I Put Two Quilts in The Pine Tree Quilt Show

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Here is my quilt that I made in January from a class taught by Jan Soules. I call it Kaleidoscope  Daze. I used many of my wild and crazy fabrics. All of them make me very happy. This wallhanging was sooooo much fun to work on. Can’t wait to start another.


The other quilt is sooooo opposite from Kaleidoscope, this one is a flying geese quilt that is about 140 years old.


A customer came in to my fabric store 20 years ago and said she didn’t want this quilt but thought I might enjoy it! Are you KIDDING me???  I do not know anything other than it goes way back on her husbands side of the family. Very special and I bring it out for display every Thanksgiving.


This fabulous flowering low growing shrub is called Genesta (from the Scotch Broom family). This grows in my mom’s yard and is very deer proof. Yeah!


Her Rhododendron’s are just getting started in their beautiful bloomings.


Had to take a quick close up shot.


Here is another shot of the Genesta. 5 one gallons and 4 years later, this beautiful mound. It is also a drought tolerent plant as well.


Don’t miss the Pine Tree Quilt Show if you are in Grass Valley, CA this weekend! I’m working in the Country Store (where all the members sell fabric, and such that they no longer want). I will be leaving my check book at home, maybe, oh well, just a couple of things. Have a creative weekend. Hugs, Heidi







4 thoughts on “I Put Two Quilts in The Pine Tree Quilt Show

  1. Heidi, those quilts are gorgeous!!! Have fun this weekend❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Thanks for sharing..Love the Quilts.. I am so sorry I have a Quilt Class tomorrow.Grass Valley Show one of my favorites..Heidi I just finished Tie Dying with Bleeding Tissue Fun..This was Black tissue Look at the colors Hugs Jane and Have a Very Blessed Healthy Mothers Day..Hugs Jane The Scarf Silk Japanese Silk..

    1. Thanks for sending a picture Jane of your cool dying with bleeding tissue paper? I think. I love that idea. I have done it on paper but never on silk. Very fun indeed. And Happy Mother’s day to you as well! Hugs, Heidi

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