Guess Where I was over the 4th of July?

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Yes, it’s Zephyr Point! We were volunteers at the Bear Necessity Gift Shop . We went up on the 3rd. We had to put up our flag as soon as we got there. This is the view from our deck which is right below the gift shop. DSC_0308

When you get to stay SUPER CLOSE TO THE WATER, you just can’t get enough of the views.

And then I had to see what our beautiful flag looked like from the water. Well, I didn’t actually ever get onto the water, but I went down to the rocks below. The flower pots are on the gift shop deck at the top, and our deck right below that. DSC_0488


I turned to the side and you can see Cave Rock in the distance and where the boat is flying across the water is Zephyr Cove where the Dixie paddle wheel and other Yachts dock. Notice the little boat house to the right. Normally, the water is up to within a foot of the little deck. The lake is low but there is still plenty of water.

I started back up the stone steps and wow, look at the colors of lichen. Hmm…how can I use that in a quilted something or other? DSC_0494 DSC_0495

And here comes the Dixie right on time. DSC_0511

Love the Canadian Geese paddling in formation. Boy, are they noisy in the early mornings. And they are not delicate when landing on the water.

Below, when we had Sunday off, I started my on-line “Watercolors for Journaling” class with Jane LaFazio. Jane is a mixed media/fiber artist. She has done many articles in Quilting Arts. Check out her website. I want to go to a retreat at Taos, New Mexico, or how about Greece. I have done two lessons so far and it is so much fun. And I just had to post the pictures below to make all 100 students jealous.



DSC_0357 DSC_0382 DSC_0385

Very relaxing . I am learning so much. I took this class, not because I plan to journal, but to help me see with fresh eyes what is in front of me and sketch and paint it as I see it and not to be so concerned about the outcome. I have read and even Jane quoted someone that doing this helps us haveless stress(we can all use that), and frees us up to have better creativity. It’s working! I’m home now and just can’t wait to dive into new work!DSC_0406 DSC_0426 DSC_0460

Every single night the sunsets were so different I had to take pictures. Landscape quilt anyone? Two more sunsets for your viewing pleasure and right out of the camera, I never edit. I am cutting out a new Whisper Blouse and the colors below are what I hope to use. Happy creating. Hugs, Heidi DSC_0469 DSC_0482

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4 thoughts on “Guess Where I was over the 4th of July?

  1. How Beautiful so many people leave the U.S. on Vacations when we have all the Beauty in the World right here..Thank-You for sharing..You are very inspirational.. As my daughter who has been teaching art for over 20 years states you truly know how to step out of the box….Thanxs Heidi Hugs Jane

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