Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone!

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This week it’s a little of this and that. Pine Tree Quilt Guild had their monthly meeting two days after the quilt show ended and because everyone would be tired of quilts, the theme for the program was, “What else do You Do?”

So fun to see what 21 other people do. I brought some of my “Machine Felting.” Below is a pillow that I finally got the piping and backing onto (nothing helps more than a deadline).


I am NEVER content to do something the way I am told. I ALWAYS have to experiement, push the envelope. I was told that felting must be wool roving on wool. HA! Proved that wrong. The close ups show some roving but mostly yarn pieces (some wool, many acrylics) felted by my five needle HuskyStar machine onto cotton dobby canvas.


The flowers are a slight bobbly type yarn. The stems are a single piece of yarn (for each stem) and allowed to run through my fingers felting them in place as I go. Painting with yarn. I just love it. The leaves are “sketch stitched” skinny pieces of fabric.


This morning was quite chilly so I put on my Cashmere sweater that had plain circles knitted in when I purchased it. There was one very small hole somewhere on the front. I found a colorful variegated yarn, wound up some circles with my fingers, and stitched those puppies down with the felting machine. I couldn’t STOP! There are more all along the neck edge, on the sleeves, on the back, and some on the cuffs. Tooo much fun.


Notice my little fingerless gloves. They were hand knit and given to me by my friend Christine Barnes. I wear them ALL the time when it is chilly in the mornings.


O.K., why am I holding a book of “Water Lily” stamps? Well, I get a lovely blog (you can too), GardenMuse.wordpress.com    Cindy Dyer is the owner of said blog. She sends us beautiful flower pictures that she has just taken. They are so beautifully photographed. Well, duh, Heidi, she is a professional.


I had just purchased this book of stamps the day before and her next post showed other ladies from all over the United States holding their own Water Lily Stamps. And oh my goodness, I found out that these are Cindy Dyer’s photographs! Sign up for her blog, send her a selfie (or picture) of yourself holding the stamps and she’ll put you in a drawing for a BIG beautiful photo (your choice) of hers. Who knew?


Well, I am certainly NO professional photographer, but after I sent her a “selfie” I ran back out into the yard. These are all shots taken with my Nikon D-40 on Auto setting, yes, I LIKE Auto setting, thank you very much, at 8:00a.m.  It had rained the night before. These are not fake raindrops.




Rex is trying to hide. Happy Mother’s Day to all and I hope you will celebrate with creativity galore. I am going to a Women only craft class this evening at our local Ben Franklin store. They will pamper us with  homemade yum yums and drink. And we will see all that is new and wonderful and create some treasures to take home too. Pictures from the Quilt Show coming next time. Hugs, Heidi

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4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone!

    1. Thank you Christine. I forgot to say that wash and wear that sweater a lot! And I haven’t had one felted circle fall off. Of course, it’s a delicate cycle and hang to dry, but they still look great. Heidi

  1. Love your projects..Have had loads of fun with scarfs and Bleeding Tissue..My husband even became involved with Designs..Have a great Mothers Day..Hugs Jane I will send you some photos…

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