Check Out My FIRST Rectangle Designs!

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I am cleaning, cleaning! Look what I found. My Heidi doll by Remco, from 1964. I was so excited to get her! I was 8 years old and in the 4th grade (O.K., O.K., I’m 58!!). Mom gave up on the toy sewing machine that Christmas and let me go directly to the pink colored “Wizard,” Brother sewing machine.DSC_0583

There it is my first couture collection for “Heidi” circa 1964. DSC_0586

Check out all the RECTANGLES! Truly, I have come FULL circle with my “Off The Grid” vest pattern (all rectangles). I was into blue felt and I so remember cutting little slits for armholes. The pink object is a clutch!DSC_0587

I learned how to knit that year. I was in Mrs. Valley’s 4th grade class and I would bring my knitting to class! I’ll never forget (I guess our class was extra difficult), she told us she was going back to kindergarten. Ha, ha, she got my little brother!!! the next year in her Kindergarten class.  I loved her though.Check out the rockin’ rick rack? It was all the rage then. DSC_0588

Burlap, REALLY? Sack cloth? No, no, no, It was my answer to linen. And linen is my absolute favorite fabric to work with and to wear today. And satin and lace, I love lace. I am getting ready to cut out and sew up an all different laces in my best selling pattern, “Whisper Blouse.”

I bet Kate Spade DID NOT make a pink clutch with mother of pearl closure and contrasting red stitching when she was 8 years old. I was sooooo way ahead of my time!


Love those rectangles and love my “Off The Grid” Vest pattern. Check it out at
DSC_0560 DSC_0572 DSC_0578Thanks so much for going down memory lane with me! Get creative this week! Hugs, Heidi

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6 thoughts on “Check Out My FIRST Rectangle Designs!

  1. Dear Heidi…how fun to see that you were ALWAYS as creative as you are now! And fashion conscious! I love that you were making these doll clothes at age 8! It’s sooo cool! Thank you for sharing this! What a blast! I still have my Thumbelina doll from age 5 or 6…baby sized…got a little crib and high chair to go with…I loved that doll bunches! My Mom didn’t sew much, but Auntie Marge (Niver) did and she made some wonderful clothes for my baby that I still have! I’ll bet she had a blast doing it too, nighties, dresses, a little blue corduroy coat (if I remember correctly)…fun memories indeed! I just unburied my sewing machine…got a BIG wonderful basket last night at Home Goods and threw all the projects that were one it, in the basket and am hoping that if I don’t have to “unbury” that machine everytime I want to sew, that I might actually get something done! I remember having a Betsy McCall doll at about age 8…wish I still had her…she got lost along the way somewhere. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    Love ya! Diana

    1. Hi Diana, Great to hear from you! And sooooo glad you unburied your sewing machine! Now about those projects to finish, look at each one and ask yourself, “Do I REALLY love this?” If not, pass it along (even unfinished) to someone else who will love it (aka Thrift Shop). And no guilty feelings at all. Life is short. Work on what you love. Hugs, Heidi

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