I Took A Week Off!

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We had a great week off and spent it at Cabin A at Zephyr Point. We called it our Anniversary week. We even received flowers from the director’s wife, Sara.  DSC_0208

On the way up, we stop at thrift stores. Robert found this amazing telescope for $8.75. He was quite pleased and amazing how powerful it is.


Look what I took with my camera that night. Slow shutter speed is VERY hard to keep still but I love this shot. The largest light is the moon with Venus andJupiter. And the Dixie Queen coming in on time at 8:50p.m.


The pollen was amazing!! Below is a branch with the dreaded stuff on it. When the wind came up huge clouds of pollen would swirl around. DSC_0017

I bought this purse at the thrift shop for the beautiful silk piece (from a Kimono) that wraps around. DSC_0019

But I’m kind of attached to it now as it is. It is really funky, but holds so much. It’s brand new too.DSC_0020

The trail above our cabin. Huge rocks are everywhere!DSC_0055

On the bridge with Robert looking out to Cave Rock. DSC_0072

Check out this amazing pine tree. How??DSC_0099

Still on the trail. I had to show you the other cabin we live in when we come up to volunteer to work in the gift shop. We live below that first deck. CHECK OUT our million dollar view!DSC_0051

Oh yes! Yarn score, BIG time! From the Barton Hospital Thrift Shop. Can’t wait to felt these babies. Full skeins and already wound for me. It’s too funny, I immediately start spiraling them to see what they will look like. Love my spirals don’t I?  DSC_0201

I just can’t get enough of this beautiful clear blue water. It doesn’t look low in this picture but it is. We had so much fun. We played disc golf almost every single day. You always meet interesting people and some from far away. We bought season tickets for the gondola at Heavenly and Robert hikes to the top and I read and people watch. We went to our favorite bakery(Sugar Pine) umm, almost everyday (come on, we walked it off!). We went to a Blues concert on the huge beach area at South Shore. We sat in an amphitheater above the water in our sand chairs and watched all the goings on. Every Thursday night through the summer they will have these concerts and they are free. The food there is yummy too.  DSC_0129

Back to our cabin for a glass of wine on our deck. I didn’t sew anything, but thought about it a lot and did much sketching. Always, I have the ideas, but so little time. Oh well. DSC_0213Thanks for taking a little trip with me up to Lake Tahoe. If it’s hot where you live, it’s o.k. not to feel creative. Read a book or write someone a letter (a real letter!) for a change of pace. Hugs, Heidi

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4 thoughts on “I Took A Week Off!

  1. How wonderful..You took time out to ENJOY especially with your Husband..Very Special..Thanks for sharing your sites and treasures..Your are right there is not enough time Hugs Jane

    1. We love that we have found a place that is only 1 1/2 hours from home and has all the basics with a no frills, totally relaxing feeling. Great for recharging those life batteries.
      Hugs to you Jane, Heidi

  2. Heidi, Thanks for the lovely pictures! Tahoe is one of my favorite places. I won’t get there this summer, but thanks for sharing your time with us.

    1. You are welcome Mona. And as you can probably tell, one of my favorite places too! So sorry you can’t be there this summer but I’ll post a few more pics now and then to give you a zephyr feeling as if you are there. Hugs, Heidi

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