Off The Grid Vest Pattern, The vest that Everyone is Talking About!

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Thank you to everyone who has purchased “Off the Grid” my newest pattern! I have had such wonderful comments too, on line and in person and I have sold “OTG” to people in the U.K., USA, and New Zealand! Remember, if you ever have any questions, I am just an email away-


Yes, I’m showing even MORE pictures of Off the Grid, BUT, notice the piece of bling too. I love  this gorgeous turquoise and silver necklace.


My friend, Lila Sugg put this together for ME!!!! I think it is a perfect compliment to my Off the Grid vest. Lila used to come in to Heidi’s fabrics (yep, that was my store for 16 years) and show us her latest creations. People, Lila is in her early 90’s and STILL creates amazing, AMAZING, things, quilts, dolls, rugs, clothing… and jewelry! Lila, I want to be just like you when I am in my 90’s, Lord willing I ever get there.


Well guess what? YOU can own a turquoise necklace similar to this one (mine is one of a kind) because the turquoise isn’t really real turquoise, these gorgeous chunks are made from potatoes. That’s right, Russet Potatoes!


And in the beautifully wrapped box that held my necklace is the “recipe” for A Potato Necklace. Lila said I could pass it on to all of you:

Potato Necklace—Use Russet potatoes. Peel and cut into 1/2″ pieces (round off). Put small holes in some (for a realistic stone look when dry). Make a hole in the potato piece with a small knitting needle. Leave on the knitting needle to dry. It takes three days or more in the hot sun. Paint with acrylic black paint first. Then with “Desert Turquoise.” You may add a little green. Make necklace and add silver beads. Have fun. Lila


I didn’t forget, the winner of my giveaway of an Off The Grid Vest pattern is:  Cathy Stone! Thank you to all who submitted a comment. Cathy, email me (address at the top of post) so I can get one to you.

Everything is coming out in my “country garden.” This is another way of saying I really, really, need to get in there and divide and conquer the weeds and over grown things. Oh well, I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll enjoy these beautiful peonies today. Enjoy all creativity you get to see and be a part of. Hugs, Heidi


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4 thoughts on “Off The Grid Vest Pattern, The vest that Everyone is Talking About!

    1. Thanks Christine. The ombre you sell on your website is really the best! I suggest in the pattern to really feel the hand of the fabric they buy. My newest vest is enough heavier that the whole thing feels a bit heavier. So everyone go to for lots of amazing fabrics (especially the grey ombre)that would work in Off the Grid.

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