Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy, hoppy, HAPPY!!


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What beautiful weather we have been having, the dogwoods are all blooming almost one month ahead of schedule.

m&m lace 3

This lovely little wall hanging will be part of a series of patterns called, “Mommy & Me & My Quilt.”This one features Mommy & Me lace vests to make and this quilt. This pattern is in the Que for completion. I will bring this quilt to my workshop, “Art on The Wall, Art to Wear” through Artistic Alchemy at Lake Tahoe. Learn my techniques that make a quilt or quilted clothing POP! Click on the Artistic Alchemy icon at the top of the page to get more information and to sign up!

m&m lace

m&m lace 4


This beautiful orchid sits in my  kitchen window so I see it every day. It was given to me 2 years ago in January. I haven’t killed it yet. And it just keeps on blooming.


Look at the colors, they are the same as the Mommy & Me quilt! What is in the background, outside? I’ll focus on the background so you can see the dogwood tree I put the quilt into for pictures.




Bon jour mes amis! Rex was helping (again) in my sewing studio and I could not resist this jaunty French beret (yo, yo) picture. I can’t wait to show where I am placing these yo yo’s. It’s at Sandra Bruce’s studio right now for quilting. In a few weeks you’ll see it.

Have the happiest of Easter’s and I hope you have time to work on a project or two! Hugs, Heidi


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One thought on “Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy, hoppy, HAPPY!!

  1. Your postings are SO UPLIFTING! I love Friday’s!

    Cute cute quilt… I’m working on my first Applique project… fun fun fun.

    See you soon. In the meantime, keep making my day!

    Love, Judi

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