Palettes, Palettes, GALORE!!!


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Oh, my oh MY! I am supposed to be madly working on my second group of projects for Stitch magazine (2 projects for their E-book coming in June and I’ll keep you posted), but, I, ahhh, started going down Bunny Trails, BIG TIME!!

Waaaay back on 11/08/2014 I found the COOLEST web site EVER! It is called    You have to go check it out! Well, I LOST sight of it, my palettes, the whole shebang! Not happy at all. But, whooooo hooo! Found them again, just 5 minutes ago. Really!

They have so many things  to do with all the things I love,as in: Color, Quilting, Photography, Palette making, etc. I am zeroing in on Palette making today. You just plug in a favorite photo and voila, instant palette. They just look so cool. I may never use them in anything, but oh my, I think I look so talented. So here are the ones I made way back on Nov. 8, 2014. They are all MY photos. Too fun. You must try it. DSC_0004-palette




Ohhh, NICE! That’s Zephyr Point. You could be there in September, 7th-11th, taking my workshop. Go see what Artistic Alchemy is up to. This palette, how was I able to get so many extra colors, of Kona cotton? Hmm.. further research is needed.





Is this NOT a fabulous shot? And the colors? It is just so fun to play sometimes.



I think I showed this a year ago, but it is worthy of another go around.







Ohh, that was so fun. Thanks for going with me on a trip to the past. I am re-energized now. I will march up the stairs and finish those two projects. Don’t forget to check out Have a creative rest of the weekend. Hugs, Heidi


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2 thoughts on “Palettes, Palettes, GALORE!!!

  1. Thanks Heidi. What a great website. I added it as a shortcut on my desktop. Any idea when your off the grid vest pattern will be available. I always look forward to your posts.

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