Quilting Has Been Around A Looooong Time!

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Isn’t the mummified cat amazing? This one has to be over 2000 years old. This one, we’ll call it, “Meowmmy” along with 7 other mummified animals from Egypt can be found at, The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium in San Jose, California. Who knew? Check out Meowmmies cool wrap below its collar. Isn’t that a quilted blanket using  log cabin blocks? My husband thought I might be stretching things a bit but I’m going with it. Quilts and quilted garments have kept us warm and safe and cozy for over 2000 years. What a wonderful thought.

Here are some pictures of quilts from the Pine Tree Quilt Show this past May 2nd & 3rd held at the most beautiful fair grounds in the state of CA in Grass Valley. I am keeping with the theme of rectangles and squares queuing off of Meowmmy, above.  The School House or House Block originated in the early 1800’s and I just love the modern version of the House,  by Dorothy Fowler.


She says that “every house has a story.” Love that.  And wow, Dorothy stepped out of the norm of housing units and created such a lovely quilt that invites you in for a closer look as each house is different. And I love the batiks for backgrounds.


Lorna Tiller’s quilt below (she was the featured quilter in the show, BEAUTIFUL quilts Lorna) takes advantage of strips of modern prints cut into rectangles. I like this quilt so much because she tells us that she ran out of strips so she made a vine of flowers (out of the scraps) to run down one side. She got out of her “comfort zone.”


DSC_0147Sandra Bruce of Artistic Alchemy (goooo Sandra!) won Best of Show! She used her Material Matrix method (2″ squares) to create a fabulous composition titled, “Claire.”


I had to take a close up also to show her amazing use of color and design. All this with squares!


We will finish our small foray into a quilting timeline by going out into the universe. Please read Robin Hart’s description  of “Eye of the Cosmos.”  Hold on a second… I posted a closeup of Claire’s eye and now I’m showing “Eye of the Cosmos.” I just felt some chills, and did you notice where  Meowmmy is housed? A museum and PLANETARIUM! Am I good or what?


Did you read that Robin pieced the background in the grid method, to evoke old, pixelated NASA photos’s? Suddenly I had to take a closer look.


And closer still.  God is omniscient.


There can be found in squares and rectangles of pieces of fabric, deeper meaning if we want.

I have been exploring using rectangles and squares in my Off The Grid Vests that I have been creating. And we will explore these shapes and others in my workshop “Art on the Wall, Art to Wear” at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat at Lake Tahoe this September. Click on the icon above for more information. Thanks for traveling with me through time and space withrectangles and squares. Get creative this weekend! Hugs, Heidi

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