Let’s Take A Moment…

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…to remember friends. I am remembering Dee Jones. I had known her for at least 40 years. What a talented (in all things fiber, and life in general) woman. She was one of the first to sign up for my workshop at our Artistic Alchemy Retreat #1 last year. She was 88 years young and kept up with all the others even with eye problems. God bless you Dee, and these restful pictures of a Lake Tahoe Sunset I took on June 11th, the day you left us, were taken in your honor.






DSC_0375The Delta Queen coming into Zephyr Cove.

When packing for our one week volunteering stint at the “Bear Necessities Gift Shop”  at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center (same place we have Artistic Alchemy Retreats), I brought no less than TEN (10), yes, ten projects to work on in our off hours. That doesn’t count the cool things I bought at the FOUR (4), yes, four thrift shops on the way up to Zephyr Point.

While walking from group to group that was up there to advertise our Frozen Yogurt, I arrived at Sandra Mollin and Kevin Kosbab’s Applique’ retreat. Ohhh my! Go to their websites (use their names). Beautiful creations going on there. And of course, I bought some of this butterfly fabric. I have already cut out some butterflies from the edge.


and began to tuck them under some of the “Grunge” and “Peppered cottons” I bought from their store too. Hello to all the wonderful ladies I met, Helen, Diane, to name a few. DSC_0380And check out (no pun intended)the Robert Kaufman ombre’ checks I also found, here in Grass Valley, the day after I got home.  I wanted you to see how I pick and choose for a quilting project.DSC_0578DSC_0311

Yep, the Grunge, Peppered Cottons, and Butterflies will be perfect for another Off The Grid Vest. My pattern has been selling well in spite of a lack of marketing on my part. Craftsy.com makes me such an International Success. What fun! You can buy my patterns there or email me, hmemmett@gmail.com and I can send you a pattern through the mail instead of PDF format.

DSC_0433We did NOT want to come home from Tahoe as it was sooo HOT the closer we got to Grass Valley. I was refreshed though as I picked a bowl of fresh blueberries from my mom’s yard and turned a bit to look at her gorgeous Hydrangeas. Blueberries forgotten, for just a little while, I snapped a few pictures for you to enjoy. Can’t you just feel the coolness of the early evening wash over you?


DSC_0418DSC_0450DSC_0449I have so many ” in progress projects” I could show you, but those aren’t fun to look at. I want you to see FINISHED projects.

These flowers are inspiring though. Color ideas, shapes, all combining to form another creative project. So get busy everyone. I am taking a week off, as I am going on a little vacation. Of course, I will take projects with me, maybe those 10 I talked about earlier since I was too tired by the end of each day at the gift shop to work on them!! Hugs, Heidi

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Moment…

  1. I love Tahoe! We went last July for our anniversary. Our 35th and last. I’m so glad we had that one last time. So many good memories through the years.

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