Runner


I was so pleased. Three weeks after they received the teal runner I got an email saying they liked the leaves so much that they wanted a summer version and picked two from my many other ideas that I had sketched out. Below is the grouping of fabrics I sent to Amber and she picked from them. These are shot cottons by Kaffe Fassett and Marcia Derse prints.  These “summer green” projects were going to be featured in an E-book, coming out in June. Well, June is gone, and I have not seen or heard anything. I did sign a contract. Another question for Veronica on Monday. I do get it. They are always thinking about future books, magazines, and e-books. It might happen and it may be tabled until next summer. Oh, the world of publishing. Crazy and ohhh the deadlines!


I sure sewed up the leaves for these two projects. I put a book on tape in and just settled in for the pure joy of being creative. leaves for stitchThanks for walking through a project with me. All the stress and deadline issues fall away when I hold the finished magazine in my hands. Go out and find some creative time. Hugs, Heidi

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