This and That Friday

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Good morning! I missed last week. So sorry. One week ago today I was just waking up in Sacramento to get ready to judge  at The California State Fair in the Arts & Crafts Building for the 18th time (there have been the mandatory years off here and there, 4 for me). It is always  fun to see all the amazing pieces that could be the best of the BEST for the State Fair.



Blueberries are ready to be picked! This bowl was to the top late yesterday. And it’s a BIG bowl. I know who the culprits are by the blue lips. So many this year and really big ones too. We will be freezing many of them (don’t wash, just throw them in a freezer bag) for all manner of yummy things later.





What is this item above? The absolute coolest marking pencil ever. If you want to see this close up put your cursor on top of the picture,  click on it and use the dial on your mouse to enlarge it. Our guest speaker at Pine Tree Quilt Guild was Carol Ziogas of Kimonomomo. Visit her site,” The Ardent Thread” and check out all things Japanese.


DSC_0182Fun, little pieces here, some with mindless, wandering stitches.


Others are very purposely stitched. These pieces will be turned into some really fun jewelry pieces. I am taking them up to Lake Tahoe with me today to cut up. My husband and I work at Zephyr Point at the Bear Necessities Gift Shop for a week at a time. I need hand work. I’ll explain the pieces when I get back.


One more thing I’ll work on up there, my newest pattern, “The Rafiki Skirt.” Can’t get enough of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Take care everyone and I hope to write another post from my seat on our deck overlooking gorgeous Lake Tahoe. Let’s all have a creative weekend. Hugs, Heidi

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